Doja Cat - Say So (Official Video)
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Director: Hannah Lux Davis @hannahluxdavis
Executive Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio @bbonfiglio
Commissioner: Sam Houston @samhoustonishere
Choreographer: Cortland Brown @fulloutcortland
Production Company: London Alley @londonalley
Cameos: @donte.colley and @yodelinghaley
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  • mady la
    mady la

    Her body is goals 😩😩😩

  • Alejandro Mr. Roblox
    Alejandro Mr. Roblox


  • shecid jasmin pichardo pillpa
    shecid jasmin pichardo pillpa

    alguien q hable español y este esccuchando esto en la cuarentena

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams

    who came from tiktok❗

  • EE BB
    EE BB

    Please wear a bra

  • Valentina juega Roblox
    Valentina juega Roblox

    Si como estuviera bonita para que le guste

  • skrapyd1

    Soun like "Chic - Good Times (Atlantic Records 1979)"

  • Grace Gom Sant
    Grace Gom Sant

    Teach me your technique to fall in love with chicis and by sexy like you

  • Fuz3_Hostage

    My wife's boyfriend's girlfriend's husband's mother's son's wife's boyfriend's wife's father's barber kissed my mother's husband's girlfriend's grandmother's daughter's brother's wife's son's 2 year old gf😳

  • Ben



    I walk a dark path with the light of suns

  • aztez rockYT
    aztez rockYT

    Al guien miro mas que las tetas

  • Marselo Chiquito
    Marselo Chiquito

    Yo: ¿Qué es esta mierda y por qué youtube me la recomienda tanto? También yo: Ah claro, tik tok... Aclaro que no tengo tik tok, pero es que uno termina viendo algún vídeo de memes o algo donde salen tik toks

  • Ami Garcia
    Ami Garcia

    (🖒) si conociste esta maravilla de cancion gracias a tiktok ❤👌

  • Wahyu Dzakirah
    Wahyu Dzakirah

    Indonesia 🇮hadir🇮🇩🇩💅🏻🥰



  • Mina Konami
    Mina Konami

    I'm so in love with this song.

  • Rohanna

    Who's here after the Doja cat thing....?

  • Tadhg Dooley
    Tadhg Dooley

    Didn't even notice dr Luke wrote this,,, search the name if you don't know Him you won't listen to the song after, I love dojo cat but it's hard to listen to the song knowing he produced it 😬🤮

  • Sofi chan
    Sofi chan

    Bueno no se inglés pero es muy bien vídeo y la mucica es re cheta

  • Travis

    She is ridiculously hot!

  • Pierry Silva
    Pierry Silva

    Já descancelaram a Doja? Posso voltar a ouvir?

  • Violeta Liz
    Violeta Liz


  • RPD Live
    RPD Live

    Dame un like si viniste por auron :)(:

  • Josefina Lopez
    Josefina Lopez

    Si viniste por tiktok pon este minuto <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a>

  • Purp Lurpy
    Purp Lurpy

    The dude was stroking his tool

  • Westley T
    Westley T

    Sounds Korean.

  • rapdog moso
    rapdog moso


  • Synthetic G Trans Rights & Bean Pie
    Synthetic G Trans Rights & Bean Pie

    These dark skinned, fresh down from the tree heifers are just jealous. Do you Doja!!!

  • Nathália Sales
    Nathália Sales

    Que música gostosa 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • igxtwxngs / /
    igxtwxngs / /

    Kinda stupid to send hate to people even when it’s out some things have been done.. The fact that the artist is a bad person or did bad things shouldn’t ruin the art itself I still think it’s a bop 💖

  • Mabus Christos
    Mabus Christos

    I am Doja Cat, 100,000 power's

  • Christian Wind
    Christian Wind

    A singing white girl who wants to be black?

