Coronavirus survivor reveals what it's like to have Covid-19
Channel 4 News
Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances. (Subscribe:


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  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    If you have corona virus do you absolutely have to get medical treatment or only if its severe

  • Michael Rich
    Michael Rich

    I'm jobless now. Sucks

  • Jodiann Charlton
    Jodiann Charlton

    I'm done smoking as of today!!!!!!

  • hiro T
    hiro T

  • HenGaoLaowai

    CCJ is not impressed

  • The Corebelieve
    The Corebelieve

  • Tania Mara
    Tania Mara Be aware. Wake up.

  • Reza Grans
    Reza Grans

    RuSsian, niiicce good choice in challenging languages interesting person and caring

  • Amir BET
    Amir BET

    With the help of Dr. Nicole Apelian, I was able to pinpoint the 3 most important plants you need to add to your diet to fight viruses, including coronavirus. Together we’ve gathered ALL the remedies and medicinal plants of North America and included them in one book: The Lost Book of Herbal

  • KarateCaveman

    Everybody has a different way of handling it

  • Mike Shoults
    Mike Shoults

    Oh but I'm sure that won't happen to ME. I'm invincible! I've been trying to convince my elderly mother and uncle to stay in the house to no avail. They just keep saying "it's okay! It's okay! You worry to much! Now I'm going to the vegetable market to buy some thing to make for dinner, and don't worry I'm careful. Oh look there my friend I better go say hi! Oh she cooked some brownies for us! Wonderful, we need to invite her over! Oh stop fussing and worrying everything will be fine! You are beginning to scare me with all that nonsense!" I'm at my wits end. I'm trying so fucking hard to save her life, but she isn't listening..

  • duncan perry
    duncan perry

    This guy had got over the Coronavirus end of November. Why do the numbers from China and WHO start in January? Hiding much?

  • M Perry
    M Perry

    Everyone, please answer this tp the best of your instinct and sensibilities. When do YOU think that this crisis will end where we can return to our normal lives? I Think that we will need more time than just the end of April. Say what you want to say about this.

  • chase perry
    chase perry

    He does not look healthy and sounds like he's still sick

  • Dr. Freemen
    Dr. Freemen

    I don’t know what the world will be like after a pandemic, BUT it’s definitely not the same as before. Read the doctor’s lessons.

  • xXAbbyAAngelXxYT Le gachatuber :3
    xXAbbyAAngelXxYT Le gachatuber :3

    Everytime the guy says something he says “Yeah, um ____________”

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    If you have a stuffy nose stay home, even if it’s just a cold, your immune system is compromised and the virus has a better chance

  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays says

    We all need copies of thr book "Back to the Basics" amd a copy of " The Joy Of Cooking"

  • Stephen Wheatley
    Stephen Wheatley

    I smell shite

  • Vincent Vaughan
    Vincent Vaughan

    It’s not a virus It’s a disease

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      Connor, what ointment did you add for inhalation? Thanks!

  • Data Disciple [malikode]
    Data Disciple [malikode]

    I wonder how much he got paid to lie, lol. People need to wake up before the military are in our streets.

  • CMDR Viriatus
    CMDR Viriatus


  • Spell Bound
    Spell Bound

    Overall, the best way to avoid the coronavirus is by turning off your television and ignoring the strangers and mainstream media.

  • J M
    J M

    Btw, China's numbers are, of course, huge lies. I think you're much safer in the UK.

  • J M
    J M

    This sounds like a serious case and I'm glad his better. Most people, however, won't even notice they had it.

  • TIM SOT Music
    TIM SOT Music

    *i make video about COVID 19. Rate it*

  • Celery Stalk
    Celery Stalk

    "How THIS guy survived Covid-19" he went to bed after they paid him for this bogus interview...

    • hipperson713

      Ah so you are one of those

  • Ibzi Ahmed
    Ibzi Ahmed

    If we find out covid 19 is fake media pandemic brainwashing agent and this clown needs a kick in the face

  • Luis Robert
    Luis Robert

    Thank god you made 🙏🙏

  • Victor Hinmikaiye
    Victor Hinmikaiye we've got to make the most out of this pandemic moment

  • Jah Breed
    Jah Breed

    Wow. Kind of sounds like my January. Canada....the hospital is the very last resort. I was drowning and almost died in the street from exhaustion trying to get to the corner store.

