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As the first ever Japanese luxury sedan to be introduced in the United States, the Acura Legend lives up to its legendary name by offering Honda quality and reliability wrapped in a timeless body that will be sought after by enthusiast for even more years to come, just don't expect to find examples as clean as this one.
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  • Javis Ferron
    Javis Ferron

    I do believe that they should reintroduce the legend back as a muscle car to compete against charger

  • altaariq

    I'm still looking to buy one with a stick actually for a summer car

  • Romel Seepaul
    Romel Seepaul

    The RL replaced the Legend and the TL replaced the Vigor

  • Phi Nguyen
    Phi Nguyen

    Looks like he’s parked near the Breaking Bad neighborhood. Is he in New Mexico?

  • MrJay1110

    Great review!!! It's a true drivers car. Pure feel and more luxurious than most cars built today! I'm still looking for a clean one worth buying.

  • hamasaki kenji
    hamasaki kenji

    I'm not even done watching the video and I already wanna save and look for one.

  • VideoHobbyist

    Acura from 93-98 was king

  • howtobebasic 2
    howtobebasic 2

    NEUTRAL DROP THIS CAR!!!!! nosoft.info/hd/video/q4W7r5-5xqGdqmI&t=s

  • howtobebasic 2
    howtobebasic 2

    the car is so Legendary

  • Joshua Lau
    Joshua Lau

    The legend has a very tight turning diameter for a long fwd car. Unlike new Honda and Acura now have wide turning diameter

  • RetroGamerVX

    That startup beep is the same as alarm clocks lol. Still love 90% of the design of this, was never sure of the back end. Love the sound of that engine in the cabin, growly but restrained. Yes, I bought an older Volvo S80 as I wanted a large car but a wanted a manual.

  • Roger Carter
    Roger Carter

    I love this car I just got me one for 250 dollers. This week. And I love it

  • Rescue Rabbit
    Rescue Rabbit

    Hahahaha 69 dislikes. Giggity.

  • Neil J
    Neil J


  • roman walczak
    roman walczak

    vtec was not only on NSX in 1994. it came on Prelude in 1993 because i had one. My Prelude had 190 hp

  • Neil J
    Neil J


    • First Last
      First Last

      Nice example. Those wheels are perfect.

  • Jorge David De La Fuente
    Jorge David De La Fuente

    Legend is still an incredible car today

  • YoshiFTW BoshiFTL
    YoshiFTW BoshiFTL

    Great Review Of 1994 Acura Legend. 😄

  • OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer
    OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer

    New 2019 Acura Legend Come from America! Coming soon

  • Patrick Carlson
    Patrick Carlson

    About to pick up up a 1992 L sedan with 145k miles for $1400 with a 5 speed!

  • Mak 6
    Mak 6

    Dayumn what a beautiful panty-dropper! This was my dream in high school and college. 🥰

  • The Future Is Here
    The Future Is Here

    After the first, and current NSX, the best car Aura ever made. Top 3 all-time in Acura history It's problem? Crappy slushbox transmissions, and header issues (I bought a '95 used)


    Coupe owner right here

  • Peppermint

    The manual coupé weren't that rare here in Canada.. The Legend and the Vigor.. back then when the Honda engineers were actually having fun at work. Even the base Civic or the Integra were such well designed cars.. I was recently walking in a junkyard and saw an Integra 1992. Sat inside and was blow away: that car was so comfortable, the seat, the driving position, the controls, the space inside, everything was so much better that most modern cars. How can anyone explain that a 25y old car is much better designed inside than any modern car ? Just how can you explain that ? I've sat in several Cadillac, Mercedes, minivans, yet the seats in those Acura felt the most natural and relaxing for the body.

  • Stacey Willard
    Stacey Willard

    Most beautiful car ever made! So sad I never had one. They should bring the name and design back.

  • Gritty Glam
    Gritty Glam

    My first car 04

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    My favorite and first car

  • Ringolero

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="883">14:43</a>... Freud?

  • Brandon Acosta
    Brandon Acosta

    Lmao i remember when I first got my legend, I didnt know how to open the center console for a few months. I figured it out and felt pretty stupid

  • rodney miller
    rodney miller

    Classic... I always wanted 1 back in the 90s I just couldn't afford 1, I would love to get 1 and fix it up

  • Cmdr Riotz
    Cmdr Riotz

    I drove this for 5 years or more...I wish I had another one! Great car.

