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  • MyLifeAsLouis

    I'd buy one and send to Brabus for custom tune lol

  • Mickey Minaj
    Mickey Minaj

    Honda civics, tons of potential, and lots of cheap options and hi options. B vs k even.

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade

    America: **R34 GTR isn’t allowed in U.S.** Also America: *840 HP Dodge Challenger Demon*

  • No one likes Jaystation
    No one likes Jaystation

    Tuerck is living the dream

  • gavrilo pricip
    gavrilo pricip

    Does James have corona or AIDS ?? Why is he so skinny ?

  • Nick Roy
    Nick Roy

    Great video as usual. But wait... are you actually related to John Candy, Noah? Or was that just a joke lol

  • Lil wEiSOL
    Lil wEiSOL

    No hate but how is it said “you can’t have an sti without Mitsubishi” and score it equal

  • Yahya Khan
    Yahya Khan

    Do an episode on exhaust... and those random flames and pops pleaseeee

  • ChemoMan Hd
    ChemoMan Hd

    13 secs ago

  • T

    Should have had a reliability category. Subarus would have lost badly

  • KyoleK

    Omg I’ve seen a green one parked like 10 meters from my house

  • gavrilo pricip
    gavrilo pricip

    Everybody hates Americans especially the last 3 years

  • Evan Field
    Evan Field

    I want a evo 8 or 9

  • Nex

    Song starting at 7:04?

  • Wing Fung Cheung
    Wing Fung Cheung

    Yeap great truck, but we wreck one Unimog from Hong Kong Police during the siege of Polytechnic University with molotov .Protestor 1, Cops 0 for that round .

  • OMAR'S T.V
    OMAR'S T.V

    I feel bad for Odi.He ran over one bumper beneath his front wheels and another one beneath his rear wheels.

  • Nex

    My first car actually was a 1992 SR5 extended cab Toyota in dark blue 😂👌🏻

  • TripleAipom

    Aw mate every time ya mention a Holden on ya channel that Aussie pride only gets mo bloody powah baby 😌🇦🇺

  • yohai leautaud
    yohai leautaud

    “You’ve never heard of” well i have an1968 unimog 404 s, ohh and its not expensive to mantain 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • stonks

    Why doesn't anyone make a demon competitor?

  • Rotznos Mofa-Crew
    Rotznos Mofa-Crew

    STI is better but Evos are nice too.

  • flyinghigh2000

    My neighbour= drives in with a black G63 AMG Me= drives in with a UniMoG with an edge trimmer attachment

  • workS T&A
    workS T&A

    この型式の86のそのまま使われる率の低さよ ほぼスワップされてるもんなーww

  • SGTR

    Golf R 🤭

  • Joseph Rich
    Joseph Rich

    No VW Golf Rallye?

  • Xavier Langa
    Xavier Langa

    The cars America didn't get: Laughs in South African:

  • December

    Haha living in NZ I have had a EVO 3 and EVO 6 I have had a V3 WRX STI and a V7 STI and tbh I don’t have a preference there both amazing cars and I love them equally and there gorgeous cars

  • Tyler Appel
    Tyler Appel

    I think this just goes to show, that both cars are legendary, and as a STI guy, I'd ride with an EVO guy. I can understand the love for both machines.

  • Enz0

    USA: "sTriCt3r EmIsSiOn StaNdArDs" Meanwhile only in 16 states from 50 emission testing is required and that only in some areas, only in a couple of them safety and emissions in all areas is required. Still there are States (12 of them) without safety, emissions, or VIN inspections. You can drive that god damn thing if it has at least two pedals, a steering wheel, wheels and some kind of an engine...

  • kevin ortiz
    kevin ortiz

    Notice he says evo 9 Bc Evo 10 are fat and ugly

  • Jaelen Hagane
    Jaelen Hagane

    That’s a Toyota ,stop throwin’ shade at my boy

  • S. Pirtle
    S. Pirtle

    I presume the comments will be civil and respectful

  • Alias SmithandJones
    Alias SmithandJones

    in my country we take ox to war

  • Maxime Bilikas
    Maxime Bilikas

    Why didn’t tou talk about long term reliability😂😂

  • Dariune

    you can also get a *cosse* ford

  • Jashmeer Rampearie
    Jashmeer Rampearie

    Bro, in South Africa, we didn't get like 90% of the good cars in the world.

