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  • Taahir Musa
    Taahir Musa

    Cracking interview.. buzzin off Nelson on this one. Boxing Boumayay!!

  • SuperTezze

    To everyone saying Anthony Joshua is depressed, at least he will be an extra £40 million depressed after the fight..

  • Desnes7

    I think AJ gonna dominate this time. Ruiz is good but we'll see.

  • fox bud
    fox bud

    great interview

  • brandon murphy
    brandon murphy

    Is this on showtime or showtime ppv?

  • Ziyad S
    Ziyad S

    AJ looks stiff as a board already, he's gonna get snapped.

  • Jaystar9999

    fucking love these 2 raheem always on point and big dill always ready to fight

  • Krook Da Riddler
    Krook Da Riddler

    I think AJ team had a few spies in Ruiz training camp. Maybe a few of Ruiz sparring partners running to A.j to report

  • Krystian Podkowa
    Krystian Podkowa

    Whyte roids off

  • winter Sommer
    winter Sommer

    Kitiwet mukanka halime ab qedam zewgh. 💪💪💪👍👍

  • Jack Wilde
    Jack Wilde

    People like chisora and whyte would be a problem for someone like wilder, their bully style would be overwhelming for him

  • Gwøpånësé

    Charlo: Harrison, you're crazy! Harrison: You know what? Last time you said that, I was kinda trippin', right? But now, you're right. I am crazy. And you know what else? I don't give a fuck.

  • Vasile Enache
    Vasile Enache

    Ruiz can give to all this guys a boxing lesson in only 3 minutes each

  • 80" Reach
    80" Reach

    Why does he where that big ass hat everywhere...i understand culture but dude

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Hey kids, this is what happens when you get off steroids and don’t change your eating / training routine. Whyte looks awful.

  • pokemon ster
    pokemon ster

    Wow, if it would be ordinary expats wearing a cross necklace, they would be in jail.

  • Ben Sutherland
    Ben Sutherland

    I like them both but I don't think Ruiz has trained hard enough for the rematch

  • Td15 Nufc
    Td15 Nufc


  • Morad Fares
    Morad Fares

    So now I have to watch this fight at 3:45pm! Who the fuck goes to Saudi Arabia!? Come on!

  • black belt troll
    black belt troll


  • Mr.Richmond Saw
    Mr.Richmond Saw

    Andy invited Capone to his fight what a disgrace.

  • Igor Bosnjak
    Igor Bosnjak

    He'so so much heavier than joshua? Who would've said man...Guess my eyes lied me.

  • Cruz's World
    Cruz's World

    Fuck da Gym.... Stay Fat 💪

  • Mr. Worthington
    Mr. Worthington

    Hogan was paying more attention to that Strap than Charlo. It's all good to keep you're eye on the prize, but never over look your opponent.

  • Mr. Lopez
    Mr. Lopez

    The white boy behind Joshua is a big ol mofo when there walking away

    • alan.14242

      Mr. Lopez he’s towering Joshua in height must be over 7ft

  • Global citizen አበሻዊ
    Global citizen አበሻዊ

    This fight for AJ mental 75 % for RuiZ confidence to believe him self I can wait to seeeee.

  • Blizkid

    Literally thought he was royce Gracie

  • Ahornblatt2000

    That was in Saudi Arabia? Ruiz is wearing a cross, that must drive the Arabs really crazy.Everyone else would have been punished direct at the border.Fucking Saudis while they export their death cult worlwide they don't allow even a Bible in their evil kingdom

  • You mad or nah carolinaboy
    You mad or nah carolinaboy

    I thought this title was misleading until I saw Ruiz come in at 285. That's heavy AF damn 😬 yeah he gotta be ready for war.

  • d pog
    d pog

    Shut up fool. You ain't fighting for your life. It ain't that serious. Idiot


    Mr prediction....If Anthony didn't learn how to move his body like Mike Tyson's, his ass will loose! I hate that Anthony Joshua brings his head right into range. Keep your head behind your gloves, not ahead of them.

  • gvimobile

    Love to see moments like this.. To see all these young men and possible opponents laughing and joke together without the hype.. Great stuff.

