Defining a decade: The 2010s in 3 minutes
From Steve Jobs to marriage equality, the Arab Spring to Fukishima, here are the moments that defined a decade.

  • MinDotZip Movies & Entirterment
    MinDotZip Movies & Entirterment

    What about Death of Stan Lee?

  • Andrea Pregnolato
    Andrea Pregnolato

    Six australian Prime Ministers in a decade? So it's not just Italy (we had six too).

  • GuyReallySaidHeOnTheWeed

    The Grenfell part hurt me since i live right next to it

  • Mwangi Ruo
    Mwangi Ruo

    I hope Africa comes back from the vacation it took away from earth in the 2010s

  • Izaneo

    Bruh they make Scott Morrison look like a good guy

  • jay Nufable
    jay Nufable

    Like The World Revolves just in White People's Countries!

  • xXxGamesTearxXx

    and we start 2020 with almost a war if not in this year great year aleady

  • Isabella Murabito
    Isabella Murabito

    I miss so much 2019

  • Abhinandan DL
    Abhinandan DL

    This is a left CHANNEL.. just don't waste your time. Nothing to expect. I watched it it is shit

  • Sofia Munhoz
    Sofia Munhoz

    Oh yes, the world’s three only nations: USA, UK and France. But don’t forget the “terrible” islands! Where only bad things come from: the Middle East (for god’s sake, all of this is irony)

    • Mathilde _Cstln
      Mathilde _Cstln

      As Taylor swift said "you need to calm down". This is only a video. There is no text in it saying that this is Middle East fault. Technically you're the one who said it

  • bunch of thoughts
    bunch of thoughts

    Over 250 children students killed by mercenaries in Peshawar Pakistan... but Angelina and Brad divorce is more important for this cut. The world has gone to shits.

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    You forgot the Manchester bombing and one love manchester

  • Aa E1
    Aa E1

    Decade of chaos

  • joseph iannuzzi
    joseph iannuzzi

    I was 4 when the decade started. I mean my 4-year-old brain didn't compute most of this shit until It was like 2014. I really don't feel apart of the first things that sparked this decade. I was a little late to the drama but I think the 2020's are gonna be much more memorable for me. Not saying the 2010's weren't memorable it's just that I missed out on a lot of important things.

    • Pinkity Piggity
      Pinkity Piggity

      joseph iannuzzi wow it seems so weird to me how you could be 14, but 4 in 2010😭

    • TheGoat MJ
      TheGoat MJ

      Same lol

  • Mr Senjutsu
    Mr Senjutsu

    Cubs wining doesn’t get mentioned?

  • tiana

    i really wish obama could have gone on longer

    • Helle Bell
      Helle Bell

      Goodness no. He was weak

    • Ryan

      Mathilde _Cstln If he acted like every politician we’d be taken advantage of by our enemies and other nations like how we were from 2001-2017

    • Mathilde _Cstln
      Mathilde _Cstln

      @Ryan yeah well aybe he should

    • Ryan

      Mathilde _Cstln That’s why people voted for Trump in the first place because he doesn’t think or act like a politician

    • Mathilde _Cstln
      Mathilde _Cstln

      @Ryan he is a great business man k. I agree with u. But he isn't a real politician

  • Zonie Plays
    Zonie Plays

    We start 2020 off with America attacking Iran...

    • The 29th Dodger
      The 29th Dodger


  • arty stifan
    arty stifan

    Lady gaga

  • Eli Forehand
    Eli Forehand

    Gaga 🤩😍❤️ 👑

  • Raejae Saver
    Raejae Saver

    This hit deep

  • King Gaming
    King Gaming

    where is the global warming and other stuff only POLITICAL THINGS??!!! CHANGE

    • The 29th Dodger
      The 29th Dodger

      Global warming is not real

  • Agrim Vashisht
    Agrim Vashisht

    These are mainly 3 nations where's rest of the world?

  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez

    Love how there is so much stuff about politics and then lady Gaga wearing raw meat

  • seerpou

    you've got to admit, despite the suffering and political differences, we have had an incredible decade. here's to the 20s!

    • seerpou

      ​@Samuel Vargas now we miss the 10s

    • seerpou

      @Samuel Vargas lmao my comment has aged BADLY

    • Samuel Vargas
      Samuel Vargas

      The worst shittiest decade ever period and the 20s dont expect it to be any better

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper

    Took me almost three years to get over the referendum result. Got there in the end. So glad I saw the eu for what it is when I did.

