30 Biggest Punches in Boxing of 2019
After an incredible year of world championship boxing, The Boxing Round Up takes a look back at the past twelve months and revisits some of the biggest finishes and best fight ending punches.
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  • james 5
    james 5


  • Terry Crews
    Terry Crews

    I don't know WTF Brezeales plan was by walking RIGHT into the firing range of that right hand....🤦🤷

  • Hold Strong
    Hold Strong

    2:15 background music ?

  • Isaiah Marshall
    Isaiah Marshall

    Haney threw that thing with the Power of God...

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond

    out of body experiences

  • bubba bojanglez
    bubba bojanglez

    6:01 that guy was cowardly to hit while touching gloves

  • KraddyTV

    whats the beat?

  • Off Planet
    Off Planet

    Good shit nice

  • Shelton Johnson
    Shelton Johnson

    It would nice to see the full knockout and the fighter trying to get up

  • woher werry
    woher werry

    Пизделовка знатная

  • Terry Packman
    Terry Packman

    2:07 of introduction rates a thumbs down and move on to something else...get to the point.

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt

    I dont know about the biggest k.o. but I do know about the biggest mouth, you could put a softball in wilders pie hole, look how big it is.

  • ICo Lampisz
    ICo Lampisz

    Szpilka xd 😂🤣🤣

  • Minatozaki Sana
    Minatozaki Sana

    No Naoya Inoue?

  • slide4180

    too much talking, too little punching

  • Patalo

    Ndam is french actualy

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D

    There are no real fighters anymore, just money anyone you give the right money they will sell their integrity! Just like football, college football and basketball! Competitiveness can be and IS bought! MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT RUNS A MARATHON! YOU KNOW WHO SAID THAT!

  • Moe a
    Moe a

    whats the name of the beat?

  • Marlobruh

    "Ohh. Wildeer hit Breazeale so hard, they are feeling it in Brazil!" Probably one of the best things said by a commentator.

  • grays0ul

    I hate these "of insert current year" lists when the year isn't even done yet. Last night was a prime example. Plus, you still have Dec. 7.

  • Pappa Nutts
    Pappa Nutts

    you talk to much

  • Chris Ibarra
    Chris Ibarra

    Great video, too many ads. Thumbs down

  • jesus gutierrez
    jesus gutierrez

    His KO tonight 11/24/19 will #1 on the next list

  • Arsomoru Maitoyame
    Arsomoru Maitoyame

    hahahahaaaa dominique was a cool ass dude tho! :D / .............. you know what about it is making me laugh? when he 's like screeching to a stop at the end of the staircase and hits the corner coming after me like having one hand is gonna do something and looking like a greek statue is gonna make me hate that gorgous face : |

  • Arsomoru Maitoyame
    Arsomoru Maitoyame

    do you see why I love gennady S@ much? :)

  • MarcAntony

    Re-Edit and Re-Render this video! Include that Wilder knockout of Ortiz! 💣💣💣💣💣

  • no o
    no o

    Is boxing still a thing?

    • Cody

      you see the crowd in these events? of course it is.

  • Vinnie Provolone
    Vinnie Provolone

    Excellent use of the slo-mo replay & zoom.

  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
    Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

    6:02 bitch move, immediately attacking after touching gloves

  • Laziryth

    7:56 Narrator:"They need to stop the fight" Me:"Nah he's fine"

  • ClockinLoot

    Amazing videos

  • もりりん

    do you think Naoya Inoue will be a super star? i'm japanese, so please tell me your opinions!

    • CY4B3R SK4R
      CY4B3R SK4R

      If he start fighting bigger names instead of worrying about his record then yes. He is very good fast and strong boxer.

    • Brandon Cuen
      Brandon Cuen

      もりりん もちろん!それは欲しいww. I think this video was missing his fight vs Payano, such a clean knockout. With his recent win vs Donaire hopefully he gets better and starts to get more recognition

  • Chap Chappington
    Chap Chappington

    That Haney KO is ridiculous.

    • JDizzleNW

      he could have broken that guys neck with that dangerous punch lol

  • Alege Foster
    Alege Foster

    All d knock outs were laid on glass jaws

  • william nebe
    william nebe

    Hey hgrovic kinda looks like corrie sanders from south africa

  • william nebe
    william nebe

    No punch is lucky no punch is sent from the gods That punch has been thrown twns of thousands if not millions of times In sparring On the bag While shadow boxing Even on the run

  • Scott Carlon
    Scott Carlon

    Some of these fighters choice of trunks, makes me laugh out loud. 🤣

  • Hajime Saitou
    Hajime Saitou

    Clenelo Alvaroids is a master of juicing and bribing judges.

    • John Sal
      John Sal

      How long it took you for that one?

  • SK Demopolis
    SK Demopolis

    At 4.40 you can hear his mom and dad screaming in the back

  • Your Nightmare
    Your Nightmare

    Cockroach fighters have to comeback to home and learn more because there is only one Winner 💪😠