  • PrinceVegeta

    Ruiz seems worried

  • Legend Of Gamer
    Legend Of Gamer

    Which one is the Ruiz Spy?🤔🤔🤔🤔😂🤦‍♂️

  • Don morris
    Don morris

    AJ will teach Ruiz lesson tonight

  • J N
    J N

    Its over for AJ, he doesn’t believe in what he’s saying. Bad bluffer.

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    I didn't realise Saudi Arabia's currency was called 'Passion'.

  • Don morris
    Don morris

    Aj will knock him out cold tonight.

  • Nevstar Hattle
    Nevstar Hattle

    AJ wins in fantastic spectacular fashion you Mark my words remember this thank me later

    • Chris Shanklin
      Chris Shanklin

      I agree

  • M Vijay
    M Vijay

    why the f is eddie doing an interview, let the fighters talk their piece

  • Dream League
    Dream League

    What time is the flight

  • bolt man
    bolt man

    Where did they hold this press conference? In a classroom? Sounds like there are 10 people in the room. Lucky if they get 5000 people to go see it

  • RHK 23
    RHK 23

    267 268 Yh well it’s not it’s 283

  • Red One
    Red One

    joshua is mentally destroyed

  • lefloss562

    Ruiz the type of guy to do the face off with his hands in his pockets

  • A S
    A S

    bevila perché...È tropicana ye

  • amar mrkulic
    amar mrkulic

    I didn t know French Montana is Prince

  • Motor City Cobra
    Motor City Cobra

    What is that cheap looking white watch he wears.?

  • THE king YT
    THE king YT

    Kugz is slacking

  • mayne yeh
    mayne yeh

    Sleep walk 🤣😂

  • check ya chin
    check ya chin

    I didnt realize Gabriel Iglesias boxed?

  • JERRELD's Lifestyle
    JERRELD's Lifestyle

    Joshua 's eyes says one thing : I WANT NO PART OF THIS.

  • Daniel Bob
    Daniel Bob

    Radio Rahim is a very good interviewer. He asked all my questions

  • THE king YT
    THE king YT

    Why does dez British accent go when he spks to Americans lol

  • Emmanuel Abreu
    Emmanuel Abreu

    2020 is gonna be the decade of the fat guys if Andy wins again

  • Apple's World
    Apple's World

    This is going to be AMAZING 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  • Robert Bragg
    Robert Bragg

    Good answers by Martin, level headed and fair approach with his fighters. Hopefully they all develop as a team & go a long way. My old amateur gym back in the day. 🥊

  • Basil Ahmed
    Basil Ahmed

    Reminds of all times and there have many after club closings that I've seen someone very fat or very skinny beat up someone built like the terminator, doesn't matter if you're built or have a muscle on every inch of your body if you can't fight then you can't fight.

  • Juray Cando
    Juray Cando

    The one that can be on the the ring with the legends with no knockouts..... Big respect for the referee!!!

  • Come at me broah
    Come at me broah


    • Come at me broah
      Come at me broah

      LOL u made me laugh Ruiz was also ready for negotiation because he is a FKCING SON OF A PIG

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      LOL everyone embracing that Saudi Arabia and it just hit me when Ruiz started to talk about it that he was a little against it but then they started negotiating. Now everything

  • Allan Greenley
    Allan Greenley

    Best prospect heavyweight ever for his age that the UK has had

  • juanio

    One man coming prepared for a boxing match the other man coming to fight a war. That’s what I got from this interview

  • FlameOn24

    And The Newww !!!!

  • joonas juntunen
    joonas juntunen

    I like how Eddie was the third wheel of the face off

  • 999momak

    Joshua will anhilate Ruiz ! He lost first fight cause he was fighting with a flu and a temperature. He was very sick and still managed to drop the fat boy. Imagine what he ll do him now healthy

  • Red Vanderbilt
    Red Vanderbilt

    Chisora thinks he got GLUSSED TIL THIS DAY

  • What's New Tech Review
    What's New Tech Review

    These are mind games, because AJ is gonna think Ruiz will be slower when he will come in faster. Ruiz was damn near fully clothed shoes, socks, Jean's, belt, tank top, sombrero and besides even, maybe, having weights in his pockets or weighted clothing, clothes are HEAVY. Have you ever taken off your clothes and before putting them in the hamper realized how heavy the felt? and Ruiz's stomach looked flatter, from the last fight, these are definitely mind games

  • Herb Dee
    Herb Dee

    Dubois could be the best in the division. Got so much potential.

