1994 Acura Legend Coupe Type II 6 Speed
In my opinion, the Legend Coupe 6 speed is one of the finest cars Honda ever made. It’s one of the finest cars Japan ever made as far as I’m concerned.
I wasn’t setting out to purchase this car. In fact, a friend of mine sent me the link to the Craigs List ad. I went to check it out, and I ended up buying it that day. I cover the story of that encounter in detail in the video.
This isn’t a perfect car, but it’s pretty darn good. It’s also a very rare find. I’m privileged to have it.
I have shot video of most of the work I’ve done up to this point. In particular the ‘paint restoration’ if you want to call it that. I’m not a body guy, but I feel the paint is way better than when I started. At least it feels presentable.
For now, I’m just going to love and drive the car. It really is a nice ride, especially on long highway trips. You almost want to keep driving.
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  • DKP Productions
    DKP Productions

    This is so baller

  • The blunted car guy
    The blunted car guy

    The doors are supposedly vaccum operated I heard

    • ETCG1

      Actually they use a motorized door striker. Thanks for the comment.

  • BobbyBoom12

    My boy had a sweet mint 94 six speed black on black 4 door legend gs and it was stolen in the Bronx in 1997, I think... The car was Dope....

  • Commentor1

    In the early 2000s when I was graduating college, I was looking for reliable 2-door coupe with a bit of power (more than the 4 bangers of the day anyway). I narrowed my choices to a 1998-1999 V6 Acura CL, or a V6 Toyota Solara. I went with the Solara because it was a bit faster and came with a manual transmission. I have no idea why I didn't try to find a Legend Coupe. The Legend would have been right around the same price range at the time ($15K to $20K) and it would have been way nicer and classier than the CL or Solara. I wish I could go back in time and do that over. That and a lot of other things lol.

  • M.I. Fixit
    M.I. Fixit

    I have a Acura Vigor and it’s original and it has 96,000 km (60000 miles)

  • Anthony Wigren
    Anthony Wigren

    If you gave me a miraculous option to be able to choose to buy one of these brand new or a later model Acura of the same model brand new, call me crazy but I'd choose this one. It's so near and dear to my heart.

  • Rafael Angel
    Rafael Angel

    with the 97 TL radio did you have to do anything extra. ? like changing the connector , or was just plug and play >?? regards.

  • Herbbie

    Rust free is everything.

  • 2174562267

    Hi Eric I got a 1991 legend base need advice on how to replace the starter

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy

    The fart muffler sounded good.

  • Maciej Dończyk
    Maciej Dończyk

    Nice car! I'm looking white interior with six manual. If you would sell it please contact me ;)

  • BC-MasterKush-QC

    Whatttttt 94 Acura Legend Coupe TypeII manuel 6 speeds whaaatttttt so freaking beautiful but need 18 inch xd!

  • quincy levien
    quincy levien

    any update on this car? I have the same one but in Canterbury green it is pretty beat up but needs loving! specifically the doors D:

  • Neil J
    Neil J


  • Sleepy Dingo
    Sleepy Dingo

    Drivers seat does not move forward when you pull the lever passenger seat should have the lever plus an additional control to move the seat for up near that lever your drivers seat is not broken

  • Amit715

    Are you selling it ??

  • Gold Music
    Gold Music

    Dual mass flywheel for a 95 6-speed? Impossible to find? What’s your view on switching to a single mass flywheel from a 5-speed?

  • Neil J
    Neil J


  • D j
    D j

    One of the best cars Acura made back in the days!!!! Is a legend a good investment like Mustangs?

  • Neil J
    Neil J


  • Alfredo Robles
    Alfredo Robles

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> it might be for the med kit that you can buy from honda.

  • robert hildebrand
    robert hildebrand

    My 97 acura tl 3,2is basically the same car but less interior features and an auto tans😭😭

  • Xavius Americus
    Xavius Americus

    What is the name of the company that does the retro-fitting of stereo units?

