Alec Benjamin - Mind Is A Prison [Official Lyric Video]
Alec Benjamin
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Creative Director: Clare Gillen
Director: Peter B. Samuels
Cinematography: Peter B. Samuels
Edit/Color: Peter B. Samuels
Production Assistant: Jeremy Reynoso
Production Company: IAMSOUND
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  • Alec Benjamin
    Alec Benjamin

    these are some of the most personal lyrics i've ever written .. was very nervous to share them with you .. hope you like it and i hope that if you relate to it in some way it helps to know that you aren't alone !

    • xNekomarax


    • Sarah ;-;
      Sarah ;-;

      Keep going

    • Mikichi chan
      Mikichi chan


    • A Random Person
      A Random Person

      I love it so much!!! I’ve been waiting for this song since you first announced it! 💙💙💙

    • alisa -
      alisa -

      i really love your music.

  • DanDi

    I wrote on our school bus's window : *I guess my mind* *Is a prison and* *I'm never gonna* *GET OUT*

  • Sinking.Ship.amelia

    Does anybody want to be friends if you do hit me up on discord sinking.Ship.amelia#0466

  • Xadz_ ._
    Xadz_ ._

    I’m so happy that I found Alec don’t know what I would have done without him

  • Richard DeCredico
    Richard DeCredico


  • Lil Struma
    Lil Struma

    Lmaoo wtf is this

  • Radinda Swasti
    Radinda Swasti

    We always live in our minds, so make sure it's a good place to be in. You're loved.

  • jaytinymoon

    thank you for sharing this precious piece with us alec. you’ve always been so great at narrating other people’s stories and narrating your own feels even more breathtaking. the imagery you create, the choice of words and the way you sing all complement each other in the most beautiful way. always looking forward to what you’re gonna put out. thank you for sharing your art

  • Zoey Nehme
    Zoey Nehme


  • alex aysha
    alex aysha

    It means a lot me bcs I have a the worst life ever like seriously nobody would care if I was there or not but when I hear your voice I'm happy again I think your with me but when I open my eyes your not... but it's fine your voice is in my ears still I wanna hear your voice when I go to bed and dream I will meet you soon but I never get the chance.. but I love you..♡♡♡and love yourself to ❤❤❤❤❤

  • expiredpotato


  • satwik mehta
    satwik mehta


  • A Chicken Nugget with Anxiety
    A Chicken Nugget with Anxiety

    Whoever wrote that has good hand writing

  • Bookworm 678
    Bookworm 678

    Here I am again, for the 20th time in the past 2 weeks. This song makes me tear up every time I listen

  • Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange

    Why have a lyrics version where the lyrics pop up at the same time as the words????

  • Isla Bradour
    Isla Bradour

    "Guess my mind is a prison." 😭😭😭

  • Isla Bradour
    Isla Bradour

    Alec Benjamin actually commented! 😱😱😱

  • Bailey Dawn
    Bailey Dawn

    I love your songs!

  • Kqlluto MC
    Kqlluto MC

    so i was scrolling thru the comments trying to find lyrics then i realise im watching a lyric video

  • ẞrūttā

    Virgo squad

  • she na
    she na

    Keep it good Alec. You're amazing

  • XxxCashmoneyXxx 23
    XxxCashmoneyXxx 23

    Hey Alex it’s cash I’ve been a fan for four years your really good at singing my most favorite songs are mind is a prison if we have each other, boy in a bubble,and must have been a wind.your my most looked up NOsoftr keep up the good work 8)

  • TelevisnWenzday

    I absolutely love this song. Good job 👏

  • The short sunflower
    The short sunflower

    919 dislikes-they must be holding there phone upside down or don’t understand

  • The short sunflower
    The short sunflower

    Sorry I just love this song on a personal level

  • Listentothecity org
    Listentothecity org

    One of the most beautiful song ever I heard. This song suits for distressed & gloomy Seoul people.

  • GeraltMilgrau

    Caramba, como o publico do Alec cresceu monstruosamente nesses ultimos 2 anos...

