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  • How To Cook That
    How To Cook That

    COVID-19 Can you give me an update from where you are in the world... 1. What country you are in 2. What supplies the shops have run out of 3. What restrictions you've currently got there to help contain covid-19 4.Do you/anyone you know have the virus and if so are you/they OK? Fo us it's 1.Australia of course 2.Shops are out of toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, hand sanitiser, flour, rice, sugar, pasta, chicken, limited meat, canned goods and sanitary supplies. Hospitals are short on test kits for covid-19 3. School are still open but there are no gatherings over 100 people indoors or 500 outdoors, international travel is banned and any Aussies returning home have to self isolate for 14 days 4.thankfully no.

    • Æg

      Hey Ann I have no idea if you are going to read this, but here we go :) 1. Denmark, specifically in the Zealand region, copenhagen (the capital) is 15 minutes away on the train from where I live. 2. when coronavirus was first announced basically all the toilet paper, hand sanitiser, chicken, milk, eggs, rice, canned goods, sanitary supplies and all the veggies were gone. It has calmed down quite a bit and you almost see nobody at the grocery stores anymore. In the beginning people even stole hand sanitiser from the hospitals. This was very controversial and people were incredibly angry. I also think there is a shortage of test kits for covid-19, limiting the amount of people they can test. We also don't have medical masks anymore, but I have only seen one person in the past month wearing one haha. 3. In Denmark we did a big lockdown, so no school, no work (people may work at home). Public transportation is still running and mosts stores are open (not including bars or cafes, and some clothing stores). But I think this is about to change. Everyone is supposed to stay home but everyone goes out anyways. At the beach you see children running around and playing in the sun, people out tanning, taking walks with strollers. You see people out constantly, most people in Denmark take this as a type of vacation instead of something to be careful about, it's a bit sad haha. They have just started giving out tickets to people, but that is quite a recent development and I think the police will start 'stepping up' quite a bit. Also you are not allowed to be in a room with more than 10 people at once. In the stores they don't receive cash either anymore and there is hand sanitiser next to all cash registers. 4. Not that I know of, however, my mother is incredibly paranoid. She is originally from Italy, where all of our family is, and she is just incredibly worried, especially for my grandmother. She has every disease in the book (high blood pressure, too much cholesterol, high blood sugar, depression ect. She has also had skin cancer and cancer in one of her lungs, where they cut 1/3 of it away), and if she gets Covid - 19 she will die immediately. The three zones that have been affected the most are the richest ones, I live in one of the communes in these zones. Because they are so rich, it's easy for them go travelling and a lot of people went to austria and such for vacation, soooo yeah... I think most of them came from the people traveling, sadly students from my old gymnasium (high school?) have been affected and a lot of them are in quarantine because they went travelling with the school. It's sad to see people my age (16-18) be affected in this way. Currently 1,255 people in Denmark have been infected (although this is difficult to say, since we haven't tested 'gray patients', so there could be more) where 37 of them are in critical condition. 9 people have died. 1 person has fully recovered :) So yeah... hope it helps. A lot of stuff has happened here, even though we are so small, I apologise for the long comment, and I wish you the best, I have been watching your channel since 2014 so I really love and appreciate what you do! I wish you the best, love xoxo

    • Tanja Beier
      Tanja Beier

      1. Germany 2. Toilet paper, Sanitizer, flour and noodles 3.Schools are closed. Also Bars, Restaurants and every shop not providing food or medicine 4. yes and they are NOT o.k. And we have already restrictions to go outside that could become a full ban on going out. I‘m scared. I like your channel and it cheers me up to see something else than catastrophic news. Thank you for your good content. You and your Husband are very likable. I wish the best for you and your family.🌻

    • hck

      1.Hong Kong. 2.The people was kinda crazy and stocking up toilet paper in Jan/Feb but it's alright now. 3.The number of confirmed cases was quite stable in these few months as many of us went through SARS in 2003 and we are very serious about self-protection as the government isn't doing much to protect us, so we have been wearing masks etc. ever since Jan. The gov has issued a 14-day restricted quarantine for anyone who's coming from other places around the world except China, Taiwan, and Macau. (But some of the stupid students who came back overseas cut their waistband and went outside LOL very selfish of them). 4. thankfully no.

