Decade Rewind 2010-2020: Masterpiece (Official Video)
Hello Guys!

We passed a decade, and many things are hard to forget from this decade, so we created the DECADE REWIND, which is a flashback of the big things that happened between 2010 and 2020.
#decaderecap #2010srewind #decaderewind

Hope you all enjoy this.

The music are cool? of course!
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  • Rapi Ly
    Rapi Ly

    Another event: 1. XXX Tentaction Died. 2. Sun Eclipse In America. 3. PewDiePie Reach 100 Million Subs. 4. YouYube Rewind 2018 (Most Disliked Video) 5. Trumps Election. 6. Logan Paul Vs KSI. 7. Baby Shark. 8. Minecraft. 9. Harambe died. 10. Etika died. 11. Vine. 12. The Floor Is Lava. 13. Ok Boomer. 14. Hong Kong Protest. 15. Stefan Karl died (We Are #1) 16. Friday from Rebecca Black. 17. Notre Dame de Paris. 18. Grumpy Cat. 19. Avicci died. 20. Paul Walker died. 21. Baby Yoda. 22. Falcon Heavy. 23. Cameron Boyce died. 24. Grant Thompson died. 25. Greatest Game: Minecraft. 26. Clown Epidemic. 27. Cubs Win The World Series. 28. Ricardo Milos. 29. Pewdiepie's Mirrage. 30. ... 31. ... 32. ... 33. ... 34. ... 35. ... 36. ... 36. ... 37. ... 38. ... 39. ... 40. ...

    • The Dreamer YT
      The Dreamer YT

      Most Lucko the first case was in November but China didn’t tell nothing

    • Most Lucko
      Most Lucko

      Covid-19 first case in December

    • fantaio

      30. Creeper (revange)

    • Hispanic Gryzbo
      Hispanic Gryzbo

      30: Spongebob at super bowl

    • The Dreamer YT
      The Dreamer YT


  • Most Lucko
    Most Lucko

    *Decade Rewind for 2020* January: WWIII, Australia forest fire February: Cornavirus intensifies, first case reported in United States March: Coronavirus forces countries into quarantine, Italy went into full lockdown, international travel is prohibited, April: The meteor scientists predict would fly safely past earth changed course, and instead strikes earth *No further history was recorded past April, as the human population has been extinguished.*

  • Sparkzy

    (Constructive Criticism) I respect that you put allot of time into it but there is some inaccuracies and misinformation.

  • Maria Cecilia Mendoza Araujo
    Maria Cecilia Mendoza Araujo

    Nos vemos en 10 años ;)

  • ꧾꧾ ꧾꧾ
    ꧾꧾ ꧾꧾ

    MH370 🙏🙏😢 8 March 2014

  • Jovina Veronica
    Jovina Veronica

    I Wanna cry

  • Athisaya Subramaniam
    Athisaya Subramaniam

    whose here after the coronavirus(covid-19) outbreak all over the world ?and is here because their in quarantine and have no school and is bored af

  • Deyanira Casas
    Deyanira Casas

    January 2020: WW3 mess, Australia fire, Start of coronavirus outbreak in other chinese provinces Febuary 2020: other australian disasters, 2020 pre-elections March 2020: coronavirus becomes an pandemic and feared by everyone

  • nitroglycerin.

    I thought 2018 and 2019 were yesterday... Oh my lord, my life has gone by so fast.

  • Kimmy Jimmy
    Kimmy Jimmy


  • The B
    The B

    December 31 in the year 2014 was the last good day for humanity.

  • Keira drewery
    Keira drewery

    EVERYONE IS FORGETTING QUICKEST TIK TOK STAR TO GET 30 MILION IN UNDER A YEAR CHARLI DAMELIO jake paul: 5 mil on yotube been six months never done before charli damelio: 30 mil on tik tok been 8 or 9 months (im not sure) never done before

  • TheBaconOofToday Gaming
    TheBaconOofToday Gaming

    1.Kobe Died

  • Tasmanian Magpie
    Tasmanian Magpie

    I was not surprised ImJayStation made it on there...good for him

  • Tasmanian Magpie
    Tasmanian Magpie

    When the Winter Soldier was shown, I screeched “HECK YEAH” No regrets that was my favorite movie

  • The pizza Planet Boy
    The pizza Planet Boy

    Where is toy story 4?

  • 99 NarvHal
    99 NarvHal

    where is FilthyFrank?

  • Máximo Benavente
    Máximo Benavente

    What the hell. There are a lot of things missing

  • The Suburban Woodsmen
    The Suburban Woodsmen

    No Minecraft? smh

  • Thanos

    The Blue Dot.

  • marco sanchez
    marco sanchez

    puras estupideces

  • Alessandro Coccia
    Alessandro Coccia

    The bite of Luis Suarez was in The World Cup of 2014 not in 2013.

  • Just Zachy
    Just Zachy

    The background music sounded like the crisis happening on humanity not nostalgic

  • Thanos

    Imagine anything you want, and let your mind move freely across the canvas. This is our home, and our one United power, is memes. Welcome to planet Earth.

  • Christa-San كريستا_سان
    Christa-San كريستا_سان

    My grandpa died in 2011. 1932-2011 Rip grandpa.. I’m gonna cry 😖

  • Char 787
    Char 787

    What is this music called?

