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  • VirtueCry

    I haven't heard anything about this. Did a quick search and found nothing. No one is talking about this. This is a false narrative.

  • ChiefOfTheDesert

    I got so confused when playing this game I had to google if they made a 1st death stranding bc I thought this was the second game or third

  • Sage of Squirrels
    Sage of Squirrels

    I. No joke. Just last week, finished PW3. I want these 3D models, I want these new graphics, I want the newer story arcs. But alas, I need to take a break from the games. If this game's even on par with 3, it'll be fantastic.

  • Thomas Johnston
    Thomas Johnston

    Jerome K Blackperson is a epic name

  • Charlie Parker
    Charlie Parker

    So the suit one is just Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for guys or?

  • John montgomery
    John montgomery

    RIP Stuart Gordon. A legendary talent and one hell of a nice man was lost to us all. Thanks Bob.

  • SolarFlair

    ... I love comedy. I love Yahtzee's comedy. I do not love Yahtzee's concept of how comedy should work in video games. I'm just not much of a physical slapstick person. Really one note, seen it once, that was fun, done. Same flaw as repeated Spiderman quips though more fade into the background probably than obnoxious. He was right about why it works in Portal, but again that was more than just physical. It's about well timed punchlines like most comedy is. Even the best physical gags in games require timing. Think about what he said about horror and comedy being two sides of the same coin- best horror is also when you don't expect it or it's well constructed individual moments.

  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez

    Ohh Yathzee, ACNH has a story mode. 😏

  • POMax

    this reminds me that i'm not too shy to get a girlfriend, i just really would rather not have one

  • John montgomery
    John montgomery

    Well said Bob. And enuff said as well DC fan boys can bite my ass. Joker sucked period.

  • NopeNope AndNope
    NopeNope AndNope

    I just realised that your writing is quite Douglas Adamsish. Sorry if that's bloody obvious to everyone else. I usually watch ZP while drunk. Anyway, compliment. In a youtube comment no less! You're constantly decent, but a few episodes are more decent than others, especially this one.

  • CSGraves

    "Hey, let's make Falling Down, but with clown makeup! Because: Comic Books!"

  • Rooted Onion
    Rooted Onion

    that Margot Thatcher and tiger cage tangent is years ahead of its time, Im looking at you tiger king

  • David Richardson
    David Richardson

    When Doom came out, I was five. By the time I was eight, I was already getting into debates about whether or not Doom teaches Satanic worship (I was in a raised Catholic house - wasn't a born-again house, yet). I was given the whole Satanic imagery being present argument, and one of these people actually had a photo (it was before screenshots) of such, and I recognized the level it was taken from. I said, "In the game, you are a lone surviving soldier who, after repelling the initial attack on Mars, takes the fight to demons by invading their home of Hell. Expecting Hell to *NOT* have at least one Satanic symbol is like expecting the Vatican to *NOT* have at least one cross, or a mega-pastor to *NOT* have a money or sex scandal." Yeah, I was effectively a South Park kid then, and I've only gotten even more snarky and cynical since.

  • R. L1MB0
    R. L1MB0

    lmao i have no life to lose

  • Sasoriscarecrow

    I thought everyone was playing Animal Crossing

  • BolanderBooks

    Yahtzee 2011: "I'm not happy unless I'm playing a grim space shooter with big guns and it takes a planetary alignment to make me play a fantasy rpg." Yahtzee 2020: "Dark Souls, a fantasy rpg (possibly even a fantasy *J*rpg) is my favorite game ever, and scifi shooters are overdone and boring."

  • Lee "Mai" Ari
    Lee "Mai" Ari


  • Bee Aggro
    Bee Aggro

    I mean Dario is drawn to look like Christian Bale.

  • MrAsaqe

    4:34: I am the alpha and the omega!

  • Shotgundam009 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
    Shotgundam009 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

    Honestly for me Joker was just a depression movie overall. I don't get what people are so mad about tho in the comments. Are you not allowed to not like the joker?

  • Jose 'Juice' Gonzalez
    Jose 'Juice' Gonzalez

    Also available on Switch 👍🏽

  • R P
    R P

    Frictional Games just announced Amnesia:Rebirth and I can already hear Yachtze groan at the title

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    This was... Surprisingly positive. In a Zero Puntuaction way

  • thelinedrive

    Joker fans see SNL skit, proceeds to prove skit right by getting mad at it.

