Black Guy Knocks Up Racist Guy's Daughter (ANIMATED)
This guy LOSES it when he finds out that his youngest daughter is pregnant. Instagram @OwnagePranks
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  • Ownage Pranks
    Ownage Pranks

    IT'S FINALLY HERE! I literally cannot wait to read all your comments. This prank is crazy and the animation makes it even better, lmk what your fav scene is!! If you want to help support these animations, share the vid with your friends!

    • Chris J
      Chris J

      You're a piece of shit for normalizing racism. Fuck you and I hope your parents are proud. Fucking pro-racist punk bitch.

    • lrvnn _
      lrvnn _

      “I’m not even coming home now”.

    • Doug Staley
      Doug Staley

      Your awesome thanks so much for all the laughs ! I got a request!

    • Tim Doyon
      Tim Doyon

      That made me laugh so hard I blew my Sunkist Orange out of my nose! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Omar D
      Omar D

      @Satanist Court fuck you and your country

  • Vader Vader
    Vader Vader

    I don't think he is racist He just wanted her daughter to have a good life You wouldn't want your daughter to be trapped in the worst society of people possible would you?

  • Bosky78

    Was the “racist” part, really necessary???

  • Xxbayarea650

    hhahahahahahhahaahh IDIOT

  • Ace

    I don’t know, i love your videos but this is very bad, like come on men, wtf

  • Dre Blac DeVillin'
    Dre Blac DeVillin'


  • Souberou Hyma
    Souberou Hyma


  • Deion Mitchell
    Deion Mitchell

    Prank more racist people lol

  • Ethekilkerbee

    Racist fucker

  • Steven Mills
    Steven Mills

    Fukoff with ur pre teen dictator quips guy. How u gonna say "And that's not cool'' For dude to have an opinion? Many groups of religion and races still believe it's better to not mix. Who are you to tell them that what they're doing is ''not cool'' (?) I

  • Vince Christian Alao
    Vince Christian Alao

    What are you doing at the Motel 6? *Nothing

  • jheychode

    The only thing racist about this was this fools shit impersonation of a black guy


    Ur so cool

  • RKC

    Being against interracial marriage is not racist, this guy wasn’t racist at all

    • RKC

      PiK no it isn’t lol, there are tons of people of races who have friends and hangout and are good people to and with other races, but when it comes to race mixing, is against that, there is a reason why MOST people stick to there own race for marriage, it is not racist, you do not know what real racism is.

    • PiK

      It is pretty racist to not let your child marry someone of another race.

  • aaron Harper
    aaron Harper

    The fuck he mean he understood

  • Jay

    I highly doubt he is a retired navy seal , there is no way in hell someone like that would have lastest in our Navy let alone special forces. He sounds more like a seal wash out that bolsters about himself being a veteran

  • ironcasm

    This wasn’t cool or funny at all

  • Ryan Friedman
    Ryan Friedman

    By 1:34, I thought he would say “This is my daughter. There are many like her but this one is mine”.

  • The Godzilla Gamer
    The Godzilla Gamer

    1:38 what is going on

  • Jon

    Wow this guy makes Ike Turner look like Chuck e cheese

  • Jose Perla
    Jose Perla

    4:54 why are you sympathizing with that white racist??

  • Phila Mtolo
    Phila Mtolo

    Would you like some references I will give you some numbers of my other 2 baby mamas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Why tf do u look like azzerz

  • Wolfie

    Arab lecturing about interracial dating? You guys still call black people abeed in gulf countries which means slave!!

  • DJ_ G1itch
    DJ_ G1itch

    HOLY SHIT THATS WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE !?!?!?! I'm 18 now, i use to watch your videos when i was 12-15 but stopped just randomly. I thought u were white. Damn shame, you coulda went out with homies daughter 😂😂

  • D W
    D W

    Racist Bastard!!!

  • Luis Miguel Ribeiro Nunes
    Luis Miguel Ribeiro Nunes

    Hey DAD ! Dad : Gabby, you at home ???????

  • David Gilbert
    David Gilbert

    I always assumed Navy Seals were pretty switched on, how wrong was I..

  • Daniel David
    Daniel David

    As a black man, I feel I have the authority to ask this... where was the racism?

    • Kawi

      @RKC I mean, there are black/white versions of many different races: Mexicans, Asians (Indonesians), Arabs, the list can go on. So keeping a 'race' doesn't make much sense to me. And you can teach your kids both of your cultures. I have two African parents who dated inside their race yet never really bothered to teach me their language or much of their culture other than cooking Fufu, and African music. So I don't really understand it, personally.

