7 things you didn't know about Erling Braut Haaland | Oh My Goal
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In this video, discover 7 things you didn’t know about Erling Braut Haaland, Borussia Dortmund’s Norwegian striker. His favorite club, his idol, his role model, his rapping talent: Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the rising star Erling Haaland.
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  • The Big LeeBowski
    The Big LeeBowski

    I saw that rap vid a while back and thought it was just a kid that looked like Håland.

  • Løken

    Nokon andre norske?🇧🇻🇧🇻🇧🇻

  • Tage Cawood
    Tage Cawood

    Marching on together

  • What’s the Name again
    What’s the Name again

    Forgot to say he ugly

  • Zauna

    i cant watch the video because of the voice from that dude, its soooo annoying..

  • king kaps
    king kaps

    zlatan is not scandinavian

  • Th3muz Pt
    Th3muz Pt

    Hope he continues the same...Cr7 and Zlatan are still amazing players because they dont let fame affect them. Brilliant young player! Thanks for the video it allows us to know him better. Keep the quality

  • Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng
    Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng

    Best product of Norway after Norwegian Black Metal

  • Swankierkhan136

    This is my least favourite player

  • MOK parzival
    MOK parzival


  • Mateus Silva
    Mateus Silva


  • Linka

    The kid is an amazing talent, but he's got a face only a mother would love!!

  • Elias Akuamurh
    Elias Akuamurh


  • Mohamed Hilowle
    Mohamed Hilowle

    Oh my goal in 10 years What the hell happened to halaand

  • Yahya farah
    Yahya farah

    A machine .Earling haland🙆‍♂️

  • Gammon

    Haaland also idolised/liked Michu at Swansea

  • Andrei Florean
    Andrei Florean

    Ibrahimovic is not Scandinavian.

  • RedPanda


  • Cat Ice QT
    Cat Ice QT

    *Top 10 Rappers That Eminem is Afraid to Diss* . . . 10. No 9. One 8. Can 7. Diss 6. The 5. Rap 4. God 3. Himself 2. Except... . . . 1. ERLING BRAUT HÅLAND

  • peter-paul kutschlojenga
    peter-paul kutschlojenga

    why is the voice-over so overdramatic?

  • Sean McManus
    Sean McManus

    You are one annoying human

  • Aishah Yusuf
    Aishah Yusuf

    If you really like this sport, call it FOOTBALL

  • 22ms 22
    22ms 22

    Actually his rap name is Lyng not Flow kings.

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    Why Oh my goal drank before shooting this video???!!?!!!!!!!!

  • Geren Pork
    Geren Pork

    Watch mojo would have made this video to be a span of 15min

  • ozoneproductions

    Why does this guy sound like Santa 🎅🏼

  • burants

    Champions league theme is zadoc the priest

  • Ryan Stafford
    Ryan Stafford

    Erling haaland’s dad played for Nottingham Forest more times than he did Leeds

    • Ryan Stafford
      Ryan Stafford

      Jared Garbo so everyone goes on about Leeds but he was with forest for longer 😂

    • Jared Garbo
      Jared Garbo

      By just 1 game. 75 vs 74.

  • Sirom Slinger
    Sirom Slinger

    Fck this Trump supporter haaland

  • MrX

    He needs a number 9 already. He is ready.

  • Will brazil fc till i die
    Will brazil fc till i die

    haaland going to dortmund was a huge right choice, then he can move to a another big team, i reckon it will be a english team or a spanish team, i bet he goes Bareclona or Liverpool

  • Blank oish
    Blank oish

    we coundent sign him for his twat agent riola fat twat.....

  • Teoball Mork
    Teoball Mork

    I now that i com from norway jeg har abonnert til braut Håland

  • Kristian Kongen
    Kristian Kongen

    8. He has the youth world record in length jumping.

  • Jordan Nwaegbu
    Jordan Nwaegbu

    Can you believe this guy was born in Leeds he could've represented England but he chose Norway big mistake

  • Kha pro 1990
    Kha pro 1990

    He height over 1.94cm,

  • Kenneth Rendalsvik
    Kenneth Rendalsvik

    The title of The vid is fake, i knew all of them


    I did know all of this, im norwegian

  • Lucas Lucas
    Lucas Lucas

    Did you know what he sings about no i didnt think so but i know what he is singing because im norwegian hvis du er norsk lik dette norsk gang

  • Lucas Lucas
    Lucas Lucas

    Aørling bret håland

  • Funny boy
    Funny boy

    lol did he say tottenham could win the league😂😂

  • Jared Garbo
    Jared Garbo

    Seeing him in the leeds outfit like :)

  • R Excalibur
    R Excalibur

    Xavi simons is still waiting


    It's weird to hear English people say Norwegian names or words.😂😂

  • Andrej Sajovic
    Andrej Sajovic

    Whats with the old mans voice 😂😂, this is ridiculous

  • Markus Jacobsen
    Markus Jacobsen

    His rap name i Lyng, not Flow Kingz. Coming from his Norwegian prounanciation erLING=Lyng Flow kingz is the other guys

  • LillePuus

    Noen norske? 😂🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • lordeagleye

    Molde is in 'Eliteserien', the Norwegian equivalent of Premier league.

  • Alpo Hub
    Alpo Hub

    This kid acc scares me.

  • Goonercow X
    Goonercow X

    Might become a friend of the amazing Depay!!

  • Goonercow X
    Goonercow X

    Rapper ?? Can be friends with depay !

  • Kyssakatten

    All leeds aren’t we!

  • Kristian Henriksen
    Kristian Henriksen

    Actually, his name is "Lyng" in the music video... The two guys next to him are "Flow Kingz"

  • LittleWookieeUK

    His song is everywhere on TikTok lol

  • HookersAreGood

    So much false information here

  • HookersAreGood

    His rap name is «Lyng».. not Flow Kingz.. omg youre a big noob

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore

    Come home to leeds haaland

  • Callum Morris
    Callum Morris

    With Arsenal

  • Sten-Andre Altvälja
    Sten-Andre Altvälja

    Whats the song at start?

  • Jean08 plays
    Jean08 plays

    2:54 moldææææh