Are 8K TV manufacturers LYING??
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What defines resolution? Does pixel count alone make a display 4K or 8K? We take you down a rabbit hole of tech-giant certification scandal..
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  • rjc0234

    ah its the "Full HD", "HD ready", "720p HD" debacle all over again

  • marshall jacobs
    marshall jacobs

    1:50 so wait... if samsung wanted to, they could release a 24 hz 8k tv and it would be acceptable??

  • Gr3nadgr3gory

    It's not like we could tell anyways.

  • Flyboy

    I'm just glad I don't watch TV. I can't be doing with all this nonsense about resolution, brightness, viewing angles, etc. There's so many variables that contribute to a good image on TV, there's no point in striving for absolute perfection just to watch the garbage that's on nowadays.

  • Simple Tech
    Simple Tech

    Damn straight they're lying! Dude noone has real 8k. TVs can barely do 4K. Get real! It's Fake News!

  • Logic Bender
    Logic Bender

    screw 8k tbh, the industry hasn't even gotten decent with 4k let alone 8k

  • Rob

    Pulseway is a massive ripoff. Billing per endpoint for RMM software is a tired money grab. It is the opposite of useful for small IT businesses or contractors.

  • Younes Layachi
    Younes Layachi

    Great vid

  • score guy
    score guy

    1080p is better than nothing

  • Groug

    "socks and scandals". LOL. Good one.

  • Arsal Asher
    Arsal Asher

    Time to grab some popcorn 😁

  • Darkcloud1983

    Also being that i think about this sony is not apart of this association. The only company of the 3 that makes 8k content and the only company that can say lens to living room. Not to mention they are also using their HDC 8300 8k camera to film the Olympic. So if the content creator is not apart of Samsung’s created 8k branding its very odd that people are still trying to defend samsung. Remember sony also has the new 8k Venice camera that James Cameron is using to make the new avatar. As usual tho this channel doesn’t mention this.


    We have real 8k on mars already. Elon isnt welcome here.

  • Eddie O'Connor
    Eddie O'Connor

    Its a moot point anyway. We humans cannot "see" in 8K....its been proven that we "max out"? can sharpen a picture...and tweak colrs and shading, but we can't SEE in 4K....much less 8K!....its all just marketing ploys and buzz-work techno-sepak to get you to spend money! Case & Point: So be smart....don't blow your money on 8K TV' a decent hi-def 1080p...and keep your hard earned cash!

  • D3rp

    Me with my 11 year old 720p plasma TV there's no difference in 720p shows on 8k

  • rowen898

    Sadly if you bought a tv in the last 5 years. You bought a real fake 4-8k tv.

  • Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios
    Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

    Dude, thanks for the intel. I’m still in the market for a new Family Room T.V. For 2020. So I suppose the questions are: 1. L.G. v. Samsung, who is bullshitting who. Which 8K is TRULY 8K AND ready for prime time. 2. OLED v. QLED Has QLED reached parity with True Blacks? Thanks Jaime‼️‼️ As always, you rock‼️ Much L♥️VE to You and the Whole of Team Linus Media Group‼️‼️‼️♥️♥️♥️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🥃🥃🥃

  • doro626

    6:54 He did that too smooth. Strip club reflex action?

  • MaxCarponera

    marketing-driven engineering

  • Bantallar

    Just seeing the background makes me want to go to Vegas... :-/

  • Uzair Ahmad
    Uzair Ahmad

    CES coverage by LTT this year was really dissappointing

  • Nissim Trifonov
    Nissim Trifonov

    So basically 8k has two target audiences: simpletons and those who watch tv through a microscope

  • Rice Cooker
    Rice Cooker

    8k content does not exist, this video is irrelevant

  • meth yl
    meth yl

    I don't trust those them self own certification . Well the success fully did it 🤣

  • TheGoreforce

    I remember 768 monitors.

  • snekjuice

    tl;dr Samsung is overrated bullshit and LG deserves more attention

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh

    this is what happens when European and American companies abandoned hardware and now everything is made and designed in Asia consumers get robbed left and right but in Asia people don't mind because unity/harmony mentality

  • Bill Frost
    Bill Frost

    You had me at “contrast modulation”!

  • Natan Skorput
    Natan Skorput

    Hell, all TV manufacturers have been lying to us about 4K, because the retail stores most of the times only show the vertical resolution and not the horizontal. REAL 4k is not 3840x2160, REAL 4k is 4096x2160!

  • YonkersRacer21

    Hey, I stayed at the Venetian in Las Vegas, that’s the background right!? 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Mycha i Miodek
    Mycha i Miodek

    this video is not 8K certified, that's for sure

  • 清楚Seiso

    1:26 is when he gets to the point

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith

    So, if the human eye cannot even see full 4K resolution at normal viewing distances (Note that LG needed a microscope right at the display.), of what possible use is an 8k display?