  • World Wide Wrestling
    World Wide Wrestling


  • Brian Schell
    Brian Schell

    First car I drive was a 91 Taurus when I was 8-9 probably

  • Ronald Westra
    Ronald Westra

    Never heard of........ where were you the last 30 years???????? Is a bit ignorant

  • Reignhart

    Driving an R34 in greenest hell is still a dream

  • Ken Kusuma
    Ken Kusuma


  • Hunter Jenkins
    Hunter Jenkins

    Love the motorcycle stuff !!!

  • Kolin Brown
    Kolin Brown

    As a bug eye owner I still think they look the best, even know you said they’re the ugliest.

  • Cody Thomas
    Cody Thomas

    They really made the hood ornament from a legendary pokémon😂

  • Fastserban666

    That is the reason why you shouldnt get a car from wish

  • PaulSaysMore

    There’s loads of these in the UK, owned by utility companies. They service and install the telegraph poles.

  • Owen Chapman
    Owen Chapman

    to add to the joke donut: the massive mercades truck you never heard of me: but that's were your wrong I've known about these for years

  • Tre Santiago
    Tre Santiago

    I will watch all up to speed while outside is still illegal

  • Fuze

    okay really.. the Evo beat the STI in almost every aspect of the performance except the S2 and the Nuru..

  • NIP

    (Cough, cough, Forza Horizon 4, cough)

  • Andrew Brennan
    Andrew Brennan

    Good job, was going to unsubscribe if you didn’t pick the STi, also to mention in Tokyo drift they also converted the evo to RWD which you never mentioned, it’s also important to mention that the Subaru has two performance versions, WRX and a STI compared to the evo with its one performance version, in terms of heritage you have to score higher for the Scooby, I’ve owned two of them and no matter what type of Subaru you drive you always love to see another one even if it’s a 1.6 non turbo! Compared to the evo which doesn’t have a strong culture when it comes to their standard lancers

  • Mickey Minaj
    Mickey Minaj

    I know the what's wrong here......fukn Nissan Z's. Shoulda went Honda.

  • SpaceCassette

    Is it just me or am I tripping out that I went too HS with you Nolan, and I didnt remember till I was browsing old photos and saw a old Comment about you "remember being a redhead once" either way small world

  • J S
    J S

    I can't believe you bleeped out "cock" from the word "cockpit" You must think we are all 10 years old or something.

  • kswsquared

    You missed a good chance of mentioning the Mitsubishi Pajero, which if I remember correctly wasnt sold as the Pajero in Spanish-speaking countries. 🤣

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez

    Tell me why i already knew that he’s going to say subie win 😂😂

  • Lilmiddwest

    Cheaper power go with Lancer 4g63t. More fun go with Subaru.. When you start making power with 4g63t it's a headache same thing with eclipse/talons.

  • rexen khoo
    rexen khoo

    The UK version u mentioned is Malaysia tho haahh

  • Honda Boy
    Honda Boy

    I saw a 5000 series at the grand canyon a few years ago. The owners were traveling the world in it.

  • Reso205

    Its time you Americans get rid of your STUPID/hypocrytical laws Like: you are not allowed to pump your own gas in New Jersey You guys also are not getting the McLaren Speedtail....because no side airbags on the mid mounted driver's seat

  • Thomas Barker
    Thomas Barker

    My brother has the vision sold by the CASE tractor company with a backhoe and front end loader

  • Jason Dixon
    Jason Dixon

    Sti was always your winner...

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen

    always entertaining

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Funny how a chinese company wasn't allowed to make Hummers because of "pollution" when these days they are the biggest cause of atmosphere pollution in the world.