  • Mïnì Bõbä
    Mïnì Bõbä

    I really love this long

  • Dominique Schulz
    Dominique Schulz

    This was my best friend's favorite song....she is no loger with me, I listen to this every day.

  • Anastasia Yiannoutsos
    Anastasia Yiannoutsos

    depression in a nutshell

    • Anastasia Yiannoutsos
      Anastasia Yiannoutsos

      this is my favorite song of his

  • salty kid
    salty kid

    Your going to Cincinnati?😱 Its so close to me!

  • XxIlovegachalife xX
    XxIlovegachalife xX

    Who else thinks billie ellish and alec should make a song together I do 👇 like if u think so I liked my own comment

    • The Child Of Satan
      The Child Of Satan

      XxIlovegachalife xX I think they should.

  • Lakeside Crafts
    Lakeside Crafts

    This is the most relatable thing I have ever heard. Alec is such an amazing person/artist!

  • Hayden Hutchinson
    Hayden Hutchinson

    Guess my mind is a prison and I’m the warden

  • Shyann Martin
    Shyann Martin

    This guy is 25 and he sounds like he's 15. What the hell?

  • Jamshed Arslan
    Jamshed Arslan

    Meaningful lyrics.

  • Parth Thakare
    Parth Thakare

    Get this on Spotify

  • XxIlovegachalife xX
    XxIlovegachalife xX

    Who else remembers when alec made let me down slowly and it wasn't that popular now alec is on the RADIO 👏👏👏for u alec great gob

  • Marcus Vinicius
    Marcus Vinicius

    Essa música me arrepia,a tradução e incrível,alec melhor cantor🥺❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Carolyn Degner
    Carolyn Degner

    I got home from school today and listened to this song and cried for nearly an hour

  • Agogo Ranger
    Agogo Ranger

    "Alone with my thoughts again, guess my mind is a prison and I'm never gonna get out" The most scary yet relatable lyrics of the song. This hit most of the listeners hard.

  • Lucas Bowers
    Lucas Bowers

    his songs are so deep its kinda scary

  • Chastity Leanna
    Chastity Leanna

    All the people that put a thumbs down is i lil stupid bitch

  • - Ray -
    - Ray -

    I won't give up on hope, secure another rope and try for another day.. That hit me hard.

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor


  • walkie talkies
    walkie talkies

    In case you want ringtone or whats app status of this song

  • rrainbowii rxin
    rrainbowii rxin

    Can u hold a pride flag for pride month if ya ever do please


    Me: shawn Mendes has Sis:a brother No fun brother: yeah its alec Benjamin

  • Varsha NK
    Varsha NK

    One word *UNDERRATED*

  • Thranis

    So, I am very conflicted about your song, Alec. Your voice and music are great, but your message makes me scared for you. You touch on some things I believe to be true about humans, but how your song takes those things and twists them, how something positive can be shifted to the negative, well, I pray and hope the best for you.

  • Vanderleia Souza
    Vanderleia Souza

    Completamente apaixonada nessa música não consigo parar de ouvir toda hora boto ela ❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • its aqua
    its aqua

    I got goosebumps when I listen to this masterpiece

  • Bárbara Correia
    Bárbara Correia

    99% wont read this but i just want you to know That: You're not Alone in your mind.. Have a good day

  • Maeleigh Armstrong
    Maeleigh Armstrong

    I am coming see you may 14

  • Tay V
    Tay V

    This is amazing 🥰😍

  • Anima Shandil
    Anima Shandil

    Why is this not on Spotify India?

  • young blood
    young blood

    analia sababu ameona shida baba yake manzeee

  • Lakshika Aswal
    Lakshika Aswal

    I love you Alex Benjamin

  • JOHNNYBOY 14xx
    JOHNNYBOY 14xx

    This sounds like heathens

  • kawa dlnny
    kawa dlnny

    I've been in heaven since I saw you on the Main Square's list 😍 I can't wait 😇