Belle Delphine Shocks Us & Trisha Paytas' Fake Wedding- H3 Podcast #155
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    People who don’t watch until the end of the podcast makes no sense to me it’s literally so much fun

  • Isa Mitsuku
    Isa Mitsuku

    Peanut M&Ms too good. 10/10 would eat again.

  • Victoria Sillars
    Victoria Sillars

    Ethan is super funny and it looks like he lost a ton of weight and um huge fans of the show. Keep it up Ethan.

  • Rhino Gaming
    Rhino Gaming

    About the first story, his name is Burak (Boo Rock). It's kind of cringe to hear "CiZiEn". The city : Ak Cha Kale', Shun Lee oor Fah

  • Mauro

    How isn't sneakers at number 1?

  • Plates Mcplates
    Plates Mcplates

    Huge fan of the show, Ethan keep it up

  • FrostTyler

    Dan is so negatively opinionated when it comes to good candy that it's offensive

  • Alyssa

    Ethan is super funny and it looks like he lost a ton of weight! Huge fan of the show, keep it up Ethan!

  • Crystal basile
    Crystal basile


  • Ccmitch

    the candy ratings are terrible

  • Samantha McDowra
    Samantha McDowra

    Clearly your candy taste is questionable if you’d rate good bars an F but Candy corn above that. Garbage

  • Its Grimm
    Its Grimm

    Have security if shoenice comes on. I know its a meme but that man doesn't seem well.

  • RenounceAllEvil 86
    RenounceAllEvil 86

    I dead ass almost choked on a 3 musketeers bar once it got stuck in my throat as I swallowed, it gets stupid sticky in your mouth and the same thing happened to a friend once, I legit could not breathe for at least 30 seconds and started to panic

  • Logono 00420
    Logono 00420

    Twizzlers suck so bad. Airheads beat twizzlers by a leap.

  • Ashton Nelson
    Ashton Nelson

    ethan is super funny and it looks like he lost a ton of weight im a huge fan of the show keep it up ethan!

  • Rikky Z.
    Rikky Z.

    The toilet paper trick is definitely an old gaff From like the rage comic era

  • Marko Danilovic
    Marko Danilovic

    Relax guys...wiping technique is an old joke

  • Saba Ghaderi
    Saba Ghaderi


  • SaggyPig 4321
    SaggyPig 4321

    I used to do the same exact thing as Ethan. I would wash that shitty sour stuff off in the sink and suck on just the sweet part of the war head.

  • Knightwing773

    Ethan is super funny, and it looks like he lost a ton of weight. Big fan of the show, keep it up.

  • Dusty Chalk
    Dusty Chalk

    The burger is in the wrong place

  • OmegaKyros

    Ethan is super funny and it looks like he lost a tonne of weight! Huge fans of the show, keep it up Ethan!

  • Filip Krawczyk
    Filip Krawczyk

    It's kinda sad seeing 2 millionaires laughing at desperate alcoholic

  • EX ONE
    EX ONE

    hila hates belle cuz ethan is so interested

  • Gaile Boutilier
    Gaile Boutilier

    The tp gag us s old school joke my dad use to say alot but my dad said to use a leaf if your in the forest and need to shit

  • ReetheTurtle

    The mad lass belle Delphine got used for clickbait again

  • Ella Charlie
    Ella Charlie

    Woy Woy is a place in Australia

  • Nicole Lozada
    Nicole Lozada

    the arguments at the end of the tier list made me laugh so hard❤️ i watch the whole episode every time, guys. you’re all so awesome :)

  • adeadalien n
    adeadalien n

    The one with the guy and the toilet paper is literally a joke, I hear different versions of it from guys in the construction field, theyre just being goofballs lol

  • Zabel Connor
    Zabel Connor

    Thank goodness for Dan.