  • ninjanick1000 Hodge
    ninjanick1000 Hodge

    U might not see this but I own a 1987 acura legend sedan I would love to send u pics of it cause I know u understand how rare and unique these cars are and appreciate the fact u are restoring this one.

  • Joshua Lau
    Joshua Lau

    hello eric. i have the same car 1993 6 speed type 2. the car has a differential, which differential fluid should i use ?

  • Adrian Cordova
    Adrian Cordova

    Love my legend. Look how smooth it’s driving.

  • 30minforasn

    Sadly these cars only exist on NOsoft. A timeless piece to say the lease. I just bought a 1999 all original unmolested 4 door gsr a few weeks ago from the original owner. Im happy with that.

  • Subaru Scott Henry
    Subaru Scott Henry

    Just yesterday I traded a 96 eclipse for a 93 Acura Legend type II 6 Speed but something is wrong with the 6speed not sure what is up with it hope i can figure it out as it is locked up had to remove front axle just so it will roll. It runs good tho

  • Wez Ross
    Wez Ross

    I just picked up my 3rd Legend coupe! Best cars I've ever owned.


    Bought one today yeah

  • Shawn Hasenbalg
    Shawn Hasenbalg

    Hey eric , there is a paint brand called molotow , and they sell a chrome paint pen , that paints in really good chrome, it mabee wont be perfect but I think it would make the shift knob much nicer

  • whacky pax
    whacky pax

    I want another of these I struck a deer in 2011 in mine, 350000 miles and running with old oil poured into it once a day Leaked like a sive and ticked once in a while But that dam deer on i45 totaled it, couldn't get it to start and needed a tow

  • M Anderson
    M Anderson

    Had the chance to buy a triple black version of one of these, but I decided to stay in Japan for an additional year (ironic) Edit: "Black on Black."

  • Eric Mcguire
    Eric Mcguire

    So many gizmos and gadgets to go bad atleast honda/acura are pretty cheap to fix

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    This is still my favorite Car and the first one I ever bought ad if I had the money to blow I'd get it again

  • Jean Caetan
    Jean Caetan

    What a sweet car. Impossible to find a 6 speed here in Australia. I don't think they were ever imported here. I think in many ways this is a spiritual successor to the Maserati powered Citroen SM. Also had a longitudinally mounted V6 driving the front wheels. The Legend coupe is less wacky looking and would be easier to live with.

  • No nah
    No nah

    loved it

  • kay-bandz beatz
    kay-bandz beatz

    Very reliable,, Acura legend 90'& 94 just beautiful,,, that bitch Sandy took both,,,stupit storm

  • Torah2Trumpets

    I have a 91 legend. Love it. But I also put one of those "ugly cold air intakes" on mine hahah I like it (:

  • Joel Rivera
    Joel Rivera

    You should do diy’s on the legend. There’s like nothing on NOsoft on how to work on this things. I’ve owned one for years and have broken things trying to fix stuff up :(

  • Super-Dave Towing
    Super-Dave Towing

    Acura has always been ahead of it's time. I have always loved this car and I'm currently looking for one myself, you're very lucky to have found this one. A friend of mines used to have one and he asked me did I want to buy it when he was ready to sell but I declined because he had an automatic and it wasn't a type II but deep down inside I regret not buying it. One thing I can say about it, he babied the car the whole time he had it and the service was tight on it so it would have been a great buy.

  • skyZ

    what a beautiful car!

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez

    Hey Eric, there's an 89 Acura Legend Coupe 5-speed for sale around my area for pretty cheap. Owner says a clutch line is cracked and needs a starter. Any other model-year specific issues I should look out for? Thanks.

  • Jason Schneider
    Jason Schneider

    Back in the 90s this was a BETTER car for the money than a BMW M3

  • Lucio Alonso
    Lucio Alonso

    I've always love the legend coupe of this gen! Awesome car. Hard to find. Enjoy Eric!

