Bazzi - Why? (Official Audio)
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  • Viannery Javier
    Viannery Javier

    I hear this music from 1 to 10 times

  • Viannery Javier
    Viannery Javier

    I love this music

  • Iqra Naz
    Iqra Naz

    Yea where is the guy in the comments that always writes the lyrics nm I found them 😭

  • 香椎.


  • ibrahim didi
    ibrahim didi

    I'm ok

    • washo tv
      washo tv

      mmm ight

  • Angelina Garnette
    Angelina Garnette

    I love this song i lisen to it evry day

  • Santos Gonzalez
    Santos Gonzalez

    is this story real

  • IRAQi Batoto
    IRAQi Batoto

    Why ? Why u bully me u fuking bish

  • Brian Higgins
    Brian Higgins

    This song still gets me emotional i was listening to this and some asshole drove his car right into us im good now

  • TeoUniverseh

    this song is very good ;)

  • Hilda Khangongo
    Hilda Khangongo

    Awesome song

  • No Limits
    No Limits

    Hi i'Am Indonesia

  • × Mîkåßhï ×
    × Mîkåßhï ×

    My new favorite song.

  • Frieze Lhanze Lachica
    Frieze Lhanze Lachica

    Dude this song is lit.

  • z ZzElinterzZ
    z ZzElinterzZ

    Aguante diacy wachoo ndeaah

  • Wyne B.
    Wyne B.

    supahhh lit this song.

  • pwalk1980

    Lorasno me to

  • pwalk1980

    Bro I do not no man

  • Aislinn Smith
    Aislinn Smith

    who came here from tiktok

  • Naaniinhyira Quaye
    Naaniinhyira Quaye


  • الهنوف المطيري.
    الهنوف المطيري.


  • iniciah colon
    iniciah colon

    🤟 I love you

  • sportsforgavin letsgoblues
    sportsforgavin letsgoblues

    I love this song

  • Lucifer 666
    Lucifer 666

    NOsoft recommended me this, Why?

  • Toukta Southavilay
    Toukta Southavilay

    Is this only for girls

  • Griff H
    Griff H

    tell me why you still love me-

  • Lucas Brown
    Lucas Brown

    Tiktok anyone?

  • Natalie Situmorang
    Natalie Situmorang

    Im grateful for finding this masterpiece

  • Jolenny Jimenez garcia
    Jolenny Jimenez garcia

    0:38 😍

  • Shefa Khan
    Shefa Khan

    Came here from a jimin fanfic but stated for bazzi

  • Ana Sztykiel
    Ana Sztykiel

    im gonna have this stuck in my head forever now 🥺🦋💙

  • Leah Garcia
    Leah Garcia


  • Vivian Ajaja Nwadei
    Vivian Ajaja Nwadei

    Good valentine' s day at all the girls of the word♥

  • Ana Maldonado
    Ana Maldonado

    Because I am learning to say no.

  • Cameron Speers
    Cameron Speers

    bazzi i love your music and your an awsome artist

  • Cameron Speers
    Cameron Speers

    bazzi i love your music and your an awsome artist

  • Yamely Rodriguez
    Yamely Rodriguez

    I relate to this so much

  • theebakje

    try 1.25

  • Broke Stune
    Broke Stune


  • Tú Hà
    Tú Hà

    "You know you shouldn't love me Yeah, you still love me"

  • Yuki 先輩
    Yuki 先輩

    Why do you hate me? *Teacher???*

  • Stiches Gachalife
    Stiches Gachalife

    Why though?

  • WHY?


  • Triad

    This hit right in the feels man...

  • fafadah

    kenapa lagu nya bikin candu sih😭❤

  • Mrs. S Diamond
    Mrs. S Diamond

    Reminds me of Michael... 🥰

  • Mini TikTok queen 133
    Mini TikTok queen 133

    My nana asked what I was listening to and I said why and she yelled at me and said “BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOURE LISTING TO” and I said no nana the name of the song is why 😂

  • janardhan reddy
    janardhan reddy


  • ᄒ밈툐 재ᅵᄅ ᅩᄃ개galaxy wolf hero
    ᄒ밈툐 재ᅵᄅ ᅩᄃ개galaxy wolf hero

    I can't be the only girl or boy that is lip syncing this and lonely as heck and is thinking of boys/girls or both, I'm thinking of boys.

  • imjustine owo
    imjustine owo

    who's watching it on 2020

  • imjustine owo
    imjustine owo


  • imjustine owo
    imjustine owo


  • Soringam Rian
    Soringam Rian

    Shit,this song is one of my memories cause on that day I heard this song after sometime my girl broke up with me😔

  • Tshepiso Oliphant
    Tshepiso Oliphant

    Me listening to this song thinking of my crush

  • Cece Michel
    Cece Michel

    i love this song

  • ミキMiki

    Bazziiiiii stop making me cryyyyyy

  • Yara Barghouthy
    Yara Barghouthy


  • jade_love_u

    I only lision to this one because itjust has the best beats and I don't I don't like the other videos of this son I love whatever you did or if you did anything lol keep posting your so good at this if you did anything sorry lol

  • Limario Jolisa Nallalisa
    Limario Jolisa Nallalisa

    2020 everyone?

  • Lara Ferreira
    Lara Ferreira

    AFF best song of all time😍❤