  • Player_1

    Working on a Theory of Everything, none of that other stuff.

  • Mad Machanicest
    Mad Machanicest

    Shit like this reminds me of this Simpson Joke. There is this gay pride parade going by shouting " we're out , we're praod , so dill with it" Some one in the crowd Shouts back " we know , you do this every year" The vast majority don't care about this kind of things Being Gay is mostly normalised in ower society this days.( at lest compared to the 60 the 70 the 80 or the 90s) As for gay people like my self stuff like this falls under who cares. It just companies pondering to us in pointless meaningless was for $$$$$$. 🌈 = money is all the mouse is thinking . if thy wanted the LGBT community to chair thy should have outed Elsa in Frozen to.

  • Kay W
    Kay W

    this is great... but I think anything over an hour is waaaaaaaaaaay too much in one setting... maybe next time try cutting it into parts?

  • Psudopod

    Those few seconds of realization after hearing the nuke go off and realizing that they were about to die and that THEY were the skeleton that was on the wall felt like hours. What a fucking gut-punch of an ending.

  • Mad Machanicest
    Mad Machanicest

    The OverThinker is Dead long live the empty shell Bob.

  • Wissarut Singeam
    Wissarut Singeam

    It's a reading game.

  • Mad Machanicest
    Mad Machanicest

    Screw SNL if that women had said black rage in stead people would be demanding blood and everyone knows it. It not any less insulting or racist because your talking about white people. To hell with SNL and Bob too. What happen to the Overthinker and that was a person i respected even if i completely disagreed with them. What i find in he's place is a close minded simpleton that is a slave to one ideology. Gone is depth. What ever happened to the person how post videos to Screw attack .

  • TheCreepypro

    as a fan of One Piece it does my heart good to see that this is a good game if you like this kind of game play that is

  • Emerald Noir
    Emerald Noir

    Captain Marvel, Birds of Prey... White women rage!!

  • ALEXIS Pellitteri
    ALEXIS Pellitteri

    What about when they shot it at the 81 digress

    • ALEXIS Pellitteri
      ALEXIS Pellitteri

      Almost sideways

  • W. Devarien
    W. Devarien

    Does Yahtzee ever read his comments? Asking for three model friends who love going down on eachother while nerds stream Portal gameplay.

  • Citrus 3301
    Citrus 3301


  • Yare Yare
    Yare Yare

    i mean the "mansion" in japanese (i mean the english word, theyve borrowed into to japanese) means apartment so i guess it still kinda works

  • RagnarokNCC

    I heard Gkids picked up the rights to the English dub for the new Lupin III movie and... if you haven’t seen the footage for it, please do. It looks awesome. I’d be happy to see Bob review it.

  • Ventus_91
    Ventus_91's on switch too, you know?

  • Jack Woods
    Jack Woods

    This is what boomers think all video games are like

  • Milk •
    Milk •

    But if sequels were banned we wouldn’t have shrek 2

  • praetorxyn

    I play Thief by blackjacking all the guards and piling them in the same corner >_>

  • NachoCheese

    All the games he said Doom 2016 is "actually" more like were all games that got inspiration from original Doom, or a game that was.

  • Shirma Akayaku
    Shirma Akayaku

    As a fan of One Piece and Mosou games, this is a pretty good game. However, if you're more of a One Piece fan rather than Mosou fan, Pirate Warriors 3 is better. Basically: If you love One Piece, play Pirate Warriors 3. There's more of One Piece's story to play through. If you love Musou games, play Pirate Warriors 4. There's newer gameplay mechanics that the older ones lack

  • Ahmed El Badaoui
    Ahmed El Badaoui

    if game of thrones' ending was half as good as this, it would've been the best series ever. Hats off to you jon an bryan! truly a great cartoon!

  • Synchronize_

    Now I'm in the future, it's funny hearing this guy talking about how Valve probably chucked Half Life 3 down the priority list when it has been confirmed that Valve was working on Half Life 3 during 2018 only to be turned into HLA.

