Astrid S, Brett Young - I Do (Acoustic) Performance Video
Watch the performance video for Astrid S x Brett Young with “I Do (Acoustic)".
Produced by The 10:10 Creative
Director: Steve Condon
Producer: Dani Condon
Stream or download “I Do” here:
Stream or download "I Do (Acoustic) here:
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“I Do” - Lyrics
Is it the people
Is it the room that looks the same
The conversations
Cus I though I heard your name
Or just illusions 
Somehow I just can’t explain
What reminds me of you

Am I lonely
Is it really you I’m missing
Or just somebody
I think I’ve got mixed feelings with Bacardi
Somehow I just can’t explain
Cus I don’t want me to want you

Oh I try not to think about what she’s like
And I try not to wonder where you’ve been
And I try to have a drink, toss it back, I don’t wanna think
I really try not to miss you
But in the end

I do, I do, I do, I do
I do, I do, I do, I do

It’s getting late and
People heading off
Neighbours complaining
And the music stops
But here I’m waiting
For you to show up
Like that would happen. 

I can’t remember 
The reasons we broke up
I just remember 
All of the good stuff
So can I call you
So you can remind me
Why we ended it

Oh I try not to think about what he’s like
And I try not to wonder where you’ve been
And I try to have a drink, toss it back, I don’t wanna think
I really try not to miss you
But in the end

I do, I do, I do, I do
I do, I do, I do, I do

The party´s over
And I’m scared to feel the same way
When I wake up
When I’m sober and it’s Sunday
Will miss you
When I’m lonely in my bed
Or will feel like
I’ll be ok
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Music video by Astrid S, Brett Young performing I Do (Acoustic). © 2020 Universal Music A/S

  • Steven Robertson
    Steven Robertson

    This is the song that brought AstridS to my attention. Great distinctive voice.

  • Amar Damwani
    Amar Damwani

    She is just so adorable, like a sudden sunshine on a dark day...

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  • Buemi Family
    Buemi Family

    Astrid you are my inspiration that i am righting a song right now! You are the reason that I am righting a song and why i wake up every morning and right songs i hope you read this and respond.Thank you.

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    Gary Weber

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  • Marck Dhivin Inacay
    Marck Dhivin Inacay

    Yes! There will be times that you will miss her specially the good times you had and yes you will see her someday with someone else but in the end you will still be okay even thou she's not with you anymore.

  • Myra Sanchez
    Myra Sanchez

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    But In the end, I really miss you crazily. Hiding it inside my heart never dare to tell you

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  • Gary Weber
    Gary Weber

    thanks for this song with Brett. He’s one of my favorites. love you guys from TX

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    Muhammed Azeez

    This is a cool song live them both

  • cjperez25

    I heard this song for the first time today. His story is the same exact as mine and her story is the same exact as my ex-girlfriend's. The part where he mentions waiting for her to show up and it not happening to the part where she mentions waking up sober and questioning if she even misses him. All to real!!! Exactly what I went through the past 6months and bundled up into 2minutes and 44seconds. Music is amazing and sheds light on what we sometimes hold in. Today is the first day I cried after my split. I needed this song today.

  • Logan Jackson
    Logan Jackson

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  • Fiu Dominiko
    Fiu Dominiko

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    Layladventures Here

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