congrats ksi
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

    • Nathan Gars
      Nathan Gars

      Logan Paul you suck ass so much David dobrik is better then you

    • 『P A R T 6 N E V E R 」
      『P A R T 6 N E V E R 」

      tiktok swag wtf you lying

    • StarkTheGlitcher

      You need to upload more

  • Ericka Daze
    Ericka Daze

    So your hit to the back of the head counted but his hit to the back of your head didn't? Got it.

  • cal willolfc06
    cal willolfc06

    Everyone:he clearly punched him in the back of his head Logan Paul:I did not see this appeal gettin rejected

  • cmx

    Does anyone know what sweatshirt he is wearing

  • Jeiols

    "I was fighting with myself, and I lost"

  • B bo
    B bo

    Even with the two points Logan won this. Ksi wailing and flailing wildly shouldn’t have been taken to mean that ksi was better. Far from it. Ksi looked like he was out of control, and Logan was present but got an F for F-fort.

  • Phil Green
    Phil Green

    Man, I would still much rather see Logan VS KSI 3 than Jake VS KSI.

  • Mildred Rivera
    Mildred Rivera

    Did anyone see the proposal at the end of one fight

  • Stef

    1 word lol

  • Not Faze fire
    Not Faze fire

    I don’t like the ref

  • Its sit_kiddo
    Its sit_kiddo

    “I only lost because of my actions” 🤦‍♂️ it was a fight... and he was the better fighter that night.... if your “actions” were being to afraid of throwing a combo and backing up the whole fight then sure Jake, it was your actions that costs you to lose

  • Winston Harriott
    Winston Harriott

    Logan paul: can't win

  • Lucky Hershey
    Lucky Hershey

    follow me in Instagram @lucky_hershey_223 pls

  • Bx_ Jonathan
    Bx_ Jonathan


  • Jaideep Abraham
    Jaideep Abraham

    I watched "GOING BROKE" (AB diss track) For 12 hours straight... Click on the pic to watch

    • Anarchy

      Jaideep Abraham Lol, I went to your profile and didn’t even click the video. We can clearly see it’s 3 hours you Indian clout chaser

  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz

    You lost cause you fight like a bitch lol

    • Derek Rivera
      Derek Rivera

      Chris Cruz probably wouldnt be able to last in the ring with logan, u just all talk watching face

  • Frank Parkinson
    Frank Parkinson

    I wish you could fight him again

  • I don't know how to life
    I don't know how to life

    Logan Paul: KSI trained hard KSI: AKNEEHOW

  • Nobu

    The salt

  • Angelemily Allen
    Angelemily Allen

    /KSI/all most knocks Logan out in the head/ /Logan/Dodge's like a Beast/

  • Oasis 1
    Oasis 1


  • Doflamingo Donquixote
    Doflamingo Donquixote

    Logan’s beard is Amazing 🌚

  • Noob Stars
    Noob Stars

    It’s wrestling so how are there fouls

    • Lightningbro123

      It’s boxing

  • benja torres
    benja torres

    So I added up the points logan had 165 ksi had 168 if that 2 point deduction didn't happen logan would've had 167 points so ksi still won and Logan's knockdown was an illegal knockdown and it still counted as a knockdown which is stupid so if that illegal knockdown didn't count which it should've counted ksi would've had 169 points if ksi's knockdown counted which it should've counted logan paul would've have 166 so it should've been ksi with 169 and logan 166 so ksi is the winner

  • The ugly Perch
    The ugly Perch

    So funny. Boxing relying on youtube guys to get it back on the map because UFC took over. If these guys fight real boxers they would probably lose lol. Only a NOsoft gig.

  • Blain Simpson
    Blain Simpson

    KSI won the fight,u lost don’t be a sore loser

    • Its_anthony

      Blain Simpson just stfu

  • World According To Briggs
    World According To Briggs

    I only heard about this. This is the first time I have seen it, Logan looked good. Really good footwork like you've wrestled. Solid performance.