  • max mus
    max mus

    Made me super sick for hours after to

  • 냉미역국

    Veeery interesting. One thing i want is only update that another language patch..

  • xdr22

    Warning; One piece pirate warrior 4 does not include any arc from east Blue, in fact it begins right at Alabasta, if you want the feeling of rediscovering the beginning of one piece with a true progression in the members of the team, i'd rather recommend the third installement even thoe it stops around the don Flamingo arc. Also, the online is really poorly implemented, you have to reinvite you partner for each mission and he isn't really in the narration, if he picks Zorro, then there'll be a second Zorro on the Map who act as the narrative npc, a Real shame.

  • Nima Ghanbarpour
    Nima Ghanbarpour

    I can see his smile. It's wholesome.

  • Relax Alex 04
    Relax Alex 04


  • AK48smoker

    still love the deus ex song.

  • dragon wizard
    dragon wizard

    Zero PLEASE do a game called hue next, it's an amazing game with little recognition

  • Night Cat
    Night Cat

    Nightmare fuel faces are fuelling my nightmares.

  • André Oliveira
    André Oliveira

    The game is great, especially when you are a one piece fan, there are a lot of fun missions. Its about fighting tons of enemies and role playing, it's just simple and plain fun , nothing else

  • Majora

    I like that Yahtzee used the master sword for a graphic.

  • Erik

    I DID think it was an old video. Wow. Throwback to 2009

  • Chef Banjo
    Chef Banjo

    I really wish this movie could've just stayed a movie. People were yelling at each other about it before it even came out, and the content of the movie seemed to matter less and less. I saw it opening weekend, enjoyed it thoroughly, then walked out of the theater, and into a world that was still yelling about it. Other comic book movie conversations typically consist of things like, "Remember that part where that guy did the thing? That was awesome!!" Joker has space for that, but it doesn't even matter. One side identifies with one of the absolute worst characters to identify with in the history of fiction, and the other side declares that the movie is symbolic of the decline of humanity. I just feel like something I enjoyed got hijacked and now I can't enjoy it.

  • someguywhocanfly

    I'm really confused about how you're doing those reflections. Why are you even computing using the pixel values? That's so strange. I would expect you to just be using lines and vectors, in which case getting the reflection vector is pretty trivial for any angle of wall.

  • Pluveus

    5:25 Yahtzee goes to the convenience store for some cigarettes.

  • Robert Purner
    Robert Purner

    That has to be part of the Cover from Jean Michael Jarre's Oxygene - Albums.... Edit: NVM, i'm just fucking stupid.

  • Citizen Tibby
    Citizen Tibby

    Wait, Why has none of Yahtzee's games got jetpacks?

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust

    Okay eugenics supporter

  • Ron Rojo
    Ron Rojo

    Kinda reminds me of jet set radio future. Anyone else?

  • 97Multiphantom

    Tbf, I’m a black guy, and I also think it was a lazy and unfair joke.

  • Johannes Seyfried
    Johannes Seyfried

    The biggest unanswered Question is: How can one even be TOO Human? In a Sci-fi Game with Guns and Power Armor, wouldn't it make more sense to worry if you become LESS Human, while you gun down Wave after Wave of Enemies without Mercy or Remorse? Or maybe they just spelled the Title wrong, and the Game was always supposed to be called "Two Humans"- which is a pretty boring Title, but still seems more logical than than what the Game is actually called.

  • Jupiter's Godzilla
    Jupiter's Godzilla

    03:04: *Offended “Journalists” Noises*

  • Psyymann

    Almost had a sub until I just heard you disrespect pineapple like that..

  • Stef_R

    Wow Bob is out of touch lmao. I'm only subbed to escapist for zero punctuation

  • Bernando Silva Jr.
    Bernando Silva Jr.

    So.... Dynasty Warriors: One Piece?

    • Masaerine

      It’s literally in the name, “Pirate Warriors” yes

  • Jerome Lancashire
    Jerome Lancashire

    Is the only outlet Deadpool you've ever had the video game? because so you're missing out big time.

  • E1craZ4life

    If he reviewed this game together with Modern Warfare 3, and both were so horrible that they _both_ got named the worst game of 2011, was this video even necessary?