  • sukoshineko

    Belle Delphine = Old news. Can y'all stop. Every freakin week. It's a weird obsession that Hila must be over too by now. Feels like h3 has gone stale for a long time now. Podcast was the death of quality content. Sorry not sorry.

  • Sweet Cheeks
    Sweet Cheeks

    He did almond joy dirty

  • juniper quaintrelle
    juniper quaintrelle

    Belle's video concept was kinda stolen from an old video I remember. But it was a surgery on a teddy bear but there was a lot of simularities. I remember it was made on Kevin's (old dude on buzzfeed) personal NOsoft

  • Dana Schaffner
    Dana Schaffner

    I was waiting for coffee crisp but I don't think it's outside Canada :(

  • Albë

    6:50 I finna do something like that, watch.

  • Alyssa Thompson
    Alyssa Thompson

    You guys gotta try the taste bud changing pills. They’re called miracle berry pills

  • Dan mangrum
    Dan mangrum

    Ethan is super funny, looks like he has neither gained nor lost any weight, fan of the show...keep up the good moves

  • Shaddiewolf

    Not gonna lie, I'm a fan of Belle Delphine. And I am a straight female. So Ethan, it's okay. She is a fascinatingly weird person!

  • teddycuthbert

    2:00:34 - 2:01:15

  • jonbennettart

    when it got to smarties i was like "Ooh great" but then I realized that in Canada american smarties are rockets. Our smarties are actually completely different, and not available in the united states. Also rockets do suck.

  • Kristian Nilsen
    Kristian Nilsen

    i lost it when i saw Ethan's face at 1:34:16

  • Evan Poirier
    Evan Poirier

    “We got the cups. Now we need the pieces.”

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim

    ethan is super funny and he looks like he gained weight. fuck your show 🙃

  • julia h
    julia h

    who else thinks dan is so annoying

  • Gia M
    Gia M

    Twizzlers are the nastiest shits ever invented

  • Zofia Gabinecka
    Zofia Gabinecka

    ethan is superbbb funny. AND he looks like he lost a ton of weight. keep it up. proud of ya. :)

  • CHloE748

    IM SO TRIGGERED. Mr. Goodbar is my second favorite candy bar, next to Snickers. How dare y’all show such disrespect to a classic!

  • 343 frosty
    343 frosty

    Lmao you guys are assholes matthew McConaughey is great let the old man live

  • Richard Ivan
    Richard Ivan

    Nerds are S tier!

  • Drizzy DripDray
    Drizzy DripDray

    Shoenice gives me the heebie-jeebies 🙈

  • Drizzy DripDray
    Drizzy DripDray

    I love Mathew McConaughey f the haters 😂💜


    "Woy Woy"... Ethan hates aboriginals. 🔍

  • William Howells
    William Howells

    Ethan is funny and thin and this is the best show ever.

  • Ben Murphy
    Ben Murphy

    Best podcast ever on any platform, red bars all the way back to the first, Hila is glowing, Ethan is comfortable and hilarious. 10/10

  • Caskalicious


  • Shawn20c 93
    Shawn20c 93

    Ethan is super funny and it looks like he lost a lot of weight and good fans of the show keep it up ethan

  • Shundi12

    I feel sorry for Americans when the lowly Twix is the S tier of sweets/candy. You guys need to get some sweets/candy from over here in the UK.

    • Gabriel

      Peanutbutter twix is S tier but normal twix is D tier at best

  • Emilio Ibarra
    Emilio Ibarra

    Ethan us super funny and he's lost a lot of weight, and I'm a huge fan of the show.

  • Malori Wilson
    Malori Wilson

    Ok... I know I'm late but I must say this... PEPPERMINT PATTIES IN D!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! S Tier all the way... Also, I'm not sure why Shock Tarts change their name so much but they didn't get the original sweetarts which are vastly in-superior to Shock Tarts, aka Shockers, aka Sweetarts Chewy Sours.

  • Onyx Muse
    Onyx Muse

    Lmao who is the clean up crew 😂