Destroying My $300 Fake Lamborghini (For A GOOD Reason)
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  • Accion turbo nenes (aka: Slicc Ricc)
    Accion turbo nenes (aka: Slicc Ricc)

    14:26 Tavarish Vice

  • Rise of the curtain
    Rise of the curtain

    Fiberglass in the mouth hole... OSHA approved

  • frankgile1996

    so, is this the Lamborghini Countach "SuperLeJared" then?

  • scotterbrain

    Go through a drive thru in that thing

  • scott denning
    scott denning

    Make a cousin to McFarland's Leroy!

  • Cukup Cukup
    Cukup Cukup

    Back engine hotrod

  • Sammy DeGuido
    Sammy DeGuido

    race it at Lemons

  • MGG Horiz0n
    MGG Horiz0n


  • Diego Ortiz
    Diego Ortiz

    Just leave the chasis and race it😂😂

  • theniceneighbor

    That front view tho!; Lol 😭

  • Reggie Reginato
    Reggie Reginato

    Tube frame a go-kart out of the Fiero (like Hot Rod magazine/Roadkill's Vette Kart)

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill


  • BMWFilmz

    6:35 damn you for making me laugh right after surgery. Ow.

  • marek594

    make a buggy out of it

  • Mr LongSchlong
    Mr LongSchlong

    It's shitcar

  • Dogmaguy74

    What makes it fake?

  • mathew wine
    mathew wine

    Pvc pipe tube chassis

  • Quinton Thornton
    Quinton Thornton


  • toot tall
    toot tall

    I still say it would make a cool dune buggy.

  • Dj Hurie
    Dj Hurie

    This is too good. I’m subscribing to the channel....


    i will never forgive you for buying this car !

  • Zachery Bookwalter
    Zachery Bookwalter


  • Chef Tony
    Chef Tony

    Super duper weight save and weld a roll bar and then track it

  • Vignesh Waran
    Vignesh Waran

    Just make a ramp car with this

  • Christopher Wilhite
    Christopher Wilhite

    Hey man if you dont plan on ysing that engine or trans can you please text me on ig at chris_umm im trying to rebuild my dads 1977 chrvy nova but the engine is bad

  • Wesley Hayes
    Wesley Hayes

    Fuckin Douche

  • Cee Gee
    Cee Gee

    Stubby Bob jet boat v drive running a V8 in back seat, caged up like the vettecart.

  • Tech this out
    Tech this out

    Make it into a convertible

  • AL M
    AL M

    Hooked on the channel, keep up the good work pal.👍 Added lightness though, not physically possible 🤔

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    DO this to it.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Refurbish it back into a Fiero GT.

  • Juan de Dios Grajza
    Juan de Dios Grajza

    Make it a Normal engine Track Car, AKA: Adult Go cart. Why: So you can learn and improve your skills in a track without kiling yourself (with a rol cage, harneses, good brakes, and all that safety stuff). Without spending a lot of money in repairs, build it so that te components are cheap reliable and available (more fun, less money, more time in the trak learning and improving than in repairs). It is the beguniers track car so that you can enjoy aswell the other expensive performance cars because you have developed skills, Unlike the last owner of the rotory replica 600hp monster. And as a bonus you can invite your friends to do laps with it without worring too much. Stock power, good safety, more lightness, more fun, more skills, less risk.

  • Taco Taco
    Taco Taco

    It needs a power adder, some big fat meats on the back, a roll cage, and a duck themed paint job

  • WotB_Bomber

    remake the lambo

  • Atomic Basher
    Atomic Basher

    Make it street legal and also LS swap it. Boom! Super-duper-duperleggera

  • Bulletz4Breakfast

    Put a cage on it and make it a go kart

  • Sándor Antali
    Sándor Antali

    awww for a second I was hoping u guys are gonna fix it as a replica, but make it less obvious... (like levelling the windscreen with the body , like in a real car)

  • MaRooSe

    turn it to a go cart

  • model nutty
    model nutty

    what to do with it? yes put it back together with a pumped chevy small block. don't toss the body, fiberglass is easy to put back into shape and make missing sections for.

  • ililililil ililililil
    ililililil ililililil

    engine swap

  • Rocket Points Sports
    Rocket Points Sports

    I want the leftovers!

  • 50K FPV
    50K FPV

    build a buggy

  • Ronald Scott
    Ronald Scott

    Do you still have that door? If so, I'd love to make some high class, low cash, trailer "not trash" furniture. I'll send lots of pics!!!! Just think about it. Btw, love this project! It's going to be absolutely bad ass rad ......\m/ \m/

  • Like_ Latias
    Like_ Latias

    Transform it into a driving 'boat'

  • Salvatore Sturdevant
    Salvatore Sturdevant

    Buick L67 swap with ZZP goodies on it. Should be enough power for that thing.

  • Mike Hughes
    Mike Hughes

    What's the deal with the cooked Supra in the corner??

  • Badtz Maru
    Badtz Maru

    Transform it to something like Caterham 7

  • tatilly1

    'The standard Fiero relies on the top for much of its rigidity, so when the top is removed, the chassis will warp out of alignment if it is not firmly bolted to a rigid, steel chassis table.' (quote from

  • CanadianMTB

    What’s with the burned out supra in the corner?

  • Martin Sanschagrin
    Martin Sanschagrin

    Fiero: add maximum lightness, swap in a 3800 supercharged engine. Monster skid kart of doom

  • Dr. Duck
    Dr. Duck

    Rally fauxtach pls

  • blankredge01

    Weld up a cage using random tubing, and turn it into a post-Apoc cart. =D

  • Tyrese 919
    Tyrese 919

    Ferrari engene cus why not

  • BlackAckCL

    Watching Jared hack it apart and do a burnout with that pile of junk was so satisfying to watch


    You should raise the fake frame and mod it to be off road dune buggy

  • Austin Hales
    Austin Hales

    Fiero kart

  • Dumber Than Dirt Brothers (DTDB)
    Dumber Than Dirt Brothers (DTDB)

    Make it mini versus of Chris's (B is for Build) Burntacan.

  • RastaSaiyaman

    This reminds me of those old "Pimp my ride" episodes.

  • Raymond Leggs
    Raymond Leggs

    I would have made it into a fantastic 4 fantasticar lol

  • Raymond Leggs
    Raymond Leggs

    Yellow lamborgini yellow top missin'