1987 Acura Legend Coupe | Retro Review
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  • k. rich
    k. rich

    This is so cool. I want one


    My second car after owning an 88 accord hatchback. Love old Acura’s

  • Chuck Person
    Chuck Person

    28k$??? Holy cow!! That's a lot for 1987

    • tuowl05

      That does seem absurdly high for a 2 door coupe in 1987? I was expecting high teens? As it is, 28k is darn near low-level Porsche money from that time period.....lol

  • Steve Espinola
    Steve Espinola

    Wait, Honda already had airbags in their Acura cars? I never knew that, I guess I learned something new today. LOL 😂. The

  • AlfredB12films

    Japan made a good effort to combine German elegance with strong Japanese sport performance.

  • dieselcoondog

    I miss gentleman coupes. Nothing but boring crossovers and sedans these days. I'm not 16 years old anymore and don't care for the chargcamerostang look

  • J H
    J H

    I owned this car, I still look back with very fond memories and appreciation for it. I wish Acura still made attractive vehicles.

  • Mustang860

    I had this car way back then even the same color, the car was incredible on the highway, comfortable and you could go anywhere you wanted to go, car was very boring, I traded it in for a Volkswagen Corrado. Which was actually not as nice as the highway but more fun.

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly

    Don't let my wife see that PRNDL selector! DAMN!

  • Dominican Eazy
    Dominican Eazy

    I just bought a 1988 legend and it pretty clean.

  • rm brooklyn
    rm brooklyn

    When Acura had great model names: Legend, Vigor, Integra...

  • Jeffrey

    Man, these reviews are from the 'Way Back Machine'. Zero to sixty in 9 seconds..ugh. I owned a 1987 Mercury Cougar XR7 with a V8. It probably was not as fast.

  • Ray Boccino
    Ray Boccino

    Now I see from where the '88 Prelude took its inspiration for the rear end design. Looks nice overall!

  • Praetorian

    An Accord with leather seats

    • jay92889

      wrong, totally different chassis suspension and interior

  • jo hn
    jo hn

    And just a few years later you could get a 2.3 four cylinder in the prelude that put out nearly the same hp and torque numbers.

  • Man from Nantucket
    Man from Nantucket

    The way he pronounces "Bimmer"

  • Michael Snyder
    Michael Snyder

    My wife and I had an automatic 1987 Legend Coupe and a five-speed 1988 Legend sedan. The coupe was a terrific car, but the sedan's clutch had to be replaced at 60,000 miles and then again at 120,000 miles. My wife and I have always driven manual transmission cars with the exception of the Coupe and an SUV we now have. The Legends' manual transmission was not fully engineered to handle the power that that the car had, which was only 160 hp. But the engines, for their time, were somewhat high performance. At 100,000 miles both cars developed rattles that made both of them feel very old. The build quality was just not up to par. Our replacement cars, in 1998 and 2001, were BMWs, a 5 series and a 3 series respectively, which we still own. The build quality on both cars are amazingly wonderful. No matter how many miles are put on them they continue to feel almost new. Tire and control arm bushing replacements are essential to continue make the cars terrific to drive.

  • Thomas Peterson
    Thomas Peterson

    If you put that in to inflation standpoint, that car was 57,000 dollars

  • Robert Foster
    Robert Foster

    The Legend was created to keep Honda owners away from the Germans, not to attract German luxury car customers.

  • Aayonce

    Loved the reae windows!!! Miss those in honda coupes!! Would really help cool off the cabin

  • phw340

    I used to work at an Acura dealership in the early 90s and my favorite version of the Gen1 Legend was a 1990 LS coupe, 5 speed manual transmission, black with the tan interior. Among other things the LS had a small rear spoiler that smoothed out the lines and had polished rims. Not very fast but cool. In 1991 the Gen2 Legends came out and those were quicker. In 1991 people complained the transmissions shifted too abruptly and they toned down the shift harness for 1992 but the cars felt slower. On a wet surface a 1991 Legend could easily spin the tires through second and possibly into third gear due to the way the tranny shifted. Cool cars imo. The gen 2 has a longitudinal v6 vs the gen1 which had a transverse v6.

  • James Cyr
    James Cyr

    My dad had one of these when he was first married not sure what the model year was though

  • HALWG51

    What a boring vanilla sedan.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    I had a 2 door 95 sport with a 6 speed. Fun and comfortable car for its time

  • 93sundance

    Did I hear crickets at the beginning of this video? Who was that hottie in the blue jump suit?

  • Frank Banos
    Frank Banos

    Unlike a bmw, that Acura is still running today...

