Dax - "Book Of Revelations" (Official Music Video)
Is the World Coming to an end? Where will you spend eternity?
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Shot by: Moses Isreal
Produced by: Encore Beats
#Bookofrevelations #religion #apocalypse #deargod #god #jesus #dax
I can’t sleep
I keep thinking about this
What if with everything going on the world really is coming to an end?
Then what?
What if it isn’t a lie
What if we make it to heaven and don’t get inside
What if we get to gates...
and see god on the other side and he looks us in our face and says our whole lives we’ve wasted time
What if we can’t go back
What if we can’t redo this life and get one second chance
What if our future happiness is memories of our past
While we burn forever haunted by the devils laughs
why do we push them away
And why do the ones we work to keep never actually stay
Why do we focus on tomorrow and forget about today and smile in everybody’s face and try and act like we’re okay
Why do we live this way
Why do we hate
Why do we we fight
Why do act like there’s time and got more than one life

I’m older and looking for truth
I’m holding my faith in my hand but the pain in this world has been shaking it loose
I used to have so much to gain
Now I have so much much loose
They say I’m crazy for looking for answers
I say they’re crazy for not giving proof
vision is blurred
I’m over concerned
I’m looking at God to see if life with him is something I’ve earned
The devils been watching he’s trynna recruit he’s been waiting at every turn
I’m driving this life on the highway to hell but I won’t burn
We know the difference
We know what is wrong and we know what is right
But Satan is strong God and most of your people are loosing the fight
So what if we fail
What if we can't escape his lies
What if can’t change, what if he still control our minds
Where do we run
Where do we go
Who do we talk to
We look around and everyone we see is lost too
What if life was just some test that we all do
What if you were busy when we called you
What if hell's on earth
What if being born is dying, and dying's birth
Would that mean life's not Gods gift but the devils curse
And to LIVE was to be EVIL cuz it’s words reversed
What if the devil entered a pastor and he lead a church
What if we looked for the truth but didn’t know where to search
What if the books they said to read had never been your words
What if we chose to follow you but we still had that urge
Will you forgive us for our sins and let us in your world
God we at the Gates
We couldn’t see, hear, or touch you but we had faith
we know we messed up we human and we make mistakes
So we just begging we get in and that you’ll have grace
What if we didn’t mean it
What if the place we grew up forgot to teach it
What if we never even got the chance to go and seek it
Then what
Then what....
Dear Family
We're in scary times
nobody has the answers
just make sure we spread love
and believe
My name IS DAX...
Bandwidth Bros.
Executive Producers
Daniel Nwosu, Brittney Boston
Moses Israel
Natalia Moscoso
Production Designer
Day Hernandez
Costume Designer
Jen Martin
Key Make Up
Alan Gonzalez
Special FX
Alex Adams
Bandwidth Bros.
Monica Escalante
VFX Artist
Cesar Encalada X Vanguard Studios VFX
Jaraad Nageer
Additional VFX credit:
Jaraad Nageer

  • Dax

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    • subaruimpreza113083

      Lord, I do wonder if this is the end and if it is, I'm looking forward to the time you descend, bringing peace to this world, everybody's heart you will mend and give nullifidians a chance, your holy grace you'll extend, also, I thank you Lord for artists like Dax, for those of us that struggle, he'll sympathize and spit facts, keep it real and split cracks, planting the seed that impacts, our train of thought, straighten the tracks, infraction on the traction of Satan, putting his evil power to rest, anyone reading this, prayers sent and through God, stay blessed......

    • miz x
      miz x

      Ur a legened

    • Jerryley Kercius
      Jerryley Kercius

      Hey man cool song man um sounds you're really pondering about all these things and well I'm a Christian and have a personal relationship with God and has learned alot and believe I have the answers to your questions so if you have questions and after open minded plz txt me jerryley40@gmail.com plz if love to answer your questions about God

    • Gyan1234 Rana
      Gyan1234 Rana

      Bhot Hard

    • Monster dude
      Monster dude

      @Semir Drazanin haters always hate. You are just mad you cant rap like Dax and have a hard time figuring out how. I rest my case.😠😤

  • kingXuser

    i hope you convert to islam - Peace Salam


    nosoft.info/hd/video/h4bbfWLQnJB-kqk ajuda gente minha filha vai amar ver seu VIEW

  • Jonathan Baker
    Jonathan Baker

    Just a normal joe who happens to be atheist here. I loved this and I’m shocked I don’t hear you on the radio. Then again, bad behavior is publicity I guess..

  • Eyloheab

    What are the benefits of "not wasting" and gambling your life? We are reborn in the spirit through our unique individual relationship with the Trinity. Theres a big big table with lots and lots of food, a big big yard where we can play football, its the fathers house. The gates open to all who fall and die.

  • Bruna Moggio
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  • Jack MonMathews
    Jack MonMathews

    This video is cool coz it gets people speaking bout the real. Jesus said, "thy Word is truth" (John <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1037">17:17</a>)... Yeshua doesn't lie... "Scripture can not be broken..." (John <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="635">10:35</a>). Ask, seek, knock, it's all real. Jesus is real. Revelation is a real book about real things... It's all in the Word; we need to read it ourselves, or listen to it ourselves. The devil has entered "pastors", Jesus warns us to beware, be on guard, watch! ... This is done by faith in the word (our personal reading the word is V.I.T.A.L!!! 👈) & Prayer! Oh, that's easy? No, it's hard. Sit down to read the Bible and see how long you last. Pray for a week, and then see how many days you'll shrug it off. Sit down to wonder at the awesomeness of God, and see how our sinfil minds wander even before a minute passes... It's hard. Stop looking at woman with lust, because Our Teacher said this is adultery, then see how well you do. Tell everyone about Jesus, as he told us to shine, and then see how that goes for you.. it's hard. This is why Jesus done it all for us! This is why he's called "sinless" or "holy", he never had failures - but he suffered for us. His mind never wandered from The Father, he never, not once looked at someone with lust or had self gain in mind, he loved The Father. ... God knows we're sinners! Precisely why he sent his one & only Son into the world, to save sinners AND bring us to God, whose throne is in Heaven - Throne. When he died on the cross he said something strange, he said, "It is finished" ... He had finished paying our sin-debt; the punishment WE deserve was poured out on him, and by his kindness and love we are saved from the everlasting punishment of hell and forever lost in the abyss of outer-darkness - and by our sins and rejecting God, we know we DO deserve this. But God in his great mercy, sent his Son to take that punishment uopn himself for us! And he extends this mercy, by giving us light to SEE the glorious salvation in Christ. We need the Holy Spirit to give us life, so we can see Jesus in the truth. "Thy Word is truth".

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    If you have questions about past and future and about the end you can read the quran.

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    Man, alot of us aren't Ready for the coming of Christ but we will see and answer to him on judgement day, and whatever it is that we did with our time in this Life, he will be the judge of it and Decide if we go Through the gates of Heaven.

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    Micah Curiel

    I’m a Christian and I want to see how many believers will try to beat this since comments never win. comment if u believe in god and like if you don’t .

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    God Wants us to Fear Him

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