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  • Breena B.
    Breena B.

    This show is so fake

  • Bbear

    Kim talking about khloé's wedding: "I just don't know three weeks after meeting someone I really don't know if i'ts a good idea" Also kim: lamar is tall,i can't Also kim : get married with kris humphries ( a tall basketball player) after a few month and get divorce a month later.

  • Marian Hughes
    Marian Hughes

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww I love KHLOÉ SHE IS SO FUNNY 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I LOVE HER HAIR ASWELLL🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Chantel Goulart
    Chantel Goulart

    This is so disgusting!!! What a ass bro that's disgusting

  • Erica Colaco
    Erica Colaco

    Kourtney impersonates kim soo well

  • Leona Lace
    Leona Lace

    Kim is so down to earth ......

  • Julie Khawzawl
    Julie Khawzawl

    Kourtney Kardashian "spares the Rod and spoils the child"

  • Leona Lace
    Leona Lace

    THIS has to be the weirdest situation for Khris 😓

  • LN Sisters
    LN Sisters

    "I don't get people are so selfish to you.It's disgusting to be related to you". Kourtney is so rude. She is a savage like the savage.

  • LN Sisters
    LN Sisters

    I feel like Kim is right in this situation. Kourtney is so mean to Kim. I know Kourtney is trying to do her best and she is a mom and has kids, I understand. But the way she acts to Kim is not acceptable. Kourtney said about Kim that it's not good to be related to her and she is selfish. I don't think Kim is being that selfish. I don't hate Kourtney. But my favourite is Kim. This message is my opinion.

  • Caged Bird
    Caged Bird

    This lady is sick in the head and should be put in hospital

  • Mia Gio
    Mia Gio

    Here’s the thing I really feel sorry for Danielles daughters

  • Ali The gamer
    Ali The gamer

    Does this mean kris Jenner is lesbian now?

  • domna maria
    domna maria

    I have NOT ONCE seen khloe being bullied by her sisters and i think that says a lot

  • Darlene Fiddler
    Darlene Fiddler

    She looks like a freak.

  • Noor Clean
    Noor Clean

    I thought it was gay man in the thumbnail

  • pabloplato

    * ugh * why do people like this all have this same tacky Louis XIV idea of regalness and luxury that they accomplish with such cheaply made furnishings? barf.

  • nushin youssefian
    nushin youssefian

    "What are you doing?:) " "I'm drinking " " SEE YA :)"

  • My Official music
    My Official music

    6:21 dont comment

  • jeongyeon forever
    jeongyeon forever

    It’s so funny literally omg hahha

  • Nur Azzahra Sofea Salaim Abdullah
    Nur Azzahra Sofea Salaim Abdullah

    Hahaahaha this is cute

  • David Kiperman
    David Kiperman

    I've seen this intro in good porns before.

  • shivam garg
    shivam garg

    so awkward and irritating

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee

    Kim's lips look ugly

  • Edith maricela Escárcega mata
    Edith maricela Escárcega mata

    Kilye si que se iso un transplante de cara

  • Brooklyn Farren
    Brooklyn Farren

    I- I just- Where did things go wrong

  • Steven Rizi
    Steven Rizi

    Children and young leople duying from cancer. Look at this silicone monsters, destroying their bodies and still healty.

  • MB Dagohoy-Ligasan
    MB Dagohoy-Ligasan

    since i syarted watching KUWTK - Scott is always nonsense hahaha..

  • pabloplato

    who tf moves to Lebanon to become a South American pop-"star" o_0

  • jeonwayo

    Justin looks like he can be a kardashians

  • Megan Sampson
    Megan Sampson

    These post surgery dinners are so awkward... LETS throw a dinner party TO SHOW YOU MY BOOBS or BUM or NOSE!

  • pabloplato

    so he beats cancer and celebrates by attempting to get skin cancer. guess he's ready for round 2.

  • Julien Dela Cruz
    Julien Dela Cruz

    i suppose khloe couldn’t do that now with dem long ass nails

  • shaun sinclair
    shaun sinclair

    About time that family was beaten up. I would have given money to those charities just to see those tall poppies get beaten up some more. They think because they have lots of money they are loved by everyone. Nobody really likes them.

