Aminé - Shimmy (Official Video)
Official music video by Aminé performing "Shimmy" - available everywhere now:
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Directed by Adam Aminé Daniel & Jack Begert
Concept by Adam Aminé Daniel, Jack Begert, & Liam MacRae
A Psycho Films Production
Executive Producer: Sam Canter
Producers: Eric Cook, Austin Will
DP: Ben Mullen
Wardrobe Stylist: Calvin How, Daniel Pacitti
Drone Op: A-Cam Aerials
Production Coordinator: Chelsea Unsbee
Addtl. Production: Matt Burns
Editor: Jack Begert & Will Tooke
VFX: Justin Johnson, Will Tooke, & Jack Begert
Production Designer: Jordan Kronquist
Set Dresser: Kyle Wallace
1st AC: Jesse Tobler
2nd AC: Keaton Rodgers
B-Cam AC: Madison Rowley
Gaffer: Ian Jennings
Key Grip: Bruce Lawson
Swing: Ken Riddle
Makeup Artist: Sara Dickman
Set Medic: Michael Fine
PA: Maureen Pandos
PA: Roland Dahwen
Aw man, aw man man man wassup?

It's been a whole year my nigga
Let's not front it's my year my nigga
I’m here to fuck up ya whole career my nigga
Don’t play dumb dummy you know what's the deal my nigga
A lot of y'all fake flexing nigga that is not ya necklace
And that whip ain’t yours nigga that’s the IRS’
I’m bigger than Texas me and God text message
Y'all see how easy lying is it’s easy to forget this

Shimmy shimmy ya y'all niggas get no applause
I’m looking like wealth so mami wanna ménage
Y'all niggas really hating get off of my dick and balls

Aw y'all niggas ain't worthy
Y'all don't pay dues
Y'all niggas pay up in thirsty
You thought you made an anthem but you just sang you a Fergie
Too many niggas biting I might need me 10 attorneys
Just cuz you bought that vintage Margiela
Don’t change ya flight from Spirit to Delta
Y'all niggas dress like you just came out the store
I got my groove back like Fela not Stella

Shimmy shimmy ya y'all niggas get no applause
I’m looking like wealth so mami wanna ménage
Y'all niggas really hating get off of my dick and balls

Ah I got verses on verses man this shit could go all day
I got a whip that’s blacker than the nigga from Allstate
Count your money up nigga do the mathematics
That’s not 200K that’s 20 dollas in yo pocket
It’s a cold cold world that we live in
I’m shittin on these niggas I make it my mission
The way I kill these niggas send my ass to prison
I knock a nigga head off then I’m dippin splittin

Ooo baby I like it raw
Ooo baby I like it raw
Ooo baby I like it raw
Ooo baby I like it raw
Ooo baby I like it raw
Ooo baby I like it raw
Ooo baby I like it raw
Ooo baby I like it raw

Music video by Aminé performing Shimmy. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • SKRT88


  • Harshil

    He kinda sounds like JID here

  • F.B.I

    brooo i love this mofo so much

  • Fluffers TheFirst
    Fluffers TheFirst

    Insane video

  • Barbara Leon
    Barbara Leon

    Good he had a comeback

  • Nath 1
    Nath 1

    Loving the ODB tribute

  • John Nijmeijer
    John Nijmeijer

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a>, anybody know the name of the tune at the end? sounds like a good vibe.🙏

  • ana cristina paniagua arroyave
    ana cristina paniagua arroyave


  • Otman Bahwih
    Otman Bahwih


  • bagle Begley
    bagle Begley

    Y does the music in the end with the sign sound so familiar

  • TheRealBoobieMiles

    Amine by far one of the best and most talented new school artists we have and were blessed to have him in a world full of no talent social media clowns.

  • ACA

    Grew up in Multnomah County 🥺🥺 The county library card cover art caught my eye in Spotify, and it had me trippin HARD. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen those little mountain peaks..

  • Allison Kowal
    Allison Kowal


  • Kirk G.
    Kirk G.

    they put more work into making the video than the actual song. welcome to 2020

  • Joshua Jennings
    Joshua Jennings

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> does anyone know the exact jacket he is wearing?

    • you’re aren’t epic
      you’re aren’t epic

      Joshua Jennings Looks pretty fresh

  • Jemma Samuels
    Jemma Samuels

    i hope the new track he releases this week comes wit a video too

  • Jeremy Spence
    Jeremy Spence

    That light green jacket the cerium lt?

  • Milo Cam
    Milo Cam

    the world: How underrated you want to be? Aminé: Yes

  • hgdsw

    Aminé: it's my year my n Covid 19: no

  • Dreamer

    Cinematography on this is fucking nutty

  • Jean Lac
    Jean Lac he has different flows👌amine the best

  • Nhạc Tại Gia
    Nhạc Tại Gia

    I miss banana

  • 悟 りs ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ʀ ʏ
    悟 りs ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ʀ ʏ

    _This mf makes the biggests comebacks, i ever saw!_

  • Saint Warhead
    Saint Warhead

    Let's go PORTLAND. Putting Oregon on the map.