  • DeathFyre66

    This hit deep... we all thought 2019 was gonna be our year

  • brock bush
    brock bush

    Its been one hell of a decade, thanks for making it possible.

  • Katie McDonald’s
    Katie McDonald’s

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a> will never happen with trump. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a>

    • Ryan

      Katie McDonald’s So?

  • Jenanistonownsmyheart xx
    Jenanistonownsmyheart xx

    what an eventful decade! really puts it into prospective. Things were missed, like when England legalised same-sex marriage in 2013 (Australia and USA got a mention) I think a lot of it was US based but is the majority of what you find online so kinda expecting it. Nevertheless, great montage of the 2010s, here's for a new decade!

  • Skylar Weatherford
    Skylar Weatherford

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>🤮

    • Roman Ruiz
      Roman Ruiz

      Well get fucking used to it, snowflake, ‘cause we’re not going anywhere ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    • Eduardo Rodriguez
      Eduardo Rodriguez

      Skylar Weatherford ur gay

  • JD Di
    JD Di

    Goodbye 2010! :(

  • Carlota Navarrete
    Carlota Navarrete

    You forgot to include Latin America

  • Cathas

    Jesus Christ that made me cry. And I never cry.

  • Leory Sinclair
    Leory Sinclair

    Missed Epstein smh

  • Mike9103

    A decade of turmoil

  • Angel Gaviria
    Angel Gaviria

    The decade ends in 2020 😅

    • Vote Red
      Vote Red

      @Rat Face 2019 is the LAST YEAR.

    • Vote Red
      Vote Red

      @Rat Face 2010 1 2011 2 2012 3 2013 4 2014 5 2015 6 2016 7 2017 8 2018 9 2019 10

    • Rat Face
      Rat Face

      Yes it is there is no year 0 when you count you start at 1 not 0

    • Vote Red
      Vote Red

      @Rat Face That's not how it works.

    • Rat Face
      Rat Face

      Or 2011 1 2012 2 2013 3 2014 4 2015 5 2016 6 2017 7 2018 8 2019 9 2020 10

  • george asher
    george asher

    The decade that everyone turned into robots. Chaos and brainwash.

  • RL

    This video is heavily centered around the western nations. The world is a much bigger place white people! Things happen in China, India, Egypt, Somalia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mali and tons of other nations too!

    • seerpou

      this is a western news channel tho

    • Kommissar Kallstadt
      Kommissar Kallstadt

      This channel's primary viewer base is English speakers, so it focus' on those English speaking western countries. I'm sure those other nations have their own decade recaps if you search for them.

  • JW

    Completely missed - Return of Nuclear arms race : US is out of INF, Putin's new nuclear weapons, China's expansion on nuclear capabilities and North Korea & Iran's nuclear ambitions.

  • Anexxion Time
    Anexxion Time

    It feels like the new decade will be worse

  • Helena Boñita
    Helena Boñita

    What about hong Kong?? What about blexit? What about the historic win of boris Johnson?? What about the jeffrey epstein scandal and cover up?? what about prince andrew's interview ????? Also Whitney houston and Michael Jackson Died💔....kanye west should have also been in this video

    • MSMGleek Ex
      MSMGleek Ex

      She meant brexit

    • peled1 gaming
      peled1 gaming

      What's blexit?

  • Sam Bee
    Sam Bee

    This decade gave us a glimpse of the End-Time Babylon. This is the time when evil stopped hiding in the shadows and became in-your-face. The next 10 years is going to be very interesting prophetically as we are nearing the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • TheGoat MJ
      TheGoat MJ

      @Roman Ruiz same lol

    • Roman Ruiz
      Roman Ruiz

      Sam Bee - I love these stupid-ass vague prophetic “predictions”, as if “evil” hasn’t always been in-your-face and wrecking havoc on the world, just not your particular face.

    • Sam Bee
      Sam Bee

      @Sourin 2 soon..

    • Sourin 2
      Sourin 2

      When is it?

  • Yazan _
    Yazan _

    Good rewind but nobody mind about the royals

  • MA2I

    The title should've been 'Politics in the 2010s'. Boring compilation

  • MA2I

    What about some wonderful sports events such as FIFA World cup in South Africa , Nraziland Russia as well the Olympics. Come on guys yall just focus on Politics & Celebrities too much.

