1991 Acura Legend Startup Engine & In Depth Tour
Hello and Welcome to fordmustang98guy and today I give you all a full in depth review on this 1991 Acura Legend, I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of the car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it revvs under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.


    One of the best looking cars ever built!!!

  • Iceboy0627

    I have a 91 acura legend with a 96 rl swap and heres the kicker its 5 speed manual. Who else has a Manual 4 door 91 sedan.

  • iPalmBeach Vapes
    iPalmBeach Vapes

    Hes selling his kids shit while hes in school 😂

  • GulfCoastMarc

    If imitation is the best form of flattery, Saabkyle04 should be pretty goddamn flattered. I mean I appreciate you showcasing the car, but Jesus, man, say one thing original and be yourself.

  • j millie
    j millie

    This guy tweaking!

  • pedro nicolas
    pedro nicolas

    Que significado tiene las luz amarilla ALB?

  • George Doughly
    George Doughly

    I Love this Gorgeous Acura Legend ❤️❤️❤️

  • ronnie knigge
    ronnie knigge

    i want too buy this

  • ANONYMOUS 2931
    ANONYMOUS 2931

    Nice review man I really love everything about this car I’m about to buy one ! Can’t wait

  • Alexander Hernandez Jr.
    Alexander Hernandez Jr.


  • Alexander Hernandez Jr.
    Alexander Hernandez Jr.

    Hows the Uniform electronic ^

  • Nate W. Wright
    Nate W. Wright

    People in background wtf lol

  • justin beam
    justin beam

    I have a mortified 96 legend/RL 3.5 v6 twin turbo . those buttons on the steering wheel were volume control for the OEM speaker system

  • Sebastian Uche
    Sebastian Uche

    why is the sunroof control be low it should be by the mirrors that's pretty strange doe

    • SSC3034

      It's just the way Honda did it back in the day

  • Marcos Luera
    Marcos Luera

    beautiful car

  • irvin carpio
    irvin carpio

    what exhaust system do you have?

    • Mark from [fordmustang98guy]
      Mark from [fordmustang98guy]

      irvin carpio That car was not mine I'm not sure what exhaust was on it but the guy that had that car sold it & it is long gone lol

  • D L
    D L

    What a beauty. My first car was an 89 accord sei that I got in 04.

  • Aidan Kennedy
    Aidan Kennedy


  • Harley Weedwax
    Harley Weedwax

    what offset are the wheels?

  • yupitellwhut

    sick Acura you did a good review and fuck those guys talking shit

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson

    That ALB light is the Anti Lock Brake system, which means it may be defective on the car. Brakes themselves will still work but you don't have the ALB function. Sometimes all you have to do is stop the car, switch off and turn the engine back on, if the light goes out your ok, if it comes back on, you need to have the system looked at pronto!

  • Pontiactransport99

    You know that Acura is made by Honda

    • Mark from [fordmustang98guy]
      Mark from [fordmustang98guy]

      Pontiactransport99 Acura is a luxury Honda

  • Car geek 101
    Car geek 101

    Hey I have a quick tip I had to learn this too. But you have to slow down ypu are shaking the camra.

  • Wolfie Rides
    Wolfie Rides

    Man i love these cars i have a 91 coupw white tan leather with 300,000plus miles on it, has it wear but one of the best cars ever made, reliability is even better than honda civics, fact atleast for that year

    • Wolfie Rides
      Wolfie Rides

      I always put it next to my seat belt worked great lol its only downside apart bhg

    • Harley Weedwax
      Harley Weedwax

      91 GS sedan with 163k/ tan/black leather... and no cup holder lol

    • Wolfie Rides
      Wolfie Rides

      They are . I only wish I had a manual type 2

    • AFrayed Knott
      AFrayed Knott

      +carlos martinez I own a 91 Legend LS and agree completely. Damn fine car. Mine has 285k on it.