5 Times Canelo Alvarez SHOCKED The Boxing World
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Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, looking to cement a place in boxings hall of fame, takes one of the biggest tests of his career this weekend, moving up to face Sergey Kovalev in Las Vegas. Moving up two weight classes, his 53rd professional victory would make the Mexican star a four weight world champion - and further emphasise his position as boxings biggest draw.
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  • Daniel Christandy
    Daniel Christandy

    Im a simple man, i see motivedia post a video, i press like

    • Aaron Beardsley
      Aaron Beardsley

      and you skip to 2:00 past all the bullshit rhetoric

    • Miguel Tango
      Miguel Tango

      Oscar De La Hoya, " Call Canelo crazy but he's not afraid of no one." He is just being a typical Mexican fighter.

    • Doushon Mandic
      Doushon Mandic

      Canelo sitting back like thnx but I show my greatness in the ring.

  • Rand Al’thor
    Rand Al’thor

    I still think Golovkin won both of their fights. Although i believe that if they fight a third time Canelo will win for real. Golovkin got old.

  • luis vargas
    luis vargas

    Canelo laid a beating on ggg in that rematch

  • luis vargas
    luis vargas


  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera

    Triple G had that the rematch stolen from him

  • Jheffie G
    Jheffie G

    Canelo lost to GGG dam near twice Edit: coming from a Canelo fan

  • Emanuel Brown
    Emanuel Brown

    Beautiful Defense. Learned from Mayweather lost.

  • ImDuxeh

    if you're glove touchs the canves it's a knock down no matter what but Canelo was like it's okay this bitch as mofo cheated in every way possible don't count the knock down

  • ImDuxeh

    I saw Canelo whooping Jacobs when the 12th round started Jacobs slipped cause he was getting beat to oblivion tf idgaf if it was water or air it was a knock down ...

  • ImDuxeh

    Conor McGregor beat the brakes off of Floyd 9 rounds too 2 it was the worst stoppage in the history of the sport .

  • ImDuxeh

    Every pound over the limit cost money but Jacobs always cheats cause.he says people remember who won the fight even if.they cheated

  • ImDuxeh

    When Canelo Fought Jacobs , Jacobs Disqualified himself by weighing 20pounds over the limit when he fought GGG Jacobs did the same thing

  • Reese Shaw
    Reese Shaw

    My mans trout looked like 🐜

  • adam Wiech
    adam Wiech

    GGG beat canelo in fight #2

  • Smexeh Beast
    Smexeh Beast

    GGG was robbed in the rematch against canelo

  • Shadow Trooper
    Shadow Trooper

    Robber of victories ! :\

  • Steve Perez
    Steve Perez

    Alvarez Kovalev fight was a fluke and a fix fight, it’s very clear ,sorry I’m not buying your show😆😆😆

  • Budo Games
    Budo Games

    You can’t tell me he doesn’t have Irish blood . Built by the gods

  • Carlos Correa
    Carlos Correa

    “CAHTO” 😂😂😂

  • If you laugh you sub!
    If you laugh you sub!

    Mayweather smoked him And gg

  • musijo koiyaki
    musijo koiyaki

    These guy is a beast I would love to see a rematch with #Mayweather 💭💭💭 what do you think

  • Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo
    Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo

    Canelo haters can suck D!!!!

  • Sammy G.
    Sammy G.

    And still people dont wanna give pound for pound to canelo, people always hate

  • Van Morrison
    Van Morrison

    What is this cat a half Mexican half Irish fight like both of them.

  • jomar lopez
    jomar lopez

    My first idol manny pacquiao the Second idol is Canelo alvares

  • Marco Villafuerte
    Marco Villafuerte

    I was at the fight when he fought austin trout

    • Alexander Javier Vazquez Santiago
      Alexander Javier Vazquez Santiago

      Did you felt that punch too?

  • Window San
    Window San

    9:47 he literally just punched the snot out of him wtf

  • Israel Martin
    Israel Martin

    Honestly I want to see canelo and charlo

  • Abo diik
    Abo diik


  • Dank Guru
    Dank Guru

    Canelos the second Best To Mayweather On Paper.But i think if canelo fought Mayweather if both were 25 canelo would win . like Chavez jr did to Mayweather

  • Hxte Empty
    Hxte Empty

    LMFAO Amir khan was the first clip 😭😭

  • mamel59

    It's great and sad at the same time to watch how people from another countries give canelo more support than his own people. Glad to see a video without stupid comments about him

  • Young Shu The sauce god
    Young Shu The sauce god

    He knocked that Russian guy out

  • Christian Linde
    Christian Linde

    10:13 Mike Tyson: yo what's goin on here

    • ayyocease

      Yeah they do look alike nowadays

    • Christian Linde
      Christian Linde

      just a little with the beard

    • Christian Linde
      Christian Linde

      @ayyocease My bad, they look alike

    • ayyocease

      That was Bernard Hopkins lol

  • djneptunenyc

    He shocked me when when: 1 fought smaller guys 2 fought in his own weight class 3 Got caught juicing 4 Lost both fights against GGG but still won 5 lost against Lara 6 got out boxed by Floyd

  • Loui Throttler
    Loui Throttler

    He did well to catch Trout. After fishing for the knockout, he sunk a hook into him and Trout was battered.

  • Zeph ·
    Zeph ·

    I hope to see Canelo vs Floyd rematch in 2020

  • David Oz
    David Oz

    Kirkland got k.o'd so bad he had take a 4 year lay off only to come back for tune ups, I mean he's won his 2 but he don't look like anyway near ready for top tier fights.

  • Grae Domocmat
    Grae Domocmat

    His using steroids

  • UniversoFútbol

    10:16 “Another fight than can either derail his career..” *Canelo knocks Kovalev out*