  • Andrew Pitman
    Andrew Pitman

    What a great analysis of the decade

    • Anexxion Time
      Anexxion Time

      it wasn't that great bcs it was mostly made for Australians (events that happened in Australia)

  • TBZ 7
    TBZ 7

    After 2014 everything went downhill

    • peled1 gaming
      peled1 gaming

      @NYI YAN MOE HTET Np bro


      @peled1 gaming. Okay. Thanks for your motivational quote!🙂

    • peled1 gaming
      peled1 gaming

      @NYI YAN MOE HTET damn sorry to hear that man like I thought you were a leftist loser but I feel that man I had that shit happend to me when I was in elementary back in the late 2000s/ early 2010s but I just one day had enough of my bully I had hit him one day so hard like he never bothered me again😅😂🙃🙃 so stick up for yourself bro!!!


      @peled1 gaming. Not just Trump but 2016 was the year where people started to gossip and made fun of me due to my autism disorder and my elementary school teacher didn't care, she scolded me for no reason once or twice. So many toxic and haters people in 2016. 2017 and 2018 were not that bad as 2016 but they're still depressing as well as 2019.

    • peled1 gaming
      peled1 gaming

      @NYI YAN MOE HTET y CaUse oF tRuMP???

  • Zach Tan
    Zach Tan

    This entire video you showed biasness towards Obama and not Trump. You showed politics correctness by stating Christchurch attacks but not the Sri Lankan one!

    • Roman Ruiz
      Roman Ruiz

      poop orange - How is the latter point

    • teviottilehurst

      There's only so much content you can put in a 3 and a half minute video. I guess the Christchurch attacks struck a nerve with the Australian people as NZ is not far from Australia.

    • poop orange
      poop orange

      Don't Froget the bombing and take over of an entire city in the Philippines, and how feminism is destroying the world.

  • Whistle Blower1
    Whistle Blower1

    The music was garbage

  • Lil Tree
    Lil Tree

    What’s with all the gay stuff end that shit in 2020s

  • Emily Yamasaki
    Emily Yamasaki

    we can only hope for a better decade. More peace and love. Less hate and violence. More miracles, less tragedies. One can hope that we may fufill this

    • Remi Chloe Lewis
      Remi Chloe Lewis

      World War 3 was has been trending since January 3rd.

    • TrashyAqua

      Not even 4 days in and WW3 is trending. *sigh*

    • Jan Sanono
      Jan Sanono

      Emily Yamasaki lol rip

    • waterside

      @Emily Yamasaki seeing good or bad in the world is a CHOICE in the eyes of the beholder. To think what the media shows is the full truth is just stubborn.

    • Emily Yamasaki
      Emily Yamasaki

      @waterside while that is true. sometimes it's hard to see the good when all you see is the bad. there are good things, but the bad overrides it in the media a lot and so you often don;t see it

  • Lindsthestudent

    I remember 90% of these events. I was 12 when the 2010s started and now, I’m an adult. I graduate college in 2020 and who knows what else is ahead. For sure a job, I mean look at me. I’ll be 30 by the next decade😂

    • ellie carlyle
      ellie carlyle

      I was 12 in 2010 now I am turning 22 next week

    • Lindsthestudent

      Joey Hernandez so, you’re an adult now?

    • Lindsthestudent

      jinjeonghan yeowan진정한 여왕 you’ve still got youth left.

    • Lindsthestudent

      Pinkity Piggity God bless you too.

    • Pinkity Piggity
      Pinkity Piggity

      Lindsthestudent I was 10 in 2010 and this decade has to be the most profound one because it has shaped me in who i am today. I look back with so much nostalgia, but sadness as well, knowing that I can’t reach out and keep those poor people who suffered to get on this list safe. May god bless you all🥺

  • James Nellons
    James Nellons

    how has nobody seen this

    • John Li
      John Li

      Moon Holiday how many good highlights has there been in politics lol

    • Moon Holiday
      Moon Holiday

      John Li i referring more on Vox but yes it’s showing the decade but always bring the bad part of politics

    • John Li
      John Li

      Moon Holiday it’s just showing the highlights of the decade. Ain’t no propaganda lmao

    • Sparklezheart


    • Moon Holiday
      Moon Holiday

      no because it’s just more hate on fucking Donald Trump and show all the negativity that republicans “made” every video like this, especially Vox, is just propaganda. only idiots like you will be brainwashed

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