A Stranger’s Last 3 Months to Live
Yes Theory
When I met Xavier Romero in July of 2019, he'd been given 1 week left to live. He was suffering from a rare form of liver cancer and doctors had given up hope. After hearing his story, I knew I wanted to meet him. Little did I know Xavier would beat all the odds and that we would get to know each other and become brothers.
Over three months of getting to know him, he taught me about what it means to fight for your life, to love unconditionally and to appreciate every single breath. He always wanted to start a NOsoft channel and I told him that no matter what, his story would be told. He took comfort in that. Here is that story.
I know he's here with us. I know he's watching this video and smiling at these beautiful moments we got to spend with each other. I miss him and I know I'll see him again one day.
Thank you for watching. It means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to him.
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory

    Grateful to have crossed paths with you Xavier, may you Rest In Peace

    • Alex Popov
      Alex Popov

      May you rest in peace Xavier, your body is gone but your soul and message will remain forever

    • Living Curiously
      Living Curiously

      I know no one will read this but I thought I would give it a shot. I need help & i am scared to asked for it. My mom has heart failure & is about to lose her eye sight. All she has ever wanted is to see America. She's lived in Texas her whole life. So I made a GoFund Me page for her. If anyone is interested in checking it out here is the link: www.gofundme.com/f/1wpf6ag500?+share-sheet Thanks. I love you Yes Theory! You are my favorite NOsoft channel hands down! Spreading love & positivity is what this world is missing.

    • Realist T
      Realist T


    • Ivan Bradley
      Ivan Bradley

      😭 im not emotional.. But this made a grown man cry

    • RocioNicte

      Yes Theory, you are awesome. Your videos are always uplifting; full of hope, love, and encouragement. I cried over all this video. I haven´t subscribed to any youtube channel in years, but you worth it. You are a glass of water on the desert (this vast space called youtube).

  • Sphinx

    Man Xavier is such a pure soal and so genuine.I am proud and honoured to have seen a person with such a good heart.Luke is so amazing and represents the good in all of us i goes to show how one person can make a difference

  • ThePackMan

    fkn bueno

  • clocta r
    clocta r

    Really good content. RIP

  • Andy Jamerson
    Andy Jamerson

    My mom has terminal cancer, too. It's a weird situation and I am really thankful for you guys making this video and sharing the touching story of Xavier. We should all pursue happiness in life before it's over. Think about your priorities and think about the unimportant things we spend so much time on. Much love to y'all! Stay positive

  • Beardosa

    This video was sponsored by skillshare!

  • Untouchable T.V
    Untouchable T.V

    Man brady should have flown out to see this man...wtf.

  • Ng Puay Seng
    Ng Puay Seng

    I noticed he’s a fan of Evos too!

  • Elias S
    Elias S

    This was so beautiful I cried multiple times! No Words legite no Words! REST in peace Xavier Romero

  • Salman :3
    Salman :3

    be grateful for what you have.

  • Riley

    that is so touching rip xavier

  • DrBobJones

    Should’ve done something to like fundraise money for cancer research.

  • Vincent Urndt
    Vincent Urndt

    Yes theory is just the best channel we have, ty for the video, it will help more people then you would think in there life’s .

  • Victor Chou
    Victor Chou


  • EggBox360

    May he Rest in Peace

  • Akshay Gangurde
    Akshay Gangurde


  • Valid Widz
    Valid Widz

    Rest Easy Xavier. We all love you.

  • Adam Francoeur
    Adam Francoeur

    Usually when I watch something sad, it doesn't make me cry. But this was definitely the tear jerker. My true condolences to Xavier's family.

  • extreme sports for life
    extreme sports for life

    This video is way to wholesome for my dark soul. So much respect for all of u.

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    Beautiful ❤😪

  • so so
    so so

    Who the hell disliked this video? 600 idiots.

  • Body by Maddie
    Body by Maddie

    This hit me hard, we don’t realise how special our lives are and what we have , sobbing my eyes out Rest In Peace.💜

  • CCJ Guy
    CCJ Guy

    Makes so happy, wish their were more people like this on our planet. ✌🏼😃🌎🤍 R.I.P. Xavier😔

  • The Griffo
    The Griffo

    1:37 I just stopped the video there. I'm done

  • Nika

    Rest In Peace Xavier

  • Maik Lok
    Maik Lok

    Great video! But the seek discomfort boxs may not of be the wisest choice due to his situation... But still what a amazing gift and video!

