COVID-19: How Aviation is Fighting for Survival
Wendover Productions
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  • nvkulk

    honestly who cares if most of the legacy carriers go under. Horrible service, horrible food, etc...

  • M Z
    M Z

    Serious question - how do CEO’s of airlines travel? Do they have private jets or do they just fly first class?

  • M Z
    M Z

    2021: “ let me tell you about a time when we used to have big flying machines called airplanes. Everyone has forgotten them so we need a little history lesson brought to you by wendover productions.”

  • Anh Ngo
    Anh Ngo

    Guys, has anyone thought about wendover production's voice sound kind of exactly like HAI?

  • Rick C.
    Rick C.

    Nice video, but How EXACTLY is aviation fighting for survival?


    This whole situation is really depressing. I wonder if this is how people feel in war-stricken areas under lockdown.

  • The Skeptical Skeptic
    The Skeptical Skeptic

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Wendover productions: PLANESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown

    To be honest I really hope these major airlines fail and go bankrupt, allowing for new inovative airlines to fill their place. The Monopoly on air travel is obscene and needs to be fixed at least in America.

  • Freak80MC

    I just hope once we pick up the pieces from this pandemic, we actually realize just how fragile this whole modern world and its systems are, and try to put in failsafes so everything can't just immediately shit itself instantly when new threats arise. We were unprepared, we're paying the price for that, but hopefully, especially since humans are so reactionary, it leads to a better world that is more resistant to unknown's, then the world we came from.

  • Nightstalker314

    But the Twitter-Checkmarks say the CEOs just want more money!

  • Ran Kavik
    Ran Kavik

    Clean air happened in March 2020

  • รักษ์ PhithakThai
    รักษ์ PhithakThai

    Thank you God to send Covid19 for us for save our world environment .Stop global warming by Covid19 .Thank you God to stop Bad behavior from human on now.

  • p l
    p l

    Bend over productions

  • fixfoxy

    Climate Change is much more important than this ...

  • mark clark
    mark clark

    Boo-hoo for airlines. Maybe they should have saved some money for a rainy day instead of buying back their own stocks for a decade. CEOs get paid in stock though, so gotta pump up that price! Liquidate the airlines, let them go bankrupt, and then new owners can operate them properly and without debt. That would result in lower prices and better service. Of course that won't happen. All the corporations will have a field day with the Fed handing out virtually infinite dollars, which they print out of thin air.

  • onkar mane
    onkar mane

    This isn’t much of an issue! It’s not like they are going bankrupt they just have to give a month’s salary to their workers for free and they won’t make any profits for a month! It’s not much to live

  • Teflon Smile
    Teflon Smile


  • Teflon Smile
    Teflon Smile


  • Teflon Smile
    Teflon Smile

    Cry me a river.... BILLIONS in profits spent on stock buy backs, less than 4% of profits were saved by the airlines..... DO NOT BAILOUT THE AVIATION INDUSTRY ⚖🇺🇸

  • Tretch

    Man my family is lucky... my dad is a aerospace engineer and he used to work for commercial airline companies like Boeing and Gulfstream. Just a couple years ago he transition to a government owned aviation company that builds military jets. So far he hasn’t lost any hours and his company is completely safe cuz it serves the government, while Boeing is cutting hours and laying people off

  • Kasen Ratliff
    Kasen Ratliff

    You and Half as Interesting should do a collab and both do face reveals

  • Trixler293

    This mess has left me without a job for at least the next 90 days

  • centozo

    March, 2020. Whether you're watching this now or far in the future, that date will forever remain in people's minds as when the century's first pandemic emerged... Right after the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic and the ongoing AIDS pandemic which has been a pandemic since the 1980s as well as the peripheral antibiotic resistance pandemic.

  • GTOger

    Another well thought, well produced video. Nice work, Sam.

  • 要钱不要命

    China Taiwan

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L

    I can't agree that when this is all over and the industry recovers that there will be a big change in the way we do air travel. ...other than maybe having different names on the planes. The 9/11 attack showed a flaw in the industry itself a lack of security. I cannot see a flaw in the industry here other than a lack of personal hygiene in airports. Having hand sanitizer stations everywhere may and I hope will become common like hospitals. After 9/11 Airports changed how they were designed, I don't see the same extremes here. More sanitizer stations aren't a big deal.

  • Rudolf Hitler
    Rudolf Hitler

    Xi jin ping is a great smart leader, his brave heroic action saved china from virus, this world so proud of china and xi, let china rules this world!! They are Just the best!!

  • Nidhal25

    China should pay everyone compensations for allowing the wet markets to exist, cover up the numbers, silence critics speaking out about the virus and for their negligence about the whole thing.

