Daniel Radcliffe's Terrifying Dead Body Stunt Double | The Graham Norton Show
The Graham Norton Show
Daniel Radcliffe will be back this week! Alongside Daniel, we're joined by Alan Cumming, Miriam Margolyes, Sharon Horgan, and Craig David!
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  • the bun
    the bun

    Dead daniel is the most disturbing doll I have ever seen. Daniel should make a horror movie about the doll coming to life 😂

  • Keano K
    Keano K

    Shame they just ignored her through out the whole show 😂

  • Noochie XD
    Noochie XD

    Gay boi

  • maya summers
    maya summers

    So nobody is gonna ask how dead Daniel is?

  • TheG.o.a.t Nunez
    TheG.o.a.t Nunez

    Smh Anna's such a drama queen over reacting I'd throw dead Daniel on her purposeful giving her a heart attack

  • WatchBoringGames

    na=ue? write it down and flip it around

  • shitpostshiba ._.
    shitpostshiba ._.

    At first I thought Swiss army man was stupid but later thought it was great and hilarious

  • w0nu

    Yo guys look it’s Harry Potter

  • MonsterGaming Galit
    MonsterGaming Galit

    He sounds like Dantdm like if im true

  • redshift

    everyone is just gonna laugh it off when Daniel actually dies cuz they think it's just the dead daniel, but.. it is dead daniel

  • mlsr36

    Weekend At Daniel's

  • Cawfeee Chan OwO
    Cawfeee Chan OwO

    Your an old man Harry! *im a what?* Your a fOKIN OLD BOI *IM A WUTTTT* **triggerness intensifies**

  • Br1aNn

    I saw the title and thumbnail... and thought “Oh no...” I thought it was either a dead man, or an actor playing a dead man.

  • World of iCe
    World of iCe

    When they were lifting it, I thought it was really a person wearing some make up! Wow!

  • Zero Warner
    Zero Warner

    Weekend at Bernie's anybody

  • Nguyen Quoc Bao Khang
    Nguyen Quoc Bao Khang

    Daniel: Daniel Dead Daniel: The cooler Daniel

  • ezio auditore
    ezio auditore

    does it have a d***

  • Cpt. Walker
    Cpt. Walker

    So that's the dead part of Harry Potter when Voldemort killed him. I've been wondering.

  • Hageltrast

    Everyone who watched this clip did the lazy eye

  • Charley Bea
    Charley Bea

    Weekend At Bernie's remake starring Dead Daniel.

  • davidjustdavid

    Why was this recommended to me? 🤔☠️👻🧟‍♂️🧟

  • TreeAndStump

    Anna looks like she's wearing the virgin killer sweater!

  • The Inept One
    The Inept One

    I see a "weekend at bernies 2" coming

  • Johnny Wilson
    Johnny Wilson

    Introducing... AN ADULT HARRY POTTER!

  • Phillip Gathright
    Phillip Gathright

    Weekend at Dead Daniel"s!


    Voldemort: **insert success baby photo here**

  • WGO Weekday Gamers Official
    WGO Weekday Gamers Official

    Weekend At Harry’s

  • Husky Gang
    Husky Gang

    That's what they do fake their death n put a doll like them in a casket so we can think they dead but they just hiddin ... iullmanti stuff right here ..

  • tomlikesmovies


  • Addie McCloskey
    Addie McCloskey

    Some of you clearly haven't seen Swiss Army Man, and it shows

  • Spring Bonnie
    Spring Bonnie

    Spoiler: he’s just a rubber mold that looks like him

  • jovee saralde
    jovee saralde

    0:9 his eyes! creepy 😱

  • kala

    I can do the same thing about the eye part- everybody thinks I'm weird whenever I do that

  • Croissance


  • Lily Watson
    Lily Watson

    Do you mean Harry Potter?

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can

    That's really freaky looking lordy

  • Jestronix Handerson
    Jestronix Handerson

    I guess I’m getting old, “weekend at Bernie’s “

  • maty _da
    maty _da


  • Mitochondriana

    Plot twist: Dead daniel is his actual twin bro who is dead irl

  • shumei

    aye i can do dead eyes tooo

  • House Phone
    House Phone

    That thing is As dead as his career

  • TrainMan 4201
    TrainMan 4201

    I can also do that that eye thing with my left eye

  • ProSibious-

    Did anyone else think it was a guy acting?

  • dua lipa
    dua lipa

    I love daniel so much

  • RSN Jennie
    RSN Jennie

    This is from Swiss Army man! I love that movie!!

  • Justin Jack
    Justin Jack

    Like a British 'Weekend at Bernie's'.

  • J0krswy1d

    1:39 "..if anybody wants it.." Lol.. maybe not a good thing to suggest! :-P

  • fluffy1973

    Al Pacino on a 3 day weekend bender = Dead Dan

  • Shirokuma Otaku
    Shirokuma Otaku

    1:40 Fans being creepy...

  • Creepypasta & Horror Movies Girl
    Creepypasta & Horror Movies Girl

    I'm sorry y'all but I would definitely take dead Daniel to bed with me. 😘

  • ghost fields
    ghost fields

    My all time favorite movie

  • Tony Johnsen
    Tony Johnsen

    Celebrity: does thing with eye most people can do Everyone: WOW :OOOOOO

  • TomTom651

    in reality dead daniel came to life and replaced the real daniel

  • BeardCaveTV

    Looks like Daniel Radcliffe had a baby with Tony Montana.

  • Doge Films
    Doge Films

    Can we get a Mia khalifa body like this please

  • sKely

    Everybody gangsta til dead daniel starting to stink

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez

    Just look at her

  • Sirrux

    What's the of the women in the middle?

  • 164 procar
    164 procar

    That's me shitface the day after

  • ASH456

    Plot twist: Daniel is actually dead and the other one is an imposter 😱