  • otherpeoplesantiques

    He sounds like he had a bad flu

  • Hank Rearden
    Hank Rearden

    Peppa Pig does not survive here

  • Kurimchi FN
    Kurimchi FN

    it is what it is

  • Зоя Гуль
    Зоя Гуль

    Connor, what ointment did you add for inhalation? Thanks!

  • Green Bird
    Green Bird

    Why is he speaking in third person for most of the interview when he speaks about his symptoms ?

  • Adeesh

    "Hi Chan4, can you tell me what experts say about covid?" Chan4: "How about a random dude?"

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      bunch of BS. first question should be how did he beat it. what did he do? what did he eat ect?

  • Phantom Navigator
    Phantom Navigator

    you get better before you get worse? he got his lines mixed up.

    • Phantom Navigator
      Phantom Navigator

      @bilishu aliss hate to burst your bubble but there is no god.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Wow glory to God, may God bless you and your family

  • BlazzyBIazzy

    Look like they gave this dude rat poison ☠️

  • Simons Krasts
    Simons Krasts


  • 13Gladius 2
    13Gladius 2

    It's very nice to see another CoVid survivor but since 80-96% of those tested positive for CoVid-19 survive with little to no cold/flu symptoms why isn't that story told?!?!

  • Gynjer Berry
    Gynjer Berry

    Not very realistic at all... "Feels like only 20% of your lungs works" ahhh ok still no idea what that means in terms of percentage. More about learning a new language and learn how to cook but the 40 days isolation... The real question is HOW DO YOU GET FOOD AND SUPPLIES

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    Learn a language? How long is this lockdown going to be? I can barely speak Spanish after 4 years lol

  • Steve Moore
    Steve Moore

    Glad he made it through it and he is better I wish him well.

  • Dylan Garcia
    Dylan Garcia

    40 days in a room? What? That’s more depressing than corona itself

  • Denny King
    Denny King

    Welcome to prison

  • Edsel Vincent Paul L. Flores
    Edsel Vincent Paul L. Flores

    Can you get it again after recovering?

  • Seth Hulett
    Seth Hulett

    God got him through it never under estimate gods love

  • ProdbyBits

    This man is wise

  • Samantha Haynes
    Samantha Haynes

    No cops or people that work at hospitals get it!

  • Samantha Haynes
    Samantha Haynes

    I hope no one more gets it!

  • Halima Daudi
    Halima Daudi

    Wow glory to God, may God bless you and your family

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech

    bunch of BS. first question should be how did he beat it. what did he do? what did he eat ect?

  • Jeff Vezina
    Jeff Vezina

  • Terry Carlton
    Terry Carlton

    Correction. What it was like for HIM

  • slim pimp
    slim pimp

    "not a fun thing at all" thats a very British discription

  • GhostRNL

    My misses had it, she was in bed for 2 days ill and was normal again. No pneumonia.

  • Bj

    It wasn't life threatening!!!!! This is a hoax people. These people are not speaking like they really went through the situation they are describing.

  • Victor Martin
    Victor Martin

    I'm calling b.s on this beta.

  • Francesca Altuna
    Francesca Altuna

    I live in Northern Virginia 25min from Washington D.C My whole family got infected and it was due to doctor telling my brother to stay home. With no test he was super sick ! With a fever and because they told him not to get tested he spread it to our whole family and myself. When I got it I went to my primary care as directed to us from the health department I had to argue with the doctor to get tested! And we waited a whole week to get the results. The clinic was horrible to us. Only cared about getting paid. When I said my brother is terribly sick they only asked for his insurance and when I told them he was uninsured they just quoted how much everything would cost. Over 150 just to be seen and for a flu test first. He couldn’t afford it. We are now being monitored by phone calls from the health Department and dont get the luxury to test the rest of the family, stay in a hospital or get retested to help us know. We are being told if something gets worse call the on call nurse or call 911. They are going to tell us if we don’t have anymore symptoms to wait 3 days after that before we can leave the house for groceries. We get 3 phone calls.Me and my two brothers have survived the virus with a few symptoms no fever anymore but my parents have been sick for over a week and the cough and fever just won’t go away...

