Doctor Reacts To Lady Gaga’s Disappointing Medical Statement
Doctor Mike
Lady Gaga recently went on stage with Oprah and said A LOT of great things about mental health. However, one of the statements was less than ideal so I decided to jump in and discuss. Btw I'm a huge fan of hers!
My AAFP Article on Bad Celeb Advice:
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Open Letter To Lady Gaga:
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • 1815 & Davvero • LONDON
    1815 & Davvero • LONDON

    studying psychology on your own w/o school etc is ok & healthy, different POVs are ok & healthy about self-diagnosing, because some people that aren't on the profession of being a licensed psychologist etc Are, in fact able to educate themselves properly & unhealthily enough to s-d & work healthily through their psychological problems w/o a lic.'d professional • I've read too many lic.'d professionals that are trustworthy & know what they're doing say that they don't know what their doing .....the whole medicine things not even at all what I'm trying to comment on

  • A.K.A Karin
    A.K.A Karin

    I was on a waiting list for 2 years to see a therapist. After a pretty bad breakdown i called to see where i was on the list. Apparently they lost my details and i'd fallen off the list. They could put me back on the list, but i would have to go back to the bottom.

  • Keren Feld
    Keren Feld

    Problem: number of Family MDs and Psychiatrists on decline Solution: more PMHNPs and FNPs Problem: not enough docs/ nps in rural areas Solution: telemedicine boom solved it

  • Jo S.
    Jo S.

    Just taking medication doesn't change your circumstances nor your belief systems, and both may be huge contributors to your mental state. It might make those situations more tolerable. A good therapist is often your best option. Talk therapy can identify changes you need to make in order to improve your mental health. Fifteen minutes once per year won't cut it, Doc.

  • Y. A.
    Y. A.

    Most people taking antidepressants don't need them anyway. They need to figure out that they can observe and create their thoughts and feelings. CBT, meditation, good feeling exercises might be much better than those pills eith their side effects. The pharmaceutical industry will influence and corrupt until they get their maximum of patients.

  • I Rene
    I Rene

    OMG buy a bigger shirt ! You look too hottttt 😏😏😏

  • Jonna Lynn
    Jonna Lynn

    I've been sent directly to a psychiatrist i was scared cause she said that what i was thinking was nothing and should forget about it. So why should i spend time telling others what i am feeling or thinking if it is useless? Oh btw, she still prescribed me anti depressants.

    • Jonna Lynn
      Jonna Lynn

      I never got back after my first check up and i was scared ever since.

  • Qualia

    When I was in transitory housing, it was mandatory to attend appointments at a specific location with an acting psychiatrist and I was not allowed to go anywhere else for treatment. The person who I met with was a nurse practitioner [who was new to the field and only had a graduate degree]. The result was being prescribed medications that caused a less common side effect called extrapyramidal symptoms aka EPS. It was so severe that I would not be able to see for hours at a time because my eyes were stuck rolled back and I would constantly feel like I couldn't breathe and I was making choking and gasping sounds [i.e. acute dystonia]. All of my providers acted like nothing was wrong. Sometimes, I managed to get to the ER [don't know how] when I thought something was really wrong. I was told it was a panic attack over and over again but months after I stopped taking what she prescribed me, those symptoms went away completely. Which was lifechanging. The EPS could last for up to 6 hours non-stop. I couldn't see where I was where I was walking and most people couldn't understand me for the moments that I was able to control my mouth to try to speak so I started teaching myself sign language. Fun fact: it takes a long time for someone else to process a hearing person using sign language because they are currently unable to see or speak. It wasn't until much later that I learned what EPS was from an actual psychiatrist. When I saw the NP again, I mentioned the side effect to her and she stated that she had absolutely no knowledge of it. I do have anxiety but the fact that I started having these new "panic attacks" out of nowhere after 18 years of being on psych medications shouldn't have been so easily looked over and she should have done some research instead of assuming and shrugging her shoulders. My point is that the prescribing provider looked like she was qualified on paper but wasn't. And it's very easy to hear someone has a disorder and just think it's a symptom of the disorder and not a side effect. I get that ER doctors are mainly focused on making sure people aren't going to die, but they could have said "I don't know" and recommended a referral. You have to be extremely knowledgeable about less common side effects like these in order to recognize when to stop the medication. And I know it's easy to say to find someone else, but I couldn't leave the NP's care unless I wanted to become homeless. It is very dangerous to say that anyone in general health field can be just as helpful. More than anything, It's very important for people to understand that there are more options than just their primary care and understand that talking about their mental health issues is okay. A lot of people need therapy and I think it's important to emphasize that.

