Der8auer & Steve: All the Problems with CES | Laziness, Lying, & Bad Products
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In this video, we talk with Der8auer about all the problems with CES, including some of the lies and incompetence at booths. We also talk about trade show ethics.
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CES is a big trade show, but Der8auer doesn't think it's as interesting as shows like Computex. In this video, we started with a topic and goal, but ended up just having a normal conversation on camera. You're more or less watching how we interact with Roman when the cameras are normally off, so it provides some fun behind-the-scenes information on how these shows work.
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Host: Steve Burke
Guest: Roman Hartung (Der8auer)
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus

    Watch our charity Q&A battle with Der8auer!

    • Fuzzy Lumpkin
      Fuzzy Lumpkin

      Gamers Nexus hell yeah brother keeping it real

    • north wiebesick
      north wiebesick

      So... Steve mentioned an answer from AMD about graphics driver issues... Anyone know where I'd be able to find that information he published on that???

    • Hieronymus di Colonna
      Hieronymus di Colonna

      @der8auer When is the new version of Kryonaut coming out?

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil

      To be honest, I wouldn't care if between you two, you alternated skipping CES and went to the more in-depth conventions like Hot Chips. 👍 I like to keep up with everyone's content, but when most vids are basically duplicates between different tech channels, I find it hard to watch just to show my appreciation.

    • YetAnotherUser

      Good on you Steve and GN. You actually ascended to the official official ,,Tech Jesus" status, what with the ethics and morals you guys have. I made a few builds using your recommendations and all of them are great. Cheers, man.

  • WTN

    @ Gamers Nexus awesome! cherish the value, not hype, better human being.

  • Ben The Shrubber
    Ben The Shrubber

    Well these shows arnt for consumers though are they? I thought they were for shareholders and so vital to have 'new products' , instead of no-showing to maintain value and quality for end users :s.. (being a bit facetious)

  • Lars Passic
    Lars Passic

    I'm fine with X570 being so expensive when X470 and B450 are so great and cheap.

  • Karkarov

    I think one aspect that may not be obvious is often times engineers and product managers actually agree with and also feel critical about some design issues you might see in any technology based products. However they are just as handicapped and controlled by those sales executives and bean counters as independent reviewers are. I imagine many relish the chance to get unfiltered access to an actual informed professional that can give them firepower when they may want to make a design change.

  • Decker Brandt
    Decker Brandt

    Ay cousin, it’s Roman. Want to go bowling?

  • fidelio

    don't bash las vegas if you're not going to leave the strip. the stuff you're bashing is built for you, not the people who live there. that's like bashing los angeles from inside universal studios theme park.

  • noxious89123

    I commented on r/AMD that X570 was so expensive that as a package, the 3700X + X570 isn't cheaper than 9900K + Z390, because X570 is so overpriced... Got ripped to shreds.

  • jeffrey spinner
    jeffrey spinner

    Maybe the industrial leaders know, the world is ending, so making new products are no longer matter. Queue chicken little. It's that, or we are experiencing Peak STEM female. Your choice. Think: Boeing 737 MAX

  • Anthony Narozniak
    Anthony Narozniak

    RGB is absolutely worthless and it's a waste of time, I don't give a crap about the computer looks like I'm interested in performance, that's what matters


    Roman is so choice. More so when he speaks German, but I will "settle" for the accent.

  • ShadowEno

    The problem is that we do not need new products every year, same with cars we should have every 3rd-year new line of products.

    • MrAlexandriaTech

      Agreed. But that will never happen. Too much profit to be made. I was rocking Sandy Bridge up until a few months ago.

  • matrix

    So no "der8auer" cases there? because they are no better than the rest.

  • John Christianson
    John Christianson

    Lian li won the show in my opinion with the Uni fans and the mini atx case

  • Fernando Castañeda miranda
    Fernando Castañeda miranda

    i knoiw the companies have their "especialists" but they should invest in the revision of their products to prevent this type of CES problems... like the NR600 advices they apply to the actual case...

  • ChillyFilly Gaming
    ChillyFilly Gaming


  • Leo Walter
    Leo Walter

    About amd pricing, here the 3950x is still more than a 1000 euro, the motherboard is a completely another story GIGABYTE X570 Aorus MASTER 500 euro only if u pay in advance, than u have to wait a weak the delivery to them, had to travel to another country to buy those at a reasonable price... i'm from Moldova if u ask. All because vendors here are morons... Traveling costed me 100 euro on taxy, 785 euro for the 3950x & 350 euro for the motherboard... & i hate traveling, but i'm not feeding those lazy morons around here... Those idiots doesn't even understand that the motherboards that are in stock here can't feed the 3950x with no overheat. MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI this is what they have the best in stock from the start, still nothing changed. How the hell are u sell those chips, if u don't have the motherboards proper for it...

  • Mel Magallon
    Mel Magallon

    For the longest time, I thought all the tech reviewers just got hella lazy and didn't cover anything, but apparently there indeed was nothing to cover.

  • charles norris
    charles norris

    what are they gonna do about gpu drivers?

  • Matthew Holevinski
    Matthew Holevinski

    ces started being boring around '99 era fellas, you're a bit late, that or maybe I just have very high expectations

  • pensive69

    Haha... "business ethics ? " ... There ought to be a law. Thanks for a very informative video both.

  • deep

    I'm really glad someone finally mentions the overpriced X570 boards. Those prices kept me away from switching to team red a few weeks ago. And yes, how are they getting away with this so good?

  • mmmhorsesteaks

    Yeah it's noblesse oblige all the way...

  • Samurai Shampoo
    Samurai Shampoo

    Companies cannot show their incomplete products because that would be revealing your hand to the competition.