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    The way he has explained it's simlier to Asthma attacks

  • MrZaza

    So many people i believe they are gona survive this. But instead may die of panic

  • Katlyn Carter
    Katlyn Carter

    It scares me cause I have been having sinuses issues, do u know if having diarrhea is a symptom? I have heard some get it when they have this virus

  • Random Guy In The Comments
    Random Guy In The Comments

    He had the cold and the flu.... So I guess he didn't have Coronavirus.

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      He sounds like Daniel Radcliffe

  • Leelo Tungal
    Leelo Tungal

    "Survivor" The news ans the dude acting like he had a brain tumour.

  • Paul Talley
    Paul Talley

    I feel like this virus went around northern canada already, the virus dont survive or effect anyone as bad in the north than it does in the south ! #facts #illuminatiwilllietoyou and plus ,the virus is just a distraction, to close borders ,close stores down, keep ppl inside, and I also feel like they're lying saying it's because of the virus but what if they are scared themselves that martial law is almost here ,

  • Lin Keong Kim
    Lin Keong Kim

    This is indeed a good video. While waiting for the effective vaccine for the cure, there is a natural compound that we may consider: Nicotianamine from soybean. Click to find out more: @ WHO had characterized CoVid-19 a pandemic.“Nicotianamine should be a useful tool for elucidation of physiological function of ACE2. The isolated novel rhACE2 inhibitor from soybean, nicotianamine, is a beneficial compound for in vivo studies because of its origin in a foodstuff.” according to S. Takahashi et al. in "Nicotianamine is a novel angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 inhibitor in soybean. Biomedical Research (Tokyo) 36 (3) 219-224, 2015" “Since ACE2 is critical for the 2019-nCoV infection, we hypothesize that nicotianamine may block the infection of 2019-nCoV through inhibiting ACE2, which needs further investigation.” said Hansen Chen and Qiaohui Du in "Potential natural compounds for preventing SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) infection."

  • Nonya Busi
    Nonya Busi

    Was he on a vent in hospital?

  • craig me
    craig me


  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    I hope that people in lockdown will overview their gastronomic habits eating animal which was a cause of the virus

  • Death Rager
    Death Rager

    so corona attacks your lungs huh? hmmm... one of the symptoms of 5g radiation is your organs being attacked. lol coincedence? source is shield your body , title is the risks of 5g. not a coincedence that they share some traits this corona and 5g. they correlate to eachother. in 2019 there were alot of 5g tests in various countries, they all have corona now. coincedence? stay away from 5g.

  • Adriana lovely1290
    Adriana lovely1290

    I had the flu and bronchitis at the sometime like 3 weeks go from 1 to 10 it was a 9to8 when Couldn’t breathe

  • Humaca 1987
    Humaca 1987

    Looks like he had suffered from locked-in syndrome, when you pay attention to his eyes and mouth.

  • Johan Perez
    Johan Perez

    God is good don’t worry you guys will see why god is letting this happen what I’m saying is Jesus is coming soon.(I hope you understand)

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    All because Ling Ling had to eat a bat 🤦

  • Lithus17

    " _do you believe you'll be safer in China or the UK?_ " Well, considering he GOT the virus in China.... 🤦‍♂️

  • Margaret Macleod
    Margaret Macleod

    We bet he is a victim of China's G5. He should throw away his cell phone.

  • Eddie Lee
    Eddie Lee

    I'm not afraid of the virus. I just dont want my family to get it.

  • ejano Crowsnatcher
    ejano Crowsnatcher

    He sounds like Daniel Radcliffe

  • Gyimie Y3 me d3
    Gyimie Y3 me d3

    I believe I will survive . But I am concerned about the newborn babies who have been infected.😫