Can Marbles Stand On His Hind Legs?
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  • DeathnoteBB

    Marbles: _gets attention_ Bunny: No I’M the baby! >:0

  • Katie O'Meara
    Katie O'Meara

    I didn’t know Marble could move, I’m so proud 😭

    • Katrinka

      Привет! Я из России)) а ты из Америки? Hi! Im from Russia

  • Your friendly Cynic
    Your friendly Cynic

    jenna is the only person that i approve of for having a chihuahua

  • Laura Olson
    Laura Olson

    Him doing this is huge no joke he’s a chihuahua and he’s 11 this was awesome be very proud it is a very big deal 💓

  • Sara Liliana Buitrago Aguilar
    Sara Liliana Buitrago Aguilar

    Adopt my dog Lola she is in Colombia with my parents but I will pay to fly her to the US if anyone is willing to give her a loving home. She is medium sized, looks like a dalmation, is 7 years old and has had a similar experience of abuse in past like bunny! If you are interested email me at! I will send pictures and details.

  • Kasia Dasho
    Kasia Dasho

    When Kermit attacks Juliens slipper I died. Good job Kermit! Lmao

  • Doge Poop
    Doge Poop

    Marbles Marbles looks like Mickey Mouse

  • Jinhee Park
    Jinhee Park

    *Everybody gangsta til Marbles stands up*

  • Jöergen 2.0
    Jöergen 2.0

    When the dogs die it’s gonna be so sad it won’t be Jenna Marbles anymore with our marbles and the hounds

  • Marianne Stevens
    Marianne Stevens

    I need this hoodie in my life!!!!! It's sold out everywhere :(

  • Bluepearl69

    i’m such a baby when he walked away when all the dogs came out and wouldn’t do it anymore that’s so sad

  • julian lecei
    julian lecei

    Marbles is like that really small confused elder in a video game who’s only lines are “huh” “wha ?” And “who the hell are you?”

  • TheDarkestMidnight 10
    TheDarkestMidnight 10

    Hi Jenna! I know you may not see this, but i want you to know that if you give your dogs blueberries or blueberry flavored treats, it actually boosts their memory! So when or if you review this to Marble, then it might help him remember 😁😊

  • I'm cold
    I'm cold

    I'm sorry but I don't believe Marble is 11. My Jack Russell is 12 and still energetic, happy and actually alive.

  • u2damoney


  • crescent.

    The saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks": *exists* Marble: imma end this whole man's career

  • Jesse’s Beautiful creatures
    Jesse’s Beautiful creatures

    Maybe if you stopped fucking bullying your dogs Kermit wouldn’t be for dam fucked up!

  • fearlesssfcappuccino

    I've been looking for more Marbles-heavy content!! XD Go Marble go!!

  • •lvnxria owo•
    •lvnxria owo•

    Jenna it isn't healthy to play with a dead dog

  • Lakisha sharma
    Lakisha sharma


  • Luna3141

    Can Marbles stand on his hind legs? ... The answer... may not surprise you. Let's begin.

  • Cristina Hidalgo
    Cristina Hidalgo

    hes so cute but so ugly at the same time

  • Briana Niedling
    Briana Niedling


  • Mhairi McCrindle
    Mhairi McCrindle

    Marbles is so much like my own chihuahua it scary. I gave him a neck scratch as he left the living room earlier and he forgot what he was going to do.

  • Riley Roberts
    Riley Roberts

    Ur uploading videos every Wednesday and my bday is on a Wednesday so YE BOII

    • Riley Roberts
      Riley Roberts

      Love Kermit and toothless brother/marbles

  • Caitlin Maxfield
    Caitlin Maxfield

    Jenna has RDJ energy

  • Nikita Iszard
    Nikita Iszard

    Bobby has gotten so much sweeter with age

  • Lithuanian Vlog
    Lithuanian Vlog

    Jenna is monokuma confirmd

  • Mocha Kat
    Mocha Kat

    I like your hoodie. Its really cute 😚

  • Steven Kawleski
    Steven Kawleski

    How is he still alive!?