    • Tess

      London - schools and social venues shut indefinitely. Supermarkets are still receiving deliveries but they're completely cleared out by midday. Weird times!

    • Macy Field
      Macy Field

      1 UK 2 Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pasta, tinned food and more 3 not going to school, not aloud to see grandparents/elderly people 4 my mum's colleague sorry for my spelling

  • hello hi
    hello hi

    1. California 2. Toilet paper, beans, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, etc. 3. Under Lockdown order, my job furlough me 4. Coworker and 3 of her family members. Her mother sadly passed away.

  • Experiencing Interruptions
    Experiencing Interruptions

    Could you say from a legal stand point that these companies are false advertising? Maybe that is a new way we can enforce some regulations on their video content.

  • Twistfaria

    Answering your pinned question: I live in Texas USA and here the advice is no crowds over 10 people! In other states they are recommending always wearing masks while among people out of the home. Saying not to go anywhere unless it is essential. A few pastors in various states with similar movement restriction guidelines have been arrested for holding gatherings of MANY people against the direct warning of local police. I went to the store today and still no paper towels. Restrictions on milk, butter and eggs of only 2 each. They did have rice for the first time in a few weeks the limit on it was 4. Very little soup and canned goods. Certain stores have closed their deli, bakery and butcher departments to the public. They just make things and wrap them up and leave them in coolers for people to pick. There are also stickers on the floors to remind people to stand farther apart. School has been out for a couple weeks now and they have already said it isn't coming back this school year. Many people are working from home and trying to teach and entertain their children. Basically... it's pretty weird here!!

  • Emmitt Anderson
    Emmitt Anderson

    This video went from, fake cooking videos, to politics.

  • Elizabeth Hambleton
    Elizabeth Hambleton

    Dog eating popcorn on the floor is exactly what I didn't know I needed today.

  • Jeff Bastian
    Jeff Bastian

    Bottom line, NOsoft's algorithm is an idiot.

  • Justa Fan
    Justa Fan

    I don’t even know or do much cooking but I watch this to help my little sister with her cooking and I don’t want her to lose her determination just because some asshole took advantage of her

  • Sherri Friedel
    Sherri Friedel

    It can work with self- rising flour and an egg and a splash of milk.

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      What if you don't like the air bubbles though. Can't you just eat it like they showed? Or why can't you add baking powder into the recipe? The mug?

  • Hayden TCEM
    Hayden TCEM

    They made the USA look like it was the USSR, *oH wAiT!*

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      some hacks thanks to you I didn't thanks SOOOOO much love you content

  • Raspberry

    lmao the dog was like:leme get a piece of that

  • Frank Schatz
    Frank Schatz

    Hi Ann, I've been looking at a scrumdiddlyumptious post about a month ago about "9 Unforgettable desserts that will blo your mind" What I am concerned about is in one of the recipes, there is one for a mousse cake. I've been a chef for a very long time and it was strange to see that the base for it has flour, no egg, and un cooked. In my experience, raw flour is not that pleasant. There was no mention of it being cooked first or anything. Thought you might be interested. Cheers, Frank.

  • Hayden TCEM
    Hayden TCEM

    Make a *BEEG* hole in the soide

  • Definitely Not Anny
    Definitely Not Anny

    I love the fact that you guys are addressing all of this, its really important to let people know about this! Thank you :)

  • Jennifer

    Get Dave his own channel.

  • Sierva de Dios
    Sierva de Dios

    You are a hero! Of the real kind, someone down to earth, just pointing out the truth. These issues are almost trivial in the scheme of things but it is the principle of thing. The world needs more people like you just living their day-to-day lives with understated integrity.

  • Keira Mullahy
    Keira Mullahy

    No more school.😞😭

  • Anna P.
    Anna P.

    You should debunk "your food is a lie" from 'buzzfeedvideo' i know some are true but not sure all are.

  • Robert Swain
    Robert Swain

    1. Pensacola, FL. USA 2. Toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, cleaning products. 3. Complete state stay at home order that our county is not enforcing. All beaches are closed. No gatherings over 10 people. Maintain 6 feet distance between people while in public. And, schools are probably done for the year. Gov't has recommended wearing face masks when in public. People coming here from New York and Louisiana must self isolate for 2 weeks. 4. Nope.

