Breaking Into A 100 Year Old Safe With Giant Claw Machine!!
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  • JustDustin

    Watch the last video here:

    • jennifer lawrence
      jennifer lawrence

      So... how much were the coins worth?

    • Gobble Cat
      Gobble Cat

      @JustDustin what is the name of the song you used when you were getting camera shots of the jaguar

    • Conner Collier
      Conner Collier

      let's just say a 1964 canadian penny is on the market for $36,000 on etsy... you're going to be rich

    • Mythic Dreams
      Mythic Dreams

      Your $10 Canadian Bill can actually be worth anywhere between $150 US to $3000 US depending the condition of the bill

  • Krystian Mazurek
    Krystian Mazurek

    How do you know how old this safe is??????

  • Graziella Magri
    Graziella Magri

    They are worth 100 dollars in all

  • Star's Hope
    Star's Hope


  • Jungle Girl
    Jungle Girl

    Sorry I'm late but I did some research and they are about $100 (U.S dollars) since they are old but it depends how old they're really are

  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee

    They shouldve dropped the car on it

  • Daileon Williams
    Daileon Williams

    Also love your vids 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😍😁😍😁😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Daileon Williams
    Daileon Williams

    Hi I'm Ur biggest fan and I thing it would be around 800,000 - 100,000

  • William Evans
    William Evans

    its worth $253,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fire Ghost
    Fire Ghost

    The coins are worth $30.000

  • future Gamer J
    future Gamer J

    It is worth a 1,000

  • Eli Svoboda
    Eli Svoboda

    My little brother said um... a couple thousand? I started cracking up I think at least 200$

  • Garvens Leneus
    Garvens Leneus

    The penny is worth $253,000

  • DarkPheonix GT
    DarkPheonix GT

    12:00 SLO MO WAS BeAuTIfUl

  • Wild Bear6
    Wild Bear6

    Sometimes I feel like he should just buy a lock picking set

  • KImbwr Dan
    KImbwr Dan

    Use a jack jackhammer

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M


  • Lauren M
    Lauren M

    Love Audiobook

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M

    Not talk mute me.

  • Kenyota Boyce
    Kenyota Boyce

    $1000000 Trillian

  • dank doggo's
    dank doggo's

    There is a thing called a jackhammer lmfao

  • GG Galaxy
    GG Galaxy

    Open a jar of pickles.. NOW THATS HARDDD

  • billy Beveridge
    billy Beveridge

    I have some of those coins. The lady holding the trident is actually queen victoria.

  • Lorna noyce
    Lorna noyce

    Ther British ther wort like nothing but ther cool anyways

  • Noemail Bro
    Noemail Bro


  • Amber Blevins
    Amber Blevins

    It could be worth 3.4 million

  • BeHappy

    he put his hand on his pocket like me when i do something

  • Eric Laines
    Eric Laines

    Cameraman: from when? Dustin: Britton.

  • Dos bros
    Dos bros


  • EricO Ortiz
    EricO Ortiz

    so you are in Canada 🇨🇦


    Let’s go

  • Lowe Bratt
    Lowe Bratt

    The 10 dollars are now worth about $95.53 dollars today.

  • jd555 32
    jd555 32

    When it's your first time driving a truck with a really heavy safe in it

  • cube terminal v 2.0
    cube terminal v 2.0

    Nobody: Nobody at all: JustDustin: Damage assessment!

  • Jake Lennox
    Jake Lennox

    I found a 1918 one penny and the guy on it is king George

  • nancy aguilar
    nancy aguilar

    1000 buks

  • ItsLynks

    those are like at lowest 400 dollars

  • FuzzyCheto

    100000$ if you give me those dollars and coins no scam please

  • Larry Scott
    Larry Scott

    Don’t u just love it when Dustin tries to be smart 😂

  • Jennifer Rice
    Jennifer Rice

    One dollar

  • Sumit Arora
    Sumit Arora

    $ 1000000000000

  • Christapher Robinson
    Christapher Robinson

    Ten cent

  • Tim Campbell
    Tim Campbell

    maybe get rid of the pink socks

  • Hedgie's House
    Hedgie's House

    That safe is giant

  • Jackson Jenkins
    Jackson Jenkins

    That Penny is an old British pence

  • Joshua Gamer
    Joshua Gamer

    dat pene is kos 100000

  • crystal sheep
    crystal sheep

    1954 you say 2020 the safe can have been last opend a maximum of 66 years ago

  • crystal sheep
    crystal sheep

    17:05 the inside door is unlocked

  • James Heichelbech
    James Heichelbech

    you can sell this coin for about 12 sense this coin is not a precious metal I know this because I am a coin collector. but I mostly invest in silver coins.

  • Ashton Adkisson
    Ashton Adkisson

    Those coins are very rare they are worth around 100 to 1000 a piece depends on conditions

  • Javier Moreno-Soto
    Javier Moreno-Soto


  • arkay 9 Ethan
    arkay 9 Ethan


  • spanish classes
    spanish classes

    I think I all of the penees are $1000,000, 000,000

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij

    You’re gonna keep that crowbar right?

  • Skull Trooper
    Skull Trooper

    One penny is worth 10,000

  • Eduardo Gutierrez
    Eduardo Gutierrez

    your mom gay

  • BRAVE Heart
    BRAVE Heart


  • Rowan Martin
    Rowan Martin


  • Lepordplayz ._.
    Lepordplayz ._.

    Does anyone notice that the one window on the jag is alive

  • Charlotte Boast
    Charlotte Boast

    i colect coins