  • HEXAN 2015
    HEXAN 2015

    i knew those wantanbi type R rims from nfs no clue they were

  • Gabe511

    Correction: Evo 9 in the US never had AYC


    Why do I love this videos so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • RexTex hardware & mods
    RexTex hardware & mods

    Your Yaris probably has more power than your FR-S lol

  • iBoost

    Guys, there’s a petition to change the stupid 25 yr import rule. It’s on Simply google us 25 year rule change and should be the first thing that pops up. Let’s sign this and actually make this happen

  • Paul Fevrier
    Paul Fevrier

    The audio and music in this episode is 10/10/10

  • Alpha Bhatti
    Alpha Bhatti

    Jackie Chan at 8:04 he was brand ambassador for Mitsubishi.

  • Muhammad Humayun
    Muhammad Humayun

    I don't care I still love EVO !

  • Αγγελος Σαρλακης
    Αγγελος Σαρλακης

    I would like to change three things,NO MORE FAN BOOST, slightly bigger tracks and last but not least more speed😅

  • Mantruh

    Yo my evo actually does that when I start it, what does that mean

  • Gavin V
    Gavin V

    Probably you can go to England and get it used 😀

  • J J
    J J


  • Me'eht

    Who the needs to be going 20mph over the speed limit anyway. Y'all gone kill somebody. Slow down!

  • pbkayakyer

    How does Sir Mix-a-lot's Testarossa not even get a mention???!! That's foul man.

  • Stefan Popescu
    Stefan Popescu

    supra or skyline

    • Jonathan Lopez
      Jonathan Lopez

      Stefan Popescu Are you like 12 years old

  • Edmon CZ
    Edmon CZ

    Imagene going and the car saying the optimal speed to hit the traffic light perfect is 146mp/h XD

  • Lander917


  • sam

    wow not gonna mention colin mcrae?

  • Marcus RK200
    Marcus RK200

    His name is odi buttcheeks

  • MrPinhaiscity

    There's no screams on this video???

  • Special k
    Special k

    Not going to mention the fact that Subaru uses a 2.5l while the evo still ran a 2.0l the entire time? 05 and 06 subis are dope and the 22b, but all the modern subis are ugly as fuck. Evo swag

  • joe Bowditch
    joe Bowditch

    If I could have one it would have to be the WRX personality

  • Kodi Latham
    Kodi Latham

    get a honda super cub

  • Angel Trevino
    Angel Trevino

    Is "certified bonkers" a shirt you sell?

  • Michael Kerch
    Michael Kerch

    Great episode! Such a cool truck. Say James did you loose weight?

  • Fawwaaz Abdurahman
    Fawwaaz Abdurahman

    You should do a video on a NISSAN SENTRA

  • landlord21

    There’s always way more subie fanboys than mitsu so I’m not surprised you gave the STI so many points.. Personally I think the Evo is better even tho both are great.

    • Jonathan Lopez
      Jonathan Lopez

      landlord21 I like both but mostly I love evo

  • Vladas

    Yeah, everybody has their own taste. But m8 black civics? Redo the list...

  • Alex Rodger
    Alex Rodger

    Up to speed on the Maloo surely

  • XxX_69_edgy teen_69_XxX
    XxX_69_edgy teen_69_XxX

    Lamcia stratos, delta and audi quattro are tied for the worlds most legendary and beautiful rally cars IMO but those peugeots and renaults are a close 2nd

  • Syow2x

    One of the two just seems like it always had to justify itself, so I bought the other. Which one did I get? Let me know your guess in the comment.

    • Jonathan Lopez
      Jonathan Lopez

      Syow2x Subaru lol

  • Silverboy005

    No my friend f#ck US regulations lol

  • das_oleg

    STI Best car! ☺️🤪

    • Jonathan Lopez
      Jonathan Lopez

      das_oleg only i love about subies are just the rumbles that’s it lol

  • George Aliagas
    George Aliagas

    The series V was the model you want that one us a series IV

  • oliver sharman
    oliver sharman

    yo dude you lookin trim. you been losing weight?