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Happy Holidays from The Kardashians & hayu!
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  • Younto Tunyi
    Younto Tunyi

    They fuck all year n want a religious year.

  • Omar Tlm
    Omar Tlm

    وسوى ترقص كي سويت

  • Reva Spring
    Reva Spring

    It was a through back

  • Reva Spring
    Reva Spring

    This old btw

  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z

    Sias face

  • Lerato Hadebe
    Lerato Hadebe

    Kourtney 🤣

  • leah Zeineddine
    leah Zeineddine

    “The kids are so exited” kids faces=😑😐😶

  • Javier Arauca
    Javier Arauca

    WTF, Jordyn ????

    • Javier Arauca
      Javier Arauca

      ahhhhh that was 2018 xmass

  • AnjaliComedy

    Mason: “You’re the cutest baby ever!” True: ☺️ Stormi: “Well fuck my drag, right?”

  • Sephi II
    Sephi II

    Love to see paris and kim having fun 💖

  • Sueli Maria R. Coutinho
    Sueli Maria R. Coutinho

    Como é bão ter dinheiro😃

  • Vanessa Smalls
    Vanessa Smalls

    well kylie makes her a lot of money .. facts

  • Kavita Chowdary
    Kavita Chowdary

    Why do u lick Kylie's ass... Is it because she makes you lot of money...

  • Lou Coconut
    Lou Coconut

    what is the name of the shop they visit with all the Christmas decorations?

  • Phoenix Berens
    Phoenix Berens

    1:59 thats what happened when Tristan cheated with Jordyn

  • thesimsbeauty

    in the 7:39 kendall look like she's pregnant

  • cutie pie
    cutie pie

    Kendall ❤

  • Sally Davis
    Sally Davis

    Where is kendall?!

  • Elina x
    Elina x

    Kourt is bitter for years and years. She was in every show.

  • Ce G
    Ce G

    Colour of the outfits at the party: * Kourtney: black * Kim: white * Khloé: white and silver (matching with True) * Kris and Kylie: silver * Kendall: *green*

  • amrutha pandu
    amrutha pandu watch for hilarious fun and also subscribe that channel you guys.


    Did i just see Jordan

  • Aecie C.
    Aecie C.

    I saw a gay santa 🎅 😂🤣😂

  • Tia Yip
    Tia Yip

    Omg they didn’t include Kendall in the family photo again!!!🤭🤭

  • Desmelenada

    Money, fame, parties. Apparently they have everything. But those things are temporal. One day the surname Kardashian won't exist never never more.

  • Ashfi Sara
    Ashfi Sara

    Kourtney is evil

  • slytherin army
    slytherin army

    Kris: the kids are so excited! North: -_-

  • Isabel Liu
    Isabel Liu

    lol i wanna be rich

  • Yuki la sabrosa Pons
    Yuki la sabrosa Pons

    Pueden ser extravagantes esta family pero si una cosa tienen de especial qué siempre han estado unidos desde mucho antes de ser famosos sièmpre en cualquier sicustancia quedan unidos felicitasiones a la madre de Clan🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • cassy Plays
    cassy Plays

    Nobody: Santa: *shows up* Kim: lEt me GeT my kIdS

  • Megan Cox
    Megan Cox

    This is so over the top. These people each individually have the most horrifying environmental footprint not to mention the homeless cold hungry people out there. This sort of sh*t creates the worst materialistic narcissistic culture. This is not ok. Side note: no one looked happy at the Christmas party except Paris Hilton. What a waste.

  • Arlon Rando
    Arlon Rando

    It seems to be a wonder, that mankind did not extinct yet, watching freak shows for entertainment...

  • BerMark Andanza
    BerMark Andanza

    But isnt it the issue about jordyn and kloes baby daddy boomed just before kloe giving birth??

  • Anna Ef
    Anna Ef

    I dnt like her blacks hunspent iu

  • Marría Catchy
    Marría Catchy

    7:38 someone's behind makes it look like kendall is super pregnant

  • sema Luvumbu
    sema Luvumbu

    Changement du Destin so2 épisode 30 en français

  • Candie Evans
    Candie Evans

    Where is Kendall

  • Sara Khatun
    Sara Khatun

    I really don’t understand Scott like jus stick to one girl u hobo isn’t he embarrassed to do this infront if his kids having another girl in his life

  • Dan Chiketa
    Dan Chiketa

    The most devastating Death of all time will be Kris Jenners Death NGL 👇 if you agree

  • Jessica Diaz
    Jessica Diaz

    Where is rob

  • Nonhlanhla Pinzi
    Nonhlanhla Pinzi

    Family values. Love it

  • sonia moosavi
    sonia moosavi

    Now u r mom urself u know how much ur mom loves u and how much effort she did for you girls 👏👏

  • Jochelle Mae Olojan
    Jochelle Mae Olojan

    I thought Tristan cheated before Khloe gave birth. 😂 But there is True on Khloe's arm

  • andy kurniawan
    andy kurniawan

    Love kim

  • Elaina Alkhouri
    Elaina Alkhouri

    its in 2018 this isn't the real party in 2019 just reposted in 2019

  • Fatima Orquia
    Fatima Orquia

    I saw a snake 😂😂🤣🤣😃😃😅😅😅

  • Glenn Dazer
    Glenn Dazer

    7:40 i thought kendall was pregnant

  • amara sayen
    amara sayen

    The kids don't look so suprised or happy to much celebrity i think

  • Zulita Sofia Herrada Munailla
    Zulita Sofia Herrada Munailla

    Key...Mándame tus extensiones PERO limpias...sin olor a tú energía..GRACÍAS

  • Zulita Sofia Herrada Munailla
    Zulita Sofia Herrada Munailla

    Si el padre de las GEY...BIEN...salió de viejo y tener HIJOS.PORQUE una de ellas no lo puede ser?

  • u comment
    u comment

    wait jordan ?? told yall this is fake and all for moneyyyy

  • u comment
    u comment

    death christmas u killed the christmas spirit .

  • Thems Aka
    Thems Aka

    Every Christmas we unpacked the old christmas tree and decorations. And they went to store every year. Wow 😮

  • Maria Cadavez
    Maria Cadavez

    Jordan 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🇵🇹

  • Ariana Angela
    Ariana Angela

    These kids are so luckyyy

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen


  • kistine tobe Vlogs
    kistine tobe Vlogs


  • J- 786
    J- 786

    Kris looks Great!!!!

  • Anare7

    Such an amazing job!!

  • Moira Fatiaki
    Moira Fatiaki

    Finally saw Sia's face !