Acura legend coupe 3.5 RL

  • Aurora Borealis
    Aurora Borealis

    Alright! In Europa which most people driving MT we have that car just with AT... In the states all the people prefer AT they sell MT Legend Coupe... Fuxk Bullshit

  • Ayush Bhowmick
    Ayush Bhowmick

    Sex Machine

  • luikangM3

    I built the car because I was bored I did the interior that color because I can I own my own custom shop and when I get bored I just build stuff lol🥱😂lol

  • luikangM3

    Custom seat covers

  • Zeal Gaming
    Zeal Gaming

    What car do those seats come from?🤔

  • John Sagun
    John Sagun

    What exhaust you running ?

  • Hooch

    acura goofed making these fwd

  • Adam White Sr.
    Adam White Sr.

    If yall dont like the sound just leave the video!! Sounds beasty

  • Adam White Sr.
    Adam White Sr.

    Sounds good!

    • Adam White Sr.
      Adam White Sr.

      Can I have that car?


    Rice cooker

    • Aurora Borealis
      Aurora Borealis

      ILOVECHICKEN698 Too bad people love rice

  • The007FMG

    Tooo loud n raspy

  • Z3 krieg
    Z3 krieg

    Anyone else see's a r34 front r33 rear?

  • Harry Muhammad
    Harry Muhammad

    To each his own...but NO Sir. That thing suppose to slide up on you from behind and you not know it's there.

  • Th3AkwardTaco

    Saw the interior and instantly clicked off the video

  • David Segura
    David Segura

    That's mean. I like it.

  • Vin Mar
    Vin Mar

    What a shame. Such a nice vehicle modified to such hideous standards.

  • Acjizzle87

    Where’d u get that lip??

  • Dan Katz
    Dan Katz

    Nice!! I wish they made these in RWD, they would make an awesome tuner / drift car... Also I like the red interior, though I feel like it would benefit from some red Recaro seats in the front just to tie it all together. At the moment all the redid in the sides and roof, so it looks a bit mismatched with the black that's already there

    • G0DHND

      Drift is just for show, hence why fwd is made for real racing

  • Honda CG4 - #theSuperCleanCoupe
    Honda CG4 - #theSuperCleanCoupe

    funny :)

  • Demetrius Rice
    Demetrius Rice

    What front seats are those?

  • hoang linh
    hoang linh

    dont listen to none of these fools. keep the passion strong!

    • enrique mejia
      enrique mejia

      Happy Happy have you ever seen Japan’s vip cars ?

    • Happy Happy
      Happy Happy

      it looks very tacky and quite ugly on the inside. why do some dudes like swade in the interior like some shitty cadillac.

  • Big L Smack
    Big L Smack


  • Bloodrider

    the granny shifting and red interior... ugh poor car

    • Lawrence McKnight
      Lawrence McKnight

      There is a 2009 Mugen NSX RR that has an all red interior.

  • krocialblack

    The car sounds and looks great. But the interior just doesn't fit. If it was charcoal interior every where it'll be more fitting for the car. But hey. Not my car. Not my money. So much props.

  • onlytoloveyou1

    oda lay vato, wassapining

  • Rogelio Melgar
    Rogelio Melgar

    so fucking

  • Anti Warmist
    Anti Warmist

    Yuk, you made a beautiful coupe look like a pimps car, cum stains and all.

  • Anthony Valdez
    Anthony Valdez

    mercedes rims!??

  • Lucid Dreams
    Lucid Dreams

    Turning the Legend to a piece of shit. Looks like the average honda.

  • c

    That shift though l0l

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz

    I give it 10/10 I like it and in a big fan of Hondas

  • Stormz0r

    I feel sorry for that poor car :(


      Pat π how can you feel sorry for a car ? Its not alive dumbass! Lol

    • Kanggoo

      meh, just needs PROPER wheels and more low :P edit just saw the interior holy fuck thats shit

  • David Segura
    David Segura

    it was nice until I saw the red.

  • EEzt

    How difficult was the swap?

  • Scott Cooney Music
    Scott Cooney Music

    What's with the red dude? you ruined that shit! The car was beautiful until I saw the interior

    • Lucas W
      Lucas W

      Just too much red, not in the right places, and too bright. But hey its all preference i guess.

    • Lucas W
      Lucas W

      This is FAR from that. Theres lots of cars with red in the interior that look nice, like 3 series bmw, audis, infintis, etc. Usually just deep red leather seat and accents, not slathered in bright red everywhere but seats.

    • Lawrence McKnight
      Lawrence McKnight

      There is a 2009 Mugen NSX RR Concept with an all red interior... is that now ruined?

  • SpeshulFX

    Looks awesome but I'm not crazy about the exhaust sound. Or the blue smoke coming out of it.

  • Tal Rude
    Tal Rude

    Sounds very aggressive. Nice

    • VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa!
      VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa!

      Kinda like your mom

  • D Ellis
    D Ellis

    interior is nice af

  • Maiken Pham
    Maiken Pham

    Do you live in washington, i feel like ive seen this car for sale on craigslist

    • luikangM3

      No CT

  • Alexis Rios
    Alexis Rios

    Too bad you can't lower the car with that front lip and legend where never about loud mufflers but I guess it's different

  • Lamont McClain
    Lamont McClain

    Yea im like that set up.... check mines out NOsoft@Roccitytv914 tell me what u think I should with it...

  • Lamont McClain
    Lamont McClain

    Hey im feeling this acura sounds great what up grades u did to the engine?

    • Nic Perez
      Nic Perez

      RL swap