  • Brian Egendorf
    Brian Egendorf

    Advertising that trashes competitors for problems doesn't tend to keep up with when their competitor fixes it. Comcast and Verizon trash each other for issues that lasted for maybe 90 days, as much as two years and five years after the issue has long been resolved.

  • OttersGonnaOtt

    Ah, yes. Good on LG for correctly labeling their new TVs as Real Wasted Pixels. They need to add Real Hard To Drive too though.

  • Siam

    Samsung sneakily names their Evo SSDs mlc gen 3 or something when it is actually tlc which is inferior and dies quicker. Hardly anyone calls them out on their BS

  • Robert Lawrence
    Robert Lawrence

    Good info but we need an outside source with no companies influencing the results to test the displays to truly certify. So last year's Samsung "8k" should be reduced in price even more.

  • Fee

    Wait so what about the contrast modulation of LG OLED ? Because OLED by lg is WOLED WRGB

  • Stony P
    Stony P

    Crazy world we live in when 8k TVs cost more than most new cars

  • Ian Broadhurst
    Ian Broadhurst

    why are people of today getting hooked on marketing hyp it is all a lie the human eye does not see in 8k and what is the point kothing is transmited or streemed in 8k big brands are taking advantage of the fact that the cuosumer will believe anything and you do

  • David Wales
    David Wales

    who gives a fuck, it's too many pixels.

  • Sean OFarrell
    Sean OFarrell

    4:02..bottom that 3d or what?..

  • Keesch 5
    Keesch 5

    Meanwhile I'm watching this is 4k But you are really out of focus in the outdoor shots XD

  • AreFallout

    8k why 4k content is still few and far between. Atleast dedicated 4k media not upscaled.

  • StaticImage

    I own that LG TV. The 55UH6150. And all I can say after learning this is GOD DAMMIT

  • BarrellRofl

    TCL is there on the standards board. Nice one TCL.

  • William Nett
    William Nett

    I've always loved LG since owning my LG g4. And always will. Fanboy alert. But this is interesting.

  • Marwin Thedja
    Marwin Thedja

    Wait, wait, wait what?! Nobody got the Shaun White joke @ ???

  • Trogdor Burninator
    Trogdor Burninator

    ALL television manufacturers have been lying about two out of three new features for the past 20 years. It's a big purchase, prone to salesmanship, that involves technical subjects that most people don't have a good grasp of, which most people don't have exacting perceptual standards for; Most "journalists" performing "reviews" don't do any objective testing. And nobody prosecutes manufacturers for fraud or even sues.

  • myplane150

    So,, why no dates on the vids anymore? Other vid creators have the original air date but LTT does not.

  • Norman Fong
    Norman Fong

    I like this style of roundup... Price is right style games could be incorporated into more content... Now who's gonna eat the durian?

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    are those buttplugs behind him?

  • Jacob Powers
    Jacob Powers

    also tcl samsung and panasonic use the same panels

  • Jacob Powers
    Jacob Powers

    but in 2020 can you buy a samsung tv 8k with confidence that it doesn’t have bad metrics.

  • MrCougar214

    That's Samsung for ya. Just pay someone to say it's 8K. And lets face it folks, pay anyone enough money and they will say it's true even if it's not. So Samsung is just buying fancy stickers.

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Trying to buy a cheaper computer monitor large as possible . One selling feacher is Adaptive-Sync and they say it is G-sync compatible . So what does that mean and what is

  • SamytyKill

    Shit, stop! Saving up for, and buying a used pc, that can run 2 year old games in 1080p on high settings,, felt like a huge achievment just two months ago! >_

  • RuiYi

    Samsung on their own seems sketchy, but when you have Hisense, which probably makes the best smooth and bright LCD TV's, AUO, TCL which make reliable, solid but budget options and actually delivers a very solid experience although not the best of the best such as LG's, it does give them creds. Also have to mention that Samsung had a long relationship with TCL and Hisense. (Hisense to a lower degree I think in term of bulk)

  • xvxvcaspervxvx

    Downloading a game in 8K at 23mb/s Okay...see you in a 6 weeks! I think this is an example of a marketing gimmick. Technology that most people can't afford that has little, practical daily use. Even now; 4K is suppose to be the new standard for media content, its practicality is still inundated by the many limitations of other technologies.

  • Karl Simonsen
    Karl Simonsen

    too much advertisement on linus tech tips chanel 👎

  • mplabs23

    Nobody needs 8K in a TV. Get a better 4K TV if you want to spend the money. You're welcome.