  • Claude Bourigault
    Claude Bourigault

    Fak Arianna grande et niki minja

  • brayan perez
    brayan perez

    Los que viene por tik tok

  • D K
    D K


  • Bling Bling
    Bling Bling

    Whenever I listen to this song , the world starts turning pink

  • arturo yanez
    arturo yanez

    She fine af

  • Om Hax
    Om Hax

    I like Japanese version 😁

  • sivakumar sivarathnam
    sivakumar sivarathnam

    lol all of us are in the same mood

  • SingSweetSahrika

    Showed this to my brother and all he said was "My god, just let the man work."

  • Nadia Jeudy
    Nadia Jeudy

    Me en canta💖💖💖😍

  • Nadia Jeudy
    Nadia Jeudy


  • RayChill

    fact: i love this song

  • Fatme Rammal
    Fatme Rammal

    yeah... it's the remix! hahahaha

  • Engin Ileten
    Engin Ileten

    Man this song, is just something else... I'm telling you.

  • Irma Cruz
    Irma Cruz

    Soy yo o no tenía brasier

  • AYA La_marocaine
    AYA La_marocaine


  • Pedro

    Only thing good about this video...the music.

  • Mash x
    Mash x

    You wont believe this

  • Heshw Bakr
    Heshw Bakr

    I love you so much 💗💞💕💖🌸🦋💓💋💋😻😘🌺🌹🌷✨🌟🌈

  • Tortue DeRien
    Tortue DeRien

    hey cancel/r culture, if this is your version of racism then I'm very fine with it XD

  • Ryan Thomaz
    Ryan Thomaz

    Cade os brasileiros tiktokers 😜😜❤️

  • RaitRow

    S H E ' S T H I C C

  • P a n d a h ;
    P a n d a h ;

    In this song she looks like a rich bourgeois 40 year old lady

  • Aaliyah .
    Aaliyah .

    Dojo cat looks so different XD

  • Joao Batista
    Joao Batista

    Que é do Brasil e veio pelo meme deixa um like aqui kk❤

  • _ab_

    so this was a scam

  • Genesis Valderrama Rojas
    Genesis Valderrama Rojas

    Quien mad vino por tiktok

  • Challenger #01
    Challenger #01

    Let me guess, Maestro Ziikos's cover, right?

    • Ridhuvarshan

      Haha, same

  • • Lunita De Miel •
    • Lunita De Miel •

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a> Hair of roblox?

  • Arturo Orozco
    Arturo Orozco

    Tell me how she changed races

  • Ollie Jones
    Ollie Jones

    Nasty person inside and out

  • Astrid Alexey
    Astrid Alexey


    • loonarmyonce


  • walt Holzapfel
    walt Holzapfel

    I am a old dude and I Love this song the late 70s disco vibe (riff from chic good times) great song great vibe and Doja cat is beautiful

  • JeremyXOL

    *this is the worst music i ever heard*

    • Sxerkz Looki
      Sxerkz Looki

      Kinda true

  • ghe di
    ghe di

    Its like a little bit end of the 90s Style for me.

  • Elsa Zuñiga
    Elsa Zuñiga

    Like soy so


    this is what it


    the blue

  • pana Miguel morado
    pana Miguel morado


  • Diego Neira
    Diego Neira

    Say So > Rain on Me Don't @ me

  • Musicaz Producer
    Musicaz Producer

    this is so boring, how is this #2

  • juanpcabsal


  • Joseph Hetherington
    Joseph Hetherington

    This sounds a lot like something Calvin Harris would make.

  • Mina Danielle
    Mina Danielle

    Imagine driving to the beach at sunset while listening to this song. It gives me that kind of vibe.

  • Alondra Sosa
    Alondra Sosa

    Me I’m here for her tweet

  • carlosjbp priv
    carlosjbp priv

    crazy how tiktok accelerated this song to single status. the influence of that app is insane

  • carlosjbp priv
    carlosjbp priv

    Cancel culture is so toxic. Just stop it already. It seems like every time someone is bored, someone gets cancelled.

  • carlosjbp priv
    carlosjbp priv

    This is what it sounds like to drink a strawberry milkshake lol

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