  • Chloë Amelia
    Chloë Amelia

    your dog is the most angelic thing to ever bless my screen oh my days!!

  • Loujine Hesham
    Loujine Hesham

    Actually now after I watched this I hate 5 minute crafts and troom troom and all those fake craft channels(not wengie and those ones) more I dispise them now I hate them Soo much they fake everything LITERALLY they always lie

  • Alackofcaring

    Its a rabbit hole of stupid content and weirdness perfectly parodied by how to basic.

  • Nusht 2017
    Nusht 2017

    I’m from England. I’m in quarantine because my family is recovering from the corona virus. We are stuck at home for at least three months so I don’t know what is in shops

  • Tsunami Gaming
    Tsunami Gaming

    You can however make a homemade brownie in a cup!

  • Tilly Budgen
    Tilly Budgen

    I love it how you guys give out REAL content not FAKE content the other day my grandma was doing a baking competion and after I watched this video I was going to tell her some hacks thanks to you I didn't thanks SOOOOO much love you content

  • Raybbit

    What if you don't like the air bubbles though. Can't you just eat it like they showed? Or why can't you add baking powder into the recipe? The mug?

  • Aric Watson
    Aric Watson

    I hate the bits where he’s eating 😫

  • CanadianErin

    Getting red wine stains out of white (or any carpet) is easy -- blot up as much of the spill as possible, then dissolve some OxyClean laundry powder in warm water, pour on the stain, it is instantly gone. Then blot it all up, or suck it out with a wet vacuum, pour some plain water on & repeat blo9tting or vacuuming. I know this because I used to make red wine as a hobby ... and one night, late, I was frantically trying to finish filtering & bottling 2 batches I'd made. I was sterilizing & rinsing bottles while the filtering was going (a tube in the raw bucket of finished wine, sucks it out, forces it through the filters, then another tube comes out the back into another bucket for the fully filtered wine, at which time you can bottle it). Unbeknownst to me, the vibration of the filtering machine was causing the out-tube to jiggle... it wiggled its way up & out of the bucket, and similar to a fire hose that's been let go, sprayed then dumped red wine ALL OVER my white carpet! OxyClean was a brand-new product at that time, and I'd bought some a few weeks earlier, thankfully. Once I had cleaned the wine up, I finished bottling. A few months later, we were entertaining friends, and one of then knocked over her glass of red wine ... she was freaking out, "Omigod I'm so sorry I'm so sorry" ... then changed to, "omigod that's incredible, what IS that stuff??" As for your questions in your pinned comment... 1 -- I'm in Canada (Sherwood Park, Alberta, in the Western half of the country). 2 -- They're out of Lysol everything (spray, wipes,etc), bleach, rubbing alcohol, masks, latex &/or Nitrile gloves, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels are iffy, "flushable" bum wipes (PLEASE PEOPLE -- do NOT flush them! They are causing sewer back-ups all over the world!), a lot of meats (most stores have limited all items to 2 combined, so 2 packs of fresh meat, 2 yogurt or sour cream, 2 jugs of milk, flour & sugar are gone as they put it o the shelves, along with baking powder, baking soda, rice, Mexican or Tex-Mex food supplies (salsa, taco seasoning, taco shells, etc). 3 -- We're under a "no non-essential outings" order, but it's with a "please", although they have passed laws that people must obey physical distancing, and gatherings can be no more than 15 people (but I think that's too many!). Most stores are closed except for grocery, liquor, marijuana, and pet supplies (non-essential stores, ie Indigo, clothing & shoe stores, Thrift Stores, like Value Village, stuff like that, all closed). Bars & restaurants closed except for take-out & delivery. Coffee shops & fast food with drive-through service are mostly open, but they're ONLY drive-through. Some Starbucks locations closed entirely. Now, a lot of grocery stores are having to hold people back in line-ups outside -- namely Costco, they've been limiting the # of people allowed in at one time, so people are lining up outside (and bear in mind, we're having a ridiculous cold snap here in Alberta, with morning temps in the -20C range, highs of -10C, then chilling again as soon as the sun starts to drop). Taxis & Uber services were just last week issued new rules -- only 1 passenger at a time, unless the passengers live together, nobody in the front seat, they must disinfect door handles, seat belts & buckles and payment systems between each trip. Physical distancing measure of 2m between people in shops. If anyone has ANY symptoms, they are not allowed to leave their own property at all whatsoever, punishable by fines & jail time if caught out. They've closed a lot of streets to traffic in high-density areas, so people have lots of room to pass each other without getting in the 2m zone. Schools have been fully closed since mid-March. Moviue theatres, recreation centres, and gyms have all been closed as well. Yet the curve is not flattening out. Most offices closed and have their employees working from home. Essential services like insurance and financial services/banks are still open, but skeleton staffed for the most part. Transit services have blocked off the front seats and have only back door entrance & exit (and the buses are all free now), and passengers must obey physical distancing rules. 4 -- Luckily I don't know anyone who has it. In my province most of the deaths are in 2 seniors assisted living facilities, but there have been some from community spread infections. It's so hard because we just don't know who has it or not. Thank you for another great video, Ann! Stay safe!

