David Dobrik's Blind Date With a Superfan | Celeb Blind Date
I'm pretty sure everyone on NOsoft has a crush on David Dobrik. We set him up on a blind date with a vlog squad superfan to see if sparks fly IRL. The catch? His date has no idea THE David Dobrik is behind the curtain! Will she guess he's her favorite member of the vlog squad before the end of the date? Watch and see. BTW, he also reveals whether or not he'd date a fan, and I am SCREAMING at his answer!!!
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  • Seventeen

    Would you take a canoe ride in the ocean with David Dobrik?

    • Khadazah Johnson
      Khadazah Johnson


    • Zahra. Feizpour
      Zahra. Feizpour

      Seventeen YES

    • eldertomato

      I would literally go anywhere with David dobrik I would let him murder me.

    • Wildforfreedom

      Roberto Lopez cause he is funny and attractive (unlike you) 😂😂

    • Your friendly neighbourhood midlife crisis
      Your friendly neighbourhood midlife crisis

      How about, *_no_*

  • Nicole Liu
    Nicole Liu

    David having a mental breakdown over his accent is the funniest thing ever

  • Madeline Halliez
    Madeline Halliez

    is anyone gonna talk about how she said i religously watch his vlogs cuz same

  • Michal Zamastil
    Michal Zamastil

    The name Michal is quite similar to me.. why? Hmm....

  • Eileene Springer
    Eileene Springer

    He's trying to hold his laughter but you know he can't

  • Ally _1119
    Ally _1119

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="759">12:39</a> she sounded so creepy when she said “with you- i’ll do anything”

  • Ally _1119
    Ally _1119

    I got second hand embarrassment 😳

  • Henry Shaw
    Henry Shaw

    How has a Super fan only watched around 100 videos

  • Ilove everyone
    Ilove everyone

    When he was describing his ideal date , i couldn’t help but think of liza ..... PLZ COME BACK TOGETHER!!! Also he literally gave up his accent in lik 10 secs

  • Angela Cicero
    Angela Cicero

    does david not know i would marry him in an instant

  • cm 525
    cm 525

    she’s not a super fan a real fan would recognize his iconic voice and then she’s like “ i knew it was you” bruh

  • Kaden Forde
    Kaden Forde

    David this whole video: 😶 👉👈 l / \

  • Steve Vasquez
    Steve Vasquez

    whats wrong with steve, David??

  • dxckies

    Ok anybody but david like STOP, david will only think of liza🥺🥺😭😭

  • MasterOfNothing

    Idk she is faking that she is a super fan but she probably watches him

  • Misael García
    Misael García

    1st one doesn’t know they are actors 😔

  • Katy Fisher
    Katy Fisher

    I cracked up every time he panicked (the whole video)😂


    why is nobody talking about David mentioning the Dolan Twins omg I love them all so much

  • Kai Longo
    Kai Longo

    “ I religiously watch them”

  • lulu valencia
    lulu valencia

    hes so awkward its cute

  • Farahienne

    Why was he like so much more taller after he asked how tall she was?

  • camille choiniere
    camille choiniere

    she’s lucky omg

  • francisco cabrera
    francisco cabrera

    Can I be in that plz or go on a blind date if possible🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Big Balcer
    Big Balcer

    He should've done a Slovakian accent haha

  • madison YT
    madison YT

    "who is the most underrated?" my mind: say jonah💀 david: jonah me: -smiles- 💀💀😂🤣

  • eldertomato

    she literally didn’t even seem like a super fan. She knows like nothing lol

  • P West
    P West

    it’s so refreshing to see the celebrity nervous

  • R4ndomChan

    bro if you can't tell thats him u ain't a real fan

  • Emerson Hall
    Emerson Hall

    "superfan" dude if you were even a fan you would know what Davids voice is

  • Sofia Angelina
    Sofia Angelina

    Its so cringy to watch dates

  • Welshy

    Can i go on one next? (No homo)

  • Vinny b
    Vinny b

    This is so cringy

  • Baria Duhhh
    Baria Duhhh

    Heath and Zane are definitely the Joey and Chandler of the group

  • JohnstasBACK

    Never meet your heroes, kids. This was underwhelming.

  • Addison Mallett
    Addison Mallett


  • Alexis Barbuto
    Alexis Barbuto

    I feel like she was getting annoyed while he was being rude and stuff😂😂😂

  • Zahara Kemal
    Zahara Kemal

    You can date me I am the perfect person

  • Abid_007

    David literally talked about taking Madison on a canoe ride🥺

  • موستانغ اليوتيوب
    موستانغ اليوتيوب

    Dean ambrouz?