  • RT Arcand
    RT Arcand

    The reviews are still useful for companies future development of products. Even if it's too late, review and suggest for next years revision.

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld

    Cool Derloser again, pls make a badge of it so i can put it on my fridge. Ohh oohh like taking the Lian Li PC011 WGX making it cheaper and putting a DERLOSER badge on it i get it. Oh not to mention finding out its SUCKS and make an XL version of it :P

  • foff Please
    foff Please

    x570 isn't that expensive, derbauer has been trying to fault amd for a while. I guess its tough when all your business is Intel. the big thing derbauer was 100% right was on advertised clocks, nobody bat an eye for weeks.

  • A Orelup
    A Orelup

    I love these two together. There's a similar duo in the pro disc golf scene with Paul Mcbeth and Simon Lizotte. Something about a German and an American that are pros in particular field plays well together.

  • Version135

    You're a good guy and you have great content. Keep it up man.

  • Donkey Holmes
    Donkey Holmes

    YT content creators complaining about people doing pointless refresh products and lying, oh the irony 😂

  • EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded
    EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded

    RGB is for KIDS!

  • InSomnia DrEvil
    InSomnia DrEvil

    that was a really nice and honest talk!

  • Overonator

    So much love in this video. I see the eyes sparkling when looking deeply into each other's eyes.

  • ravieray1976

    Just to play devil's's a "consumer" electronics show.

  • Jacob w
    Jacob w

    RGB is one of the dumbest products for inside of PCs! Most people will never use it (I dont on mine, despite a window case).

  • Vert Valiant
    Vert Valiant

    While I love msi products to death, I understand and agree with your complaints. Nice to get some peoples opinion that goes against my favorite brand :)

  • Stev A
    Stev A

    I like both of you very much, and respect your vids and opinions. But I've been to Vegas like 14 times, and NEVER stayed or even saw any places that looked like a motel 6!!! Every hotel I've ever stayed in was very palatial, clean and well accommodated. So I'd love to know where you guys are staying, because it sounds more like Catskills NY, than Vegas...

  • Skup Media Group
    Skup Media Group

    sorry, but this is just SOP for the world these days. Doesn't matter its a tech expo, the companies pay their traveling staff poorly, so they suck at their jobs.

  • Sep G
    Sep G

    RGB makes your PC look like a stupid christmas tree

  • Maanus Mei
    Maanus Mei

    Steve, You're the man!

  • Matthew Farren
    Matthew Farren

    6min, "disappointing that products are too far along to change in response to feedback" - It is embarrassing for these companies that they actually need feedback. They are pouring millions into product design and missing the lowest of bars, then the only things that sell are refreshes of older designs that didn't trip out of the starting gate. There is no excuse for the few-and-far-between innovative designs to somehow forget about the basics of usability!

  • sirius4k

    What's the ETA on RGB CPUs?

  • ZeruelB

    I don't know how CES distributes their booth slots, it could be that if you skip a year you are back to the bottom of the list, meaning you loose your big booth slot and just happen to get a 1m² cubicle the next year

  • stan kidofu
    stan kidofu

    pciE gen4 makes mainboards significantly more expensive wahahahahahaha

  • Michael Uvarov
    Michael Uvarov

    There are many tasks that can be done in parallel: - parallel test execution for programmers. Though it's often done sequentially. - file exporting in capture one (but it's probably gpu bound, and would require tweaks from software manufacturers for sure). - server side development. Load testing. Sad, a lot of software is pretty much one thread bound by design (i.e. Photoshop). These CPU-s are pretty much a proof of concept and kick in the back for developers to write scalable software.

  • valije

    People don't complain too much about x570 because they can still use a B450 for 100$ with no problems. If AMD start changing the chipset each year and charging more than 250$ for any motherboard, then the pitchforks would rise pretty quickly.

  • David Gunther
    David Gunther

    I understand avoiding a 3 hour dinner with food you don't like. Going to a dinner doesn't seem like your opinion is being bought, though.

  • depth386

    Maybe we need a "highlights of CES" to balance this out. AMD admitting it has a driver problem is an example of a highlight. Some case or mainboard that excites you could be another example.

  • roostershooter76

    You could have cut out a lot of time by saying "Component companies have poor representation at trade shows, and 90% of them are all marketing hype!".

  • watchthe1369

    TL;DR Either admit it is incomplete and you are showing development, OR show a complete product we can create buzz with. Have people on the booth who are actual techs instead of clueless marketing wonks. If you bring it you are putting it in the public domain- that is the point of the show!

  • P W
    P W

    Companies often hire temps for these events and give them only the briefest intro to the products. It's more about keeping their name in the public space than anything else. And they deduct all the expenses.

  • Nddd Bjss
    Nddd Bjss

    I thought the same thing like this ces was just lazy

  • z1mt0n1x

    Ok so now you hear it, he's even paying for the trips with his own money and just a few months ago some of the same people accused him for being an Nvidia chill placing commercial in his shelf like the fanboy you thought he were. Hopefully these people feel shame :P

  • Raima888s

    Suggestion for Der8auer regarding doing a german review and a english review, why not have 2 teams? One for english and one for german? that way you can do as many videos as other people rather than being handicapped.

  • Dimitris Christopoulos
    Dimitris Christopoulos

    9:14 That's why we love you Steve!

  • Hexcate

    I agree with x570 being too expensive. From where I'm at upgrading from first gen Ryzen 7 to third gen Ryzen 9 would be more expensive than just buying a 1950X and a refurb aorus x399

  • Joe Lourenḉo
    Joe Lourenḉo

    LOL at the SCARY LIST

  • kevin

    Keep up the great work Steve

  • DD

    RGB = Regular / Glut / Boring

  • VADemon