  • Joanna Martin
    Joanna Martin

    Your meringues looked larger than those in the video, maybe if u microwaved it for longer and let it set for a bit, it would get crunchy.

    • Cyan

      It still wouldn’t work. Meringues take hours to bake in a regular oven!!!!

  • Shahbaz Vegeta
    Shahbaz Vegeta

    Y any1 dislike this vdo? 😑

  • Kitty Gallor
    Kitty Gallor


  • Ulo Hun
    Ulo Hun

    I don’t think they did it to be political they probably just thought let’s also have a slice of the crazy conspiracy theorists pie.

  • Ulo Hun
    Ulo Hun

    I can see Dave used to be a journalist, he answered that like a reporter. 😄

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee

    i have unsub those channels the first time i saw one of your debunking vids..

  • lou

    I wanna vomit after hearing about all these "channels".

  • Freedomcustom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="352">5:52</a> absolute bullshit, if for one second u believe that would work then humanity is dumber then i expected. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="887">14:47</a> wow that's alot of idiots

  • Jenny Owen
    Jenny Owen

    Also. Commenting for the algorithm.

  • Jenny Owen
    Jenny Owen

    This has me *shook*

  • Jacka24

    Feel so sorry for Dave

  • Noah Norel
    Noah Norel

    Me, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1312">21:52</a>pm : watches this video Also Me, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1314">21:54</a>pm : searches "How to hack a youtube account"

  • Anna Stetskaya
    Anna Stetskaya

    Why do all these channels with gringy and useless content are from Russia? Troom troom, 5min crafts, 123gogo. It hurts my patriotic feelings

  • Keoni Sato
    Keoni Sato

    Thank you Dave for some asmr lol

  • Ed Balls
    Ed Balls

    i must say that the closeness of the microphone to that dude is absolutely disgusting. good video otherwise

  • Ahmad Ghananim
    Ahmad Ghananim

    I ruined the microwave with eggs lol

  • Jcewazhere

    If you want more on social media manipulation like this SmarterEveryDay also did a playlist covering the topic. He talks with US military as well as representatives from NOsoft, Reddit, and Facebook.

  • Jcewazhere

    The problem, as with many things in society, seems to me to be the profit motive. Those people are in it for the money while Ann (and other awesome NOsoftrs) are in it for the fun/teaching/helping. I'm sure the money Ann gets, if any, is a nice bonus but it's the people that would do this regardless of that money that are worth watching.

  • emo with an ego
    emo with an ego

    i love watching dave trying to be supportive as he goes through 17 emotions at once while eating

  • Jay Daichi
    Jay Daichi

    1. New York 2. Rations are very limited (1 bag of flour or pasta per customer) TP, cleaning supplies and travel sanitation packs are all sold out and you cannot even order them online. 3. No one allowed outside unless deemed 100% necessary for groceries and possible medicines, but the CDC and national guard keep an eye over things through Manhattan. 4. I know now at least 4 families who were confirmed to have the virus and some now sleep in their cars during their testing phase so the others don't get it but almost everyone is residing at the hospital with it (hospitals here now have 2 to 3 patients per room and no visitors allowed.)

