Acura x Ludacris - Legendary Duo
We've partnered with Ludacris, one of the most successful hip-hop artists and actors in the United States, to restore his beloved ‘93 Acura Legend to its former glory.

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan

    Old is gold, nothing new can beat the old and something that looked so good when it was new and even after these many years the legend looks good.

  • Malko Jex
    Malko Jex

    Gotta love your car

  • Al Watson
    Al Watson


  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith

    Yeah the older one is way cooler. New cars are overpriced, cheaply made garbage. Give me a mint late 90s-early 2000s vehicle over one of these new pieces of plastic nonsense 8 days a week.

  • Neil J
    Neil J

  • Neil J
    Neil J

  • Samniss Arandeen
    Samniss Arandeen

    If auto manufacturers decided to reengineer modern drivetrains and technologies into professional restomods for their older cars, for about the price of a new car less the trade-in, they could make some serious money.

  • Negrosabe

    Donut Media brought me here.

    • Shawn Dail
      Shawn Dail

      Aye me too

  • Richard Jenkins
    Richard Jenkins

    They should have given him a RLX which is its true next form.

  • The Wedge
    The Wedge

    it's crazy how much better the old legend looks than the new models!! btw, they need to put the stock wheels back on the legend, those dark wheels don't go with that luxury style.

  • Gev Bugh
    Gev Bugh

    Gotta respect his loyalty to his car.

  • carlos magana
    carlos magana

    Shit man I wish they'd do this for a regular person not a millionaire

  • Victor Adames
    Victor Adames

    The 1993 Acura legend interior looks just like the Ferrari 355

  • conner baldwin
    conner baldwin


  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary

    Interesting on so many levels

  • rph786

    The Legend was the best Acura ever made up; they surely have lost their way since then.

  • 92hbhb Hybrid
    92hbhb Hybrid

    I MISSS my 94 Acura Legend....

  • Obi


  • Paul Aiello
    Paul Aiello

    I would take the grill that was in the trunk over the new grills they are putting on these new acura's any day!

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black

    Luda's car is def fresh, but they missed the mark by not putting that 90's purple tint on it. We all know Luda wasn't ridin' in no fishbowl in 93'...Cmon Acura!?

  • jdm noob
    jdm noob

    oh look a famous person that has a car thats not a complete ricer

  • Taylor Richardson190
    Taylor Richardson190

    Love you Acura :)

  • Mickjoey vblog
    Mickjoey vblog


  • MERICA #1
    MERICA #1

    yeah rappers allways gonna say they love it today paid to say it

    • Kev27RS

      What are you talking about? Haha by ''gonna say they love it today'' ?

  • Turkee Sonvich
    Turkee Sonvich

    ludacris really is cool, when all rappers fell into disfavor, scandal or whatever, ludacris kept it real and ive never lost respect for him

  • Once2008

    acura riced luda's ride wtf BRUH !!!!

  • George The Zebra
    George The Zebra

    Nice Honda

  • nawmean

    That Legend is clean af... 100

  • Famous Gilbert
    Famous Gilbert

    Not bad, but still rather go with infinity. They sound so baddd mmm

  • Wangan Savage
    Wangan Savage

    Does he drive the legend daily or often?

    • mraiwa1000

      Daily driver.

  • Binh Minh Le
    Binh Minh Le

    The restoration was nice minus the wheels. The car would have looked even better by finding original wheels to retain that look and feel.

    • Kev27RS

      Yes it's really well done! The RAYS rims are nice… but I think the original rims from the Legend like the ones on his ''LUDAVERSAL'' album cover OR some nice 18 or 19 inch chrome / polished rims would have fitted better to Ludacris, especially for that ''bling'' kind of style! ;)

  • Fart Can
    Fart Can

    ROLL OUT!!!!

  • krocialblack

    ILX Type R? It could work.

    • Ed

      That'd be awesome!

    • Jamez_ Hawkinzz
      Jamez_ Hawkinzz

      I second that


    Yup guess a millionaire still drives an Acura... Nice try

    • Kev27RS

      Why shouldn't he…?

  • Ian Clancy
    Ian Clancy

    I wonder why Acura didn't modify the true modern day Acura Legend, the RLX for this ad? Probably because the "new" RLX is dorky and boring? The original Legend was sleek and purposeful. The RLX appeals to empty nesters in their 60's (and they barely sell).

