DaBaby - BOP on Broadway (Hip Hop Musical)
BOP on Broadway
DaBaby - BOP
Produced by Jetsonmade
Video Produced by Reel Goats
Dir x Reel Goats
Edited by Reel Goats
Shoutout every single dancer that came out to be great.Shout Cherry and Danileigh for the Choreography.
Much love to Paramount for letting us run wild on their studio lot.
Kirk Album Out Now. The Kirk Tour starts this weekend if you ain't got your tickets, go get them you bitch ass niggas.

  • Arkeyla Copeland
    Arkeyla Copeland

    Best video of 2019!!!! Jabbawockeez ripped it the minute they came out!!! Whole video is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Renato Teodoro Dias
    Renato Teodoro Dias

    Só eu que vi o carinha com a blusa do Paris do Neymar no começo? Kkkk 🇧🇷

  • Uncle Slick
    Uncle Slick

    that one chick likes to stick her tongue out

  • Brice Kemoe
    Brice Kemoe

    I love y

  • Andy Penabaez
    Andy Penabaez

    Best music video ever

  • Aaron Urbina
    Aaron Urbina

    So much sync an cooperation needed for such a sophistacted and professionly done choreography. Awesome

  • Ding Chavez
    Ding Chavez

    cant stand the bitch with the short hair in the rainbow top acting all extra, like bitch just do your damn dance and chill.

  • DanTheDanator 27
    DanTheDanator 27

    Who told NLE Choppa to wear a DaBaby costume

  • Nae Nette
    Nae Nette

    who rewinds the Jabbawockeez part?...me...that's who.

  • Slinky

    not one good lookin person in the lot of them what are the odd


    BEST VIDEO OUT!!! Dope

  • Dynacoh

    Wow this sounds exactly the same as some other songs of his

  • Unknown Channel
    Unknown Channel

    Who else thought that this song had one of the best endings??

  • Trillz

    2:36 the cleanest thing I ever seen

  • Non-apolagetic Cinema
    Non-apolagetic Cinema

    Music video of 2019! Makes me wanna jump straight into Vibes.

  • Aj Jimerson
    Aj Jimerson

    I'm old school and even I like that. Lol he go his own style


    Now who was that fine ass girl in the pink crop top

  • kiki in a coma
    kiki in a coma

    When it ended I was so confused like "uh is this a part of the song or something"

  • Ezekiel Jonathan
    Ezekiel Jonathan

    One take

  • 13rian C
    13rian C

    ....Whole squad supreme coordinated n' lit AF

  • Alberto Fernandez
    Alberto Fernandez

    2:05 Mode SALT BAE: ON

  • Lord Doge
    Lord Doge

    What's the name of the pink girl at the end?

  • MK Square
    MK Square

    Did anyone notice the Indian on the right of the video at 2:11?

  • Jonathan O
    Jonathan O


  • Troy White
    Troy White

    Bruh fire that bitch at the end she dose not know how to fucking stand still just want be famous on clout but she won't probably she will ask people for money...

  • Arqix

    that girl at the end had to fuckin move.. it ruined it.

  • MK Square
    MK Square

    All the likes are because of the jabbawokeez.

  • RashaunTheDon !
    RashaunTheDon !

    Done seen him wear this jersey too many times🤔

  • smoke weeddotcom
    smoke weeddotcom

    shit go

  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne

    That fact that our society allows this garbage to go mainstream is an abomination

  • Delicia Bent
    Delicia Bent

    So we gone ignore the fact he wanna holla at Meghan thee stallion 👀

  • Matthew Fernandez
    Matthew Fernandez

    yo is this the same spot where LMFAO filmed party rock anthem

  • karina ramirez
    karina ramirez

    Why are we not talking about the dude playing the flute at the end?

  • Mr Shady
    Mr Shady

    When I was all your ages I had music like ruff Ryder's...the slim shady ep ....you all have this 😂😂

  • Kaizen Je
    Kaizen Je

    0:15 that was hard 😂

  • adolfiokz

    1:13 whats her ig?

  • wiet plant
    wiet plant

    this dude the wallmart version of hopsin

  • bearys airpods
    bearys airpods

    can we just talk about how beautifully orchestrated this is lmfao

  • Jay Rock
    Jay Rock

    Best dance crew Filipinos boiis

  • IIMaxII

    Give props to the man with the flute he was gettig lit. 😂😂😂