Angelina Jordan: Norway's Winner WINS Heidi Klum's Golden Buzzer! @America's Got Talent Champions
Talent Recap
America's Got Talent: The Champions | Season 2 | Round One
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Talent Recap

  • Talent Recap
    Talent Recap

    Did you notice Angelina sings barefoot, wonder why? It's an AMAZING story HERE:

    • 103mrg

      Her father is Swedish. Mother is Norwegian. Grandmother is Iranian married to a Japanese.

    • many santo
      many santo

      @LottaTroublemaker , beautiful teenager now.

    • many santo
      many santo

      @Zid02 ,her grandfather (rip) from her father side is tall. Swedish Norwegian.

    • Pappysshoes

      @absoftitanium In the US at least information on 14 year old kids is impossible to find unless they volunteer it to you somehow, it is the law.

    • ZasuPitts

      @Pappysshoes I NEVER said that I checked WIKI. Please pay attention to what I wrote. I had checked several sources and the highest height for Angelina is 5'5". That is THE most up to date information I could find for 2020. And Heidi is *still* bending way over to hug Angelina. If Heidi is 5'9" and is wearing 3 or 4 inch heel shoes that would make her 6 feet or 6'1" . And if Angelina is 6' in her bare feet then Heidi would NOT have to bend THAT far over to hug her! That would make Heidi either the SAME height or just ONE inch taller. And if that was the case, Ms. Klum would not have HAD to hug Angelina the way she did. You can see Heidi really bending at the knees and bending her back! Use your head!😵

  • Al Mansoori
    Al Mansoori

    She sing it better than the original

  • Billie eilish [FAN CLUB]
    Billie eilish [FAN CLUB]

    I remember when I saw her on tv when she was 7... like if y’all are norwegain

  • Abdul Rahman Daeng Nai
    Abdul Rahman Daeng Nai

    Just say WOW.... Amazing...😘😍

  • RMC TV
    RMC TV

    She amazing voice😊

  • Isaac Ramos
    Isaac Ramos

    2:40 - 3:18 goosebumps

  • volens nolens
    volens nolens

    2.2 k dislikes...WTF???????? 😳😳😳 She is so amazing 💖💖💖💖

  • Mister Marclyn
    Mister Marclyn

    Elvis granddaughter

  • Gild Tesoro
    Gild Tesoro

    Who's with me on the repeat button? ✋😍

  • Jhen Castro
    Jhen Castro

    Wow ❤️😍

  • Prime Merlinean
    Prime Merlinean

    "It seems you still didn't see Marcelito's highest rage, check out his full performances by some uploaders on youtube."

    • gone fishing
      gone fishing


  • INP Pokemon
    INP Pokemon

    Im 13

  • SilentKnight1000

    I want to hear her sing "My Funny Valentine"

  • SilentKnight1000

    She reminds me of the character "Wendy" from the show 'The Wonder Years'

  • Bryz Jose
    Bryz Jose

    2:45 is so ugh


    She can be a recording artist for sure after this

    • gone fishing
      gone fishing

      She is allready a recording artist.

  • Tetibe Iotebwa
    Tetibe Iotebwa

    Still these days she haven’t wear any shoes while performing ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Gab JC Raphael
    Gab JC Raphael

    After watching this, I can't help but think that Marcelito probably didn't got a golden buzzer because he's an Asian.

    • Gab JC Raphael
      Gab JC Raphael

      @Espen Stabforsmo nope. Marcelito is a unique singer. Of course it would be tiring if you just watch one video of him singing the same song. But the point is, he is definitely better than this girl who was just a regular singer.

    • Espen Stabforsmo
      Espen Stabforsmo

      No - he didn't get a golden buzzer because he's nothing more than a circus act. Alternating between a male and female voice, like Dimash, can be impressive the first two or three times you hear it. Afterward, it becomes nothing more than a tiresome and soulless gimmick...

    • gone fishing
      gone fishing

      Playing the racist card want help his circus act.

  • Blue Crew, The Big Lift
    Blue Crew, The Big Lift

    I L❤️VE Y😘U Angelina J❣️ You are truly so beautiful inside-out❣️ Stay humble, kind and a down-to-earth young lady/person as you are❣️ May you Win the America's Got Talent Champions 2020❣️ God Bless🙏💁❤️💗💖💓❣️

  • Althea Maye
    Althea Maye

    2:27 why is she not wearing shoes

  • Reece Beauchamp
    Reece Beauchamp

    Her voice sent shivers down my spine. I loved her rendition of this song.

  • Dane Pillay
    Dane Pillay

    When you reach 18 your bf will be the luckiest man alive

  • OneSecondPerDay

    those who disliked the video thought it was the download button

  • Luis Angel May
    Luis Angel May

    I want to see more about her, please.

    • Christopher

      Luis Angel May Try to find these channels: Angelina Jordan Official, Angelina Jordan Coverchannel, Boris Palenovski, Angelina Jordan Fanclub Mosarz

  • kyrie irving
    kyrie irving


  • priscilla darling
    priscilla darling

    SOOOO. GOOD. remarkable!

