Diablo 4 - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer | Blizzcon 2019
Lilith, The daughter of Lord of Hatred, returns to Sanctuary in the reveal trailer for Diablo 4. Diablo IV is the newest cinematic from Blizzcon 2019.

  • Σταθης Αποστολιδης
    Σταθης Αποστολιδης

    7:56 I thought that mephisto severed inariu's wings .

  • Trip Essence
    Trip Essence

    Guys at blizzard should consider nergal from behemoth as actor for diablo series

  • Ktwin Lee
    Ktwin Lee

    baby when i tell u i was SHOCKETH...yass queen

  • Giorgos Bothos
    Giorgos Bothos

    That White skinned guy looks and sounds like shinok

  • Anthony Jordan
    Anthony Jordan

    I cant wait to play this on my calculator!

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    This is exactly how my mother in law was born

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee

    Going back to playing hello kitty island adventures

  • Russian 4Life
    Russian 4Life

    Im really hypes for this game yo!!

  • Warlock Legacy
    Warlock Legacy

    Blessed be the blood queen the the first one the Queen of the Succubi the mother of Melici Blessed be...LILITH.

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      they better make it dark and scary like diablo 1 and 2 .......

  • marian neagu
    marian neagu

    i bet 90% from what we saw at blizzcon will not be in the game,Remember d3? they show us even that great pvp arena and much more barbarian runes etc and then they release d3 without any of the things they said....so yeah i don't think we gonna see from blizzard anything.

  • hard gore
    hard gore

    no matter how cinematic the trailer the actual game still top down view like 2D games 20years ago..

  • 030

    Its playable on a mobile phone ?

  • Florian Favre
    Florian Favre

    J'espère meilleur le 4 que le diablo 3 et mieux finalisé avec moins de bugs !

  • Snashy

    what means " thi " ?

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos


  • Benjamin Larsson
    Benjamin Larsson

    The Angel in chains during the brown skinned guy’s flashback/ hallucination just before his demise/ death is Inarius, whom made love with Lilith whom gave birth to their son ( Rathma ) who we see in this trailer, saying ” Blessed mother, save us” Genius Diablo cinematic team. Thank you so much Jeff Chamberlain!

  • Blur Stones
    Blur Stones

    I'm betting my head Troy Baker is a character in this game

  • Damian

    just become a movie studio already

  • Squeeps57

    Low key gonna miss Azmodan Belial and Diablo

  • Jm Bernales
    Jm Bernales

    That guy with a blind eye looks like that guy with a blind eye in 300. HAHAHA!

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    They should’ve sacrificed EA, Activision, and Bethesda to summon Lilith.

  • Poochie Collins
    Poochie Collins

    Did the black dude die, for certain, or.... ?

  • Jaime L
    Jaime L

    Who is ready for some more Hellfire Torches ? Lilith was just a black Anderiel

  • Helios

    they better make it dark and scary like diablo 1 and 2 .......

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      By three they come. By three thy way opens. By the blood of the willing. We call thee home.

  • Prabh Dhindsa
    Prabh Dhindsa

    Who watchin after jevs video

  • Tomasz Lis
    Tomasz Lis

    Great trailer. I almost forgot it comes at a cost of supporting human rights abuses.

  • çizimtrak

    Hey! bethesda where is skyrim VI ?

  • G Amano
    G Amano

    My ex girlfriend's birth video

  • S k
    S k

    Blizzard, you can literally rival Pixar at this point, maybe look into the animated film industry for your big bucks and improve your brand recognition and reputation.

  • Duncan Cagle
    Duncan Cagle

    Do you not have cell phones at blizzard?

  • Kris

    I don't have to buy microtransactions... Imma still play the game and enjoy it running around with a hero that looks like sh*t.

  • MshadowsenseoC

    I wonder how many people will keep on boycotting Blizzard after the announcement. I believe most people like to talk big up until the point the game releases and then they will all forget how Blizzard behaved, because principles ain't important to people in the long run.

  • Andre Lauritzen
    Andre Lauritzen

    Blizzard and their trailers...

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace

    8:50 she is hot!

  • bumsnee

    the cost of a modern day college education at its finest.

  • YK Gaming
    YK Gaming

    Was that Bronn?

  • Capt Subtext
    Capt Subtext

    Meh, the cinematics look great but the gameplay is probably trash. Did you see Path of exile 2 though!!!!!

  • Imamul Haque
    Imamul Haque


  • Touch Me
    Touch Me

    By three they come. By three thy way opens. By the blood of the willing. We call thee home.

  • Leo

    其實我很好奇為什麼要在中文配音影片加中文字幕 不是應該在英文影片加中文字幕才對嗎 不然就兩個一起加阿

  • Yehlien

    Finally a game to my taste is being created

  • Khatab Hunter
    Khatab Hunter

    I don't think my phone can run this ....

  • Hejia Han
    Hejia Han

    so the boss is Lilith now? whats the position of diablo compare to her?

    • Dodadeus

      They can't have us be fighting Diablo for like 4 games straight...

  • Soppiest Wang
    Soppiest Wang

    white dude has the same voice as a wc3 acolyte

  • thomas oneil
    thomas oneil

    Anyone else notice berick dondarion??

  • Ethon

    Well, Carbot definitely isn't parodying this trailer.

  • Grey Gaming
    Grey Gaming

    you know tristram cathedral has been the starting point of every demonic incursion into sanctuary. you would think someone would think to burn it down and back fill it by now.

  • Jay Daisuke
    Jay Daisuke

    Lilith? I just watched the chilling adventures of Sabrina, theres a character with a title "Mother of Demons"

  • Game Tester遊戲測試員
    Game Tester遊戲測試員

    nosoft.info/hd/video/aKeZnZ6-l6eT13c headshot video

  • RedMasquerade

    I'm getting mad Clive Barker vibes from the end there, and I love it.

  • Aaron O'Neil
    Aaron O'Neil

    Blizzard is as usual at their best and a mile ahead of everyone.

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    Everyone: all excited to kill some demons Me: foaming at the mouth for that sweet lore

    • Twisted Umbrella
      Twisted Umbrella

      I wonder if Inarius will somehow make an appearance.

  • Killswitch ali
    Killswitch ali

    amazing cinematic

  • Miojo depressivo
    Miojo depressivo

    I will put this comment here just so in a couple years i can say i was here when the reveal trailer launched, or atleast 2 weeks after it launched, close enough.

  • Hej !
    Hej !


    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei


  • S R
    S R

    I was hoping they'd start with, "I guess NOT EVERYONE HAS PHONES"

  • Noscream Stealthfeet
    Noscream Stealthfeet

    Holy fkng sht...I really want to see a full movie like this xD

  • jerryboomerwang

    5:00 "Hey Director, I dunno, I really feel like I'm trying too hard too look evil, here..." "No worries man, just do it. Trust me, they'll love it." And we do. xD

  • Erin Schmitt
    Erin Schmitt

    Kabbah an wizards work from talmad/ zohar jewish fables

  • bicer belmont
    bicer belmont

    Gj Anno, End Of Evangelion 2.0 looks amazing