  • Shlatz McLeod
    Shlatz McLeod

    I get a feeling he’s probably transgender because he looks so feminine now

  • Seleena Gomezjee
    Seleena Gomezjee

    I’m so happy for them.

  • 使图亚特

    If I could extract the dna from Steven Tyler, Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner with hint of 90’s Judge Judy.

  • Rekha Sharma
    Rekha Sharma

    Sorry but the thumbnail made me creep out😂😂😂

  • Delina Eyoab
    Delina Eyoab


  • busisiwe kate nombusodubazana
    busisiwe kate nombusodubazana

    Kylie seems like such a sweet person

  • Gunonii Ü
    Gunonii Ü

    this family is so toxic but idk why im even watching it

  • Andre Malan
    Andre Malan

    No matter what anyone says, these 2 are happy. I love them being in their own little world.


    Lol scott & kourtney u need to discipline ur kids and spanking ass is normal.. its not like u will spank any part of the body.. that’s a worst parenting if u let ur kids do what they want.. put in ur mind THEY ARE KIDS AND NEEDS TO LEARN AND TEACHED BY PARENTS

  • busisiwe kate nombusodubazana
    busisiwe kate nombusodubazana

    Khloe's makeup here is so good

  • Megan Sampson
    Megan Sampson

    The doctors said they were reversing what was done to her on that first surgery and they did it. She looks so natural now, like she would have looked if she had just left it alone. So many girls take it to heart when they are little and someone comments on their face. They need to be told over and over again they will grow into this unique feature that stands out to others. My eyes are massive and people used to make fun of me being like WHY are your eyes so big you're like an alien!? or you have huge bug eyes! now it's the main thing people are like WOW you have beautiful big blue eyes. LIKE DAMN RIGHT BITCHES and i have good peripheral and perfect vision.

  • busisiwe kate nombusodubazana
    busisiwe kate nombusodubazana

    Kim asks the relevant qs

  • •Fubii_World•

    the last part when caith kissed her tho in the cheeks 😬

  • Kelly Jean
    Kelly Jean

    0:07 when your face doesn't match your fake tan and you think you're better than everyone. Classic Lala.

  • Vali Umpill
    Vali Umpill

    So u can talk smack about your friends, but if you "pwn it", its fine? Smh.

  • Jia Tan Huan
    Jia Tan Huan

    Yo Army's get out.... Geez....this is about Kendall...

  • Blake Leigh
    Blake Leigh

    good for her

  • your_ideal_bitch

    idk why kendall is hated....she is so good at handling situations....

  • Kristen - yayaaks ca
    Kristen - yayaaks ca

    Don’t get me wrong, we us women normally know almost all things fashion, BUT, I always get a opinion from a guy, because I always think they see something we missed. And I loved that Jay has always picked good for Kristen, that’s goals 😩🥺💓❤️😍

  • yes i spill tea
    yes i spill tea

    hearing Scott cry makes me so sad

  • Claire Farron
    Claire Farron

    Maybe I want to be a Charlie's angel 😂 that got me

  • nina m
    nina m

    Kourtney best person to this family

  • Cyber Attack
    Cyber Attack

    luke's boyfriend. i thought he was a she. lmao

  • 貴様

    She kinda looks like Ivana Humpalot

  • Obayd ubayd
    Obayd ubayd

    Tamara is the DEVIL! LOOK AT HER FACE!!😵😒

  • Daniella Pellegrino
    Daniella Pellegrino

    They better play this at the reunion. I’d like to see her try talk her way out of it.

  • Savage Rice Cake
    Savage Rice Cake

    His lips remind me the little yellow duck in the bathtub.


    Bull shit Kylie is the money maker now Kim's getting old and momager knows where the money is, besides the rest of the girl's are getting up in age and not as good to look at but Kylie and Kendal are her new money maker's .

