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  • Ayutsu Rijal
    Ayutsu Rijal

    The turkeys were talking about how they got away from thanksgiving dinner

    • Colossal Titan
      Colossal Titan

      DAMN IT

    • Carol John
      Carol John

      Lol mabey

    • Amv Slick
      Amv Slick


    • Joshua Lewis
      Joshua Lewis


    • Joshua Lewis
      Joshua Lewis


  • -KIMG-


  • NhatAnh0475

    Waiy, water can be melt too???

  • Tora Kuro
    Tora Kuro

    The cashier video actually happen one time to me, not like that, but a fucking rude and stupid teenager came to me to command her meal. She throw at me her money on the counter, and her friend take the time to say this is rude and not ok and she actually smile and say she didn't care like she was proud of being a shit. So I smile back, take her change and throw at her on the counter at my turn and say ''your friend is right, this is not Okay, so now, take it by yourself''. She remained silent and go away. I was proud to teach to this little shit to have respect for the others.

  • datpotio drake
    datpotio drake

    Turkey 1:u watched the game last night Turky 2: no i was planning on taking over the world T1:... T2:... T2:did we win the game?

  • _Falconz _
    _Falconz _

    Anyone else just click on this dudes vids just to hear him speak?

  • Ella McArthur
    Ella McArthur

    the turkeys are talking about taking over the world and how theyre gonna end thanksgiving duh you dingus's

  • Raven Martinez
    Raven Martinez

    He just made a mess for himself

  • Potato BREAK
    Potato BREAK

    The turkeys were talking if they were gonna get eaten for Thanksgiving

  • Klll Aura
    Klll Aura

    0:33 about to take an L 0:37 Oof

  • Daniel Kesse
    Daniel Kesse

    Turkeys were having a roast battle Edit: no pun intended 😂

  • Dakota Carlton
    Dakota Carlton

    Triple point happens on ice roads.!

  • Quinton Mitchell
    Quinton Mitchell

    Those turkeys are talking about the cruelty of black Friday

  • Azu Hernandez
    Azu Hernandez

    The turkeys are saying there last good byes 😭

  • Cool kid Samxanthug
    Cool kid Samxanthug

    jokes on the cashier because he works there and he gotta clean it up

  • Caitlin Brooks
    Caitlin Brooks

    I think those turkeys were having a political debate.

  • CoriCat_Moto

    I have Coloboma as well! I knew that some other people had Coloboma, but I have never seen someone else with it! :D accept my pupil it isn't at all tiny it's bigger than the other pupil and no one notices that I have Coloboma cause my eyes are really dark. (almost if my eye color was black!) and if anyone questions what it is like to see out of my bad eye it's very blurry and almost if when you shaking your phone and it's blurry that's how it is.(just for my eye don't know if everyone elses eyes are like mine!)

  • Mason Carrillo
    Mason Carrillo

    Well you can't say that rude woman didnt deserve that. I would've done the same thing.

  • Leo Gutierrez
    Leo Gutierrez

    1:40 let meh translate “ I love u hair same hey maybe we can escape this people u know? No there going to cook us anyway for thanks giving so don’t try”

  • Luis

    Those turkeys are just talking about how good the Lord’s been to us pesky humans. “Did you hear how he died for them on the cross?”

  • Tranquill Rainbows
    Tranquill Rainbows

    Sounds like the turkey keeps saying " no you"

  • Gerald Terencio
    Gerald Terencio

    man you dont clickbait so ill forgive ur very annoying g@y voice......if ur not gay then i feel very bad for you

  • Sparkyy

    That's a tik tok

  • Yeah Yee
    Yeah Yee

    I think the turkeys are talking turkey 🦃 get it because turkey I’m stop now

  • Gio Reyes
    Gio Reyes

    Why did the cashier throw the beer now she has to clean it

  • Scout_zxs

    They were talking about how they sound like the ghast from minecraft

  • Christian Hartwell
    Christian Hartwell

    1:15 you say run

  • Watermelon The Rainwing
    Watermelon The Rainwing


  • Tikoblocks

    Help I’ve overdosed

  • Kirk Sander Niere
    Kirk Sander Niere

    Turkey1- did you hear the news? Turkey 2- ooooh yaaas T1- lina's husban mike was the chosen one this year. T2- ooh yaaas i heard he was season with lotsa garlic.

  • Piotr wochna
    Piotr wochna

    I think the turkeys are saying,why is this guy recording us? I dont but keep talking for the likes

  • CJ LJ
    CJ LJ

    I think the Turkeys are talking about 0:23. I would be too, they also must be Daily Does of Internet fans. LIKE AND SUSCRIBE!

  • trobol88

    0:41 xd

  • D’Marco Lewis [GS]
    D’Marco Lewis [GS]

    A wooddd

  • kk

    He runs at 60fps 01:13

  • david cutrin
    david cutrin

    Sweet home colaboma

  • Sam

    1:42 Did you hear? Hear what? Keith’s gone Kieth? Humans? Yeah Your gonna be next No u No u Shut it Ouch my feelings No u No U Stop it No u No u Hey! Stop it No u No u

  • P I P O
    P I P O

    Car skating gone wrong X3

  • Asian Hoboe I Live In A Bag Of Chips
    Asian Hoboe I Live In A Bag Of Chips

    I think the turkeys r spreading gossip and rumors about how their turkey friend got burnt on thanksgiving

  • Anagh Arya
    Anagh Arya

    Ain't nobody realise it was probably the poor cashier that had to clean it up?

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