  • Morpheous Rx
    Morpheous Rx

    Eric....Where are you located....I'd like to see the Acura coupe for sale. I commute to work 37 miles one way. I absolutely love vintage 90s Honda's. Factory original only way to go. Please contact me... dkahler@1000wordpics.com...thanks and keep up the good work.

  • DjJtown

    This is seemingly a simple question: Why don't you care for cold air intake system's? I can understand the issue with this one, seemingly ill designed and draws the heated air from the engine compartment; but in general why are you against them? Keep these vids coming.

  • Juan Otero
    Juan Otero

    Such a great car I got a 1991 LS coupe and still rolling 😉

  • Trevor Kinzer
    Trevor Kinzer


  • Mathew Bolt
    Mathew Bolt

    I miss watching this channel.im glad I got a notification or recommended. I'll be hitting the notification bell now for sure.

  • Mathew Bolt
    Mathew Bolt

    That's a western Canada car. How I can tell Is the hail damage and no rust. They don't use road salt out in places like Alberta or at least they never use too.

    • ETCG1

      No, it is not. This car was sold at the dealership where I worked in Cincinnati OH. Heated seats were an option on these cars, not just in Canada.

    • Mathew Bolt
      Mathew Bolt

      Plus the Canadian models had heated seats.

  • Aaron Stodolka
    Aaron Stodolka

    Amazing for 94

  • Santos Ramirez
    Santos Ramirez

    Have you sold this car?

  • Cmdr Riotz
    Cmdr Riotz

    how much you selling it for?

  • Juan Echevarria
    Juan Echevarria

    in my senior year in high school year i had a 4 door pearl white one in mint condition. It came to me from a g from new york. (should of made a copy of the title). When cleaning it i found gunshot shells, 9mm bullets, like $50 dollars worth in change on the floor by the driver seat. 217k miles. The driver seat was a bit worn but not bad. The other seats were like new. Drove it to 270k milles and a friend totaled it. Real sad day. That car was a true Legend. I've had different, much newer, luxury cars since then and they have all had something wrong with them. You sir, got a sub. You know more things about me than this car and i went over the dealer manual for my car lol

    • ETCG1

      Thank you!

  • Luis R
    Luis R

    Do you prefer this car over your vigor?

    • Luis R
      Luis R

      ETCG1 that is the very same reason why I don’t buy new cars.. i thought I was the only one to feel that way. I like my car to have imperfections because it makes me feel a lot more comfortable

    • ETCG1

      As a car and driving experience, yes. But it's a pretty car, and I always feel nervous driving pretty cars. The Vigor isn't pretty and I drive it almost every day. This car mostly collects dust in the shop.

  • Танкист Disilberg
    Танкист Disilberg

    супер. авто 👍👍👍

  • Relly Rellz
    Relly Rellz

    Wow whoever had the car before was a total a**whole. I’m am glad your restoring it back to its original look.

  • ericsee9109

    Good job keeping the classics alive, your legend reminds me of my 91 Integra that my mom got for me as a first car which is parked in my garage while my 10’ Yukon Denali sits outside in the snow. Much respect as your guidance helps me while I do my small car flipping operation while I go to school. Keep it up

  • JSlice1026

    STRAIGHT PIPE THE DAMN CAR!!! Put that aem intake back on, and stop spreading automotive heresy

  • rmblwgn

    HONDA YOU HAD THE ENGINE TURNED THE RIGHT WAY SO WHYYYYYY FWD, So many extra hoops you had to jump through to send the wheels to the front wheels instead of just running a drive shaft to the back like every other rwd car. If you meant to make it longitudinal awd like an audi OK, but you didn't. I learned to drive on a 91 btw

  • scanspeak00

    Always loved this model. I had the previous version which was a great car too.