  • ajax

    to be fair, if i hadn’t “self diagnosed” i never would’ve *actually* been diagnosed. it’s only because i went to a doctor and said “i want to be assessed because i think i have ____” that four years of struggling and getting worse and worse later, i have medication and a diagnosis.

  • Daniel Riley
    Daniel Riley

    I'm British but I think our G.P.s serve the same purpose. First line help with many personal problem (mental or physical). I have been with my G. P for 17 years and even though I'm now two bus rides away I wouldn't change practices. Not only does my doc know my medical history and helped me through a stroke, alcoholism, sepsis and depression, the staff (nurses and receptionists) know me by name and frequently talk to my pharmacist. I couldn't wish for a better service.

  • Andrian Lee
    Andrian Lee

    I’m watching this video half way & do not know what you are talking about. No clue what Lady Gaga said since you didn’t mentioned it. If I’m in the mood of reading, I will open a browser instead of NOsoft 🤪

  • Eric Ling
    Eric Ling

    As I recall a good number of celebrities are in a cult, others probably have cult-like mindsets. Unfortunately they're celebrities so they have a social megaphone.

  • Michael Wale
    Michael Wale

    In the UK we seem to have more Psychologists but we have mad waiting times and our GPs mostly just refer you

  • rasmuskjaerpoulsen

    Wait so you're saying that in most cases you should try to solve it with anti-depressants before trying to solve it with talking? I always thought antidepressants had a bunch of side effects and were addicting, causing people to go in even darker places when getting off them again.

  • Sammy Senju
    Sammy Senju

    My dad is a Cardialigist I might have spelt that wrong

  • Gin Canty
    Gin Canty

    My pcp managed my depression for mamy years, however when it did become more complex and it was determined I needed more intensive care they actually reassured me that I should consider deeper help. The pcp noted changes that are suggestive of personality & brain disorder. Still with these symptoms I was given enough care and treatment to continue on with care from them until I found courage and strength to reach out to a specialist. Doc's are very much the frontline here and CAN manage mental health pretty well... If you feel otherwise, find a different physician or get a second opinion. Try not to be scared to open up to your pcp, you can often times save thousands of dollars a year by having them help treat you vs. A specialist charging by the hour usually not covered by insurance long enough to yield accurate and appropriate results and care. When i spoke to my pcp about chronic pain and fatigue one of the first questions was, was i feeling depressed. It is on all intake forms for each visit. They ask this questionb specifically because they are trained qualified and do care about that status. Not only that, but knowing a pt's mental health status helps doctors to regulate medications causing these symptoms, alleviate discomforts and provide accurate pain managment. There are so many variables involved in medicine and mental health. Give your pcp a chance or two. They're genuinely there to help in all formats and all areas.

  • xx mercedes swiftie xx
    xx mercedes swiftie xx

    I had a therapist but then the place stopped taking my insurance so I've been relying on my family care doctor to prescribe my citalopram.

  • xx mercedes swiftie xx
    xx mercedes swiftie xx

    was reading the replies to your tweet about this. man gaga fans didn't even try to listen to you, they just accused you of using her for clout. smdh.

  • Indigo Angel
    Indigo Angel

    Dr Mike can you do an honest video about how anti-depressants are harmful to people. See link: Thank you.

  • Will Huang
    Will Huang

    Your shirt is weirdly tight

  • Deborah Asher
    Deborah Asher

    In Summit County Ohio, we have what is called Portage Path Community Mental Health Clinics. It's a sliding fee scale or free if you don't have income or insurance. It's supported by taxes and private companies. They don't turn away anyone. We are blessed. You can even walk in if you're having a serious issue at the moment. They also have a hospital for severe casas. Didn't know so many Americans are having problem finding care.

  • Jesse Fox
    Jesse Fox

    I've been a long time watcher of your channel and a first-time commenter. It great to see you talking about this. For years I suffered chronic depression and suicidal thoughts. I knew there was something wrong, but I was unsure how to get the help I needed. Then two years ago my optometrist discovered I was diabetic. I ended up finding a clinic that specializes in helping the uninsured during the course of getting my diabetes under control I spoke openly to my assigned primary care doctor. She immediately started me on sertraline (aka Zoloft). The change in my life has been incredible. Had I waited for a specialist or gone to one immediately I'm unsure where I would be right now. My primary care doctor literally saved my life. Sometimes you just need to talk to your primary care doctor; be straight forward and honest with them. There is no shame in needing help whether physical or mental. Thank you, Dr. Mike for letting people know a specialist isn't always the answer.

  • Conny S.A.
    Conny S.A.

