Conspiracy Theories and Crazy People
Is it a conspiracy that I think you’re cute or does that make me illuminaughty
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  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez

    The moon landing was indeed fake though 👀

  • VolexGamer

    Just wait corona virus will deal with the Anti vax people

  • Emily Dunn
    Emily Dunn

    I am not vaccinated I like zodiacs I am a doctor hater I guess I’mma Crazy Person

  • Rio Pemberton
    Rio Pemberton

    I didn't believe in the existence of karens until i met my classmates

  • Ninja x
    Ninja x

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="209">3:29</a> omg omg omg omg omg *is that what I think that it is*

  • Rio Pemberton
    Rio Pemberton

    I understand what you mean ,I like learning about people's views even if they're stupid.

  • Tamer Taman
    Tamer Taman

    James there is a NOsoft channel that has the same name and channel profile as you but they re-upload your videos

  • Alexander Luft
    Alexander Luft

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> anyone understands why he's dressed like Buster from Arthur?

  • Christina Kvale
    Christina Kvale

    Dear James I love your book

  • Shaggy1993

    Some conspiracies must be true, no smoke and all that. But yeah, I love watching the conspiracy videos, they are fascinating, utterly fascinating

  • Zone Doll
    Zone Doll

    I'm not a psychologist but I am a psychology major and I think the term people mean when they say "crazy" is "psychosis". These two words are not interchangeable. Psychosis refers to a split from reality and yeah it is most often seen in cases of schizophrenia or BPD. People with psychosis aren't inherently violent. Most are fully aware that their reality isn't at all objective but they can't stop dealing with it without medication and/or intense therapy. To be fair, anything can become a form of mental issue. People who rely on astrology haven't experienced a split from reality but they might be relying too much on outside forces, leaving them unwilling to cope with or take responsibility for their own lives.

  • Frank Iero Is A Rat
    Frank Iero Is A Rat


  • Gaming With Archie
    Gaming With Archie

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> can you see Sylveon?

  • IGoneBad

    14.3M subscribers yeah NOsoft is paying you to make videos for people to keep them a sleep good job its working and thats why NOsoft takes down most of peoples videos

  • Duy Pham
    Duy Pham

    i’d just like to point out is the start of his channel to now he’s gone so far...

  • Foot breather 529
    Foot breather 529

    You got off work at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a>

  • Christian Wild
    Christian Wild

    About one of your last videos isn't being stupid one of the biggest scams

  • GearHead

    Can I just call you Chip?

  • Soul Wolf 57
    Soul Wolf 57

    Am I the only one who started SCREECHING when he showed a picture of a WARRIORS BOOK IN HERE😂😂

  • Dyne Love
    Dyne Love

    I fell into this deep rabbit hole called... *TheOdd1sOut*

  • William Plaud
    William Plaud

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> I am stealing that word!

  • { GuhWolf }
    { GuhWolf }

    Why you changed the thumbnail????

  • OnigiriXgirl

    I am a crazy people. I am that type that believes in harry potter thats why i spend most of my time looking out of my window waiting for an owl to give a letter to me and i ship drapple which is an atracrive apple + Draco Malfoy

  • CringeMaster9000

    React to TheOdd1sOut x jaiden animations

  • Mohamed Kadry
    Mohamed Kadry


  • Karyo Sugiharto
    Karyo Sugiharto

    No Moon 1day in 12 hour

  • NewYork_Kimberly

    I believe in astrology

  • Frost Boi
    Frost Boi

    Is this another sooubway video when he said he was done with them?

  • Crisanto Naing
    Crisanto Naing

    James only has 113 vids

  • Aaroni Pepperoni
    Aaroni Pepperoni

    "nOu! n00000uuuu! N00OO000OOOOOOO00000UUUUUUUU! "

  • Kristen Wheatley
    Kristen Wheatley

    Unicorns are real !!!!!!!!

  • Kristen Wheatley
    Kristen Wheatley

    Hay me to I all-so listen to crazie people that is what I listen to you 😏😏😏😏😏😀😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😁😁jk

  • Renuka Gupta
    Renuka Gupta

    Did you watch naruto Jason theodd1sout

  • xArt Lifex
    xArt Lifex

    Okay...James although the GoVeRmEnt doesn't follow u he can listen to u through phones,Tv's and Ect. sO ReEeEEEEEeEEeEEe

  • James Barrett
    James Barrett

    I just wanted to say I also live in Arizona, worked at a subways as a teen, my first job too. Which it now closed. Plus my name is James. Crazy people are fun as well. Lol

  • Mansoor Ali
    Mansoor Ali

    ❤ ❤💜 ❤💜💙 ❤💜💙💚 ❤💜💙💚💛 ❤💜💙💚 ❤💜💙 ❤💜 ❤

  • steve hibshman
    steve hibshman

    And I have been crying to

  • steve hibshman
    steve hibshman

    Hey James I need to talk so me my mom and brother would be moving without my stepdad and he yells at us a lot and today I was thinking that even though you are different you are still a person and you are a person I trust so next video talk about my comment love, caleb

  • TheDragonPlays

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> watch it in 0.25 speed

  • Chloe.r

    With the bit where he is holding the sign saying “stop chem trails” is he saying that aeroplanes don’t leave a carbon emissions, or is that a joke?

