Boxing Knockouts | October 2019 Week 3
🦁Boxing Knockouts | October 2019 Week 3

  • Oannob Saengmee
    Oannob Saengmee


  • Matthew Hooper
    Matthew Hooper

    In theory, bare knuckle boxing should be safer than boxing with gloves. You're throwing lower impact shots to protect your own hands. In practice... some of the bare-knuckle knockouts were hard to watch. I've never seen so much misery on a fighter's face once they hit the canvas for good.

  • vIrGiL

    3:05 holy shit the body shots

  • syampusat

    Next time you make a video of these,, put some information on who knocks out whom, the round, where was it held, what title is under the line, etc. That's what people want to know watching this kind of video, NOT JUST THE KNOCK OUT!?!? People might know wether the one is a star or a rising one. Then they might follow the news accordingly. You just didn't take those clip out of nowhere, where there's no information about it whatsoever... Come on man, think of 'the way other people think' to make your video worth to watch.

  • steve donahue
    steve donahue

    Jordan plant shouldn't be allowed to commentate....

  • Nobby Barnes
    Nobby Barnes

    That lightweight Juarez might have something.

  • Brandon Roland
    Brandon Roland

    Weak people if u still standing it not over no balls dont call it

  • Jemal Avdoev
    Jemal Avdoev

    В боксе ринг круглый , иди нахуй автор

  • Jesus Labrado
    Jesus Labrado

    United States of America talking yeah I tuned in to watch Boxing. Not Bkc I had to give you a thumbs down

    • Leo Mord
      Leo Mord

      wild dogg hahaha.

    • wild dogg
      wild dogg

      Get the fuck out of here pussy

  • Rope Access Work Kazakhstan Ерназаров
    Rope Access Work Kazakhstan Ерназаров

    Чё за красная шапочка на первом видео

  • Шығыс Найман
    Шығыс Найман


  • Павел Алёхин
    Павел Алёхин

    Педик с красными волосами

  • tolya 4:20
    tolya 4:20

    @Kamil Kiyasov измени название видео, у тебя там ошибка. Не "нокакты" а "нокауты".

    • Kamil Kiyasov
      Kamil Kiyasov


  • Астана Астана
    Астана Астана


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