    • TheNames Kevs
      TheNames Kevs

      Man you’re out of touch

  • John Firssty
    John Firssty

    Who is here after the ab Dias track??

  • Lewis Murphy
    Lewis Murphy

    Logan is definitely no malcolm tucker when it comes to spin

  • paintz

    Logan: we got a sponsor! Me : 🙁😕😐🙂😀 Logan: raid sHHH... Me: IM OUT !!!!!😑😑

  • Jimmy Exe
    Jimmy Exe

    Congratulations KSI: 2 seconds later: RAID SHADOW LEDGENDS

  • mr beast
    mr beast

    Dont shave the beard

  • Jaiden Cabrera
    Jaiden Cabrera


  • that boi
    that boi

    *what's 7x8*

  • Jay Birb
    Jay Birb

    Nice loss


    This actually is a really interesting video!

  • erdem kanber
    erdem kanber

    Justin bieber? Are you serious men? I cant believe!

  • erdem kanber
    erdem kanber

    8:08 ksı's face is very funny and ridicilous

  • erdem kanber
    erdem kanber

    6:31 logan's punch is very excited

  • John DeRocher
    John DeRocher

    Logan Paul VLOG

  • Mohsin Admani
    Mohsin Admani

    Never demotivated person Logan Paul. You lost but I still support You.

  • Mohsin Admani
    Mohsin Admani

    NOsofts bad boy😂😂

  • Oscar Trevino
    Oscar Trevino

    Logan I dont like u or anything but your a good guy and I know its tuff to lose this fight against ksi but next time u got it Logan

  • Fernando Prado
    Fernando Prado

    well hopefully commenting on 12 videos could help me reach out to you. man, you’re really a great dude. no one should blame you for being you. many people don’t know what it’s like to be young and to have success, you just want to do the best you can for people, because it benefits everyone. you were young and you got focused on creating extreme dope content that you kinda got blind by what’s actually going on. i know if you understand you’ll get that, because i understand bro! to me you never lost, not back then, not even now. i know for you logan, you needed to go through something like this, not to get to into it but you and i are a lot alike man, and we’re hard headed as fuck, it takes a lot to get to guys like us. i’d for sure hope you allow everything that comes in life and allow it to be a perceived lesson, so that anything that comes, you will persevere. man, idk how to ever get into contact with someone like you one day, but i really hope one day we can grab lunch and i can just grow off you and learn something from you and who knows maybe you’ll learn something from me. haha, the percentage of you reading this and actually really low but man i’m going for it. much love man!!! LOGANG FOR LIFE

  • Carson Kopper
    Carson Kopper


  • DubleThr33

    No 2019 was the worst year of my life?

  • Don Jose
    Don Jose

    I miss the daily vlog.

  • Mozzi

    Ngl it looks like your sunburned


    Yeah respect him bitch

  • Randall Goolsby
    Randall Goolsby

    Ksi is a hacker

  • CrAzYDonkey 420
    CrAzYDonkey 420

    14:47 "Boy u got fucked up " Also logan does 2 illegal moves grabs his head and hits his him on the back of the head

  • H1ghGround FK
    H1ghGround FK

    Oh yeahhhh Ksi!!!

  • Vestra

    Someone got snapped back to reality.

  • Mr. Looweegee GBP
    Mr. Looweegee GBP

    U would do great in mma

  • Nathan Zamora
    Nathan Zamora

    God dame it Logan !!!! You had chances to fuck em up !! Lmao

  • pravir singh
    pravir singh

    here after a month of this video, and the vlogs are no where near of what i predicted, they have officially over exceeded the expectations, keep it up ❤️

  • Gaggy


  • Fun Shit Talkers Channel
    Fun Shit Talkers Channel

    Your looking for talented people to join your Squad? Look no more vato, I have arrived. Hit me up doggy dog!

  • Colonial blaze
    Colonial blaze

    wwIII is brought to you by raid shadow legends

  • Age Restrictions
    Age Restrictions

    “The greatest enemy a warrior will face is themselves”