  • Pitch fader
    Pitch fader

    AJ should have always fought at this weight, he always ran out of steam because of the extra muscle mass, maybe now he will box and move but I doubt it, nearly a stone lighter than last time, obviously not using gear for this one

  • Phil Rivers
    Phil Rivers

    Korobov not phased with EJs antics. Good fight on an underrated card

  • Iv an
    Iv an


  • andrew faga
    andrew faga

    Great content, but to be honest the only sparring partners that would help AJ prep for Ruiz are dillian whyte, chisora, and big baby miller. These cats aren't goons. Theyre good boxers with decent careers, but definitely not on Ruiz's level. If they were to fight Ruiz, it would be the same outcome as the 1st AJ vs Ruiz fight. Unfortunately, you cant mimic Ruiz's style nor find a super heavyweight with the speed of Ruiz. AJ's last fight they tried to bring sparring partners to mimic Andy, look what happened! If AJ wins today, it will be because of pure heart and enduance. His weigh-in looked great, he's coming in lean, and appears to be conditionally ready for 15 rounds of boxing not just 12. This fight will be interesting and as we all know can go either way in the heavyweight division. I hope it's an epic fight and someone doesnt get knocked out in the 2nd round. Someone will have a "2" at the end of their boxing record after today. Who will it be?

  • H M
    H M

    What's Cain Velasquez doing in the back?

  • franggio

    POCKY... (po + Rocky)

  • Nathan Crittenden
    Nathan Crittenden

    I follow all things boxing and didn't even know this fight was happening. This geezer is getting less relevant by the day

  • Joris Bohnson
    Joris Bohnson

    Give him his shot you scumbag you all robbed him

  • Min Eung Kim
    Min Eung Kim

    Shouldn’t you take off your headphones and sombrero before the weigh in?


    Ruiz drop the belt and flee dont let this guy descend on you

  • Black Thought
    Black Thought

    with Wilder it take a second man as himself said...BombZquaaaad


    Take that Fuckin hat off!

  • Rhys Bill
    Rhys Bill

    Have they fought yet ????

  • Кристиан Тошев
    Кристиан Тошев

    Can someone enlightenment me what he meant ?

  • Stanley Sylvain
    Stanley Sylvain

    Yo, did his hat touched him??? Nah yo.

  • Ollie grigg
    Ollie grigg

    Ruiz’s weight is probably one or two pounds off what is was last time, he is wearing a lot of clothes and the hat must weigh a bit

  • Cubic Man
    Cubic Man

    Ruiz's weight measurement be continued

  • Gabriel 27
    Gabriel 27

    Does any one know the song at 3:50?

  • Tommy Thounaojam
    Tommy Thounaojam


    • Ziyad S
      Ziyad S

      Who cares about ring girls, we're watching a boxing match.

  • China Moon
    China Moon

    one with headphones and upside naked, the other wearing a had and not naked, wtf are they measuring?

  • Cubic Man
    Cubic Man

    Hosted by Snickers

  • Jack Claude
    Jack Claude

    ruiz ain't no where near 6ft2

  • murphh57

    taxi for eubank.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    All Brits are phony champions

    • Niall Daniel
      Niall Daniel

      Geert Matthys you look like a nonce you American batty boy

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    I hope if Joshua wins I hope he gives his sparring partner a big bonus because without them it wouldn't of been possible and in particular Timothy Motten he gave up two jobs one working as a cleaner in a hotel. Great video best one yet Radio Raheem👌

  • Issā Marc-Alexandre
    Issā Marc-Alexandre

    Andy Ruiz should remove his crucifix. Arabia is the land of Tawhid . الحمد لله. لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله.

  • Real Roots Records
    Real Roots Records

    Come on jr

  • Trap Lord
    Trap Lord

    I aint know dillian whyte was fighting kovalev 🤣🤣🤧

  • Gerald McCarter
    Gerald McCarter

    DAMN...that was really a GOOD INTERVIEW with DAVID DIAMANTE!!!

  • Achilles Alexander
    Achilles Alexander

    Good look like two Gentlemen affair, should be a good fight. I Think Andy will win again, guy looks too cool.

  • David Odigle
    David Odigle

    The bet is going back to Nigeria

  • moz_boxing

    So AJ will lose