Boxing Knockouts | September 2019 Week 4
Boxing Knockouts | September 2019 Week 4
01) Tetsuya Kondo vs Jin Sasaki / 2019-09-26
02) Taichi Koide vs Kyonosuke Kameda / 2019-09-26
03) Daiki Imanari vs Azumah Tanaka / 2019-09-27
04) Masaki Kobayashi vs Shuhei Hamano / 2019-09-27
05) Shu Nawai vs Yuichi Baba / 2019-09-27
06) Raphael Tronche vs Ariel Esteban Bracamonte / 2019-09-27
07) Dennis McCann vs Georgi Georgiev / 2019-09-27
08) Denzel Bentley vs Kelcie Ball / 2019-09-27
09) Archie Sharp vs Declan Geraghty / 2019-09-27
10) Daniel Dubois vs Ebenezer Tetteh / 2019-09-27
11) Adam Deines vs Yevgenii Makhteienko / 2019-09-28
12) Roman Fress vs Michal Czykiel / 2019-09-28
13) Tony Yoka vs Michael Wallisch / 2019-09-28
14) David Soria vs Beka Murjikneli / 2019-09-28
15) David Avanesyan vs Kerman Lejarraga II / 2019-09-28
16) Steve Robinson vs Shaun Duffy / 2019-09-28
17) Joey Spencer vs Travis Gambardella / 2019-09-28
18) Josesito Lopez vs John Molina Jr / 2019-09-28
19) Anthony Dirrell vs David Benavidez / 2019-09-28
20) Azinga Fuzile vs Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov / 2019-09-29

  • Fine kabbaj
    Fine kabbaj

    The last one got me going … What a fight ..

  • Жасурбек Султонов
    Жасурбек Султонов

    Красавчик ШАВКАТ ☝☝☝☝

  • P. G
    P. G


  • Sella tsegah
    Sella tsegah

    Excellent channel

  • Hazardous Roo
    Hazardous Roo

    Great body punching by Soria. I woulda puked my guts out after being hit in the body that many times.

  • TheUltiMUTBlitz

    11:16 it’s Ivan Drago lol wow

  • Xavi Jay Sanchez
    Xavi Jay Sanchez

    Amazing Video

  • Super Avesome Experiments
    Super Avesome Experiments

    Hi, if you also like this movie just like me, leave a like or comment. Have a nice day

  • Jay Moncrief
    Jay Moncrief

    2:42 the refs prolly whispering in his ear "Oooohhh child things are gonna get easier" 😆

  • Jay Moncrief
    Jay Moncrief

    I have that Boom Boom Pow, Those Chickens appear to be jacking my style, They are attempting to copy my swagger, I am on the next shit now, I am so 2008 And you are Two Thousand late, I have that Boom Boom Boom, That future Boom Boom Boom...


    Japan needs to change the way they referee & Lack of care for life in boxing.. for possibly the most advanced nation in the world they still treat fighters like its the 1950's/ Don't believe me come back here in 12 months and search deaths in the ring there will be at least 30-50 in japan alone. most years its over 50 so a number like 30 is understating & being polite.

  • Conrad Abbott
    Conrad Abbott

    Body shots are every fighters weakness shit hurts

  • De paus van de Lilith Kerk
    De paus van de Lilith Kerk

    I am on the toilet shitting a heavy weight turd and it is a real fight,...... but I will win!

  • pappy m.
    pappy m.

    2 thumps up

    • Jay Moncrief
      Jay Moncrief

      2 toothbrushes up, whoever want it wit P, when i walk by nigga get up

  • Shubotube

    I watch your videos regularly i don't know if you have time to check the comments i just wanted to let you know, i just uploaded a bar chart race based on the best heavyweight boxers of all time, i also included the top 50 list which has their total fights, wins, wins by KO and their losses you can definitely check it out.

  • panu pon
    panu pon



    The time right now is 8:25pm

  • Emanuel Rivera
    Emanuel Rivera

    Japanesse boxers have not defense...

  • ORFwithCRS

    Rakhimov better be nicknamed either Drago or Rocky... His corner woke him up and he delivered to win. Impressive storyline

    • ORFwithCRS

      @Jeremy Strickland Agreed!

    • Jeremy Strickland
      Jeremy Strickland

      Steve Robinson literally looks like Ivan Drago

  • Цыден Сультимов
    Цыден Сультимов

    Рахимов молодец и команда хорошо

  • steve donahue
    steve donahue

    lmao at all the sad africans

  • steve donahue
    steve donahue

    please stop showing joey spencer.....he literally only fights 40 year olds…..

    • Jay Moncrief
      Jay Moncrief

      Fuck off ass clown

  • mc finn
    mc finn

    11:55 🤔🤔🤔

  • 4121Z0N4

    Poor Fuzile.

  • Александр Шишокин
    Александр Шишокин

    18:16 Произнесены магические заклинания))

  • Khaak! Ptuuh!!
    Khaak! Ptuuh!!

    That last fight, what a comeback!

    • Alfonso Moreno
      Alfonso Moreno

      What is the name of the winner ? I think he is a great fighter...

    • OcitoMusic

      Damn son ! that's a great moment right there!

    • Furaha Mbughi
      Furaha Mbughi

      12:20 Spencer's dominance is insane. 20:1 punches, 3 knockdowns !!!!!

    • Furaha Mbughi
      Furaha Mbughi

      He came angry after angry words from his corner!

  • Carlos Encarnacion
    Carlos Encarnacion

    Great fights and great channel! Glad is Knockout all around the world with great editing!

  • Oh Jonghyen
    Oh Jonghyen

    Last Good!

  • EudamoniaTrout

    Some really good fights. Love the body work done by these young fighters.

  • Бармалей Бубанский
    Бармалей Бубанский

    Спасибо автору канала!