  • Howling_Cricket

    "It's my year." Sorry man, don't think that aged so well.

  • フレデリック

    Damn, that’s a hot track!

  • 氷Icyy

    Rip ODB 👑😭

  • King Finau
    King Finau

    He putn our city on that map💯👏🏽

  • B-Vare

    We need a new album from him🐐🔥

  • Paramjot Singh
    Paramjot Singh

    This was his year smh

  • ADGreate

    he looks like nipsey hussle

  • Mercy Şahin
    Mercy Şahin

    Wow I like it keep it baby boy

  • Wenda Bleach
    Wenda Bleach

    I respect the the reference

  • Matt Blackert
    Matt Blackert

    pdx n wutang reppin

  • ano niem
    ano niem

    Love that he’a not showing off everything he got💯💯

  • 배트맨과로빈슨크루소

    So Sick........

  • Kururezu

    Sorry, Amine. This ain't anyone's year but Rona's.

  • Ben Bangert
    Ben Bangert

    If your white it’s hard to sing this song

  • Draco Kush
    Draco Kush

    GTA 6

  • EDITED 3 hours ago
    EDITED 3 hours ago

    Muh niguh

  • hakera kera
    hakera kera

    Yo aminé coming back still LIT🔥he deserves a loyalty award with that two dudes how I wish I hve friend like you

  • TylabanForever

    This nigga extra slept on

  • George Giannopoul
    George Giannopoul

    this song getting only 5.1 million views is the most unfair thing since kd won 2 nba rings

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo

    anyone know what camera was used for the clips that had that "vintage" look?

  • Ivan Uribe
    Ivan Uribe

    this foo needa put portland up on the map

  • adrian fernandez
    adrian fernandez

    amine i dont think you want this year bro

  • Moleim

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> bruh her hair be lokking like a makeup beush

    • Jibbo


    • Moleim

      i meant brush

  • Dead Playz
    Dead Playz

    I made a montage with the song

  • my baby
    my baby

    why does this only have 5M views??? 😳

  • Brittni Taylor
    Brittni Taylor

    kept repeating to myself he so fine he so fine

  • Brittni Taylor
    Brittni Taylor

    my baby 🦋

  • Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman
    Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman


  • Amanueal Kidanemariam
    Amanueal Kidanemariam

    Bro i love when it's a good song and a good music vid

  • Kashout_223

    I feel like him and J cole could be a good collab

  • Naudia Solomon
    Naudia Solomon


    • Jerian Jerian
      Jerian Jerian


  • Daniel Dermawan
    Daniel Dermawan

    East hip hop here

  • Queen Darya Rashid 11 17 47
    Queen Darya Rashid 11 17 47


  • Alim

    Serious Pusha T vibe here I dig it

  • Sunny


  • yo detroit girl
    yo detroit girl

    This is my smoking song

  • code X
    code X

    Major Mac miller vibe on this track🎹

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect

    This man got the best disappearing act

  • skeletino420

    "lets not front its my year" covid-19 would like to see you after class

  • Mikey Lynch
    Mikey Lynch

    This song straight bangs, perfect use of the samples as well, shout out to the producer.

  • Shiny Lotad
    Shiny Lotad

    What jacket he got in the elevator? That looks comfy as fuck

  • Gustavo henrique Pinheiro
    Gustavo henrique Pinheiro

    Tava com saudades já

  • Anthony Lédan
    Anthony Lédan

    Just shit. shumy shumy ya. you have to try others songs. see the gentlemen and learn something by yourself.

  • Lowan_

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> i live two blocks from there (alberta)

  • World Wide Wrestling
    World Wide Wrestling

    What a track! 🔥

  • Iris Rising
    Iris Rising

    Y'all don't understand what all aries have overcome! This year really is for aries 😭🤣

  • Slad3

    please get aminé and jpegmafia on the same track

  • Richquan15

    How tf this has only 5 million views

  • Pamela Medina
    Pamela Medina

    well..... Its not my year tbh lol

  • chin chin
    chin chin

    You thought you made an anthem you just sang it you fergie *THAT'S BARS*

  • John Zgambo
    John Zgambo

    Deserves 170 million views NOW!

  • Benit P.
    Benit P.

    what is the original beat ??

  • Tyce Barnes
    Tyce Barnes

    I need that burgundy coat.😭😭

  • Wenceslao Ramundo
    Wenceslao Ramundo

    This is f**ckin awesome

  • The Official Hamster
    The Official Hamster

    ODB anyone 😂


    This man too underrated