1992 Acura Legend Junk yard Walk around and Start up
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  • Wade B
    Wade B

    What kind of idiot would stop driving that car at 125K ?!?!

  • MaraudingMale

    Good bones.

  • Cam Cordell
    Cam Cordell

    It wouldn’t be a beater to me

  • Cam Cordell
    Cam Cordell

    I’d literally buy that if I was still looking for a car

  • The007FMG

    If it was a manual.... oh my


      Saw a 1992 5 speed manual coupe on NOsoft with 588,000 miles and it still runs and looks like new....

    • Mike Utoober
      Mike Utoober

      I wish every car was manual

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed

    Damn, that’s a nice car ! It was my favourite back in the day.


      Saw a 92 5 speed manual coupe on NOsoft with 588,000 miles and still runs and looks like new...

  • Bells

    I want that car

  • Jarell Clarke
    Jarell Clarke

    I hear these were cars drug dealers used but why ?

    • Joel Anderson
      Joel Anderson

      Jarell Clarke) there sleek big and they were mostly bought in black and are easily mistaken by police for a bmw also trunk space can fit that idiot that owed you for the kilo of cocaine you gave him that’s why most of them have questionable stains in them

  • Kakyoin’s menacing Paint brush
    Kakyoin’s menacing Paint brush

    My mother still has this car where is the phone that’s built in? It should have a super old atal phone installed

  • Loop Star
    Loop Star

    I have 1 im so lucky.

  • Ace Money
    Ace Money

    I'll buy it

  • lowKut

    This Legend is pretty clean. Its hard to find them in such prestigious condition. Where was this?

  • David Segura
    David Segura

    Yes. Where ? Still for sale?

  • MoNo K
    MoNo K

    That’s a diamond 💎 in the rust 😳

    • Christopher Doyle
      Christopher Doyle

      MoNo K yes it is! There very nice cars!

  • Graham Robinson
    Graham Robinson

    Any info on where this is located if it's still for sale

  • Tim Ford Falcon XF
    Tim Ford Falcon XF

    2.000 for that. Wow that will be a sweet 2,000 spent

  • Patrick Boyd
    Patrick Boyd

    I found one for 500.00 dollars with a bad engine i was thinking about dropping a new engine in it if i decided to by it.

    • Kevin Su
      Kevin Su

      @Supercool rebuild and boost it!

    • Supercool

      Put a 3.5 RL engine in it

  • Joshua Burke
    Joshua Burke

    Is this car for sale??

    • Mike Utoober
      Mike Utoober

      It was. Its sold now

  • Saul Dean
    Saul Dean

    Where is this car at?

  • Дядя Федя
    Дядя Федя

    It was well taken care of

  • komit73

    Buy it! You'll have that car for at least 5 years...then sell it again for one thousand dollars.....well worth the asking price.


      Saw a 92 5 speed manual coupe with 588,000 miles on NOsoft,and it's still running like new....

  • Starman998

    It's probably there because of age. Which is sad that car has a lot of life left and finding one in that condition is pretty rare.

  • gil zur
    gil zur

    How your friend black Camry ?

    • Supercool

      Wow believe it or not these are the two vehicles I actually own now, a 1993 Acura Legend and a 2001 Toyota Camry.

    • gil zur
      gil zur

      Mike Utoober good find

    • Mike Utoober
      Mike Utoober

      Still running perfect. Its been exactly what he wanted it to be

  • gosportjamie

    It looked like the passenger side sill/rocker panel might be a bit crusty as the plastic moulding was a bit pushed out, but they and the rear arches aren't a particularly difficult repair on these, certainly compared to some vehicles. It's worth doing as these are great cars and this one is barely run in with these miles. If my memory serves me right that car should have a CD changer as standard equipment in the boot/trunk or under the passenger seat...

  • G Lanphear
    G Lanphear

    Hey bro! When you tell us about the kilometers also translate that into mileage because many of us who watch your videos are from the states and we go by mileage here. Thanks

    • -ThreePointSlow-

      It's around 78,000 miles.

    • Starman998

      That's roughly 78k miles.

    • gosportjamie

      +Gregory Lanphear Just multiply the kilometres by 0.62 and that'll give you the miles as there are 62 miles in 100 kilometres...

  • Damian Pasour
    Damian Pasour

    Can you Do The Chrysler Sebring right behind that Acura

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey

    Nice :)