    • E Squared
      E Squared

      Maik Lok ahhh I see. “Seek Discomfort” is Yes Theory’s brand name. My cousin loved the merch Matt has gifted him. ♥️

    • Maik Lok
      Maik Lok

      @E Squared the gift box had "Seek discomfort" on it. But I think he already was in a really discomfortable state...

    • E Squared
      E Squared

      Maik Lok Im confused lol

  • Juan garcia
    Juan garcia

    WE miss you X

  • MJstudio

  • Tina Ilham
    Tina Ilham

    Ong i cry too :'(

  • Edmund Armah
    Edmund Armah

    THis is soo hearty

  • # 9080
    # 9080

    #india dinner at my place

  • Drew Morgan
    Drew Morgan

    The dislikes are from people who were so sad they got drunk

  • Guilherme D.
    Guilherme D.


  • Guilherme D.
    Guilherme D.

    ayyyy Luke is back thats awesome

  • Vicente Vazquez
    Vicente Vazquez

    RIP Xavier you are the mvp of life

  • EPIC Films 4 life
    EPIC Films 4 life

    You know what. It's disrespect to call this a "stranger". Change the title to "My friend's Last 3 Months to live" HE IS NOT A STRANGER. Like to sign the petition to change the title!!!!

  • yandy vega
    yandy vega

    I dead cried when he gave his speech

  • yandy vega
    yandy vega

    I’m dead his friend tried speaking Spanish and he almost said i am pato

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    I actually cried at the end, the fact that I built that much of a relationship just from a video...

  • monsterjaker

    And I'm crying

  • No_Scopx


  • Risky Joint
    Risky Joint

    Much respect to Xavier this man's a warrior he proved the doctors wrong challenged life and lived 5 years longer than he was expected to. his an inspiration to me and to people suffering from diseases and depression If Xavier had the will power to keep fighting through all of what he has been through what excuse do we have to not do the same? Much love to the yes theory community and hope y'all are out there seeking discomfort

  • TheFNU


  • Tee

    This whole video is so beautiful 🥺 I really cried the whole way through 😪 RIP Xavier🙏🏽💔

  • Parker's Properties
    Parker's Properties

    How would anyone dislike this, I do not get it

  • ZobPlayz Zob
    ZobPlayz Zob

    10:34 Sweaty armpits

  • H Mangan
    H Mangan

    U guys r so kind keep doing what ur doing and ur going to make hundreds of peoples life change in a great way love you guys

  • Dennis Okanya
    Dennis Okanya

    Sometimes I think life is unfair because of things like this then in another perspective the lessons you get from this you can't learn any other way.

  • W.T. vdB
    W.T. vdB

    This video is absolutely amazing... I can't describe how much it means to me to see such kindness in the world. My father battled with cancer for three years, he was a strong young man... all he wanted was to see his wife and family happy and healthy... a day after my birthday we heard that there was nothing more the doctors could do.. after fighting colon cancer bravely for 3 years it had spread to his bones... this was the fifth of november. a week before he died he still went to Belgium to get a second opinion.. not for himself, but for us, his children.. so that we would know that he/we did everything we could. He fought till the very end... He left us the second of December... This video hits close to home, even Xavier's hands look the way my father's hands did days before he died. Thank you Yes theory for this meaningful message. You guys make this world a little better with every video you make.


    Till next time, Xavier. NAMASTE!

  • Thrasher Yeetuz
    Thrasher Yeetuz

    No I will not believe such a good person was taken away

    • mintell

      It's usually just the good ones.

  • akshay rai
    akshay rai

    This is one of the best video by you guys....you guys gave him hope and small moments of happiness...keep going...lots of love

  • SXOPE •
    SXOPE •


  • McGeek

    This made me do the type of crying that I have zero control over. Beautiful tribute.

  • The Wholesome Taste
    The Wholesome Taste

    we missed luke❤️

  • yoitsnando

    Luke is special.

  • Mr. Big Beef
    Mr. Big Beef

    I wish I knew great friends like Luke the dude is just god's gift to us.

  • Mai

    luke has such a beautiful soul. his spirit is amazing. he’s so kind and friendly. anyone would be so lucky to be his friend.

  • Nick on a couch
    Nick on a couch

    im not crying theres just water in my eyes

  • Rayane Kf
    Rayane Kf

    10min in and I’m already crying man