    • RKC

      Kawi yes it’s normal in all races, point is being against interracial marriage is pretty normal, and not racist, reason being is they want there race to stay there color and keep there heritage in there family tree

    • Kawi

      @RKC I know a lot of black people who do not approve of interracial marriages. Why? No idea. But sadly for them, I am not like that lol.

    • Deion Mitchell
      Deion Mitchell

      how he mentioned no grandchildren would be his...

    • RKC

      Daniel David there isn’t any, and I don’t think being against interracial marriage is racist, a lot of people even people of color believe this who have friends of all backgrounds.

  • Giovanni Miron
    Giovanni Miron

    He looks like the one of the characters in family guy names George Bush

  • Giovanni Santiago
    Giovanni Santiago

    I was already dead with the sneeze at 0:43 😂

  • Lslice

    It be hilarious for one day him to prank someone and then them proceed to read out ownage pranks actual address

  • Some Random
    Some Random

    They're blowing this video up on Facebook talking about how it's "under the table racism and shouldn't of been uploaded"

  • Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peach

    What’s ironic is those are the same states that say abortion should be illegal because it’s a heinous sin. I wonder if a racist dad would still be against abortion if he found out his grandchild would be half black.

  • Yasser Ahmed
    Yasser Ahmed

    Meanwhile Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe,where you goin with that gun in your hand?

  • Jakob Zidovic
    Jakob Zidovic

    Based and redpilled grandpa.

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian

    Not racist

  • Jaycob Walker
    Jaycob Walker

    2:50 Wait, but black guys always run away from they’re pregnant. The white angry dad gave him a free pass to ditch his “kids”

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother

    If we where meant to mix we would all be brown.

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother

    It is not cool

  • gargars stuff
    gargars stuff

    "i got a shovel and a gun and im using both when i get home" best line

  • will haynes
    will haynes

    Not a single racial slur from the obvious racist?! He definitely knew he was being recorded/In on this. I'm from the deep South...racists do not sugar coat their racist views, especially if they know/believe they are having a private conversation.

  • Maverick Rhodes
    Maverick Rhodes

    Good Aul US.OF A.. "If it aint white, it aint Ok, Mmm'kay"

  • Rey Rey Puentes 915
    Rey Rey Puentes 915

    Wide nose breathing all the white mans air lol" clayton bigsby"

  • Ayoub Ali
    Ayoub Ali

    I got the shovel and i’ve got a gun, And i’mma be using both when i get back to town.....😂😂🤣🤣 im done

  • Dacie

    "I'm telling ya right now,you better start running if that's the case"😂😂😂

  • IRLrosie


  • One Phil
    One Phil

    Sounds like a dad that cares. Not racist

  • Skepter 101
    Skepter 101

    But he never says anything racist???

  • Meso Anto
    Meso Anto

    Tyrone? 🤪 That's every father's worst nightmares. Tyrone have nothing to do with race. T=thirsty Y=youthful R =runt O =only N =not E =ebonized

  • Velveteon

    wow turns out ownage pranks is indeed the dude we thought he was

  • M. Romero
    M. Romero

    His "black guy" voice 😂😂😂 smh

  • Kronx

    Protective dads ain't right. Who they tryna keep their daughters for, themselves?

    • Jakob Zidovic
      Jakob Zidovic

      You are an idiot with 0 life experience.

  • Kenpachi Nozarashi
    Kenpachi Nozarashi

    He's a respectful racist haha not one n word. If that didn't trigger it then nothing will haha

  • Keith Carrington
    Keith Carrington

    That oh hell no took me😭

  • SM ZYX
    SM ZYX

    He isnt racist, just because he wants to protect his daughter. Liberalism is disease

    • Wolfie

      Odim We can not assume if the guy was named “Jake”, he would be nicer. Maybe he was just trying to look out for his daughter

    • Odim

      Shut the fuck up trumptard. He litterally said "any child you have with her is not my grandchild". Think he would've said the same thing if the guy's name was "Jake" instead of "Tyrone"?

  • The5armdamput33

    "I was just about to come home and do some... "ill will"..." - Did that guy just imply that he was going to come home to kill his wife and daughter??

  • Ayte’el

    of course you make it where Tyrone has four other kids and “baby mamas”

  • Lil Peep
    Lil Peep

    This era so soft wish I could go back to 90s everything is racist nothing dude said was racist or even close to it he was just mad at his daughter which any dad would be no matter what color

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez

    He protec he attac the most important he's coming for your ass