  • Nicolas Perez
    Nicolas Perez

    What are those rims

  • theunusedchannel

    That front end is so good I could just stare at it all day

  • K-Master

    New cars suck this is how u know old cars are the best

  • mitzvah torah
    mitzvah torah

    Can one remove the automatic transmission? Then, put in a OEM legend clutch? Cost?

    • mitzvah torah
      mitzvah torah

      Ok, I can handle that.

    • b atman
      b atman


  • De'Quad Binder
    De'Quad Binder

    My first car was a red 91 Legend coupe with 350K miles, friends used to make fun of it but I loved it so much, would surprise them with how fast it was 😅

  • Mareczuczek

    Bought ka7 legend for a 1k $ a while ago and Man...it's little beat up but still runs like heaven :)

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott

    I still would love to drive a 2003 Acura TL. 90's and early 00's we're the best.

  • Harold B
    Harold B

    Loved it! a family member had one. I have never driven a car that I could let go of the steering wheel and the care would drive as straight for as long as this one did, consistently. It was quick too, for the time and smooth. Acura, what happened you lost the niche you created?

  • Al Cal
    Al Cal

    got a 98 acura cl 3.0 that's about to hit 400,000 miles.only thing we had to fix was the tranny and that was about 200k miles ago

  • kshihano

    That was the best car I ever owned and still wish owned one to this day.

  • Sid Yar
    Sid Yar

    Hey Legend fans check out this. www.etsy.com/transaction/1493976935

  • Loop Star
    Loop Star

    1992 always the best

  • Rhoan Campbell
    Rhoan Campbell

    That's t That's the best looking car Acura ever put on the road , only the 03_04 come close to looking good like it .It's also has a mean domineering look when seen in your rear view mirror.

  • Kidkulafu1 Pacman
    Kidkulafu1 Pacman

    I love this car!!! It's the reason I picked up a 10 4th gen to show awd 6spd manual.

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson

    I had one of these when they came out

  • Nuhash Hossain
    Nuhash Hossain

    “I can’t drive it too hard” proceeds to floor it and chirp second

  • incyphe

    wow, longitudinal mounted engine? awesome

  • Yosten.ae4

    Honda and Toyota need to pull out their designs of these cars and build a throwback LS and Legend. Even in limited numbers this would be so cool.

  • Drey Perez
    Drey Perez

    this dude loves Hondas

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer

    Which is easier to find in good condition? Sedan or coupe with a manual or sedan or coupe with a automatic.

  • Billy Chen
    Billy Chen

    Nice ride, I have seen Tyson's other vids and his car looks amazing. I still have my 94 GS Sedan with 73K miles on it and looks great, still love it to this day! I probably won't sell it and just wait for it to die if it ever does.

  • L O L LMAO
    L O L LMAO

    damn a longitudinal v6 engine on a honda

  • b.lew_photography

    Love my 2002 Acura KA9 (RL), these cars are "Legend'ary". As long as you take care of them, they will continue to run for as long as you keep them.

  • dannyboy768

    If it was longitudinal why was it front wheel drive?

    • Darksyne

      Honda believe it or not originally wanted to make the Legend and Integra RWD but I guess due to cost reasons they kept it a FWD platform. That's why the Integra's have a long hood and more than enough room to fit a drive shaft for those who do AWD conversions.

  • geo_044

    I found a type 2 6 spd coupe with 147k without even trying to find it. priced at 5.9k

  • Conrad Quilliam
    Conrad Quilliam

    Your review was 100% excellence. Thank you so much. Here in Australia they were simply known as Honda Legends. "Acura" was created for the US and Canadian auto market and has since moved into Asia, northern Europe and Kuwait. It's 2018 and these cars still remain unparalleled in their comfort and great looks. Thanks again for such a great review.

  • Flat Henry
    Flat Henry

    Still rocking' my 1994 Legend L 4-door. Not the stick, unfortunately, but a great sedan. Gorgeous sage green. Finish still looks good. Interior very clean. About to hit 140,000 miles. I sometimes think about selling it and getting a newer RLX or the 2019 RDX, but it's hard to justify letting go of a Legend.