  • Jay Daichi
    Jay Daichi

    NOsoft is becoming an agency for larger companies and no longer the individual it used to be for. It went from homespun entertainment into revenue being made for big time advertisers now. Things like Soul Media I thing are troublesome because in the long run they'll be running off content creators and just getting top pick with being featured killing off any free lancer honestly trying to make decent videos on their own.

  • cgg cgg
    cgg cgg

    7secondriddles and 5 minutcrafts=1 but they have 5 minutcrafts familie ,children, teens, girls, boys, parents, en some more, troom troom is one of them

  • DAS

    Yes, I feel bad for Dave, but I feel a little worse for your microwave.

  • Cnith TheOnliestOne
    Cnith TheOnliestOne

    It's not hard to do 2700 videos when they basically repeat the same maybe 500 vids over and over again and then translate into other languages.

  • Gina Mkrtchyan
    Gina Mkrtchyan

    honestly, youtube, Facebook, etc should maybe have a team to review content because even if the soul publishing corp. and other fake videos stop posting or post less, it will not cut that big of a hole in the overall profits social media networks are gaining. if anything, by removing these monopolies they open up room for smaller NOsoftrs to grow and in the long run they would be making probably twice as much money as they would with the few big channels.

  • Monikan Cultist
    Monikan Cultist

    Facebook is for retards lol

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    youtube “promotes” unique creators but doesn’t support them through the algorithm yet still uses the “unique creator” idea in their representation. ugh.

  • ZakkuEmanyueru

    is it data or data? i think it's data, but you say data...

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      im from the Netherlands its april 5 The skools are closes for 4weeks we have evrything in the store still we have a kind off a lockdown a are not aloud to be with 3 people

  • Libny

    You've just earned a very loyal subscriber!

  • vandergriff65

    Thank you for showing how wrong these videos are, still happy you showed the spinning Carmel can be dangerous

  • Do Va
    Do Va

    You said that their recipe for yogart bread wouldn't work. It does. You are wrong. It works beautifully. I have shared their recipe with other. We all make this bread all the time. You were wrong.

  • Gallium G
    Gallium G

    How to cook that is always in my recommendations Fake life hack channels aren’t I’m special

  • Boom

    She is such a hero

  • AJ's Wonderful World
    AJ's Wonderful World

    The meringue one looked like marshmallows more than meringues.

  • Kara Kelley
    Kara Kelley

    Who else unsubscribed to 5min crafts after watching her videos?

  • Draqon Fruit
    Draqon Fruit

    Dave should start an asmr channel eating meringues

  • Garfie

    oh shit its my boi Jarvis

  • MissSparklez86

    I love that you have your own little Guinea pig

  • saeed alkuwari
    saeed alkuwari

    No, the omnic crisis will rise in london 👀

  • lauren kennedy
    lauren kennedy

    I just found you. Loving this channel!!

  • Lisa P
    Lisa P

    I am really glad that I started cooking before NOsoft. I can usually spot weird cooking things just based on experience. Since I got married very young, I could see myself having tried some of these things. I had the internet but not NOsoft videos. I had to settle with trial & error with recipes.

  • Atilliator

    What a polite way to roast 5 minute crafts

  • Jade Williams
    Jade Williams

    ...isn't there a mention of self rising four in the sweet potato bread recipe at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> ? I'm confused.

  • Prapti Buragohain
    Prapti Buragohain

    I'm so glad I discovered you. You're one of the last real ppl on youtube left. Keep doing the golf work x

  • Emy Hoedemakers
    Emy Hoedemakers

    im from the Netherlands its april 5 The skools are closes for 4weeks we have evrything in the store still we have a kind off a lockdown a are not aloud to be with 3 people together we have the take 1,5 meter distance only 1 person that go the store

  • Emy Hoedemakers
    Emy Hoedemakers

    the are playing RISK 2099 the most people that watch that video is not a life anny more 🤷‍♀️🤪😂

  • Emy Hoedemakers
    Emy Hoedemakers

    thanks for making the video! my friend thinks 5minute craft really works i wil send her your video! so she wont watch and try it annymore

  • xaroxero

    One sensibly frustrated Aussie food scientist vs a soulless NOsoft empire. I really hope 'Straya wins this fight.