  • Will James
    Will James

    We need to go the herd immunity route .....or this will really fuck us up by October

  • kurt lindner
    kurt lindner

    1. This didn't show up in my Subcriptions when uploaded. 2. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> AA: We have to avoid the locations with a high infection rate. -Miami

  • Motty Bensusan
    Motty Bensusan

    I have a authentic question which I would really appreciate if you answer. I get that when 9.11 took place aviation never returned to normal, because people still have that fear of terror and there Is always a possibility of it returning. However, if or when the coronavirus is illuminated from the world, humans don't have that fear of it returning spotaniously, due to he fact it's given international warning. So please answer this as I would really be intrueged genuinely.

  • Isaac Choi
    Isaac Choi

    RIP flybe

  • Yami0to0hikari

    Disagree with the drop in oil prices helping airlines. Most airlines hedge their oil prices which means this drop does not actually reduce cost as they are obligated to buy oil at a certain agreed upon price before this crisis begins.

  • Blockchain Reaction
    Blockchain Reaction

    China must pay for all the damage they caused.

  • Jacko Chan
    Jacko Chan

    how does rescue flight works?

  • Zhenqi Yang
    Zhenqi Yang

    QF and VA did not cancel their entire domestic fleet. Get the fact not the exaggeration.

  • L0ngB0ard99

    Let them fail. Bring on the hyper tubes.

    • L0ngB0ard99

      Maybe I'm a dumbass.

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi

    *also what I felt/saw coming, the change in college. Most universities were going under, and just too expensive. Corona changed the campus experience to online basically overnight, crazy but some major educational changes were coming to the university experience sooner or later. I just didn't expect it to all happen so soon.*

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi

    *I'll be honest, I work for an airline and it's not their first rodeo. 9/11 was bad as well, and airlines and aviation are always hit hardest because it's just so expensive to keep the whole operation running. It's sad, but not unexpected that something had to stop the travel craze. Travel has become so common, so cheap, and tourism was ruining some a way, this gives the world some breathing space. It allows us to stop and think and enjoy life more and not take travel for granted, the ability to fly and see family and hug people. Anyways, great video. Delta even has the motto "nobody better connects the world", and I hope the day they can do that comes again soon, and for American, United, and all the others too*

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Why are all the highest comments some attempt at a witty third person dialogue? Lmao

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown

    Aviation is the reason this became a global pandemic in a matter of weeks. We need to seriously rethink intercontinental air travel.

  • Vladislav Todorov
    Vladislav Todorov

    you should rename your channel to FLYOVER

  • Franklin D Roosevelt•75 years ago
    Franklin D Roosevelt•75 years ago

    Then usa was badly infected, so they cancelled flights to them

  • Sirch

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> what about H1N1?

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    Thanks so much for voicing over Trump speaking. Music to my ears.

  • Troll King
    Troll King

    aviation is reason 1 for the rapid spread, - fuck aviation, PEOPLE ARE DYING.

  • Seyed Mohammad Najafi
    Seyed Mohammad Najafi

    Wrong, flights to Iran were not cancelled!

  • Jacob Peat
    Jacob Peat

    In the annoucement you mention President Trump didn’t ban all travel from Europe to the US. He banned all travel from the Schengen zone, within Europe but not *all* of Europe. A small distinction but an important one, not helped by the media’s attention-grabbing headlines...

  • mnichols1979

    Wendover: no other industry has been more negatively affected than the airlines Cruise industry: what are we, chopped liver?

  • Southwestern Airline
    Southwestern Airline

    Just like WW1 and WW2, airplanes stopped flying until the war was over but with virus, and happened this year...

  • Dom Bul
    Dom Bul


  • Jesse Bogdonoff
    Jesse Bogdonoff

    I had to fly from Va to NYC last weekend for work and I got a $30 ticket (usually $150), and I was the only paying passenger on the Jet, the only other passengers were 2 pilots hitching a ride. I was happy about the cheap ticket but I knew airlines were about to be fucked.

  • chaim0001

    I am sad they cannot over charge me for an extra pound on my bags, charge for the bags or any of the taxes they decide to charge so the bosses can get a bonus increase, and still treat us as traveling garbage.

  • Daryl V.
    Daryl V.

