6 Straight Women vs 1 Secret Lesbian
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  • Jubilee

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    • Amy Archer
      Amy Archer

      Tan Tan Nobody in the video is non binary good bye now. Not everybody has to cater to you wtf.

    • Paris Is the best
      Paris Is the best

      Jubilee you should do one with youtubers

    • stylinson cabello
      stylinson cabello

      @The Hill girls have a hard time too, is not their fault that men are jerks who doesn't accept their gay friends

    • Felipe Santos
      Felipe Santos


    • Lexi Frezeh
      Lexi Frezeh

      @jubilee what are the insta account of the people in the group

  • Venator-Class Star Destroyer -
    Venator-Class Star Destroyer -

    I don't want the others to be jealous of Haley. They are all beautiful. I hope they know that.

  • Mr. Potato Head
    Mr. Potato Head

    I knew she was gay from the beginning cuz she was in reaction videos and talked about it 😂

  • Brooklyn

    i thought haley was the straightest girl 💀- I feel bad for stereotyping the way she dresses and the few worlds she said but I just thought she was a 20 year old vsco girl

  • Izzy Guest
    Izzy Guest

    73%Of the words in this video is "Like"

  • pay it forward with hugs
    pay it forward with hugs

    I'm a lesbian

  • selenator oranais
    selenator oranais

    i want 6 straight men vs 1 secret gay please

  • Alessia Norbis
    Alessia Norbis

    I would have voted Haley too because her voice gives me the nerves sorry not sorry

  • loofix loo
    loofix loo

    I love how these girls are so open with each other, if i was there i would've been like:👀👀

  • Ami Space
    Ami Space

    Every episode "I knew it" Sure...

  • Ami Space
    Ami Space

    It's kind of weird that they took out two women at once. No revote between just those too?

    • Ami Space
      Ami Space

      6:43 ohhh

  • chuck stevens
    chuck stevens

    I knew it from the start

  • I love Hamsters
    I love Hamsters

    Ugh I read the comments before watching the vid and got to know the answer... *wasted*

  • Starry 304
    Starry 304

    i knew haley isnt straight cause i watch teens react haha

  • Very Vennie
    Very Vennie

    Did she said kyouku? 😂

  • Julissa Valencia
    Julissa Valencia

    Why is Jordan the only one speaking ?

  • Rena

    85% straight 😂

  • just me
    just me

    Haley ♥️

  • Mariel Mansikka
    Mariel Mansikka

    they are all so pretty!

  • big fat strowky
    big fat strowky

    this was better because i knew it was haley because of react lol

  • Arra Ateeyka
    Arra Ateeyka

    My first guess was Sydnie, then it changed to Jordan when Karissa was voted in back.

    • Arra Ateeyka
      Arra Ateeyka

      But seriously I 100% sure that Danielle is married straight woman. She just doesn't have that "lesbian look" for me.

  • Youki

    Lmao Jordan was pretty funny. Also no one voted for her once

  • Brian Walsh
    Brian Walsh

    Who is a lesbian. ME!

  • Dhara Digari
    Dhara Digari

    No offence tho but Jordan is kinda offensive means I found her kinda mean

  • HollyIsRaging

    Karissa is so cute

    • Arra Ateeyka
      Arra Ateeyka

      Agree! She look so polite and cute

  • Elvira, Evie or whatever
    Elvira, Evie or whatever

    Haley was in Generations react to Dan Howell and Eugene Yangs coming out videos so it was kind of a give away 😂

  • Teacup 3
    Teacup 3

    7:14 put subtitles

  • Vel Pink
    Vel Pink

    Please , i want to date you!!!!!girl im lesbian too come pleaaseee

  • Rachel is petty
    Rachel is petty

    “you can’t have long nails if you’re a lesbian” she knows that lesbians can be single, right?

  • Clueless Kanna
    Clueless Kanna

    MY GAY ASS SCREAMED WHEN I READ THE TITLE Edit: this whole video was just women supporting eachother and having a fun time i love it Too wholesome

  • very tired
    very tired

    wasnt haley in a fbr episode where she talked abt being a lesbian?¿ so i knew right when i saw her

  • Catira App
    Catira App


  • Xyntria - Lexa
    Xyntria - Lexa

    2:55 in, I was "These girls are just enjoying themselves" "Sweet"


    8:29 same

  • Mary V
    Mary V

    Anyone else have Haley pegged the MOMENT they saw her?

  • Adwiteeya Parashar
    Adwiteeya Parashar

    Taylor Swift!

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat

    9:00 she’s amazing 😂😂

  • sam._.vibezz

    I honestly hate how ppl don’t know the difference between bi and lesbian. If your lesbian that means you have a girlfriend already if you don’t and your calling yourself lesbian your actually bi.

  • Reeve

    Danielle looks so familiar, anyone know if she’s from another channel or been in any similar videos?

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat

    2:41 I’m dead 😂😂😂