  • razrv3lc

    1. US, in Alabama 2. Most stores run out of bread and toilet paper but they’re so far able to keep the ones in my area restocked regularly. 3. The restrictions are... not good. Orders are not coming from a federal level but rather state levels. The states with larger populations and more money tend to lean democrat (liberal) and they’ve been a lot more proactive with shutting things down with stay-at-home executive orders from the governors of the states. In some cases, these orders happened two to three weeks ago. In comparison, my state of Alabama, JUST issued a stay-at-home order yesterday with a ton of exceptions even though we’ve already surpassed 1000 cases in the week or so that we’ve been reporting cases. The restrictions are pretty run of the mill: only leave your home if you’re considered an essential worker (pretty much anyone who keeps the infrastructure working, anyone who helps maintain national security, anyone who deals with payroll/tax related stuff, etc.), no gatherings of larger than 10 people, religious services are fine as long as the groups are smaller than 10, outdoor activities are fine as long as it’s solitary or with groups smaller than 10, etc. Schools and daycares have been shut down for a while now at least. Beaches and public parks have been closed as well, although they were far too slow on closing the beaches and allowed thousands of college students to come from all over the country to our beaches and spread the virus far quicker than it ever should’ve been spread. This slow reaction is partly due to the fact that our state generally votes conservative and at that point, the governor was still blindly believing whatever Trump said. Since he was saying the coronavirus was a Democrat hoax at that point, our governor saw no reason to shut down anything so here we are now, suffering far more from it than we ever should have. I work in a factory and will still be going to work as scheduled. I’m not doing anything remotely essential to keeping things running in our country, though. Most factories here aren’t, yet none are closing. There aren’t customer limits inside of large stores such as Walmart or Publix either, which means there will still be large masses of people mingling even with our new stay-at-home order. It won’t accomplish anything seeing as this virus doesn’t care if we’re working or whatever. Some employers are at least offering hazards pay; mine isn’t, even though it’s a company that makes about a $1.4 billion dollars of profit every quarter or so... from what I can tell, we’re still open to make sure they don’t feel a dent in their profits. 4. I don’t know anyone personally with it but the two counties inside of Alabama that I stay in both have reported cases. These counties are very rural and were some of the last in the entire country (not just the state) to begin reporting cases due to being poor and unable to get test kits. Our mortality rate in Alabama so far is 1.5%, which is unsurprising seeing as that we have a very high rate of heart disease and obesity in this state. Many of the southeastern states of the US are the same in that regard. The general procedure is to self-quarantine for 2 weeks if you come into contact with someone with the virus but since testing was so slow to happen in Alabama, we wouldn’t have known if we did or not. Bonus: There’s a really strange rise of conspiracy theorists happening right now. There’s a group that refers to themselves as QAnon that appeared a bit before Trump was elected. They’re a hyper right wing conspiracy group that originated on 4chan, then migrated to 8chan. They believe there’s some sort of Satanic pedophile ring that rules the world from the shadows but that Trump is going to bring them to justice... This virus pandemic to them is actually a cover up to allow for the government to hard reset essentially while Trump has these evil people arrested. They believe the virus doesn’t even exist and that these arrests will be over in April and that it’ll all just go away suddenly. They think that any celebrity that gets sick with it is actually being arrested or killed, which is what they’ve been saying about Tom Hanks and his wife. It’s odd but it’s primarily older Baby Boomer aged people that fall for these conspiracies. My mom and my aunt have both fully fallen for them and I know there’s videos on NOsoft from these people that have millions upon millions of views. They’re using this pandemic as a way to radicalize people, which is honestly more frightening than this virus to me. This entire QAnon conspiracy mess might be a good topic for a video if you feel up to researching it, although I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t want to.

  • geezy4000

    How did I get here and how did I fall into a 2nd Russiagate. Interesting video. 👍

  • I like to play games XD
    I like to play games XD

    Honestly, every time I watch one of these videos I just want to see Ann pleasantly surprised for once by a decent video.

  • Herbie

    Who immediately unsubscribed to 5 Minute Videos after watching this?