  • Lovejazz01

    I disagree John(back then and now), this Acura Legend Coupe was a legend to me, it represented a new era of sporty styling that wasn't seen before, without having to spend the Mercedes Coupe money. It gave people another choice ! It was an intsant classic to me, and it still is because it is a rare car that never see.

  • David Hammett
    David Hammett

    I almost died in one of these as my friend hit top speed. Pretty quick car.

  • fishernate

    0-60 in ‘only’ 9 seconds... what a beast. 🤣😂🤣

  • Matt

    Just like a larger, comfier 2nd gen teggy

  • Maestro_T

    The beginning of the Japanese assault on the luxury car market right here. It was a solid start for Honda but they crapped out once they got rid of the Legend nameplate if you ask me (and have never recovered).

  • T Someone
    T Someone

    This is the same as the Honda Prelude without the pop up lights but with a V6.... Nice one.... Miss the Prelude...

  • Sparta14

    May acura 89 still alive

  • helicopter weewee
    helicopter weewee

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> who's the cute black babe???

  • Kalen Sanchez
    Kalen Sanchez

    Hey, you should do an Acura Legend Sedan this time for us!!!🤓

  • CalisRemedy

    Total fail @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> Honda logo on an Acura coupe

  • Just a pink 934 RSR
    Just a pink 934 RSR

    Wonder if this is the same car that Ludacris bought :p

  • LMacNeill

    A friend of my mother had one of these back in the '80s. I remember being *extremely* impressed with its quietness and smoothness. Really was totally blown away by it, honestly. It was as quiet as a Lincoln or a Cadillac, but without the massive "floaty" feel that those cars have. It was the first car I'd ever been in that felt so incredibly solid while also being unbelievably quiet and smooth. BMWs of the era certainly handled better, no doubt. But they couldn't match this Acura in smoothness or quietness, that's for sure.

  • Harrison Gorter
    Harrison Gorter

    See one of these everyday I walk to work/school. Always curious about it.

  • Montrose2525

    I'll bet you that legend outlasted that BMW by 10 years.

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith

      Montrose2525 you still see them on the road hear in Miami. There only downside is the auto trans Witch is upwards of $2000 to rebuild. Sadly most people spend that money on a down payment for something a little newer

  • MrShiffles

    I'd hit it ;)

  • Skyline Fever
    Skyline Fever

    I would love for climate controls to have an instant bypass. On a hot day, I need the A/C fans turning at full speed immediately and on a cold day, I need full defrost immediately.

  • kgbeezr75

    The XR4Ti? Really? Sure, Ford wanted it positioned against cars like the Legend and the 3 series, but come on...LOL. Not that the Merkur stunk, it didn't, but not anywhere near the same league as the other 2 cars.

  • Oivey2000

    A few months back I spent the morning with John Davis at MPT Headquarters and saw where they film some of their segments, sat in on some voiceover work, met the staff, got a personal tour & he even treated me to lunch & let me drive their latest car. Super nice guy and such an awesome experience. Love MPT & a long time fan of MotorWeek!

  • Ronald Colman
    Ronald Colman

    Who's the cutie pie at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a>?

  • jay92889

    It's actually amazing how smooth this v6 was, I drove a 2.5 liter version last year with the 5 speed and wow the engine was unbelievably quiet and refined, honestly more so than a lot of newer cars I've driven. It actually won an award for quietest engine at idle or something crazy. There's a reason the Legend won import of the year. In later model years they even had a full fledged lcd trip computer with mpg, trip info, and fuel, oil, timing belt change, etc info as well as upgraded interior materials and wood that was very handsome. Very advanced for the time. These were awesome cars and this generation Legend was good for 250k+ miles.


    God I love old Acura’s so much, I like new ones too but the old ones are sooo damn cool! And I’m more of a Lexus guy too lol, I own 3 Lexus lmao

  • Soiled Seat
    Soiled Seat

    Not better than my 87 Ford Tempo!!!! Manuel gear box baby!! I got camo seat covers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Right Lane Hog
    Right Lane Hog

    V-I-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y in cars, do I ever miss it.

    • 7s29

      I have the very car. You really don't mirrors.

  • Dan Reidy
    Dan Reidy

    LEGEND in it's own JAP mind...

  • Steven Boswell
    Steven Boswell

    Never liked these. RL is best

  • pxn748

    I had a '90 coupe with a 5-speed for 13 years. I loved that car and thought it was one of the most beautiful cars ever made!

  • clockingmath

    That 108 ft stopping distance surprised me.