  • kdhlkjhdlk

    Personally I'm mad at every SNL sketch. They're all terrible.

  • Ulquiorra4sama

    Why am I watching it? Addiction, I guess. I started watching ZP back in 2009/10 roundabout, caught up on the episodes that were out at the time and have been watching it weekly since. At this point I can't not see this series out until it's eventual end, even if I did use to enjoy this a lot more than I currently do.

  • Carlton

    I was honestly a little disappointed with Mass Effect 2 when it came out. The gameplay, obviously, was amazing and light-years ahead of ME1, but the story felt lacking. I was a huge fan of the first game, and I guess after saving the whole entire galaxy (while the entire citadel watched), having that victory taken away from me and ignored by everyone, and then going on to secretly destroy a secret base that was maybe a threat only to humans felt a lot less exciting. I feel like ME3 was what ME2 should have been. I was looking forward to uniting the galaxy against the reapers in ME2, with all the political intrigue between alien races, seeing all their homeworlds etc., and then in ME3 actually taking on the reapers. Instead ME2 felt like a weird detour from the main plot. Dragon Age 2 actually felt very similar, when compared its predecessor. That said, it's still a great game, with really interesting plot elements and characters (and like I said, amazing gameplay). It just didn't live up to my expectations in terms of continuing the main storyline.

  • NinjaGidget

    Sounds like in a weird, awful way, having a culture that lionized white male rage for so long has actually worked around to a culture that has trouble having a real conversation about the issues faced by this demographic without one side rolling their eyes out of their head and the other side hyping themselves up to light something on fire.

  • Mike’s Game Review
    Mike’s Game Review

    Hey, I enjoyed the video. *Not a fan of the price for the game* I’m probably also going to review this game on my channel. I just posted a new video 🎊 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK👍

  • Mads Beier Madsen
    Mads Beier Madsen

    I can't stop thinking about Battleborn while I am watching this. I get odd feeling when I look at the characters in Arms and Battleborn: they are interesting, but yet so boring. I hope the best for Ninja Theory. I hope that it isn't going end up like Battleborn: I hear about it's launch and it's death.

  • Tecpaocelotl Castillo
    Tecpaocelotl Castillo

    I thought it was white male rage.

  • Chilllaxxinn

    An interactive book basically

  • Marko Cetinic
    Marko Cetinic

    I Jack replacing Gabe?



  • OddMott

    This looks beautiful! I definitely need to see this! Thanks Bob :)

  • Flik

    WHY, why the infinite grunt battles?! It NEVER happens in the source material 😓

    • MrPrinceofgreek

      Yet it does and this is a warriors game. Have you never heard of this series before it’s been going for a decade and a half just about.

  • Nolan Askew
    Nolan Askew

    He predicted bloodborne at 1:45

  • Dunmer Warrior
    Dunmer Warrior

    What i wonder is why they chose to cover the whole story again when the last game already did that, and with more detail.

    • FelineIce

      The first few dynasty warrior games covered the same major wars. Yellow turban. Lu Bu and who gives a care evil guy. The major problems that the three major factions face. The red cliffs. Etc so on what ever. The diffrence is how much detail or the issues are in each game. The 2nd game featured a huge upward mountain. The 3rd had physical destroyable magical devices. The diffrence between the primal fights are cut sceens that feature the poison lake, animals, heavy armor, and so forth. Slowly over time those highly detail levels would be quicker, with that effort going elsewhere. Not even the poision lake would be mention in much later games. So for one piece 1 to 4. The same thing will be happening. CP 9 likely will always get ptime attention. In the first game it was more action base with minor puzzles. One level delt with a slow luffy, with a very sick Nami gimmic. Most side story warrior games tend to do this. Even samurai was more, hold and wait. Fist of north star, and majorly Zelda. So ya, we likely won't see the first 4 fights done. Or rouge port. I would not be surprized if pre grand line was One damn level.

  • matt reeves
    matt reeves

    Glue 3 death stars together? Oh, you mean episode 7? God this is depressing

  • matt reeves
    matt reeves

    Looking back the prequel stuff was actually okay....Compared to the sequel trilogy. God this stuff is awful. I would rather hear about Sand and Angels than this Rey shit