Brad Makes Cured Egg Yolks | It's Alive | Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 61 of It's Alive, and this time he's making cured egg yolks. Learn how to cure chicken and duck eggs in your own custom salt, sugar, and spice mixture, and then watch Brad take it to the next level when he acquires a giant ostrich egg. Will the yolk survive intact? Will Claire ever teach him how to pronounce the word "excavate?" Tune in to find out...
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Brad Makes Cured Egg Yolks | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

  • Calvin at DrifterStudio
    Calvin at DrifterStudio

    Hey everyone you should actually do this it tastes really nice. It's like cheese or something.

  • brandonlasvegas


  • Scot Phelps
    Scot Phelps

    That was so great.....


    20 oz. Soda bottle food hack. Squeeze bottle, place over yolks, suck them up into the bottle.

  • Joshua Adkins
    Joshua Adkins

    Tried it with dinosaur egg. Would recommend 10/10

  • Alexandra Tran
    Alexandra Tran

    Brad is so hilariously chaotic coupled with Hunzi's comedic editing????? I love them, protect them at all costs.


    17:30 this is when his dehydrated yolk snorting habit was hatched.

  • Alexandra Abraham
    Alexandra Abraham

    BRAD!! Dammit, How - Much - SUGAR???? ETA: Apparently someone messaged him: ANNOUNCEMENT: It's one - 1 - cup!! Yay!!!

  • starr kingsbury
    starr kingsbury

    3:58 I'm actually wheezing, the editing is so good

  • Shojiro Katsuragi
    Shojiro Katsuragi

    Your editor really went to town on this one, huh?

  • arnyeka

    gaby walked in like "cut the cameras. deadass"

  • CALinial

    How. Much. Sugar? Srsly.

  • Chaitanya Ivaturi
    Chaitanya Ivaturi

    I live for Gabby/Brad interaction

  • Jerry Bot
    Jerry Bot

    You're a weird little umami.

  • ReM50

    I read cursed and watched this half way through and thought "Hows this cursed?"

  • rockityroll

    I am immensely attracted to this dumb man who can't talk very well.

  • Jasmine Ortega
    Jasmine Ortega

    Lmfao the Law & Order thing killed me

  • Scott Schofield
    Scott Schofield

    I love brad

  • RosesofWillows

    Brad's Italian energy really sells!! I never thought dehydrated egg yolk could be so entertaining.

  • Priscilla Poissant
    Priscilla Poissant

    Brad is simply hot 😍

  • Silver Chopsticks
    Silver Chopsticks

    My grandparents taught me how to preserve duck eggs. There is a reason they chose duck over chicken. Duck yolks are by far the richest and tastiest of all preserved fowl eggs. The Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos knew a thing or two about preserving eggs. When you salt the entire egg, whites included, you can mix the whites with ground pork and steam a patty with water chestnuts, chung choi and green onions. Top the patty with the yolk before steaming. And serve with cilantro freshly cut on top and hot, white rice.

  • Pablo Tejano
    Pablo Tejano


  • Edenian Kitana
    Edenian Kitana

    Brad: Gaby: Cut the cameras... Deadass

  • Johnathan Blackwell
    Johnathan Blackwell

    I love making dry cured foods, hate egg yolk though, still want to try it though.

  • Weston


  • trident3b

    I remove the chalazae

  • New Hologram
    New Hologram

    The editor had so much fun with this and I'm living for it.

  • John Doh
    John Doh

    14:23 That's what she said.

  • LoSito

    Where does brad get his aprons? I love them!

  • Costco BearVlog
    Costco BearVlog

    The title to so misleading though lmao

  • Sappy Samurai
    Sappy Samurai

    Nice job Brad! Fermented egg yolk! Totally impressed! Reminds me of Chinese fermented egg. Was thinking...What did your school teachers do w you when you were growing up?!

  • Herman Grove
    Herman Grove


  • yalolol

    try to cure the chinese 1000 year old eggs. dr seuss eggs

  • Nick Nitro
    Nick Nitro

    thought it said "cursed eggs" which is why I clicked. lol

  • JiaYi Tok
    JiaYi Tok

    This video has the least percentage of cooking-related content than all other BA vids but it’s the best one so far.

  • snwbrdhb

    Didnt know it was possible to adore him anymore... them he quotes my favorite Napoleon Dynamite bit... Brad is a national treasure.

  • rockdrummersrock

    Whoever did the editing on this guy, bless you. This is It's Alive at it's best.

  • typhoonfire8

    why does a cooking show have A1 editors like this

  • Eclipse538

    this guy is my soul sista!!!

  • ЗлатомиР АлександроВ
    ЗлатомиР АлександроВ

    He sounds like carbot.

  • Ricky Smithson
    Ricky Smithson

    heavy-handed editing was very distracting

  • raensaeck

    Haha random shoutout to the legend Geoff Rowley. Awesome

  • Domagoj Kučinić
    Domagoj Kučinić

    Brad, please do the spicy pickled carrots!

  • Griffin Jenkins
    Griffin Jenkins

    I feel like Brad did a lot of drugs in his youth

  • Rogical

    I love how chill Brad is with the way he talks about food. Also, I phukn LOVE eggs!

  • George Bato
    George Bato

    I'm so attracted to Brad, it's kind of unhealthy

  • Bigred Ginger
    Bigred Ginger

    Slick move Brad. Give him the chicken yolk. Not the duck yolk you like more.

  • Lu Zhang
    Lu Zhang

    you do know we Chinese people use cured egg yolks in mooncakes and other dishes like prawns in yolk sauce, ect. right?

  • William Erasmus
    William Erasmus

    Geof Rowley...yes you pronounce it same as Jeff....XD

  • anthrogal19

    Serious question: salmonella?

  • Lpstarlight22

    we never knew why she needed shrimp...

  • crying in the club
    crying in the club

    Does the salt need to be kosher salt?

  • Josiah Ross
    Josiah Ross

    I love this guy

  • sean h
    sean h

    i love alcoholics

  • Flavio Bondioli
    Flavio Bondioli

    I didn't understand what he uses to cure the it a mix of all ingredients he sayd at the beginning?

  • Mere Murray - Macgregor
    Mere Murray - Macgregor

    You should go to New Zealand and try food there

  • guy saunders
    guy saunders

    Useless facts with Meathead? Too much time and money on your hands with Chad? Just spitballin here

  • Jay Macdonald
    Jay Macdonald

    Brad trying to say "excavating" just made this archaeologist's day. Adorable as always, Brad! 😁

  • Mark Duran
    Mark Duran

    Brad picked up the duck egg(his favorite) and then decided against it and gave Rick the chicken egg 😂😂😂😂

  • Archangel_88

    "I want that!" 😂