  • Intelligent Thanos
    Intelligent Thanos

    Too cool Acura

  • Lilreeces10

    They should bring bag the Legend name and get rid of the RL

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia

    did anybody else thought that new acura looked just a little bit like a Subaru wrx from 2012

  • Mr.ActionGal101

    Rice Rims

    • Mr.ActionGal101


  • Mr.ActionGal101

    FWD = Sport & Luxury XD

  • wilhelm Donkor
    wilhelm Donkor


  • BlaCky EnYelL
    BlaCky EnYelL

    Y ese auto me gusta tanto que lo amo 😍😍😍

  • BlaCky EnYelL
    BlaCky EnYelL

    waao asi es que tienen que salir de serie los Acura ya que son la marca de prestigio de Honda ,cuando lo vean tienen que causar impacto a quienes lo vean que compita en su categoría como la versión de lujo (Acura=perfección)

  • Adam Ivell
    Adam Ivell

    I understand his love for his legend, I now have exactly the same car except for colour & mines RHD. I cannot wait to modify mine.

  • De'Quad Binder
    De'Quad Binder

    This was my first car! I had a red 2dr with over 300,000 miles on it I will definitely purchase another Acura when time permits

  • Turboxide

    What was the new Acura they were showing there?

  • 575forza

    The legend still looks better.

  • Nicolas Vegas
    Nicolas Vegas


  • Sam DeMarco
    Sam DeMarco

    Acura rules! #TLX

  • legend 1
    legend 1

    legend love♩

  • coolshariq


  • osp80

    the old one looks better.

  • WeightPull ChAmP
    WeightPull ChAmP

    Wow, fresh 4 door legend......the legend coupe though was nice too

  • Nunsense3

    If you enjoy good and positive vibe type of music, give my music a chance and let me know what you think. Blessed

  • Adil Zaman
    Adil Zaman

    Acura needs to bring back the classic names (integra, vigor, legend) with a whole new modern design language that ditches the beak and looks nothing like the horrendous precision coupe concept

  • Wylie the blue
    Wylie the blue

    Where is my future Acura Integra :( ?

  • Eden bishop
    Eden bishop

    did anyone else get here from his insta???

  • cbmuzik

    I have a my Acuras. But honestly? The restore could have been better than this. I've seen old Legends that look way better than that one.

  • James Merolla
    James Merolla

    It should have been a TLX and the same color...

  • Azure Rainn
    Azure Rainn

    The Legend was the best ACURA ever! I had a 95 Forest Green four door. That baby was sweet.

  • Sheryl Marshall
    Sheryl Marshall

    How I feel about my '99 Integra!

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    The Legend lives

  • Arthur H
    Arthur H

    Better represent!

  • Reyna

    Are they showing the ILX because it is sort of a replacement of the Legend or because it is the newer car in the line up?

  • HH Ito
    HH Ito

    Can they do that for my 1988 Acura Integra LS 5Dr! I was one of the first customers at Torrance Acura on PCH in December 1987!

  • hooderaw

    Never understood why they don't have a coupe or convertible for some of these models. I actually bought my 98 cl because of the legend coupe. just bought a 12 tl but was disappointed they didn't have a coupe in this model. if Lexus can bring back the gs coupe then I'm sure we can. dare to be the best.

  • Ricardo speedtype r
    Ricardo speedtype r

    very nice car

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres

    They should sell the Acura ILX like that and call it a type s

    • ITR Cloud
      ITR Cloud

      +Ricardo Torres They need to bring back the Type-R!

  • Denis Rioux
    Denis Rioux

    nice 1st gen Honda Insight a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> those are rare gems.

  • MrZerocool5000

    my first car was a 92 on love it man i still regret it for selling it

  • SixFingersSaidToTheFace Pow
    SixFingersSaidToTheFace Pow

    How the new car look Wacker... ac fell off😕

  • Darksyne

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> FFS Acura these are the exhaust tips we want! PLEASE STOP HIDING THEM IN ALL OF YOUR CARS!!!

  • temp 88d
    temp 88d

    Tell me when the remove THE BEAK!

  • Johnny_McNeil

    Why is the fuel gauge showing 40% even when the car is switched off?! It can be seen on the pics from carscoops.

  • Thijs de Goede
    Thijs de Goede

    It is 2015, why isn't this video from a major company in HD?

  • Conscious BLKMAN
    Conscious BLKMAN

    i wish Acura would cut the B.S they have the potential to make great cars but they keep cutting themselves short by doing wild shit like hiding the exhaust tips, and toning down Horsepower.. I was bullshit when prototype TLX didn't look anything like the production version..bring back the ZDX The Integra, please redesign that fucking mini van MDX or TLX Type S coupe something please and for god sake upgrade the Navigation no more push button drive selector..PLEASE

  • sachin1006

    The ilx needs sh awd or else it's just a civic

  • theshonen8899

    Funny how they don't show Ludicrous saying anything about the car...

  • GSK

    Acuras are beautiful

  • Sam Miller-Christiansen
    Sam Miller-Christiansen

    Yeah the Smithsonian really want's Ludacris' Acura Legend. Someone needs to tell this guy to get over himself, and Acura, this whole video make you look even lamer...

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