9 Game Endings Almost No One Has Ever Seen
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Have you played a game that's just impossible to finish? You just try and try, wasting life after life... and nothing works. It's good that now you can just turn to the Internet, watch a walkthrough and easily pass any level... Or you can forget about playing and simply watch someone end the game for you! But before, you could not even dream of such a thing. To find out how a video game ended, you had to beat it yourself. Unfortunately, it didn't always work, and some endings remained mystery for many people. But today we will put an end to that! Let's check the endings of some games that we all know.

  • Miles

    Billy Mitchel cheated in his PacMan plays! He lies and there is a huge thing going on around him.

  • Korporal K. Reep
    Korporal K. Reep

    Fyi those endings in Donkey Kong are fake.

  • Marko R.
    Marko R.

    So there is a guy that used ur whole video but used his own voice on Serbian language, his channel name is Mask Channel (picture of Winnie the Pooh)

  • Wsrew GH
    Wsrew GH

    I’ve never been clickbaited so hard

  • Midai funa
    Midai funa

    Wanna know a endless game you cant complete? Y O U T U B E

  • Dale Villamor
    Dale Villamor

    How the hell did they knew that the dinosaur game was played 270 million times in a month if there's no internet?

  • Nightbot

    It’s me

  • Amir Hamzah
    Amir Hamzah

    The first person to make flappy bird viral must be like :


    Has anybody else searched up no internet dino game?

  • WhaleMilk

    Ha billy Mitchel. Ha. Imagine thinking the dude is credible Ha

  • Broody Schepp
    Broody Schepp

    And I love the t-rex game

  • Broody Schepp
    Broody Schepp

    I've played duck hunt

  • The SandHogs I Official COC Clan Channel
    The SandHogs I Official COC Clan Channel

    Bruh nguyen is pronounced “win” not nuwin

  • Gucci Flip Flops
    Gucci Flip Flops

    Ok but I really wanna know how Subway surfers ends.

  • Daniel Stereams vlogs and cars and gaming
    Daniel Stereams vlogs and cars and gaming


  • Sarah Dunphy
    Sarah Dunphy

    actually there is an end to the dinosaur game! :D when u get your score to 99,999 the dino stops and an asteroid comes done from the sky. then it says level 2. yeah ik

  • Lilla My
    Lilla My

    10:22 what you all came for. Thank me later

  • Newt

    An Italian channel, called '' Infinito'' is freebooting you. He took your video and translated in Italian

  • Armands Sakne
    Armands Sakne

    I have finished Contra and Terminator and several other early 90’ games.

  • Nathan Savage
    Nathan Savage

    the pacman game is hardly suprising, its a classic integer overflow where a number exceeds the bits assigned to it, i wouldnt call it an ending as its just a glitch

  • MLP Queen
    MLP Queen

    You can play it with internet by, going onto google (if you have bookmarks just search google and click on it then you don’t have book marks in that tab so then it will work and you get to keep your book marks) then you type in, do a barrel roll. Click I’m feeling lucky, and it will take you to a new page of google. You look at the top of your screen and go down the line of games and there it is! The dinosaur game!

  • hannah and haylees vlogs
    hannah and haylees vlogs

    if you do not have a computer just go to your app store and search “steve the running dinosaur”

  • reyalsnomeD

    how to see the ending of these games... Games Done Quick

  • Flying Gorrila Gameplay No Commentary Pro FG Player
    Flying Gorrila Gameplay No Commentary Pro FG Player

    I'm here at 6,9 mil views haha funny

  • KHM kArTiKeYa
    KHM kArTiKeYa

    Here's what we all came for 10:38

  • babyduv

    When you call the kremlin a cathedral

  • Raven Williams
    Raven Williams

    On the GBA Tetris you have a spaceship fly off

  • eugine prathap
    eugine prathap

    You should check this out and if possible report this! nosoft.info/hd/video/mnDGi6rWp4CqlWo

  • Mashrur Wahid
    Mashrur Wahid

    Why Billy cheating mitchell in this video

  • Cliffany Campbell
    Cliffany Campbell

    What about subway surfers

  • alpdrip

    10:30 is what we all came here for You can thank me by leaving a like👍🏼

  • Cubing samurai
    Cubing samurai

    Who ever looking for dino game 10:30 That's easy

  • Hakurei123

    Turn of internet to play dinasaur game 👎 Searches the game and play it online 👍

  • Cynthia Poulose
    Cynthia Poulose

    Flappy bird- 1:00 Pac-Man - 2:11 Battletoads- 4:09 Contra- 5:19 Donkey Kong -6:18 Tetris- 7:38 Earthworm Jim- 8:16 Duck Hunt- 9:05 T-Rex game- 10:21

  • Job Vlastra
    Job Vlastra


  • SirZettabyte

    Billy Mitchell is a liar. He also didn't get to that score legit so this video needs to be fixed. All of his records have been taking down because he also cheated at donkey kong when he got the high score world record there.

  • Nung Bear
    Nung Bear

    Let's all remember Subway Surfer.

  • fiyyah comey
    fiyyah comey

    Erm how bout subway surf?

  • dokso

    I hacked the dino game so i could go super fast and i had invincibility, when you get to 999,999 you go back to zero Here's how: 1. Press f12 to open the console. 2. Run both of these scripts in the console "Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}" and "Runner.instance_.setSpeed(100000)"< you can also change the number of speed you want 3. You're done!

  • shiifu

    yes but um what about temple run