    Hi, couldn't there be centres staffed with doctors, psychiatrists, physiotherapits in each region ?.... More than one personality....DID ! Greetings Conny

  • Eniphesoj90

    I do not live in the US, so there maybe some differences in our health care system, but I had first hand experience being taken care of for mental health issues by my primary care doctor. I had been feeling pretty low for a while, having difficulties at work due to this, etc. One evening, I was really on the verge of breaking down at work and decided to go to my doctor. He really helped me very well. I got sick leave and later he prescribed medication as well. I also went to see a psychologist. I am doing A LOT better than I have been for the past few years, but I don't know if I would have had the courage to go and see a psychiatrist. Just going to my family doctor was relativily easy.

  • Just Cause
    Just Cause

    So my friend was coughing, and I though *_CHEST COMPRESSIONS_* would help him. In fact, now his cough went away, and his chest doesn't make those weird noises, like something beating there, anymore, and he is so relaxed that he can't even answer to me

  • Wael D.
    Wael D.

    Why are u butthurt its not her fault 😂 if that helped her it will warm her fans hearts... u might understand medical hospitalization but u wont understand someone pressured getting an interview and knows she has alot of ppl that looks up to her and she is trying to inspire to help aid ppl and inspiration is one of the reasons that can help aid you to a healthier level...

  • Ellen Merryweather
    Ellen Merryweather

    Could you please do a video about PCOS? It's so ridiculously common, but it's just as common to get diagnosed, and all we're told is 'you might be infertile. you should lose some weight. here's a leaflet. BYE!'

  • Brain Mind
    Brain Mind

    Bro, nice pecs and biceps.

  • majamenos

    Hi Dr Mike. I really want to become a nurse, but my fear for needles, blood and infections is stopping me. Do you have any advice for me to overcome my fears, so I can become a nurse?

  • Lectro Volpi
    Lectro Volpi

    You know that I want you And you know that I need you I want it bad Your bad advice

  • Ian

    I couldn't afford to visit a psychiatrist if I didn't have insurance. Even then I only get 12 visits per year. But I'm lucky they at least pay for that because a general practitioner wouldn't be willing to prescribe the medication. I have to pay for the medication myself, because the insurance won't cover it.

  • Dane Lake
    Dane Lake

    That dance while blurring the video 🤣

  • earthpet

    WTF is this? What did Lady Gaga say?

  • workslave

    Aiiiiii Don't take it so hard man... It's ok...Maybe we should let mental care be provided by..... mental care providers... (which you are not..)

  • workslave

    Aiiiiii Don't take it so hard man... It's ok...

  • workslave


  • J. B.J.
    J. B.J.

    This is Lady Gaga, the woman that wore a Meat Dress? We're going to take advice from her? Ummm... No.

  • Carbon 12
    Carbon 12

    In the UK our shadow minister said babies are born without sex. Is this true? I'm pretty sure it is illegal in my country to ask, but I thought I should. Is it a 'hate fact'?

  • Abc Oh
    Abc Oh

    I am so glad we have free great healthcare that includes mental health/psiquatryc

  • kimberly hawkins
    kimberly hawkins

    This reminds me so much of the HB Lara was trying to implement here in Michigan. They were trying to take away LPCs ability to diagnose and treat which would have left so many without the treatment they need. We were about to be on the verge of a mental health crisis here in Michigan, but I'm happy to say HB4325 passed unanimously! :)

  • Denisa

    Hi Dr. Mike, thank you for always talking about the importance of mental health :)

  • Elias Müller
    Elias Müller

    What did lady Gaga say though?

  • hannah luse
    hannah luse

    I went to my primary care doctor to get put on antidepressants. When my depression was at its worst, the counsellor I was seeing a few years back told me I should really consider seeing my primary care doctor. I was in a REALLY dark place in my life at that time and it was so hard going to my doctor to ask to be put on medicine. It worked out amazingly though, and I'm still on this medicine today. The relationship I have with my doctor helped me figure out what would be best to get better. I love Lady Gaga but primary care doctors are good people to go to to talk about medicine or help with mental health.

  • Shabina Shaikh
    Shabina Shaikh

    He is personally offended

  • Alkis05

    You just left out one very important fact: doctors are over prescribing anti-depressives.

    • Charlotte Backler
      Charlotte Backler

      Alkis05 I’m so happy to hear you are also doing well. I agree completely, having a good support system really does help one’s mental health. For you it was your brother and for me it was church. And we were both lucky enough that the support system was enough. (Not that what we went through isn’t valid) But for others it isn’t the case and then medications should be used. Again, I’m happy that you’re doing well 😊

    • Alkis05

      ​@Charlotte Backler I'm glad, you are better. I also went through some rough patches. My family really came through when I wasn't able to help myself. I never went to see the doctor (despise my family insistence), so I don't know if I was clinically depressive. Specially my brother, he really took me out of the hole I dig myself in. I went into a spiral of complete isolation. Know I'm back on track and doing well. Having a safety network of people that you can rely on in my case, proved to be the thing that made the most difference. Maybe meds would have helped me, but without help, meds alone would have done nothing, I think.

