Annie LeBlanc - Utopia
Annie LeBlanc
Download/Stream "Utopia" -
Featuring: Asher Angel
Directed by: Nayip Ramos
Written by: Kaydence, c.a.s.o.l.i.n.a, & Annie LeBlanc
Song Producer: Symphony
Song Engineer: G-White
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  • Addison Lust
    Addison Lust

    hi um utopia is amazing and that’s all i have to say

    • Darsana Vishnu
      Darsana Vishnu


    • Dorothy Joyner
      Dorothy Joyner


    • up tv
      up tv

      @Chelsea P. Pinned? Zoo?

    • Alexia Poole
      Alexia Poole

      Hey I am a fan of you and chicken girls and a fan of tk

    • Mashed_Potatoes

      Lmaooo ikr

  • ac and more
    ac and more

    It's a great song why so much dislike

  • Flowii

    I miss the other ship

  • Dark-Drama Queen
    Dark-Drama Queen

    They are so cute why did they break up❤️😢😭

  • Liza Poorters
    Liza Poorters


  • Jazmyn Ruth
    Jazmyn Ruth

    We’re are the leBlancs

  • Elian Massad
    Elian Massad

    who’s here after the break up😢🥺

  • Nina Krupar
    Nina Krupar

    even though they aren’t together they give me hope a real love like this exists at such a young age

  • Peuviny

    Annie LeBlanc - Utopia (Instrumental Remake) Link:

  • Stephanie Seegulam
    Stephanie Seegulam

    I love you annie leblanc 👍💑❤🎤👆✌

    • Stephanie Seegulam
      Stephanie Seegulam

      I love you dady annie leblanc wan I listen York Sondra i😂

  • barbzie

    This literally is so beautiful! Annie's grown so much💕 (I love the leblancs so much since day1!!)

  • {•cookie gamer•}
    {•cookie gamer•}

    Annie is getting so old :,((

  • anny galva
    anny galva

    So sad + sad+sad=SO Sad

  • imani hussain
    imani hussain

    It's my dream and goal to even get the chance to say hello to annie and her friends and family are so lucky to have her

  • Outside Content
    Outside Content

    Annie your one of my favorites and this is how many people miss you making video’s

  • precious payne
    precious payne

    I love ur song and I'm sorry about ur break up with Asher u guys can work it out everything will be okay hang in there

  • belle miñoza
    belle miñoza

    I thought they we’re the endgame 😪

  • Kara Keegan
    Kara Keegan

    I love you soooooooooo much annie pls pin me!

    • Kara Keegan
      Kara Keegan

      Utopia is everything you want in a song

  • Dimitra Lykesa
    Dimitra Lykesa

    Does anyone else remember when this comment section wasn't about corona or their break up?

  • Chloe Sin
    Chloe Sin

    Honestly, I still can’t believe that they broke up😢

  • VanessaMurugi GRADE 7 2020
    VanessaMurugi GRADE 7 2020

    Her: singing like an angel :) Me:singing like a dying chicken :(

  • Blaze Trendafilov
    Blaze Trendafilov

    Thank u Annie.. this song made my life better

  • bakabaka unchi
    bakabaka unchi

    This is so sad to watch😭😭😭😭

  • it-ya-bruh-william 69
    it-ya-bruh-william 69

    Annie I literally love you so much , you are my one and only , I am literally crying right now because I love you so much . Annie I just have one thing to say you are my utopia ♥️😢♥️

  • Mia Hutner
    Mia Hutner

    yup i’m sad

  • Kaitlyn Elborn
    Kaitlyn Elborn

    This is really good I'm a long fan of u an your music and Bratayley

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea

    And i just waiting for dystopia one

  • Eli PP
    Eli PP

    Annie you are the best singer! ❤🙂But how old are you?

    • Eli PP
      Eli PP


  • Valeria Romero
    Valeria Romero

    Stop commenting “who’s here after they broke up”

  • mezmursema

    Who else misses ashannie

    • Moradul Chowdhury
      Moradul Chowdhury

      They are meant to be together

  • smitha karukayil
    smitha karukayil

    Annie acts like grown up . love it yea .Ashannie together

  • Beastz 07
    Beastz 07

    I remember when Annie was so tiny

  • Hxney__x Bee__x
    Hxney__x Bee__x

    The whole comments-whoes here after the breakup-like if u are so many peoples comments saying that u dont have too,

  • Yasmin Yakubu
    Yasmin Yakubu

    I wish ashannie was still together

  • Jeinel Fernandes
    Jeinel Fernandes

    Y do the best couples break up 💔

  • Mulunesh Wobbema
    Mulunesh Wobbema


  • Kaila Winternheimer
    Kaila Winternheimer

    Hey Annie I know yoou released that song a while ago but I want to start of saying how amazing I think you are I love how positive you try to be and I would love to meet you one day I am about your age but I still look up to you and think you have a bright fruture ahead of you!!!! Also was Asher really sick I know you and him are not together anymore but I am just wondering?? I love you Annie always have and always will!!!!!

