A Really Sick Dog
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  • Beni S
    Beni S

    This cat is a hero.

    • Jojo Siwathe1
      Jojo Siwathe1


    • Christian Andrade
      Christian Andrade

      Beni S that is true

    • Legit Dog
      Legit Dog


    • Ben Ciliberto
      Ben Ciliberto

      Cats are stupid

  • chris papafilippou
    chris papafilippou

    I am from Greece and this never happen.

  • MikeXone

    The cat clip had my mind blown🤯he even put his paws up at the end like no no stop chill...absolutely bone chilling awesome clip

  • Gatcha Womf
    Gatcha Womf

    Such a good kitty. My cat would’ve let me fall

  • Towny Downysyndrowny
    Towny Downysyndrowny

    0:29 when you fuck up in gta online

  • Kermos the Mad Frog
    Kermos the Mad Frog

    2:51 That’s a little thing us Oklahomans like to call “weak stuff”.

  • ᴊᴇxʏツ

    So no one is gonna talk about the cute dog in the beginning? Just me? I guess so

  • Michael Westen
    Michael Westen

    That's why cats are awesome

  • JackAttack

    Can someone subscribe to my friend Cloudy Day the profile picture is a kid with glasses and a red jacket I will subscribe back Thanks

  • Shadow and Buttercup
    Shadow and Buttercup

    thank you so much Daily Dose Of Internet with out you i would never found out what was wrong with my grandmas dog. she kettle cough that's what my grandmas dog has. she have dealing with this for what 2 or 3 years!! also thank for my self for what it sounds like. i just want you to know you saved a dog's life!!! By the way i already know that your not gunna look at this. But thank you any way

    • Shadow and Buttercup
      Shadow and Buttercup

      if yall say why cant she go to the vet??? it's because she is too poor.

  • Limits Vlogs
    Limits Vlogs

    0:40 me in GTA 5

  • Zirnick

    Yoo the fuckin cat literally knew what he was doin too.. like wtf


    So GTA V was telling the truth about light poles

  • Michael Thackray
    Michael Thackray

    That's a bear not a dog

  • nuclearcactus 121
    nuclearcactus 121

    0:30 me in gta5

  • A.K.M Kamruzzaman
    A.K.M Kamruzzaman

    I like the cat

  • Sebastian Plays
    Sebastian Plays

    The dog with Kennel Cough actually has Kennel Corn. And is secretly eating it.

  • Villager #9
    Villager #9

    Kid almost falls Cat: *STAP STAP STAP*

  • extra account
    extra account

    And you get a light pole.... And you get a light pole

  • Monstermushmush

    Bro how did that cat know what to do? My cat would just watch my future kid roll down the stairs like a little dumpling...

  • TheWhiteFrown Information
    TheWhiteFrown Information

    The big fluff is scared He ned halp _he gat halp_

  • MrColz

    1:50 28 year olds going to see the sequel to they movie the watched a kid.

  • Aideen Monggi
    Aideen Monggi


  • BooMan

    I hope that boy is ok. He's so cute.

  • Javo Cx
    Javo Cx

    that ain’t no cat, that’s a guardian angel.

  • Guigox

    This cat is more responsible than me.

  • Mary Ty
    Mary Ty

    no one: literally nobody: youtube: hey, do you wanna see a sick dog?

  • Maharlika Mananabas
    Maharlika Mananabas

    Hero Cat.. Hopefully Jerry is not around to piss him off.. 😂😂😂

  • iVaulted YT
    iVaulted YT

    Luck a baby sitter I’m coping a cat

  • NoodleBoy

    What breed of dog was that big fluffy boi? Asking for a friend

  • Isak Netland
    Isak Netland

    0:28 gta vibes

  • Rabbi R
    Rabbi R

    That car done the coolest skid Anyone agree?

  • Quawsh Taszty
    Quawsh Taszty

    Aww poor dog😢

  • Orange man Mike
    Orange man Mike

    Yall talkim about the cat being a hero but did you realize how messy that place was, damn drugs do a lot

  • twist

    0:27 me in GTA 5

  • valentinos kelasidis
    valentinos kelasidis

    I was waiting for you to say "the dogo is doing fine now" :(

  • Antony Jan Rosalem
    Antony Jan Rosalem

    That red looks like trevors car from gta

  • • Cute Chickens •
    • Cute Chickens •

    1 like = 1 prayer 🙏


    M no

  • Joshua Heseman
    Joshua Heseman

    1:37 the kids face though 😭😭😭😂😂

  • Evelynne Cole
    Evelynne Cole

    I feel so bad for the dog D; (1 like = one hope for dog to feel better.) |

  • MoldySkink12

    1:47 I see you cut out the Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself segment of the video

  • Love Miss
    Love Miss

    That cat was like get cho ass backkkkk

  • Runaway Seaa
    Runaway Seaa

    That laser gun is blooms worst enemy

  • Runaway Seaa
    Runaway Seaa

    Add that laser gun to a pistol and you’re set

  • Paris Delight
    Paris Delight

    Why is nobody talking about the doggy? Hopefully the doggo is okay 😕😔

  • Lil MilkMan
    Lil MilkMan

    I feel like daily dose of internet is secretly leafyishere

    • SoyaSauce

      Lil MilkMan he is lol

  • crazygame crafter
    crazygame crafter


  • Sierrah Jenee
    Sierrah Jenee

    Cats r such aunties lol

  • Dino Boi
    Dino Boi

    I feel bad for sick doggo

  • Ismael Gomez
    Ismael Gomez

    The first advance to laser weapons

  • Zen Supariyata
    Zen Supariyata

    0:35 K.O

  • Fireworks Rule
    Fireworks Rule

    My dog had to wear one of those masks, he looked so sad tbh. I just made him feel better since he always made me feel better when i'm not feeling well.

  • Cono 45
    Cono 45


  • reopri9000

    The truck just hates poles

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    First i thought its Near's theme at 2:53 😂😂😂

  • Malachi Watley
    Malachi Watley

    1:05 Cause that's what hero's do

  • Keybin C
    Keybin C

    Wow that cat moved quick

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    My uncle was the guy who made the motorized surfboard

  • Mar

    3:10 when teacher is staring at you