    • Charlotte Backler
      Charlotte Backler

      Alkis05 this is so true. When i was suffering with depression, the doctor that i saw asked me if i wanted to take medication. I said no. I think i just needed someone to talk to and to vent to. But that never happened because I wasn’t deemed “depressed enough”. So i had to learn how to cope and learn how to survive with a mental illness. I’m okay now. Some days are bad but the majority are great. Sorry, I’m waffling. But literally after asking me how i feel he told me (bearing in mind i was 14 at the time) if i wanted to be medicated. Most of the time the people suffering from mental illnesses don’t need it. They just need a strategy to help them when times get tough.

  • Mark Wagner
    Mark Wagner

    My family doctor issues my medication and referred me to a therapist which I have been seeing for a few years as I work through this issue(s) all while my family doctor monitors my medication

  • Jeff Dutton
    Jeff Dutton

    6:13.... "they're used to seeing more complex cases..." Referring to potential dangers of seeing specialists and their low thresholds. Couldn't a specialist say about GP's that "they're used to seeing less complex cases..." as an argument for the dangers of seeing GP's and their high thresholds? You simply sound like an HMO honk. Beware of the specialist! The guy who knows more about how to treat your specific condition than I do! Come to me first....I'm the gatekeeper. And to be fair to Lady Gaga's statement, the vast majority of us don't have access to a doctor anything like you. Many people just get Zoloft thrown at them. Also, she uses the term Psychiatrist, but it's clear that she also means Psychologists and other licensed mental health practitioners - most having connections to refer for medications. You threw out some names of psychological therapy techniques.... Were you implying that you provide those services? If not, why mention them? Are you making a case that you're a qualified therapist? I think that you absolutely did take her comments personally, and your inability to see that fact points to some cognitive dissonance going on related to your motives for posting this video.

  • Susan Lawrence
    Susan Lawrence

    2.5 minutes in and you are arguing Gaga's statement but at this point you do not say what her statement lost me before you could make your point....bad delivery of what might be an important message.

  • Cirque d'Joy
    Cirque d'Joy

    I'd just like to add, that statements like that could also be preventing someone from getting treatment because they now think they have to go to a specialist, instead of opening up to their doctor about their problems. I neglected to get treatment because I thought I had to go to a psychiatrist or therapist to get it, and I hate talk therapy. I was ignorant to the fact that my primary care doctor could treat me, but when I asked him to refer me to a therapist, he did it, but he also started treating me immediately instead of making me wait to see the therapist. It's been six months now and I still haven't felt the need to use that referral.

  • Glitch

    My therapist farted while i was trying to tell him how I was feeling. He did not even acknowledge the brown-eyed trumpet, he just sat there staring at me. Is this normal among psychologists?

  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson

    Why does the playlist have the same video three times?

  • Dom Sow
    Dom Sow

    A celebrity speaking on something they don't know anything about. I am shocked

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    spending adequate money on mental health is proven to negatively effect ammunition sales.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Just come to commie Australia and see a specialist for free instead of spending BILLIONS to protect oil.

    • TronLogic

      too bad our public health system is already struggling with the patients it already has. The waiting list for public healthcare in some places is bullshit, and the NDIS is still failing a lot of people.

  • Maximilian Sauer
    Maximilian Sauer

    The saddest thing about this is that people can't get care because they don't have the money. And I don't think why people don't do anything about it.


    I just smoke a blunt and all my problems go away... no need to call no madafuckin’ doctor or therapist... ain’t nobody got time for that 😹😹😹

    • Demi Videos
      Demi Videos

      BROTHER TN hahaha im a threat to my wellbeing by ignoring all my problems haha 😂😹😹😹😂

  • Abby

    my primary care doctor treated my anxiety and depression for 4 years before sending me to a psychiatric doctor.

  • Molly Yates
    Molly Yates

    When I was 16 my pediatrician congratulated me on substantial weight loss (despite never being overweight to begin with). Turns out I had an eating disorder. I guess my point is that often times there are mental health issues that primary care doctors are not very aware of. I don't think I disagree with anything you've said, but I do think it's all very idealistic and reliant on the assumption that all primary care doctors are both educated and respectful about mental illness which unfortunately even with good doctors is not always the case. But part of it is also the patients responsibility to know that it's okay to talk about mental health at the dr office. It's hard to believe that though once you've had enough negative experiences that contradict.

  • David

    Point of the video: "don't take medical advice from Lady Gaga." Didn't know this even needed to be said...

  • Frank Allen
    Frank Allen

    Alot of insurances dont cover mental health and the primary care is the only option