  • Guero Vazquez
    Guero Vazquez


  • joker romero
    joker romero

    Awesome car. I had no idea those legends were that innovative. I love my integra,but The features this car packs are insane though. That automatic steering wheel alone is something I personally have never seen before. The configuration of the transmission and differential are very interesting as well.

  • George Doughly
    George Doughly

    A Very Beautiful Acura! I Love it 😍 An Absolute Perfect Masterpiece of a Car! I would keep it forever if I had it!❤️❤️

  • Trance88

    This car is damn sweet! So many cool bells and whistles that you can't find on even current production vehicles.

  • ventenueve100

    Appreciate the link to F1 radios I have a 2008 civic SI looking for the orange/ red illumination and amp plug and possibly navigation Bluetooth great content and find love Honda !

  • Lasko Strike
    Lasko Strike

    These cars were awesome and still are if u can find one n good condition

  • Sid Yar
    Sid Yar

    Hey Legend fans check out this. www.etsy.com/transaction/1493976935

  • Simba TheGreat
    Simba TheGreat

    Wow so many features in this car are found in my 2011 3 series coupe.

  • Mike Boltz-Robinson
    Mike Boltz-Robinson

    Used to always want one when I was a kid

  • Lukas

    So rare to see these without rust, these things always rust anywhere with snow

  • Shifty Haque
    Shifty Haque

    I just LOVE this car so much! Eventually it'd be the car I'd like to drive everyday, maintain and keep forever. Hope i'm able to find one soon at a reasonable price and maybe put some work into! Keep the great videos coming!

    • Shifty Haque
      Shifty Haque

      Wow thanks for the reply! I wish. Unfortunately I live in Canada and I wouldn't be able to or afford to bring this one in at the moment since I'm just finishing up college.But I hope to be lucky enough to one day to find one with lower mileage and a straightish body that I'd be able to fix up maintain watching your videos.

    • EricTheCarGuy

      I'm selling this one. eric@ericthecarguy.com

  • JynxBlack13

    My first car was an 87 Legend, I would love to get one like this man ^_^ cant wait to get a chance !

    • JynxBlack13

      @ETCG1 i tell you what man if i wasn't yolked with credit card debt and another car payment id be on the next flight 😅 good luck with it, im sure you'll find a good home for her. Thanks for the content and your focus on the greatest brand to ever hit the car industry!

    • ETCG1

      Want this one? I'm selling it.

  • oj Bryson
    oj Bryson

    Acura legend coupes were the best cars made. I had a used 87 coupe which was also ahead of its time. had almost all of the features you listed except airbags.(installed in 88). Had a digital screen on dash w/oil % Fuel economy ) ABS..My other cars ( 90 Accord Ex ,91 Maxima, 00 Maxima) didn't have a 3rd of all these features. Please keep that car so I can live vicariously through you...

  • Jaysen Berkley
    Jaysen Berkley

    For the record being a TRUE LEGEND ENTHUSIAST, there are some mistakes in information that was said. First off 1993 was the first year of the 6 speed manual transmission for the Coupe L, and LS. Then in 94-95 the 4dr Acura Legend GS had the 6 speed manual transmission. Also, the drivers seat does not go up by lifting the lever up to go forward by power. That is only on the passenger seat with the button at the top for rear passenger access. Essentially for rear passengers to enter was from the passenger side only. Other than that it was a cool video. I will make one myself, because I finally restore my Legend Coupe LS 6 speed to almost show room style. I still have the original price sticker and manual when it first was bought.

  • slim Doc's
    slim Doc's

    Damn wish i can find out i had the sedan nothing like em


    My dad worked for Acura in the 90s he had this exact car as well as all the other cool models it was great learning how to drive in these things!

  • Victor Troska
    Victor Troska

    No more manual transmissions from Acura..

  • Jake

    Rumor has it that fewer than 800 of these (w/ the 6 speed) ever made it to the states, and even fewer are still on the road. Sweet find.