  • Anubhav _M
    Anubhav _M

    Conspiracy theory: what if corinavirus was an April fools prank gone wrong by China?

  • Yami Nasekenai
    Yami Nasekenai

    get him to show you how to unlock the sharingan

  • Freakin Greninja
    Freakin Greninja

    That's y I didn't work at soobway

  • Rose vlogs
    Rose vlogs


  • Lucia Prescott
    Lucia Prescott

    the governments do sometimes actually target individuals and arrest them and cause trouble if that individual is exposing their secrets

  • green man 105
    green man 105

    Hi hi man

  • Just For you
    Just For you

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="259">4:19</a> Me, who trolls people on the internet in my free time by pretending to be a flat earther : 👀

  • Weird kid when teacher forgets homework
    Weird kid when teacher forgets homework

    Conspiracy Theory: *people are just walruses in disguise*

  • mystery animations
    mystery animations


  • Annu Saini
    Annu Saini

    Conspiracy theory we all are a show

  • Brynlee Woodsmall
    Brynlee Woodsmall

    ~Me hearing the word “Astrology”~ OMG what’s your sign :3

  • August West
    August West

    I have a theory. If the world was flat cats would have knocked everything off by now.

  • Jeammy J N
    Jeammy J N

    Whenever I draw, I sometimes listen to Tennelleflowers episodes on drawing a blank, my favorites are the Wings of fire and Starclan battles. Tennelle inspired me to make my own Warrior cat and Wings of Fire characters.

  • Josue Duran
    Josue Duran

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> I remember reading these books as a kid in 4th grade!

  • Pandy the Panda
    Pandy the Panda

    “But denying modern medicine? No... Nooo, Noooo! I only take medicine (which are drugs) when extremely sick.

  • Isaac Blanco
    Isaac Blanco

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>

  • Zaire Kionasina
    Zaire Kionasina

    conspiracy theory:everyone who eats spaghetti make a face where their cheeks are sucked in

  • Puppy Star
    Puppy Star


  • Caitlin 2008
    Caitlin 2008

    James:u can belive to make u sick Me: believes I’m sick to stay home from school*

  • Mile R
    Mile R

    Paranoid personality disorder.

  • ALEO

    He's not crazy just woke

  • Zaire Kionasina
    Zaire Kionasina

    Conspiracy Theory:the goverment of china made the coronavirus but he had a antidote so when many people got sick he would make the antidote go public for a high price so in conclusion the goverment made coronavirus for money

  • Mehegan Z
    Mehegan Z

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a> "Bakugo has no redeeming qualities." I completely agree

  • Erin Albert
    Erin Albert

    Omfg invader zim!!!

  • Jayden Johnson
    Jayden Johnson

    Oh and btw if James (animated version) was a superhero would he look like Baymax or however you spell that from big hero six?🤔

  • Noahboay

    Did anyone get the frogs gay bit

  • Zaire Kionasina
    Zaire Kionasina

    guys watch out there is another fake james i know this because i saw the subscriber count i i wasn't subscribed

  • Keiko Kwan
    Keiko Kwan

    Think that everything is trick 🤪Rich trick 🤪

  • XStep 47
    XStep 47

    One of my conspiracy theories is kind of a compromise between flat earth and round earth. The earth is a cube.

  • WaCk Kk
    WaCk Kk

    You wach naruto OMG

  • imran lutfi tv
    imran lutfi tv

    Love your video mates. Hope to see more from you. Btw Guys, I hav started my NOsoft channel. Feel free to sucribes and support my channel. 👉 IMRAN LUTFI TV THANK YOU

  • Multi Thedragonfurry
    Multi Thedragonfurry

    James I found another furry drawing in ya video ya sure you ain't a furry look up theodd1sout furry in the home page and click the second video that's some good evidence you're a furry

    • Multi Thedragonfurry
      Multi Thedragonfurry

      And If you were to be a furry then I don't care if love you even more cause I'm a furry myself

  • The Decaffect
    The Decaffect

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a> I DON'T LIKE EM PUTTING CHEMICALS IN THE WATER THAT TURN THE FRICKING FROGS GAY!!!

  • Technoblxde

    Conspiracy: James is a furry

  • Rassel

    Damn it i'm late!!

  • Blake Rohleder
    Blake Rohleder

  • Jayden Smith
    Jayden Smith

    WoOah duDe mY sAndWich tasTe liKe CoLorS! ⊂((・▽・))⊃🥪

  • Undead_ Toaster
    Undead_ Toaster

    Wait is it Medford or Bedford? Also did I miss it?

  • Old Kid
    Old Kid

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="456">7:36</a> "Mother I would be most grateful if you let me become injected with high levels of weakened virus strains and simple infection fighting plasma."

  • Fame Games
    Fame Games

    Kaosksoslsllslslsks Lsls,spdlslxpxlpx Ssldodldlxlxllxlx Lll

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