  • Kevin Carr
    Kevin Carr

    That shifter though... o_O

    • Andrew Byers
      Andrew Byers

      ikr? That's gotta be about 12 inches. Guess they were aiming for easy to grip hehe.

  • CanadaCraig

    When this Legend Coupe showed up - Honda was busy working on the their NS-X Concept!!

  • MrFuchew

    back when acura was cool

  • Che Kwon Chung
    Che Kwon Chung

    0 to 60 in 9 seconds lol... how times change

  • Nathaniel Schaffer
    Nathaniel Schaffer

    Wow they were honest to a fault on this one

  • DDM7406

    Such a pretty car.


    Pretty much a rebadged accord with more features

  • Trance88

    What a nice looking late 80's coupe. The gas mileage is pretty lackluster though. A modern day mini van can get better gas mileage.

  • wave runner
    wave runner

    Front wheel drive Accord based coupe to compete against RWD BMWs during their zenith.

    • Winnerx7 Shapeshifter
      Winnerx7 Shapeshifter

      And I owned the first generation coupe acura legend exactly on that same color and the second generation coupe and sedan. This particular legend first generation coupe doesn’t feel like a 160hp it feels faster than that but not as fast as the second generation so I’m pretty sure is a little under rated

    • Winnerx7 Shapeshifter
      Winnerx7 Shapeshifter

      The accord didn’t used this power train until the 94 -97 generation so engine and transmission wise thats was Acura exclusive and by 94 acura has its own 3.2 v6

  • Joey Baby
    Joey Baby

    one model year later, the 3rd gen prelude would do all of this...only better also, in retrospect, we would call this "near-luxury"

    • Joey Baby
      Joey Baby

      funny you should mention that...way back in the very late 1980's, one of my political science professors asked me if the legend sedan was just an accord with 944-style flares

    • Winnerx7 Shapeshifter
      Winnerx7 Shapeshifter

      The 88 prelude it’s just an accord and I had both trust me on the highway the legend was way faster u can’t compare both cars

  • Joey B
    Joey B

    This car was very appropriately named. Acura needs to bring back a modern-day version of this amazing car.

  • David S.
    David S.

    I still see this car on the streets.

  • Lagibizar

    Yes, it uses a "Base" sound system. Thought there was a Bose logo there.

    • Ken Lee
      Ken Lee


  • M Lee
    M Lee

    This review didn’t do the legend justice, it’s a better car than the 325 in many ways. The Merkur xr4 is not in the same league, lol...

    • remingtonh

      Yeah Motorweek really nailed the Acura for steering feel, simply because it had a very advanced, for the time, speed-sensitive, variable-assist power steering.

  • Spenser Hawk
    Spenser Hawk

    Anyone else catch that power steering pump whine on revs?

    • Spenser Hawk
      Spenser Hawk

      @Skyline Fever have had several cars do that and fixed more than I'd want to count. Either the pump is going out or it's low on fluid.

    • Skyline Fever
      Skyline Fever

      I didn't know that was the cause of the noise.

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones

    That's a pretty sweet Accord.

  • Cruzing 93
    Cruzing 93

    Where's Tyson Hugie lol

  • Alex Youngberg
    Alex Youngberg

    *The second generation coupe looked sooo much better...*

  • Alex Youngberg
    Alex Youngberg

    *20-30k in 1987 would be 45-65k today...*

  • Ramon Carter
    Ramon Carter

    My step great-grandmother daughter had one of these in gray color. Believe might be first one saw or can count guess seen few not many as the sedan. Think Acura was more of elegance back in the day than now which the newer cars looks sportier cookie cutter like.

  • Glenn Zlotowski
    Glenn Zlotowski

    Still would be running like new compared to the German cars

  • Lifeson Fan
    Lifeson Fan

    Listen to our beloved John Davis at 0.25 speed😆

    • Eric Harrison
      Eric Harrison

      He sounds very drunk at 0.25🤣

  • C L
    C L

    Late 80s and 90s had the best looking cars. I have an ‘89 Reatta. This is very much a well cut car! INow all today’s shit looks like same

    • sidefx996

      Today’s cars looked like someone dropped the modeling clay on the floor

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious Robot

    Lackluster performance, but amazing design for '87. Still looks good.

  • ShartingFish

    I loved this, the gen 2, and the vigor.. man i miss those days..

  • Ty Mac
    Ty Mac

    Looks like an overgrown accord of the era

  • Tran Cross
    Tran Cross

    One of the best cars on the road at that time! And the brand still shines!

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