  • Faith Newton
    Faith Newton

    i was expecting david to give her a tesla at the end

  • Crickera

    hes is luking for liza <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a>

  • Isaac Cruz
    Isaac Cruz

    That’s what David gets for trying so hard to drop the accent

  • Cosi Klinger
    Cosi Klinger

    his dream girl: he literally described Liza

  • Victor Braca
    Victor Braca

    His facial expressions make the video

  • Joshnich37 Wasn’t here
    Joshnich37 Wasn’t here

    Right so his perfect girl is natilee

  • Ahh Skrrt
    Ahh Skrrt

    *peppameent bisgits*

  • Lukas Milovanov
    Lukas Milovanov

    Gave up on the accent mid way

  • Coreyc1888

    Superman can't guess his voice

  • blackened hues
    blackened hues

    He’s describing Natalie

  • Jolene Fern
    Jolene Fern

    I know she said she knew, but I honestly can’t tell if she actually knew. Also, David is really good at pulling lies out of his butt 😂

  • Doctor Whoo
    Doctor Whoo


  • Sabrina Gull
    Sabrina Gull

    She claims to be a super fan yet she’s only seen his videos from the past 6 months.

  • Sabrina Gull
    Sabrina Gull

    The “I’m Steve” sent me lmaooooo

  • Dennis Waersegers
    Dennis Waersegers

    when she realizes madison beer is also into david

  • sxnset beach
    sxnset beach

    Bro me wishing that was me :( but I’m only 12

  • Abcedy Carson
    Abcedy Carson

    *Liza punching the air*

  • shaun daniels
    shaun daniels

    I’m watching after hearing the views podcast where David asked Madison beer if she wanted to go on a canoe ride David must love canoes

  • Rosa Benit3z
    Rosa Benit3z

    10 :44 David :I love them because they don't pretend to be anyone else David in bigging :steve

  • Otaku 101
    Otaku 101

    Here cuz of quarintine... sigh... Also the accent was so hilarious 😂😂

  • Ikpuri fejiro Emmanuella
    Ikpuri fejiro Emmanuella

    David dobrik is cute 😂😂😂🙄😏

  • Julia D
    Julia D

    This was so fake/staged

  • Darlene Bertelsen
    Darlene Bertelsen

    they should have gotten donitosh before she had a boyfriend

  • larry

    I would kill to have a date w David

  • Frosttyy

    They should have used a voice changer or something 😂

  • Rylee Asmann
    Rylee Asmann

    David’s accents are SO funny

  • Maiya Franke
    Maiya Franke


  • Jessie Lewis
    Jessie Lewis

    My first Celeb that I have said “who is that?”

  • SofIa Garces
    SofIa Garces

    Nervous David is the cutest. The faces he makes to the camera as if asking for approval to what he says hahaha.

  • Adam Blesener
    Adam Blesener

    I don’t know what kind of accent that is but I feel bad for whoever has it😂

  • Deanna Vold
    Deanna Vold

    The amount of times David changed his voice during the date

  • heidi

    so y’all wanna do this again with wyatt oleff or matthew gray gubler and invite me??

  • Badr Eddin Deeab
    Badr Eddin Deeab

    Was I the only one who realized they used the wrong science experiment?

  • YouTube bitch
    YouTube bitch

    We get it you all ship Liza and David but you don't have to give all that hate to this girl just because you ship David with someone else...Like yeah you can tell someone's character in 14 minutes when they are not 100% their true self because they are nervous with cameras on their faces I agree...and guyss he just said that he wants a funny girl,that laughs at his jokes and doesn't take things too seriously this could be anyone calm down

  • Jeffrey Krippner
    Jeffrey Krippner

    U guys need like a voice changer or something

  • michael rogers
    michael rogers

    When david said- do you think David is secretly lonely" i felt this

  • michael rogers
    michael rogers

    Im legit david when it comes to talking to women

  • Sarai BayonTlamintzi
    Sarai BayonTlamintzi

    his fake accent sounded like king candy from wreck-it-ralph

  • Mezhülenuo Savino
    Mezhülenuo Savino

    This is so not fair :(

  • Aniket Banginwar
    Aniket Banginwar


  • Zoozi _TM
    Zoozi _TM

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a> he stopped the accent