  • Kayla Mullins
    Kayla Mullins

    This made me cryyyyy. I fell off the youtube train for quite a while but I watched Sexual Wednesday/Thursday religiously since marble was like 1 :,)

  • Bipvhu

    My Chihuahua constantly stands up on her hind legs because it gets her closer to where the attention/food is. She'll literally stand up and use our schnauzer's head as support when I'm making breakfast. Regardless, I'm still very proud of the marbly lad. He's a wonderful boyo.

  • Brianna Rodriguez
    Brianna Rodriguez

    I wanna kiss marble’s face off!!❤️🥺

  • ZeroFox75

    Yo most meta thing ever. Hearing Jenna’s background music on her phone and also in the actual background of this video. Music-ception

  • Melissa Flowers
    Melissa Flowers

    I watched this whole damn video all the way through. The VIRGANG is easily entertained.

  • Megan

    God I thrive off of Marbles content

  • Jillian McGauley
    Jillian McGauley

    Marbles makes me smile so big. His little tongue, his little romp that he does when he’s excited, his patience, his sweet calmness around them when he just sleeps on the podcast, his love for Jenna. He’s just the goodest boy, what I wouldn’t give to give him a hug

  • Juliette Macron
    Juliette Macron

    Jenna: it takes a special kind of person to watch this video Me: watched this video five times

  • msalexander126

    im one of the marbles

  • • Stary Galaxy •
    • Stary Galaxy •

    You can do anything you dream of, Marble! *Marble dreams of going back on the carpet*

  • Lily Chavez
    Lily Chavez

    “ some people just have to be marbles in life and that’s ok” that’s my year book quote

  • Honey Audios
    Honey Audios

    marble gets more love and praise for looking *upwards* then i did for graduating

  • Lucifronz

    I think some people believe Mr. Marbles to be dumb. He knows what he's doing, he's no stranger to the game. To get treats, you gotta be cute. That's it. That's all you need. He'll work that angle until the day he dies. And I use the term "work" loosely. Though he was a good boy in this video and worked very hard for those treats.

  • Cipher Animations
    Cipher Animations

    So Marble was more successful at learning how to jump up than sitting on a different surface. I love this dog so much.

  • Foxy Floof
    Foxy Floof

    6:49 XD

  • Nickolas Garcia
    Nickolas Garcia

    Marbles is like Yoda. He walks around like an old grandpa but he can really move when he needs to. 😝🤪

  • TanR Con
    TanR Con

    The camera man sounds like Winnie the Pooh when Kermit was crying the cameraman said Kermit good boy

  • David Riskin
    David Riskin

    If you keep doing videos like this you’re going to break Poor marble in half

  • Aka Ormyni
    Aka Ormyni

    Marble has always had the ability to jump up. He just became so depressed when Kermit came he doesn’t even know where he is anymore. I inspire to live my life the same way Marble.

  • Ellie Reynolds
    Ellie Reynolds

    The noise Julian makes at 16:58 just as Bunny opens her mouth has me in stitches! Could watch that all day :)

  • Lolita Doll
    Lolita Doll

    Get your cermet to gRhOaW... Get your cermet to sEIt...

  • valerieee a
    valerieee a

    kermit and peach spinning at 14:17 i didn’t know i needed that but i did

  • L G
    L G

    his tiny paws doing tiny stomps is the cutest thing I've ever seen

  • kamaro531ify

    I just spent 20 minutes staring at a dog jump.... 😑

  • Manuela Beltoft Salvagno
    Manuela Beltoft Salvagno

    Matbles is such a little cutie bud 😍🙏♥️🐕🥰 good boy Marbles 🥰😍👏♥️🙏🐕♥️

  • Viktor Lunde
    Viktor Lunde

    Why do you only have ugly dogs?

  • Nikki Burg
    Nikki Burg

    I'm so proud of Marbles and you for this ❤️

  • Laney Kerner
    Laney Kerner

    marble is the cutest thing ever 😭

  • JaieKay hollimore
    JaieKay hollimore

    Why was I throughly entertained

  • Prachu D
    Prachu D

    Marbles is actually very smart💙 Because a dog learning a new trick at 11.. it's amazing😍😙