  • Bhavya Khanchandani
    Bhavya Khanchandani

    annie looks amazing in this and thats that.

  • kester Grovesnor
    kester Grovesnor

    I love this song

  • Mariha Hoshen
    Mariha Hoshen

    i miss them together:(((

  • Sierra Beliveau
    Sierra Beliveau

    I like this song

  • Willow Ritter
    Willow Ritter

    anyone here now that annie and asher broke up?

  • Myasia Young
    Myasia Young

    I really do missed them they was so perfect

  • Imaara Imran
    Imaara Imran

    what does utopia mean? btw love the song

  • Ryan Ramdeo
    Ryan Ramdeo

    I Came from The Video Where you reacted to your music videos and comments ❤

  • Prakriti D
    Prakriti D

    Corona = breakup season

  • طسهو جةسشاة
    طسهو جةسشاة


  • Dorothy Joyner
    Dorothy Joyner

    I saw the post and I cryed because I love this song and it breaks my heart to see Asher

  • O.M


  • Suina Boja
    Suina Boja

    this video called me single

  • Thenielle Insequel
    Thenielle Insequel

    Who's here after their breakup Why did this have to happen

  • Camiliwis MD
    Camiliwis MD


  • Twinky Wong
    Twinky Wong

    came here after the breakup

  • Kristen Anthony
    Kristen Anthony

    I love utopia like I love it and who is here stuck in quarantine👇

  • Itzel Escobedo
    Itzel Escobedo

    Who is here after their break up?

  • Rokima Kima
    Rokima Kima

    Like good


    i love your music

  • Jessica Conn
    Jessica Conn

    Look up the definition of utopia the song will make so much more sense

  • Saimi hautala
    Saimi hautala

    i'm crying. it literally breaks my heart that they broke up.

  • Glenda Brown
    Glenda Brown

    Sorry 😞 Annie you are buetiful. You will get through this

  • Martu Pandullo
    Martu Pandullo

    Utopia 😭

  • Baboy Dada
    Baboy Dada


  • Nasir Salihف فح هع 8th من كل غق
    Nasir Salihف فح هع 8th من كل غق

    They were soooooo cute I don't get how they broke up like really. I was so devastated

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> looks weird

  • Natalie Hicks
    Natalie Hicks

    annie leblanc im here to say that make sure you keep the thought in your head that more then 3 million people love you when your sad think about all the people that love you.....btw i love utopia i love u so much keep doing what your doing we all love you annie

  • Esma. 04
    Esma. 04

    who is watching this wen they break up :(

  • Gracie McWhirter-Kerr
    Gracie McWhirter-Kerr


  • Sophie Spooner
    Sophie Spooner

    they did make a cute couple but they broke up for a reason

  • Now Rexroad
    Now Rexroad

    Annie you sing amazing

  • Elizabeth Geckle
    Elizabeth Geckle

    This song was my favorite and they really belong together I wish they didn't break up

  • Mallory Krimm
    Mallory Krimm

    Luv it I so hope that u two can can back together when u r 18

  • Kenza 2606
    Kenza 2606


  • Yaimerys Muzuarrieta
    Yaimerys Muzuarrieta

    How are you nicer than my sister

  • Danica B
    Danica B

    guys we get it we are all here after they broke up

  • ArtGrid Fr
    ArtGrid Fr

    Who’s here after the break up

  • Aarushi Meshram Meshram
    Aarushi Meshram Meshram

    A re you home schooled??

  • Aarushi Meshram Meshram
    Aarushi Meshram Meshram

    hi Annie, this is one of your biggest fans !! And I wanted to online audition for brat tv .If you could tell me how to do the same.

  • 0xx_aesthetic _xx
    0xx_aesthetic _xx

    I'm so sad about what happened 😭💔. I really liked them together 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • cake sniffer
    cake sniffer

    Annie I don’t know if you’re going to read this but you’re an amazing and precious creature that doesn’t deserve anything but the best ❤️.

  • Lea‘s Boring life
    Lea‘s Boring life

    Comments that i see: Who is watching this after Annie and Asher broke up? Or:Who is watching this while Corona?

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