  • Jnes Syiemlieh
    Jnes Syiemlieh

    She's truly a gift. 😊

  • maricon palomique
    maricon palomique

    Best rendition of this song so far

  • Kaspar Hauser
    Kaspar Hauser

    She's pur magic, so humble and classy. Looks alike and sings with the grace of a young pharaoh.

  • Zani Kahu
    Zani Kahu

    If amy Winehouse, alissa cara, and Norah jones had a baby

  • Jr M Ralte
    Jr M Ralte

    Wowwwww 😍😍😍😍

  • Christian Samiano
    Christian Samiano

    Marcelito ❤❤❤2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

    • gone fishing
      gone fishing

      Did he get a golden buzzer?

  • Rocky Go
    Rocky Go

    She's 13 ONLY 13!!!!!!

  • Aren ozukum
    Aren ozukum

    Just... wow.. amazing

  • Jbf53176

    Ok, wait... What the hell did I just hear?? Holy shit.... That is original, beautiful, and brilliant. Damn.....

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty


  • maythen78

    I've been following her and have been a fan since shortly after she her stunning audition for Norway's got talent. She has always been insanely talented for someone so young but she straight knocked this out of the atmosphere. I will buy any and all music she puts out, can't wait to see more performances from her.

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      The lady at 4:21

  • Nilo Ramos
    Nilo Ramos

    Been repeating this song always feel the same good emotion with unexplainable tone of voice, im from philippines, supporting marcelito pomoy, but i think she's my bet winning this agt champ. no hurt feeling with all my county men , our country are best all over the world in regards to singing, i just like her voice, and arrangement of songs.

  • Great Critic
    Great Critic

    I hear some adele vibes

  • Emily Staley
    Emily Staley

    I literally got chills

  • Mor Agev
    Mor Agev

    She just acted at Dhar Mann's videos, am I right?

  • Otgonbayar Bayarsaikhan
    Otgonbayar Bayarsaikhan

    No offense, is she hippie ?

    • Espen Stabforsmo
      Espen Stabforsmo

      Well - what is your definition of a 'hippie'..?

  • Christian Gomonay
    Christian Gomonay

    Nice voice and very good quality of voice but still the voice and talent of marcelito amaze me.

  • idol kita mimi
    idol kita mimi


  • king Kameron
    king Kameron

    Marcelito pomoy also deserving a golden buzzer😞😞😞

    • gone fishing
      gone fishing

      Did he not get one?

  • mister eurasia
    mister eurasia

    Is Amira of Netherlands also here???

    • mister eurasia
      mister eurasia

      @dan vision tnx

    • dan vision
      dan vision

      No, Amira is living in South Africa with her mother and has just other kind of way.

  • mister eurasia
    mister eurasia

    I want Amira the winner of Hollands got talent. I hope she also here to showcase her incredible talent.

  • Robert Liwongan
    Robert Liwongan

    I see some adel quality in here.Please like if you feel the same

  • shapttwn islankay
    shapttwn islankay

    How about Angelina and Marcelito duet??

  • Magali Espinosa
    Magali Espinosa

    Shes definitely talented but i guess the golden buzzer was for because she didnt have to prove her talent. It wouldnt change anyway since it's a unique way of singing.

    • Magali Espinosa
      Magali Espinosa

      @Barangay TV. her voice is distinctive. It's not common. She is young and talented. She has control of it at a young age. But what i meant is that the golden buzzer was for that. Because most likely her voice and style of singing wont change that's why she got it.

    • Barangay TV.
      Barangay TV.

      What unique singing you are talking about that singing voice style is very common ..many singers use that kind of singing voice style.. Watch the voice or X factor many singers have similar singing voice style of her

  • hyox3

    The lady at 4:21

  • Ronars Tibayan
    Ronars Tibayan


  • flagella1337

    Heidi forgot to take her pill?

  • ain anai
    ain anai

    i can listen to this over and over again.this is simply beautiful

  • john handCOCK
    john handCOCK

    If I was competing and heard her sing, I'll quit right away.

  • Regina L. Miles
    Regina L. Miles

    I Was Just Wondering What Happened To Her......Now I know: She Was and Still Is En Route To Becoming A Superstar❗️👍🏾🙌👍🤝🎁🎏🎀🎉🎊♥️💌❤️💜❣️💖🧡💛🤍💞💝💚🤎💓💟💙💔💗☮️💯🆗🎵🎶

  • XFaded _ SoundsX
    XFaded _ SoundsX


  • Lhian

    I m an avid fan of Marcelito but no one in their right mind can deny Angelina's golden voice too!!!! Good luck to the both of them. Ps. I think it ain't too much if I m hoping for them to make a duet someday. P L E A S E 💟

  • hminga varte
    hminga varte

    Behold! A Star is Born

  • Annj Siger
    Annj Siger

    Philippine singers is better like jona, morisette,kz and etc...

  • J G
    J G

    Nice. I see Freddy and I cry.....