  • Obayd ubayd
    Obayd ubayd

    Emily needs 2 worry about her own SITUATION !🙄

  • enterme

    If you want no complication, why do you bring Sofia and all these drama to the trip for the kids?

  • bibi Berrycrunch
    bibi Berrycrunch

    Hee asked if there is a way to change the dna?! Omg!!!! Yeah you can bath in atomic waste of you like it? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Zaya Nara
    Zaya Nara

    Kendall so pretty..

  • Adrián Durán
    Adrián Durán

    Turkish do those things.

  • karen81986

    Let Tyler talk

  • busisiwe kate nombusodubazana
    busisiwe kate nombusodubazana

    Ur family shud never act lyk ur boss period.... Her sisters are sacrificing family rship for money

  • busisiwe kate nombusodubazana
    busisiwe kate nombusodubazana

    A glamorous prison

  • Younto Tunyi
    Younto Tunyi

    They fuck all year n want a religious year.

  • Adriana Zajacova
    Adriana Zajacova

    That is so scary wow😂😂😂

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    You won’t breathe

  • lamoskgr Moskow
    lamoskgr Moskow

    Her accent drives me insane. Where is it from?

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    Is this a problem?? I don’t think so she’s just obsessed but it hurt his health she just love the attention

  • Omar Tlm
    Omar Tlm

    قديمى بدلي سوتك بكاش عفسة باش نكهالك احلى جديدا راكي متزوجى وراني خايف عليك tgripi من نبردك blklima من جيهت عطاء زوجك بولف محنتي وتولي عليا رهينة وتنتقمي من حبك الءول بءحسيك منجذبة حزينة منحبكش خطني متنجميش تعملي عيني

  • Parker Rusert
    Parker Rusert

    nO yUor Old aNd CraZy

  • Ester Brito
    Ester Brito


  • Sharda

    Kenya is not a nice person. Ugly inside

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    Her voice

  • Fatou Sillah
    Fatou Sillah

    Khloe is always care of their sisters this is why i like her (im french my english is not really good 😊)

  • Tiger Spills The Wine
    Tiger Spills The Wine

    I have never been so annoyed by someone

  • Lucy Ella
    Lucy Ella

    Ok ok is she from take me out

  • Nina . G
    Nina . G

    Kourtney had every right to act like that with Kim it’s a purse. For gosh sake Who cares if her sister used it Kim is rich as hell I bet she has that exact same purse in different colours She had to keep nagging about her sister using the purse imagine having to here that threw trying to have a nice dinner with your friends and sister. Who doesn’t stop talking about it Kim had that coming Because if I was kourtney I would have aimed and throw that purse at kourtney head

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    is his chest real? cause whew

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    She just realized how ugly it is

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    Still the same but better

  • Edward Evans
    Edward Evans

    ACTUALLY her sisters "telling Kim how all she only cares about MONEY" are wrong! legit, she fucking has a business and has developed more confidence & sucess into her future now.

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    His side view looks a duck

  • Livia Soares
    Livia Soares

    South America here.... Still don't know this guy

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    Love his lips

  • JPSexy4Ever

    Danielle is so iconic!

  • Sinead Moore
    Sinead Moore


  • Hoodo Omar
    Hoodo Omar

    I'm dead lol

  • busisiwe kate nombusodubazana
    busisiwe kate nombusodubazana

    Kim can't act lol

  • busisiwe kate nombusodubazana
    busisiwe kate nombusodubazana

    Funniest shit ever lmao!!! Yes yes i know it was staged i just like laughing at the how ridiculous they dont mind looking to stay relevant that tackle though🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Meriem Guenuni
    Meriem Guenuni

    😂😂😂 stupid people I swear fuckin bitch changed

  • Jes Pla
    Jes Pla

    The butt well made

  • Gabriel freitas
    Gabriel freitas

    Algum br apaixonado por essa familia 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Twtwwba Ihwwba
    Twtwwba Ihwwba

    Discipline does not have to be physical in any type of way. I am in Child and Youth Care and in order to teach a child discipline you have to approach the behaviour from a psychological stand point and put together why the child is acting the way they are. No punishment should be physical.