    All these SeaTac shots, lol. Didn't know this bro was from WA

  • Hirusha Adikari
    Hirusha Adikari

    Good riddence for mother nature May be people can sue airlines for spreading a deadly virus to put a final nail on air line industry! Good for most of the common people on earth

  • Tae Kim
    Tae Kim

    No offense, but airline industry should not have as much issue with rest of the economy. Every airline made billions every year, and should have a war chest with billions (not just invested). Look at Apple (well run company) and their large cash savings that should be over 200 billion to use to improve the company. Boeing made a ton of mistakes leading up to recent financial issues, including from 737 MAX. Boeing and their decision to go corporate with nick and dime'ing in development lead to the current issues. Stretch out the frame than pay for new designs. Modify engine housing (not completely round in some designs) so new efficient turbines can fit as the landing gears are much shorter than newer Airbus designs. So forth. Boeing needs to change management and philosophy, and maybe financial pressure will change that. Boeing previous bailout lead to stock buyback, and raises/bonuses for the management/executives. Boeing wanted free money to use as they please, and mismanage as usual. Government offered how much money to airline industry? Compare the amount to small business and individuals with bailout offered to airline industry. Compare the number of workforce impacted nationwide and compare it to the air industry. Do not know how airline industry qualifies as national security. Should they falter, sell to investors that will keep it running or new airlines will be created to fill the market need. It's not like Southwest Airlines is responsible for military equipment that secure the country. It's just a business. Not enough money? Cry me a river. Small businesses and average Americans are having severe issues. Unemployment has spiked to historic levels, but they are concerned their six/seven figure earnings/life style will be impacted. OMFG some people.

  • iih4rrison

    i live right near an airport and i dont see one plane land or take off from there

  • Yasin Yakoobi
    Yasin Yakoobi

    Mother Nature needed a time out, the air is much fresher now

  • Finely Frost
    Finely Frost

    Donald Trump lied and people died

  • Dave

    Lufthansa is pronounced LUFT HANSA

  • Storyboard Maker
    Storyboard Maker

    It blows my mind of how much his voice has changed over the years. Keep going, bruv! Edit: what happened to TWL’s?

  • Angry Skeleton Corn Man
    Angry Skeleton Corn Man

    i have a feeling ALOT of airlines are going to go bankrupt this year and there won't be air travel anymore

  • Scorpion

    I hope, that all western people, going to ignore all Chinese plains. I never used before and I’m not going to use in the future. Too scared of another surprise, witch comes up again.

  • jinshuo yu
    jinshuo yu

    You always forget an island when you marked china.PLEASE MARK IT.

  • SaultheKing

    This won´t be the last pandemic in the 21. century. A lot of deadly and drug resitant diseases are waiting to spread to humans or turn loose. Look up CWD in deer. It´s a fact and a matter of when not if. A lot of presidents sucks and the rich don´t give a f*ck about you. I think Airlines will automate even more after this crisis. Good Luck to you and your families!

  • Jun Sian Lee
    Jun Sian Lee

    Spoiler to Tom Scott presents Money. So hilarious to see Sam attacked in the show, just because someone else cheated.

  • Yan Marle
    Yan Marle

    But..but this vid has an airplane in it!?! waanh! Waaaanhhh!!!

  • james summers
    james summers

    I always like trains better than planes, because on trains, you are treated like passengers until proven a terrorist while on a plane, you are treated like terrorists until proven a passenger.

  • Nick's Garage
    Nick's Garage

    putz on aal

  • E Sever
    E Sever

    I feel like this video was sponsored by Big Avia

  • Pallavi Sanyal
    Pallavi Sanyal

    Why do Americans say ai-ran and ai-rak but not ai-tally?

    • Originalcopy20

      Maybe because they're not the brightest of all nations.

  • funnybus3rd

    I'm in the aviation industry and let me tell you, the airport is seriously eerie at this time

  • Boris & Chen
    Boris & Chen

    Don't worry, peasants. They'll get bailed out from our tax money, while control and oppression will get even tighter after this shit.

  • cib

    Wendovers life has built up to this moment

  • Tom Dabek
    Tom Dabek

    This is the worst Plague Inc. review ever.

  • herbayse

    those airlines should have emergency savings smh... maybe, just maybe if they stop using 96% of their cash flow over the past 10 years on buybacks, they wouldn't need a bailout? or maybe just work harder? is that really hard? corporations are also people like us, right?

  • Honza Grossmann
    Honza Grossmann

    I work in the aviation industry. Not for an airline, but for an airport. It all started in January with cancelation of flights to/from China and new hand sanitizer stands. A few weeks later, more flights got canceled. Then the screenings for people inbound from Italy began. About a week or two after that, flights to/from Italy were canceled altogether. Then the airport started giving out respirators to all airport employees. On my last day of work, only about 8-10 planes arrived throughout the duration of my shift. There are usually ~30. Later that day an email came. “You’re temporarily out of a job”. Now, I’m doing fine, but I know it screwed over a lot of people I work with. I wish them the best, we’ll see what the future holds.

  • TheDopoqob

    Love Tom Scott. Subscribing to Nebula because of this video!

  • Melissa jones
    Melissa jones

    Airlines have enough money to be out of action indefinitely and pick up where they left off.

  • mohit singh
    mohit singh

    Chinese viruse

Making aerogel
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