  • Chinmay Thoart
    Chinmay Thoart

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> Desember lmao

  • Anastasia Javrishvili
    Anastasia Javrishvili

    Am i the only one who cryed??

  • Braeden Martin
    Braeden Martin

    Glad i was born in 2000 and grew up in this decade

  • Viktor Šanc
    Viktor Šanc

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a> doomsday - who did made that idea? The mayan calendar ended in 2012 and what? They just were too tired of writing

  • yummycoke

    Felix and Marzia marriage

  • vanessa hernandez
    vanessa hernandez

    We all know 2016 was when everything went downhill...


    You forgot the solar eclipse!!

  • Daniel Galarza Zamora
    Daniel Galarza Zamora

    Suárezs bite was in the 2014 World cup WTF

  • LahUa

    decade finishes in 2021...

  • Lizzi Santos
    Lizzi Santos

    In 2015 I was waiting for "zayn left one direction" or "One direction split up"

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> *shotta flow intensifies*

  • blacky455 0
    blacky455 0

    Really put conjuring 2, there were most iconic movie things on 2016

  • EnergyShock

    When you reach 2017, it feels like you're watching a leaked alien study on humans.

  • Techboy07

    this decade im going to be done with school im half way there im 6/12 (ah snap here we go again)

  • Techboy07

    you forgot september 2016 minecraft 1.9 combat update the most hated minecraft update

  • 10res

    Suarez bite but no brazil 1 - 7 germany??

  • iGib Son
    iGib Son

    It was like a blink of an eye.

  • Theo Stiel
    Theo Stiel

    you can't say "best" because that's your opinion

  • Techboy07

    Question how old where you at the beginning of the decade and at the end (me 2 - 12 years)

  • Møises Turcios
    Møises Turcios

    I’m mad they didn’t add Star Wars the force awakens



  • Love Trolling
    Love Trolling


  • Ryan

    Damn was 4 years ago holy shit time where ya going

  • Ryan

    I remember Charlie Charlie omg i completely forgot about it

  • RexPlayz

    Your 62 dislikes were from at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> where u feature jaystation

  • ッV i o l e t t ッ
    ッV i o l e t t ッ

    Cameron Boyce ...........................

  • DIANAMAE_ 22
    DIANAMAE_ 22

    When Marvel pops up, I started crying my heart out.....

  • R.J. Pedersen
    R.J. Pedersen

    No Minecraft?

  • Uber Man
    Uber Man

    Double Rainbow will always be the greatest thing of the 2010’s

  • Milkis

    _captain America the winter soldier_ *_A NICE FILM BY MARVEL_*

  • OCE Headshot
    OCE Headshot

    Next thing you know it's gonna be 2030.

  • Rotten Raspberry
    Rotten Raspberry

    2010 is the best DOE, mixels, unikitty, SpongeBob movie, regular show and many more

  • Next2Phil

    Minecraft most selling game?

  • miningmonkey1

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> lmao “upside down kick” American by any chance?😂

  • Thomas Volpato
    Thomas Volpato

    And the fire in Australia?

  • Septo


  • jurre

    They didn't put in the reborn of minecraft

  • _ Asianboy
    _ Asianboy

    We’re growing up I’m going to be 21 and I could of been born any year but I was born when memes were around ayy you guys have a good future when we’re old just think how far you made and how big of a success we were and think we could have a second or third life it just makes me wanna cry and we’re all just growing up in the future we don’t know what will happen but we will be thankful for what did

    • _ Asianboy
      _ Asianboy

      Thanks guys🙏❤️ hope you have a good life

  • Eli Berkley
    Eli Berkley

    decade 👏 review

  • bedrok2006ru78

    - Mom, can we buy rewind? - No, we have rewind at home Rewind at home:

    • Frankie Playz
      Frankie Playz

      And it's even better

  • Hannah Bish
    Hannah Bish

    This music makes it 10 times more sadder than what it should be

  • cr 7
    cr 7

    must be include😓😓😓 brazil 5 times fifa world cup champion face his wrost😢😢😢😢😢 defeat(7-1 2014 fifa wc) from germany at their home stadium in front of whole country

  • Flopi L
    Flopi L

    WHERE IS CAMERONN?????????

  • Guhold

    Where's call me maybe?

  • Garry Bug
    Garry Bug

    Cant believe that a decade has already passed,fuck me. Lets hope the 2020's will be good to us

  • Sammy Van
    Sammy Van

    NOsoft:....🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ Everyone else: making the best rewinds of the decade😍🍀😎🔥

  • Orbitraal

    U forgot Kim Jong-il's death in 2011

  • Shaylin Mckenzie
    Shaylin Mckenzie

    This is awesome but 1 thing Gta 5

  • xDezlo

    Today's kids won't realise how hated "Baby" was back in the day

    • ckwilli

      xDezlo lmao I think everyone hated baby even when it was popular. I made fun of it as a kindergartner, I mean come on lol

  • Dunk Of Dunktopia
    Dunk Of Dunktopia

    Who the hell was Juice World? Im being serious too, I don't know who that is

    • Talha Malik
      Talha Malik

      A rapper

  • Valeria Beltran
    Valeria Beltran

    best marvel film 😌

  • Zakia A
    Zakia A

    But the decade doesn't end yet until 2021

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    The kim jong un’s brother death thing was pretty embarrassing since it happened in my country

  • What The F-
    What The F-

    January 2nd WW3 started

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