  • MutantVermix

    Reminds me of my 1995 Accord LX. Quite a few things in common. The gauge cluster is identical, the headliner looks like soft touch vinyl, not cloth. The steering wheel is the same, except mine isn't leather wrapped. Also, I have an auto and only have 2 cup holders. Which is inconvenient for a sedan. The chrome window switches are the same and my back windows don't roll down all the way either, and that is stock like that. Argue with me or not, but the Accord is Honda's economy luxury sedan. You won't find a Civic with a V6 in it. From LX and EX Accords you'll find many shared Legend features. The Accord seats even cloth is more like a couch than rough car seats. It's really made for hours of driving. I work long hours on my feet and my butt never hurts, and my back never bothers me in it. It's like a comfy couch. Civic seats and some other Honda seats kill your ass and back. The Accord hints tasteful luxury. Accord owners will know what I'm talking about. The styling kills the competition in the 90s. It doesn't look like a beater with age with some of the Corolla and Maxima models.

    • MutantVermix

      I also forgot to mention the 1995 V6 Accord packs a C27A, also non vtec. Which is also shared into the Legend.

  • chodumsqeal

    Most favorite car I've driven. My first and current car. 94 as well but GS and sedan 🤘🏼

  • Lex Selfmade Life
    Lex Selfmade Life

    I had a 1995 Acura Legend L and I still miss it ! Great car, I wish I never sold mine, I just had too many cars at one point.

  • Used Gadgets
    Used Gadgets

    I loved kicking this car in street fighter.

  • Will Nicholas
    Will Nicholas

    I enjoyed the review, however I don't think there's a need to mention that the car lacks a switchblade keyfob, backup camera, etc. Like you stated in the review it's a '94, but people who are looking to buy one of these cars aren't looking for luxury in the form of electronics. Today's cars are essentially rolling computers, your lucky if your able to get one with a manual transmission. I enjoyed the portion of the review that focused on the attributes the car has! Learned some new things about the Legend like the rear side windows rolling down which was cool, and 500k on a clutch is crazy!

  • Shuffle3956

    I wish Acura vehicles had the charm they had back in the day. I would totally rock this car 24 years later and I drive an 06 Si. Today Acura is so irrelevant. Honda makes nicer and better looking vehicles than Acura. They should fire Acura designers and engineers honestly. You look at this car you can tell it was a king back then and it kinda carries over! Look at that axel to dash ratio. Yes it was a front wheel drive car but it looks so much better with the long hood and wheel base than todays RLX. Soft closing door for 1994 are u kidding me? Now today you sit in a TLX and looks lower grade than the 10th gen Accord. That's really sad.

  • Bennett Guinn
    Bennett Guinn

    Great review of a classic! Save them, don't crush them

  • WhatsUpDicknose

    Yeah. That flashing NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

  • J Lo
    J Lo

    Acura. I miss you as a car company 😭

  • NY NY
    NY NY

    I had a 1991..man classic

  • Hadi Khan
    Hadi Khan

    This exactly proofs why Honda cars were better in the past. Would love to buy this Acura

  • Poovaneswaran Supramaniam
    Poovaneswaran Supramaniam

    Honda did sell Honda legend ka7 in Malaysia, and it was only available in 3.2 v6 4 speed auto, non air bag version, but the v6 did come with VTEC actuator valves and the parking brake is foot operated, similar mechanism to a w124 Mercedes e class.

  • King J-Der
    King J-Der

    1993 manual flagship coupe with soft close doors and power rear windows. wtf did I just watch..

  • bobagopaaa

    Anyone else notice the slight r34 look

  • Frank DeSalvo
    Frank DeSalvo

    Best visibility and I really love the interior design of these older hondas.


    Looks way better than the RLX!

  • TheeJoeyLee

    My CB7 5 speed was the best Honda I've owned. For only a F22 non vtec, It ripped!

  • HW2800

    What happen to Acura now? Design looks terrible now!


    I think the 2002 and 2003 Acura CL & TL replaces Legends

  • Star Search
    Star Search

    2nd to 3rd shift .. beautiful

  • Algeni Lopez
    Algeni Lopez

    I love that car.

  • cwillboxer3

    I have a 1995 Legend sedan in my driveway, car is absolutely flawless chrome stock rims don't have a scratch or scuff. has 150k miles showroom quality....bought it last week from the original owner for $2000....🤑🤑🤑